tagBDSMThe Punishment

The Punishment


The sharp tug of her hair being pulled startled her.

" You just can't leave well enough alone, can you?" He snarled in her ear. pulling her head back farther. " I want you downstairs now, do I make myself clear?"

"Yes sir" she almost whimpered.

As soon as he released his hold on her hair, she hurried downstairs, not quite sure what brought on this mood, but not wanting to make it any worse.

When she got downstairs she quickly gets undressed, and kneels on the floor to wait for him. She was kneeling just the way he taught her, her back straight, knees apart, hands on thighs, looking straight ahead.

She hears him coming down the stairs, and can tell by his walk that he is still upset. He walks to her, and grabs her hair again, pulling painfully on the braid.

" I just got informed, you were flirting big time at the bar last night. Is this true?"

"No, Sir, I was just having fun with my girlfriends. I didn't even talk to anyone last night." The more she talked the harder he pulled on her braid. Her eyes were stinging with tears, but she refused to let them fall.

"Who was the guy with the beard you were practically all over?" He grabs her chin forcing her to look up at him.

" What guy with the beard? I don't know who your talking about."

" You deny that you were cuddled up with a guy who was wearing all black? Sat with you most of the night?"

" Your talking about Danny, he's an old friend of mine, only reason we were sitting close together was because we couldn't hear"

" Well since you've caused all this grief, your going to be punished for it. Believe me this isn't going to be one of our fun times.So your denying that you kissed him, and that you were flirting with him?”

“ Oh geesh, it was a friendly peck, nothing more. I’ve never seen you this jealous. Since when am I not allowed to have friends?”

“You are allowed to have friends, just not ones you hang all over.” He released her chin and walked away from her. He knew that his jealousy was going to make him insane. He also knew that if he touched her, he would hurt her, and he didn’t want to do that at any cost. All he could see in his head, was her leaving .

“Sir?” she asked quietly.

“Yes?” he refused to turn around.

“May I have permission to rise?” she longed to go to him, and just put her arms around his waist.

“ No” He turned around. She could see the flash of temper still in his eyes.

“Just for all this aggravation you have caused me, your not going to the bar this week, and your not talking to your friends online.”

“Yes Sir” she replied quietly.

“ Now, go upstairs, and make sure the kitchen is finished, then prepare for bed.” He walked over to his desk and started to work.

“Yes Sir” she got up, and quietly went upstairs. She finished cleaning up the kitchen and went into the washroom to prepare for bed. She was very upset that he would keep her from the bar this weekend, as it was her best girlfriend’s birthday and she really wanted to go. She sighed. She knew it wouldn’t do any good to ask him with the mood he was in. Maybe later in the week, he’d be in a better mood.

She finished preparing for bed and walked into the bedroom. She expected him to be there, but the room was empty. She climbed into bed, and grabbed the book from her night stand. She settled back against the pillows and started to read. He walked in about a half an hour later.

She put the book on her nightstand, and just watched him. He looked calmer than when she had left him downstairs earlier. He slowly, got undressed, and reached into the top drawer of the dresser. He pulled out a pair of cuffs. She almost flinched when she saw them. They were the cuffs he used when she had first come to him, to keep her in bed with him at night. She held out her wrist to him, silently begging him not to use them on her. He attached the cuffs to her wrist, then as she starts to raise her arms over her head, he flips her onto her stomach.

“ Keep your arms up” he commands quietly.

She laid quietly on her stomach, her arms over her head, and her mind whirling, He never played or punished in bed. She heard the cuffs being attached to the headboard, the click echoing in her mind.

He slipped a blindfold over her eyes. She expected to feel the sting of a single tail, or the sweet pain of a flogger, she almost jumped when she felt his hand gently on her back. He slowly ran his hands up and down her back, kneading her shoulders, her back and her ass. He did this for several minutes, and she felt herself relaxing under his touch.

“ You were right downstairs Little One, I was jealous, and afraid I’d lose you, and I couldn’t stand the thought of that, so I lashed out at you. I was wrong, and I’m sorry”

She was grateful for the blindfold at the moment, for the tears were silently falling.

“Sir, I’m very happy here with you, and here is where I want to stay” she told him in a voice filled with emotion.

He undid the cuffs from the head board, and took them off her wrist.

“Come lay with me Little One” he asked quietly as he held open his arms.

She slipped into his arms and snuggled close.

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