tagBDSMThe Punishment of Taking a Shower

The Punishment of Taking a Shower


It was an overly warm spring day so daddy's slutty slave decided to slip into a cool shower. As the water ran like silk down her slender body she began to hum a favorite song closing her eyes she ran her hands slowly across her nipples felling them harden and tingle with great pleasure. She began swaying her hips slowly causing her thighs to gently rub together, her pussy begins to ache. Daddy never allowed his slave to pleasure herself unless permission was given. If she were to be caught she would be punished.

Daddy had left early that morning to work as usual and wouldn't be back till late, or so she thought.

As the shower cooled her body she started thinking of her daddy sliding his big hard cock down her throat, slowly rubbing her hot wet pussy she watched the images play in her mind.

While lost in her day dream daddy came home early to surprise his slave with flowers and a nice quiet evening. Daddy walked in, called her name but got no answer. He started searching the house; during his search he heard a noise from the bathroom on the main floor. He quietly opened the door, looking thru the steamed up glass shower door he could see an outline of her figure; he quickly realized she was pleasuring herself and the noises he heard was her moans.

Daddy grew angry instantly, he waited till she was finished then when she opened the door to fetch her towel she realized she had been busted. Leaning against the counter daddy asked if she had fun. She couldn't move, speak or think. Standing with her mouth open she shook her head yes, knowing that was a stupid thing to do daddy told her to dry off and meet him in the living room.

In the living room daddy was standing near the big window watching the blue and maze Michigan flag swag back and forth in the light breeze. She stood just inside the door and said "yes daddy". Daddy turned and looked at her his eyes were black as midnight and full of flaming anger. He asked her why, then when he didn't get an answer started to take off his belt.

He asked her what the rule was, and in an almost whisper she recited the rule and apologized for her behavior. Daddy didn't except her apology because she knew the rules, but felt he had himself to blame for the long hours spent working instead of at home with his slave.

She decided to go for broke, knowing it would only make her punishment worse she asked "what is my punishment?"

Daddy's slutty slave was pushing the limits. He was going to have to spend more time at home teaching her the rules and training her to be less defiant.

Quickly scanning the room daddy decided to move a chair from the corner to the center of the room. With his belt in hand daddy told her to assume the position. She knew what that position was all too well for she was in that position quite a lot during her training.

She placed her knees in the seat, her breast over the back of the chair, grabbed the underside of the seat and took a deep breath. She knew it would hurt but she also knew she would like it.

Daddy instructed her count out the smacks in a controlled voice. No crying out, moaning, or Cumming allowed.

The first smack lands in the center of her right butt cheek.

She calls out the number one.

As each smack is delivered tears fall across her cheeks, her pussy aches and grows moist.

By the time daddy was finished she had received 10 smacks on her butt with his belt. Her butt was swollen, stinging, and fiery red.

Daddy walked around and picked up her face. He could see she had been crying but knew she had to learn somehow. Brushing her hair from her face he kissed her softly and asked if she was going to defy him anymore. She replied with a shake of her head, daddy kissed her again then helped her to her feet.

Later that night daddy decided to complete her punishment. Walking into his slave's room he took her arm and without a word walked her to his bedroom. There he placed leather cuffs attached to an ankle spreader. Her wrist were bound by rope and attached to a metal D clip hanging from a large wood beam in the ceiling. With her legs spread and wrist bound she couldn't do anything but watch what her daddy was about to do.

Daddy grabbed his whip and smacked her large tits, and pussy. Then attached nipple clamps with a 3 ounce weight to each nipple. She cried out but not so much from the pain more from the pleasure it was creating for her. Daddy then got down on his knees and began inserting one finger at a time into her tight wet pussy, when he finally had all four fingers and thumb in her tight wet pussy daddy shoved his fist in as hard as he could. As she screamed out in pain and in pleasure daddy began fisting his slave until her body shook and her tight wet pussy squirted her sweet cum down his arm.

Done fisting his slave he unbound her wrist and bent her over the bed, placing a hand on her hip and the other in the center of her back, daddy slide his long hard cock deep in her ass. Fucking her slowly while her hole relaxed and became fully expanded, daddy then started sliding his cock harder and faster in and out of her ass.

Screaming "yes......daddy harder" he grabs her hair and fucks her harder.

Her whole body tightens and shakes as her orgasm reaches the breaking point. Daddy's moans become louder and strained she feels his cock tighten in her ass and knows he is going to shoot his hot cum in her ass at any second. She clenches the bed sheet her orgasm takes hold of her body tightening around daddy's cock he shoves in as hard as he can one last time and his cum spills into his slave's ass.

He collapses on the bed beside his slave. She leaves to go clean up when she returns daddy has the covers pulled back and invites her to cuddle with him, she gladly accepts and they soon fall asleep.

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