tagBDSMThe Punishment

The Punishment


You bow your head in shame, standing naked before him, as you realize that you failed to obey your master. He looks at you, hands on his hips, and smiles as he contemplates your punishment.

He orders, "Give me your wrists," before binding them tightly with his belt. He then leads you to the bed where he fastens them securely to the headboard with you face down, arms extended over your head. You enjoy the sensation of the cool sheets on your hard nipples before you remember nervously what is to come.

You feel him secure first your right ankle then left, spreading your thighs wide, and fastening them firmly to each post. You feel so vulnerable and hope your trust is not misplaced.You listen as he rummages looking for something, and then hear the soft purr of your vibrator. Oh oh. You feel a soothing sensation on your skin as he touches it to the back of your thigh and runs it slowly up and down.

He whispers, "You've been very bad and deserve this."

You first feel the sting of a slap on your ass, and then the burning heat. Your body responds involuntarily, rushing blood to your bottom to sooth the pain. Strangely, you also feel wetness between the lips of your pussy. He run the vibrator slowly over your skin, both soothing and exciting.

"What am I gonna do with you?" he muses.

You bight your lip as you feel the tip of the vibrator move to your inner thigh and then slowly upward.

"I will not punish you further if you promise to obey," he muses. You say nothing and hope. "Do you promise?"

"Yes!" you blurt. He moves the vibrator even higher, right next to your pouting pussy lips, which are now running with wetness.

"Well let's test it", he says. "You may not cum. Understand?"

You nod as he kisses your neck and slides the vibrator over your pussy lips slowly. Ooooo this will be hard! It feels so wonderful with the pulsing buzz against your lips as he slides it up and down along them.

"Oooo fuck," you moan as it touches your aroused clit, radiating pleasure outward through your pelvic muscles. You body contracts as you try desperately not to enjoy. But you are failing! "Ooooo, fuck! Nooo! Stop pleaseeeee!", as you feel the pleasure build.

You lift your hips trying to escape from the wonderful sensation on your clit. He moves the vibrator with you, pushing it against one side of your clit, then over, and to the other. Omg no. You can not keep the inevitable from occurring. You slide side to side trying to evade. Each movement only enhances the pleasure. You squeeze tight and hold your breath.


He is holding the vibrator so that its length lays between both your lips, and the tip rests on your clit. There is no way you can hold out, but you try. You promised. Then your body takes over. Against your will, you feel the pleasure overflow. You close your eyes and open your mouth in a silent scream. You try to suppress all sound as your body contracts and releases rapidly, quivering against his touch. The orgasm explodes through you as you try to hide the pleasure. But how wonderful it feels! Wave after wave crashing over you.

He watches your pleasure with a smile. Omg he knows! You were not to cum! But the sensation is too much. Your body failing to heed your commands, you loose control. Your muscles contract and release powerfully and your hips buck wildly as you cry out "Oooooooo fucking Nooooo!" trailing off in a grunt of pleasure.

As it subsides he says, "You are a very naughty and disobedient pet!" You can almost hear his smile, "What will I do with you?" You wait for more punishment as he says, "If you want to cum, then cum you shall!"

You can hardly believe it. His only command, a test of your obedience, was to not climax. But you failed, or more accurately, your body failed you after you lost all control. But it was spectacular!

Still breathing hard, your heart thumping in your chest, the twitching of your muscles slowly subside in your afterglow. You realize he is talking "... Such a naughty pet." But you hear the smile in his voice "So you like to cum do ya? Well then cum you shall!" You try to respond no but can only manage a moan.

Naked and face down on the bed, your wrists stretched over your head are bound to your headboard, each ankle bound to opposing bed posts, you are totally vulnerable to him as he kneels between your thighs. Still buzzing, the vibrator rests between your swollen lips, soaked in your juices, when the tip touches the underside of your clit sending little shocks of pleasure through your body. You moan again and squirm. You try but there is nothing you can do.

He slides the tip slowly down and back along your lips, resulting in waves of pleasure building like the incoming tide. You brace for it as your body starts to tremble. With the next stroke, he changes the angle pressing the tip inward, firmly against your opening, spreading its wonderful sensations throughout you. You cry out as your body lifts and pushes back plunging the wonderful toy deep inside drowning out its soft hum. Your body lifts and shakes and then drops again and reacts violently as if electricity was applied to your spine overloading all commands to your muscles.

As you slowly return to this world, you contemplate what this must look like from his perspective. Bound, face down, thighs wide, vibrator buried deep, end protruding from your soaking lips, you are totally open and vulnerable to him.

You smile briefly as you hear the familiar sound of him stroking his hard cock, the skin sliding over the wetness of the head. You are filled with happiness knowing that the sight of you is pleasing him so. The thought of his rigid cock makes you wild with desire; you must have it buried deep in your pussy now! Your moans urge him to fuck you hard. Oooooo god here it comes as you brace for the next waves of pleasure crashing through your body.

As they slowly pass, you try to catch your breath. By now you are drenched in sweat and your thighs are soaked in wetness. It's as if you have just sprinted a mile without stopping. You don't know how much more your body can take, but then realize that you have no say. You feel a slight urge to pee, but before you can worry the next set of waves build and your body braces again before being racked by more convulsions. "Oooooooo fuck it feels sooo goood", you scream but it only comes out as a wild animal groan.

With each orgasm, the period between shortens, until it feels as if it is just one long orgasm. Your body, out of control, only responds to him. When he moves the vibrator slightly within you, your muscles contract in wild pleasure. And when he slides it out slowly and back, you groan and convulse as it spreads throughout your body. The urge to pee steadily increases, but there is nothing you can do. You can't even talk. You try and squeeze tight to keep from wetting

the bed, but again lose all control of your body as it spasms in orgasm. Oh My God! you let go as your body shakes. Maybe he won't notice...

As he slides the vibrator outward, pee gushes around the shaft, only stemmed by the contractions of your orgasm. He watches with a smile enjoying your body's response. But rather than being mortified as you feared, the lose of control only increases the intensity of the orgasm. You cry out excitedly as your body releases, fully out of control. "You are such a naughty pet!", you hear him tease. "Look at the mess you have made now! You've gone an peed all over the bed. I think you really need punishment now!"

The tip of the vibrator touches the drenched lips of your still pulsing pussy as he toys with you. You gasp "please". He smiles as you twitch when it touches your clit briefly. "I know just what will teach you", he muses. You breath deep as you hear him rummaging behind you in

the drawer. Yesssss maybe he will plunge that cock deep into my wet pussy now. You hope.

You feel him kneel behind you and position himself. Then the sticky sound of lubricant being stroked onto his cock. Mmmmm. Oh oh. You turn you head nervously and then feel is finger touch your anus. Noooooooo! You squeeze tight around his index finger forcing it out. You love him, but isn't peeing enough indignity for one day? He smiles at you as you pull on your restraints slowly realizing that you are at his mercy. "You have to pay for disobedience my love," he whispers. You brace for the worst.

You feel the vibrator slide easily into your wet pussy, immediately igniting the pleasure within you. He slowly slides it in and out letting the tension build until finally sliding it deep holding there. Oh my God here it comes again. Just then you feel the head of his cock press against your anus parting the skin and slowly pressing in. You squeeze tight, but here comes the waves Oh My God noooooo. With each spasm his cock slides slowly deeper followed by you squeezing tight trying to force it out. But your muscles are too relaxed and with each contraction he slides deeper into your ass until finally a good 4 inches in.

It is a strange sensation. There is no pain. Its more of a full feeling like you need to go. And as your orgasm continues the sensations of pleasure and fullness entwine. You push back against him tentatively testing, feeling him sink deeper. Then you squeeze as he slides outward. Ooooooo. Then back in Long slow thrusts. Omg this feels wonderful. You moan. His cock is so hard. It seems as if you can feel it better when you squeeze. Oooo. He is moaning and thrusting faster and deeper. You try to squeeze tight but again, as has happened so often today, you loose control as you cum, jerking and contracting around his cock eratically.

But this time it is different, as he is losing control too. "Ooooo fuckkkk yessss cummm baby cum in my ass," he groans. "I love ooooooo fuck... ", thrusting deep into you as he grunts. You can feel his cock jump and jerk as it spurts your lovers cum deep inside your bum! He collapses onto you and kisses your neck, your cheek then your lips as you turn your head. You kiss back hungrily devouring his love, returning it freely.

You still hear the soft hum of the vibrator somewhere on the bed, ejected and lost during the passion of your bum fucking. It is a strange sensation as he slowly lifts his hips drawing his semi hard cock slowly from your bum trailing a white string of cum. He loving unfastens each ankle and then your wrists rolling you on your back as you embrace, kissing deeply.

Then he whispers, "I love you... miss" and you realize for the first time, that you were in control all along...

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