The Psychology Experiment


But Jada was addressing the panel again. "As you can see, the subject's nipples are also showing signs of arousal." As if to illustrate her point, Jada took one of Jenny's ripe pink buds between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it up to the audience, pinching it lightly. "And notice the all over flush on the body. Isn't that so, Jenny?" she asked, and Jenny felt a fresh tingle between her legs at the sound of her name. She ground her thighs together, trying to rub herself inconspicuously against the crotch of hr panties. "Could you remove your underwear now please?"

"Whatever for?" Jenny wailed, desperately trying to salvage the last of her self-control. "You can see I'm not concealing anything. My god, I'm so wet now you can see right through them. Why do I have to take them off?"

"Just do it, please," Jada snarled in her ear. "Do you *want* me to get kicked out for falsifying data?"

Jenny could only stand there in abject defeat and humiliation as Jada drew the panties down off her legs, and she stood there, trying to cover herself with her arms. She could feel the moisture between her legs already starting to ooze down her thighs.

Jada held the panties up to the panel. "The subject is also experiencing vaginal lubrication. I can pass these around to you so you can determine that these indeed are genuine bodily fluids." Jenny stood with downcast eyes as her panties were passed around from one professor to another, some merely glancing cursorily at them, others pausing to sniff them as if to verify their authenticity.

"If you could please sit down now on this chair Jenny," Jada continued, motioning to one of the metal folding chairs. "I'm sorry the seat won't be the most comfortable. I really wasn't prepared to give a demonstration." Jenny did as she was told, wincing as the hot skin of her buttocks came in contact with the cold metal seat. Face burning, she hunched over in her seat, keeping her legs wedged tightly together. "Now lean back and open your legs if you please, Jenny."

Whimpering softly, although whether from arousal or humiliation she didn't know, Jenny carefully eased her back against the chair and slid her ass forward. The metal seat was already wet with her juices. The cool air of the room hit her exposed sex like a slap.

Jada put one hand on Jenny's knee and pulled her leg further out to the side. "Now you can also see," she said to the panel, "that our subject is lubricating copiously. Notice how red and swollen the lips are, and the size of the clitoris." A couple of the panelists craned their necks forward. "Would you like a closer look? You can come see for yourself." As the assembled professors filed down to the front of the room, Jada pulled out a box of latex gloves. "Feel free to take these gloves if you need a more thorough examination. And please, remember to thank her by name, since she is a volunteer."

Jenny squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to witness this latest round of humiliation. Her hips squirmed uncomfortably under the scrutiny of the prying eyes and fingers. The latex-coated fingertips were cool to the touch. They spread open her labia, tracing up and down the sides of her hungry slit. A couple of them eased her throbbing clit from its fold of skin and rolled it around, massaging it gently and sending more sparks spiraling down her pussy. She gasped as a pair of fingers not sheathed in gloves entered her dripping crevice and started exploring her inner recesses. Her hands gripped the sides of her seat, white-knuckled. In spite of herself she started to moan and gyrate her hips in response to the probing fingers, rapidly building toward a massive orgasm.

"Very nice everybody, I think you've all got the idea," Jada said smoothly, and one by one the panelists removed their hands, leaving Jenny crashing back down in frustration onto the metal chair. "Thank you, Jenny," she added, putting extra emphasis on the name to inflame the hapless subject even further.

Pointedly ignoring Jenny's distress, Jada turned back to the professors, who were now filing back to their seats. "The clinical implications of this treatment are obvious. It can be a useful tool to help couples deal with sexual dysfunction, as well as inhibition caused by anxiety - will you please keep it *down*, Jenny?" This last was directed at the tortured moans of the writhing girl. "All right Jenny, what *do* you want?"

"Please," Jenny sobbed, all attempts at control abandoned, "I really need to cum!"

A hand went up in the audience. "How long do you think the subject can go in this state of arousal without some kind of release?"

Jada smiled, back at ease now that she had passed the scrutiny of the panel. "I'm afraid that question is really beyond the scope of my project. However, it *would* make a fascinating topic for further research. Thank you very much for coming, everybody." She turned to Jenny, who was still squirming pitifully on the chair, trying to hold her position. "All right Jenny, you can play with yourself while I take some questions."

No longer conscious of anything but her overwhelming need for release, Jenny reached gratefully down to her aching pussy. Stroking herself furiously, she paid no attention to what the professors were saying, although a few times Jada had to tell her to keep her voice down so she could hear the questions. Finally, the sensations crested to a peak, and her back arched off the chair as she climaxed in a fit of screaming, shuddering ecstasy, and then passed out.

When she opened her eyes again the room was silent, the seats deserted, the only reminder a lingering smell of sex. She had no idea how long she had been out, but it felt like her orgasm had lasted for hours. Exhausted, she peeled herself off the chair and started picking up her discarded clothes.

Tucked inside her panties was a check for $500, $200 more than what she'd been expecting. Perhaps the experiment might have been worth it after all. Slowly, already planning her next shopping spree, she began to dress.

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