tagHumor & SatireThe Punishment - Day 01

The Punishment - Day 01


Day 1

"Jesus Christ, check this shit out." Jackie Dupre stops putting on her rouge lipstick on and head nods towards a young couple in different work uniforms starting to fuck doggy style behind the dumpster near the mall's back entrance.

Jackie eyes with interest as the man lifts the woman's short skirt up and increases his pace, too occupied to see the police cruiser ten yards away from him.

"Holy shit, he's going to town on her...only in Vegas." As she wonders if she should sneak in a nipple rub, the cruiser's sirens and lights are turned on briefly. Jackie angrily turns to John Jackson, her assigned partner for the week. "What the fuck John?"

"What? You wanted him to..."

"Bust a nut, yes!" She looks back and watches as the couple quickly put their clothes back on and run into the mall's back entrance. "Shit, the best thing that happened all night. What are you, God damn Captain America? Whatever, our shift is over anyway."

John laughs as she puts her makeup away, starts the car, and drives away. "You know you're wrong, right?"

She smiles briefly; she's not wrong, she's just horny.

"You have a nice smile Jackie."

Jackie asks causally, "John...do you remember why you got stuck with me for a week?"

John replies quickly, "You made fun of me for being short, even though I'm only a few inches shorter than you. You even called me little orphan Annie. And you made fun of me for baking cookies for the department in front of the Captain."

She'd feel bad that he recalled everything so quickly, if she gave a damn. "You think flattery will get you anywhere with me?"

She watches as he answers with a smile, "Yes."

He has a sense of humor, she likes that. "Then I won't stop you, but I like being a bully, so don't expect me to stop being one," she says smiling.

"Wow...I'm surprised you're not getting hit on more at the station."

"Those guys wouldn't know what to do with my big, round ass and perky, c-sized breasts." She watches him grin briefly. "Do you like it when I talk about my big white ass and tits John?"

He laughs. "I wasn't going there Jackie. And why not just talk about your natural, dark red hair or just said say that you have a curvy body?"

"I want to make you blush. Ok then, come on John, flatter me."

"Ok Jackie, I'll meet you half way. You got nice thighs, tan skin...you're tall but not too tall. What are you...like, five-feet-eight-inches? And you got to be less than one hundred eighteen pounds. And you're hot, so you got to be twenty-five."

Jackie grins. "I was lean and mean like that once. Now I'm just mean."

"Why is that?"

"Here we go, Psychology 101."

"Hey, what else is there to talk about? We've already talked about the upcoming baseball season. We watch different shows, you don't read books, and I don't play Farmville."

"You need to jump on that Farmville, John."

He laughs. "I will after my party, maybe."

"What party?"

"My...birthday party," John answers. She can hear the confusion in his voice and she's wondering if she missed a memo. He continues, "The department bought me cake this morning and sang happy birthday to me."

"Oh! I was in the toilet. I thought I missed a short meeting. I'm sorry, happy birthday John." She tries to block out the fact that no one looked for her for the cake celebration or invited her to go to the party.

John laughs. "Damn...well, better late than never."

Jackie sees a fast food store coming up. "Alright, I'll make it up to you."

She parks in front of the store. They go inside and she pays for two vanilla milk shakes. As they step out and walk towards the cruiser, Jackie looks back and sees John looking down at her ass as he takes a sip of his shake through his straw.

"Are you thinking of sucking on my ass John," she asks teasingly.

He coughs and he accidently spits up some on her backside.

"Oh you got to be fucking...kidding me!" She looks down, feeling the large white blobs starting to ooze through her pants and unto her ass.

Jackie throws her shake into a nearby garage can, snatches napkins from John's hands, and walks angrily towards the woman's bathroom.

"I'm sorry," John says repeatedly as he follows her.

As soon as she opens the door she sees that it's clean, but it's a little on the small side. It has enough room for one toilet, one sink, a trash can, an electronic blower, one spare roll of paper, and an old reprinted painting of flowers in a vase for décor on the wall. But it has no mirror.

"John, get in here and clean this up for me!"

He walks inside and locks the door behind him.

"Throw away the fucking milkshake!" If she wasn't going to enjoy a milkshake because of her temper, he wasn't going to enjoy his milkshake because of his stupidity.

He throws it away into the thrash can near the toilet. She then hands him the napkins, turns around, and then she holds herself up against the sink as she bends forward. As he wipes the mess off, she feels a bump brush against her side. She can't help but laugh when she looks back and sees him aroused.

"I'm sorry," he says, his guilt unable to be hidden like the growing bump under his pants.

"Shut up John." She reaches over and slowly glides her hand up and down his pants. She playfully slaps the tip of his growing mound back and forth. "Ping...pong." She laughs lightly. "Are you an ass man John?"

"Well, um...," he starts to say, sounding as confused as he looks.

"Just answer yes or no. Let's start with an easy question, you done drying my pants?"


"There you go John. Now, do you like being teased John? If I pull my pant down, would you do whatever I say?"


She pinches the tip of his mound a little and smiles as he flinches. "Those were two questions John."


She turns around and unbuttons her shirt, slowing revealing her black laced bra. "Stand back and extend your arms."

He does without question, looking down at her breasts when she takes her shirt and bra off. She watches as he licks his lips when she rubs her breasts together.

She takes his hands and orders, "Don't squeeze me or I'll squeeze you."

She places his hands on her breasts and leaves them there as she hangs her shirt and bra over his arms. She looks down at his hands and they're shaking; he's struggling to keep them in place. She looks up at him and grins.

She presses his hands against her breasts and moves his hands in a circular motion as she moans.

"Oh my God," John says with some satisfaction.

She laughs lightly. "You like that? Are they soft John?"


Although she's enjoying herself, watching him squirm is equally entertaining. "Fold my clothes on top of the toilet seat and then come back here." She watches him do exactly as she asks with out grumbling.

When he walks back to her, she turns around and immediately starts grinding her ass against him. He pulls himself close by putting his hands on her ass.

She pulls his hands to her waist. "Don't touch my ass until I say so, understand?"


She sticks her ass out further and slowly slides her ass up and down against his groin in long, slow strokes. "Can you even think right now? Could you come in your pants right now?"


"That's real good John, you can feel and move my ass now."

She feels good when he grips her ass and presses it hard against him. She looks back at him and eyes the muscles flexing in his arms as he moves her ass up and down.

"That's good John, you follow orders well. I like that. But this is just going to be a fling. We're just having fun. Do you understand?"


She stops him and stands up, and pulls his hands to her belt buckle. "But that also means I'm going to be extra mean to you if we're going to have fun, because that makes me happy. Do you want to make me happy?"


"Then take off my belt, my shoes, and my pants...in that order. Then put it neatly with my other clothes."

She watches him do it, leaving her with only her black thong panties and silk socks. She snaps her fingers to make him move faster and quickly stand behind her. He does, keeping his hands at his sides. She smiles at him.

"Your hands at your side, that's very good. Do you want to see what I do when you do things I like?"


She puts his left hand over her breasts and his right hand over her panties. "Rub my panties over my pussy John. And play with my tits." Jackie closes her eyes when he rubs her tits lustfully and gives her pussy a much needed massage. "Oh yeah, that's it." She lowers herself slightly to feel his hot breath against her neck.

She unzips his pants and easily finds his long, hard cock in his boxers; it moved to her hand as if beckoned. She rubs his dick slowly as he starts to rub her pussy faster, breathing hot and heavy on her neck.

She slides his hand under her panties and into her moist pussy. She says only, "Don't stop." His fingers her pussy immediately. "Oh shit." She presses his hands against her body tightly and moans. "That feels good, don't stop...don't stop...yeah."

She could feel his lips kissing her back and his dick sliding against her ass but the only thing that mattered was his magic fingers going in and out of her vibrating pussy. "Oh God...don't stop," she whispers as her legs shake. She's afraid she'll slip off the sink but she suddenly feels John giving her body support, pressing her close to his body. She immediately comes on his fingers.

"Oh God...stop!" She grabs his hands and enjoys her pussy pinching against his fingers.

He continues to kiss her up and down her back, as his dick keeps poking and prodding against her ass. She slowly pulls his fingers out. "Ok, take my panties off, put them aside of my clothes, take your clothes off, and fuck me. Hurry up before I change her mind." While he does, she laughs at herself in her mind. She's not going to change her mind. Her pussy has been aching for dick for three months; another month longer and someone might have gotten killed while fucking.

As she bends down against the sink, catching her breathe while playing with her pussy, she feels John's cock poking the rim of her asshole. "No John...the other hole."

"I'm sorry, I thought...," he starts to say.

"Shut up John." She grabs his dick and puts the head through. "Oh yeah...there you go. Go to town John, I like it rough."

He moans with a deep satisfaction when his dick fully enters her pussy. He grabs and shakes her ass as she groans deeply.

"Oh god your pussy feels good. Oh yeah...damn your pussy feels good."

His heavy breathing is making her nervous. "Don't you come...you better fuck me!" The sounds of her juicy pussy immediately being slapped against his hard dick turned her on, but it felt even better. "Yeah...good...fuck...I like it like that...give it to me!" Her body is jolting with pleasure; he fits inside nicely. "Slap my ass!"

He does but it's a love slap; he is an ass man, no true ass man would hurt a good ass. She braces herself and bounces on his cock hard. She starts to sweat as her pussy pulses after each hard thrust. She wants to play with her tits but she has to steady herself against the sink. "Oh yeah...oh yeah...oh yeah...that's it...that's it...come on you fucking runt!"

"You want it hard, ok."

She feels him grip her ass more tightly and the added frustration in his thrusts makes her pussy throb harder. She looks down at his dick with disbelief; although she's not surprised to see rings of her come all over his dick. "Oh...shit."

If she keeps getting fucked this way she'll be unable to drive let alone think. She turns to him and asks, "Are you going to come? You want to come on my nice, fat ass?"


She's amazed at his control over his memory during times of stress. "Come for me baby. Oh fuck...oh yeah, give me that juice. Blast that shit." She bounces on his cock harder for added motivation.

She then watches as he immediately pulls out and blows a long load that lands against her upper back and then a second load that lands against her lower back.

"Holy shit...yeah baby." She moans, pretending to like the feeling of sticky come on her back.

She watches as he smiles, enjoying his orgasm, still rubbing his dick fast and hard against her ass as a third, smaller load is spread against her ass.

"Yeah, spread that shit...put that dick between my ass cheeks." When he does, she slides her ass up and down against it. He's nearly motionless as she rubs out what little come is left over her ass. "Happy birthday John," she says playfully.

He smiles. "Thank you so fucking much."

"You better say thank you. And am I invited to your piece of shit party or what?"

He laughs. "Jackie, not only are you coming you don't have to pay shit at the cash bar."

"Oh shit, I just might rub your dick for a few more minutes. But you're cleaning your come off me back right?"

He smiles and says simply, "Yes."

"Good boy."


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