tagHumor & SatireThe Punishment - Day 04

The Punishment - Day 04


Jackie and John sit in the center of the briefing room, having already eaten and gotten their coffee for the meeting. They watch as officers start to walk inside and applaud them for their early attendance. Jackie briefly flips them the bird. The officers laugh in response and stop clapping.

The captain and four lieutenants walk into the room. The captain has several red folders in his hands. He walks to and stands behind the podium, Jackie sees that his attitude solemn. The lieutenants line up against the windows, facing the room with a sense of duty on their faces as they cross their arms.

Jackie is amazed by the attendance of all the lieutenants appearing to the meeting all at the same time. They displayed better attendance on the golf course, so she now knows that their jobs were threatened.

"Alright, alright...sit down," the captain says.

He unfolds the first folder when the officers sit down and settle down.

He continues, "As you may or may not have heard, Officers Sarah Hall, Chris Divine, Joe Frost, and Kevin Queen volunteered to leave the prescient effective yesterday afternoon, pending an investigation with the DEA. In which if anyone has or comes across with important information should communicate with me only."

The captain looks up at them for confirmation and then looks back down.

"That being said...due to the loss of staff, we're going to keep the current partner rotation for the rest of the week, maybe longer."

Jackie shares a brief concerned look with John as the captain closes the first folder and opens the second folder. Jackie takes a sip of her coffee to calm her nerves. She now knows that this meeting isn't just another hour to waste their time about reviewing procedure.

"This is a letter from the department's lawyer." The captain clears his throat before he reads mechanically, "Dear Colleagues, in light of the recent investigation I ask that you refresh your understanding of the department's guidelines regarding accepting gifts and invitations from past/penitential/current suspects, suppliers, vendors, and outside business partners. Please take the time to review our policies which are located on our LVPD intranet site listed under HR Information and Forms".

Jackie smiles at herself briefly after the captain folds the folder, procedure is still procedure.

He looks back at them and continues, "If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the leadership team." The captain gestures to the lieutenants.

The captain looks down and opens the third folder. "I need the following officers to come see me in my office after this meeting."

Jackie takes a sip of her coffee.


John is driving while Jackie is riding shotgun. She looks at his face, full of grief and disbelief.

"Are you alright John?"

"I'm still in shock from this morning's briefing. I really got to know some of those guys. I mean...not all of them were great..."

Jackie sees him struggling with his words. "What? Just say it, it'll be between us."

"I knew Joe was up to something, because he'd always be talking about starting a marketing scheme on his own. Kevin is just a punk, but Chris got four kids and Sarah...she was so nice to me. I think she said she was on the force for seventeen years."

"Nineteen years... two years until retirement," Jackie comments as she looks out her window, trying to not think about it herself.

"Jesus Christ!"

Jackie looks forward and she recognizes the black Lexus that speed past them. It then drives through a red light, swerves on the road, and nearly hits a bum on the street.

"Who is this asshole," John says as he gives chase.

Jackie knows. Peter Roman, the Senator's aid, a handsome young Italian known by the experienced officers to visit hookers more than his family. He also pays for special treatment.

As they approach a stretch of abandoned houses, John reaches for the speaker microphone to call dispatch, but Jackie stops him by putting her hand over his hand. "We got this John."


"Women's intuition, trust me just focus on the driving."

"Women's what..."

Jackie talks on car outside speakers and announces, "Driver, this is Jackie Dupre of the LVPD, pull over the vehicle...now!" Jackie watches as the Lexus pulls over, Peter knows what the deal is now. As they park behind it, Jackie tells John, "I have this, stay by the cruiser."

"What? Are you kidding me?"

She leaves the car before John can ask more questions.

She walks towards the car, briefly looking back to see John sitting on the hood of the cruiser, watching her carefully.

Jackie understands the situation when Peter unrolls the windows. Jackie grins, understanding his concern as his shirt is out and his pants zipped but stained. She then looks at his company, Alexis, a popular local blonde escort, with big tits that are barely contained by the straps of her short dress. Her lipstick is smudged and has matching stains on her cleavage.

Jackie is sort of impressed, Alexis isn't cheap. She's called the "Meat hook" in some areas, known for her section during blowjobs; Jackie took notes last time she busted her.

"Hey Alexis, I see you haven't lost your touch...you might want to...um..."

Alexis looks down and says, "Shit." She takes some napkins, takes her breasts out, and wipes some cum off. And some expensive body spray and body glitter Jackie imagines.

Peter says frustrated, "Are you fucking kidding me?"

Alexis asks innocently, "What?" She covers her breasts.

"You're a lucky man sir," Jackie teases.

Peter says, "So...is your partner cool?"

"Speeding, reckless driving, endangering lives with a vehicle...he'll need more than weed and a blowjob for this. I'll need the room for the night."

He looks at her with understanding and hands her his keycard for Skyloft room at the MGM Grand from his suit pocket. Jackie tries not to get openly happy; it's at least eight bucks a night and she loves to splurge on his expense account.

"Just leave the key on the front desk when you're done having fun...as always."

"As always...drive safe."

Alexis laughs in her high pitched voice.

"Use your inside voice doll," Peter comments without looking at Alexis.

"Sorry baby," Alexis says obediently.

Jackie stands up, puts the key card in her pocket, and takes a few steps back.

Alexis says happily, "Bye Jackie!"

Jackie grins as Peter rolls his eyes and then drives away, leaving them to their own story to live. She walks back to John as he looks at her disapprovingly.

"No arrest, not even a ticket, really Jackie? And what the hell did he give you? What's going on here?"

She grabs his head and kisses him hard to shut him up.


Jackie walks out the bathroom wearing a dark red bra, matching g-string, and red nylons. Shaking the small bottle of lube in her hand, she looks at John lying flat against the bed. He's remaining quiet, as requested. She's please that he's mentally and emotionally equipped to handle her method of torture. She walks to him slowly and puts the bottle on the bed.

She plays with her hair and then she plays with her g-string, pretending to lower them only to leave them by her hips. She doesn't want to fish for compliments on how she looks, but his usual answer isn't tenting in his boxer shorts.

"Really John, we have access to free food all night, cigars if we want, we have a great view, and you can't get up for me?"

John says, "It's not that...why we got this room for free?"

She smiles as she bends down to show off her cleavage, snaps her bra off, and throws her bra to the other side of the bed, that what usually undoes a man's conscience. "Hello!"

As she starts to unbutton his boxers, he covers his crotch. "Hey...I need a minute."

"John, move your hands." She looks at him to know she means business. When he moves his hands, she looks down and sees a limp noodle of a dick. She lazily picks it up with only one finger and watches it flop back down. She lightly taps his dick with her hand. "That's just great John."

"I just...need a minute."

She looks at him, leans down close, making sure her breasts rubs against his chest. She pretends to go in for a kiss but gives him her left cheek instead, giving him a good taste of her makeup.

She glides her cheek against his before she whispers softly, "I know what you want John."

"What's that?"

She stands up straight. "Do you really need me to turnaround for you to get hard? Would only sucking on my ass excite you John?" She touches her breasts. "That hurt my feelings...it makes me want to be such a bitch to you right now for calling me ugly."

John sits up and says defensively, "I didn't call you ugly."

"Do you want to touch me?"

"Yes please."

She takes his hands and glides them over her sides and up unto her breasts. "Show me, squeeze my tits." Jackie smiles as he rubs her nipples and the firmly squeezes them. She sees him reaching down to touch himself. "No! You don't get that right, not until you make me feel better."

He immediately goes back to pleasuring her with renewed interest, rubbing her breasts softly.

She rubs his hair and whispers softly, "Take your time...oh yeah...take your time." She enjoys the nice, wet massage in his mouth. "Am I beautiful John?"

He nods his approvingly, unwilling to remove his hungry mouth off her breasts.

"Tell me I'm beautiful," she orders with a sudden straight face.

"You're beautiful...you're fucking sexy!"

"Are you yelling at me?"

He looks down frustrated. But frustrated was good, as she looked down at his boxers and something was looking back. She crosses her arms and sighs, but happy that he can't see the grin she's fighting on her face. "How fucking sexy?" He looks up at her, but she says, "Keep looking down!" He looks back down.

"You got tits that I could suck on for hours, your ass I can kiss for days..."

"What about my pussy?"

"Your pussy is sweet."

"My pussy is awesome! What about my thighs?"

"Um...they're nice and firm..."

"Shut up!" She needed a minute to not laugh. She'd fuck with him about her hair, but if he'd say anything about noticing her using a new brand of shampoo and conditioner, she'd lose it. She reaches down into his boxers and feels his cock getting hard.

"You'll be lucky to cum on my hand, let alone inside me." She feels his body become more receptive to her touch and his breath on her stomach.

She removes her hold on his cock and approvingly places his hands to roam her body. She's not surprised that immediately grabs and cups her meaty ass.

"Are you thinking of me with my face down and my ass up on the bed?"


She rubs his hair and says, "Do you want to take control of my ass and pounding my pussy John?"

"Yes please," John says as he pinches her ass hard.

She raises his head up with her finger. "You're not getting a blowjob because you don't need one, do you John?"


"You're going to stay nice and hard for me, aren't you John?"


"Good. Take off my g-string and put some lube on my ass and take your boxers off."

She slowly walks unto the bed as he takes his boxers off. She lifts her ass up, showing her readiness to be pleased; his favorite position.

"Wait John, kiss my ass first. What you're about to do is a privilege, never forget that."

She grins as he kisses her entire ass lovingly. Then she feels the lube being poured over her lower back and being rubbed very inch across her ass. She wants to make fun of him to trying too hard, but she feels a nice tingle when she rubs her pussy against his dick. "Put some over my pussy."

He does as she spreads her legs apart, rubbing and massaging her clit. She moves his hands away. "Put the remaining lube on your hands on my thighs."

As he does, she places his cock between her ass cheeks and gives him a handjob as slowly grinds against him until he's nice and plumb. Then she slides his dick forward and rubs the head his dick up and down her slicked pussy.

She starts taking deep breaths as she starts to feel good, licking her lips. She slowly moves forward and back against his cock, the head almost penetrating. Her bites her lips as stops and starts to slide it up and down against her clit. She closes her eyes briefly, feeling good as John's wanting hands presses on her ass.

She rubs herself, before presses against his cock, letting more than the head in. He presses on her waist while he thrusts his cock in.

"Oh fuck." She looks back at him, he's finally ready.

He cups his hands on her ass and he mutters, "My dick is so hard right now."

"No shit." She grabs onto the sheets, digging her nails deep, as he works her pussy with the full weight of his hips. She moans as her body tingles.

She's touches her tits, looking down at the confirmation of her juices dribbling down his balls.

He moans. "Oh God...you feel so good."

"Oh yeah," she asks as she presses her ass back, turned on by the idea of messing with him.

"Yeah, fuck me back, I like that shit."

She rubs his balls lightly as she looks back at him and watches as him enjoy the ride. "You like me stroking your balls?"

"Oh yeah, I love that shit."

"Do you love watching that ass bounce on your cock? How does it feel it? Huh?" She bounces back on him harder and faster and she leans down, the bed starts to creak. Her arms unable to handle organism that's about to hit her. "Oh...fuck..." She slows down and hold herself centered on the covers but John maintains the speed. "Oh yeah, that's good...yeah, yeah, yeah..."

As she cums, she lowers her ass and her legs to pull him on top of her to have his sweat over her body. She pulls his head close to hear him breathing hard against her ear. She moans as his hands tighten around her waist.

"Cum inside me...give it to me...give it to me...yeah...yeah...yeah." She squeezes his head.

He changes his thrusts to long and hard thrusts. "Oh fuck...oh fuck."

She smiles as he jolts, then shakes, and then stops moving. "John...fuck me with cock. Come on...come on..."

With no objections he thrusts occasionally into her, tickling her pussy.

"Yeah...oh yeah..." She moans as he kisses her neck, feeling too good to move but she has to ensure John's willingness.

She moves her ass so that his cock could slip out, then he rubs it against her ass. "Do you like making a mess on my ass?"

"Oh...shit..." John moans.

She keeps spreading rubbing the love goo from his dick unto her ass cheeks. "Now start enjoying the hotel room."

"I already am."

They share a laugh. Good, Jackie thinks to herself, he's ready to be molded accordingly.

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