tagNonHumanThe Purrfect Specimen Ch. 4

The Purrfect Specimen Ch. 4


Malina found the camouflaged tunnel easily and went down it. The tunnel snaked down and around so sinuously that someone who used it would have to be graceful and as boneless as one of her own kind, Malina thought.

She arrived at a small chamber. The only thing around was a metallic ring set into the ground. Malina stepped into the ring and then opened her pouch. She keyed a device there and there was a soft shimmer.

She was then in the starship that orbited Earth's North Pole. The massive solar radiation of the sun and the magnetic fields of the planet below them cloaked it from any observers that were specifically looking for the Prowler, Malina’s starship. One of her crewmates, an ensign, saluted her and said, "Lieutenant Malina, Captain Rasil wants to see you right away. He is in the forward observation bubble."

Malina's tail jerked in surprise, but she saluted the ensign and exited. She made her way through the ship. Now that she was back among her own kind she was seeing things that she had never noticed before. They all looked the same for one. Oh sure, they were different colors, but after being with the humans for the past week, she had found that their differences were mostly cosmetic.

Lieutenant Commander Learl saw her down the corridor and altered his steps to intercept hers. Malina shook her head. She didn't want to deal with the cocky male right now. Learl thought that he was a gift to all females on board ship and while Malina had engaged in sex with him in the past, he was terribly unimaginative. Malina smiled remembering last night.

Learl took Malina's smile to be one of welcome for her and his tail whipped in excitement. Learl's fur was a dark brown, almost black. Malina had thought the contrast of the coats was very delicious, once. But not now. Not after experiencing Daniel Cockran.

"Lieutenant, welcome home. The Prowler has missed you." Then he stepped closer and in a lower voice said, "I've missed you." His voice had the edge of that purr underneath, one that told Malina that Learl wanted more than to just welcome her aboard.

"Thank you, Commander," Malina said softly and continued on her way.

Learl placed a paw on her arm stopping her. Malina looked at him with her blue eyes. Learl returned the gaze with golden ones. "I have an appointment with the captain, Commander. Is there something else?" Malina couldn’t help it; her tone had dropped several degrees, startling the older male.

Learl blinked once and removed his paw. "Forgive me. I thought you had returned for good."

Malina looked at him but she had no idea what to say. So she nodded and then continued towards the forward observation bubble. She was sure she left a very confused Learl behind her, but what could she do?

Learl watched Lieutenant Malina retreat down the tube away from him. Something was different about her, but Learl couldn’t place his claw on what exactly it was. Learl turned to return to his duties, but his thoughts were on the silky white female he had wanted for so long, and even now still lusted after.

He shook his head, he had work to do, he didn’t need to be mooning over a prickly queen, even is she was… Learl stopped his ears lying flat back against he head. No. Malina couldn’t have…

Learl growled deep in his chest. Malina was acting like she had mated. Learl’s and Malina’s kind were very sexually active, but once they had chosen a mate, they were almost always exclusive to that one partner. And Malina had that attitude about her. She used to flirtatious, carefree, and curious about all things. Granted, Malina wouldn’t lift her tail for anyone, but she was always open to the suggestion of sex. But not now. Could she have someone someone among the primitives on the planet below? He doubted it, but such pairings have occurred before among their people.

Still Malina was so beautiful and sexy. For her to be wasted on the monkeys below… well, the thought was enough to drive Learl to distraction. Learl moved to the nearest communication panel and opened a link to the bridge. “Bridge, Lieutenant Crall here.” Learl recognized the big tom’s voice. Crall was his friend and would help Learl do what he wanted to do.

“Crall, this is Learl, I need your help…” Lieutenant Commander Laerl began.


She reached the door and placed her paw on the pad beside it. The computer chimed and then the door slid open, revealing the observation bubble. The Prowled hung upside down over the planet Earth and in the glass of the bubble all of the Northern Hemisphere could be seen. Sunlight caused half the planet to glow white, azure, and brown. On the night side, the lights of man's cities revealed the fact of his presence.

Malina came to attention in front of Captain Rasil's desk. Rasil was working on something at his data terminal and did not immediately acknowledge Malina. Rasil was an older cat, his coat gray, starting to edge towards white. He was wise beyond his years having served in the Expeditionary Forces all his life. This was his last mission before retirement and Malina knew that Rasil was looking forward to returning home to his wife.

Rasil finished what he was working on, saved it, then clicked off the terminal. He examined Malina, noticing everything with large blue eyes, identical to Malina's own.

"Report Lieutenant," Rasil ordered.

Malina saluted and then took an 'at ease' stance, but did not sit down. "Sir, I've almost finished my studies of the humans assigned to me." She didn't tell him that two of them had been closed cases for two weeks, but that wasn't necessary...yet. "I believe I may have found the one we've been looking for, Captain. He is open to life other than humans on earth and is a historical student and teacher very well respected in his community."

"And how did you discover this unusual information, Lieutenant?" he asked, steepling his fingers across his chest and peering at her closely. She was definitely different than when he'd last seen her.

The white female sighed under her breath and then drew in a long intake of air. "I asked him sir." She would not insult her commander or her commission by trying to hide her contact with Daniel. "I made contact with the earth male last night, Captain Rasil. We spoke briefly of life in the universe and he is not the skeptic we have come to find in others. As a matter of fact, he is very curious about us." She was beginning to get excited as she spoke and it showed in her voice, in her wide blue eyes... in the swish of her tail.

The captain’s eyes had widened as Malina spoke, but all he said was "I see," as he digested this information. Rasil got up and walked around his desk to stand close to Malina. Not an aggressive act, but one that would bring him close enough to sense her mood, read the unspoken words in her eyes. It was something he'd become very good at with her over their years together.

"And did any other subjects of importance come up during your interview?" A small smile she couldn't even discern twitched at his lips. He knew her so well.

"Ah...Yes sir, it did." She straightened up to her full height, slight as it was and looked him in the eye directly. "I've found my soulmate, father."

Rasil stared at his daughter and then reached over the desk to click off the recording of the interview. Then he turned to regard his daughter before speaking again.

"Inter-species affiliation is well known my daughter, but are you willing to attach yourself to this human? Their race has not even proved themselves worthy or capable of joining the Interstellar Consortium. In all respects he is a barbarian. Are you sure this is not just an... infatuation with something primal?"

He sighed and crossed his arms. He wasn't going to be easy to convince, but at least he was ready to listen. Which in and of itself, was a bit of a surprise to the silky white female.

Malina relaxed her pose and took her fathers hand in hers as they walked over to the chairs by his desk. She sat on the edge of her seat and smiled at him. "Father, I know what we had discovered about the humans, and I agree that as a race, they are not ready to know of our existence or join the league. But I believe we had discussed finding one exception, perhaps, who may represent his kind."

Her father sat back and listened to the young feline and realized he had never heard her this excited, this sure of anything. He would listen first before passing judgment. But his heart turned at the thought of his baby making such a life altering decision. Inter-species relationships seldom worked out well. For anyone involved in such a mating.

"He is kind and serious, a scholar who studies his own race’s history, and would be interested in studying ours. He doesn't believe that humans could possibly be the only species in the universe and accepted me totally." She was clearly excited now and reached out and touched her father on the knee. "He accepts me," she repeated, "and I love him." The last three words sat between them like a heavy fur blanket and Malina anxiously awaited her father's next words.

Rasil sat motionless for a few moments, his tail not even twitching. "I can see that you have set your mind on this, daughter. And knowing you, you are too much like your mother, you will not change it."

He sighs, "Have you thought about the other repercussions? You will never be able to have a litter, and the life span of the humans is shorter than ours. Add to that the culture shock and confusion he will feel when brought into our world, if he is brought into our world."

Malina looked at her father as if he was stating the obvious…inconsequential things.

"I know; you love him, what else matters? Just like your mother." Rasil sighed heavily. "Still the protocol must be followed. Because you have initiated contact with the human, the acceptance process will be even more stringent. There will be some that say we chose him because of your relationship with him. That will be difficult to defend against."

"Daniel can defend against anything they have to say himself. He does not need you or me to do it. Once the council sees him...meets him and understands that he is different from the other humans we have observed." She stood adamant and her strength radiated. Rasil was very proud of his daughter at that moment.

Rasil got up and went over to the bar giving him time to accept what she had just told him. He fixed a drink and then turned to face Malina without picking up the glass. "I hope so, Malina."

"You will see... I'll bring him to the next session and the acceptance ritual will begin and he will pass." She sounded so sure of herself.

"It’s not that simple daughter. He will not know how to reply. You know that the Acceptance will either happen or it won't. And if it doesn't, they may require that he be killed rather than sent back to his world with the knowledge he has."

He picked up the glass and returned to his desk. He sat down in his office chair and clicked on the recorder, "Now. Finish your report Lieutenant."

Malina resumed her official report, making suggestions and offering her opinion where appropriate. When she had finished what she had to say, she relaxed and went to sit on the edge of her father's desk, switching off the recorder once more.

"Can you spare some time away from your duties long enough to enjoy a meal with me before I return? I'd like to know what's been going on while I've been away." She smiled and laid her hand on Rasil’s shoulder. They had always been very close.

Rasil smiled, "Of course."

Rasil arranged for a meal to be delivered to his ready room. Then he proceeded to tell her all that had happened since she started her mission several weeks ago. Lieutenant Valara has settled into her position on the continent known as Africa. She reports the region is not very settled and the typical inhabitant there is less developed socially, economically, and politically. Not likely to find anyone there for closer observation.

He continued in a like vein until the food was delivered. They ate in a relaxed atmosphere, talking between bites, Rasil and Malina each having matters other than idle chit chat on their minds. Rasil was worried about the effects the acceptance would have on his daughter. The circumstances were not the best and the presence of a barbarian, the mating of Malina to the same barbarian, and the difficulty to defend against any charges without appearing impartial were going to be extremely trying on the Captain. Malina was his favorite though, the only one of his kits that followed in his pawprints as it were.

As for Malina, she only wanted to get back to earth...to Daniel. She loved her father dearly, enjoyed his company. But right now her new relationship was uppermost in her mind...and neither the delicious meal nor Rasil’s company could block memories of last night out.

Finally, it came to an end and each felt a bit guilty at their eagerness to leave. Malina stood and embraced her father affectionately. "I will report again tomorrow when I make my final return, but until the acceptance is arranged, I would appreciate you not mentioning my...personal involvement to anyone else."

Rasil nodded, "You know I will not Malina, though as your commanding officer it is within my rights, and some would say my duty, to relieve you of this duty. I trust to your good judgment here daughter. Make very sure you are doing things correctly and for the right reason."

Rasil stepped back becoming the ship’s captain again. He saluted Malina and the door slid open and closed behind her.

She nodded to the ensign on duty and smiled at her friend Sashon, the commander on duty for this shift. Glancing around nervously, she just hoped she could leave without running into Learl again. Only Crall was also on the bridge and the look that the Lieutenant Commander gave her set Malina’s fur on end. She had never liked the bulky calico.

"Not sticking around for the dinner tonight? Geshra had her litter finally and we're celebrating." Malina pulled her attention away from the scowling Crall and smiled at Sashon. Sashon had been Malina's best friend since she'd been fostered out. She had been the daughter of her foster parents, about Malina's age and just as precocious.

"No, I have to be back in time to observe one of my studies. Rasil wants reports on a more regular basis now." She didn't really have to explain herself to her friend, but they never hid anything from each other...until now.

Sashon shrugged and made a face. "Better you than me. I like my ship." Malina smiled and stepped onto the platform, heading back to the transportation chamber.

As Malina left the bridge, she heard Sashon say, "Good luck. She you when you get back." Malina waved and kept going.


Malina made her way through the ship to her quarters. She had a few things she wanted to pickup, some things to share with Daniel. She smiled as she remembered his caresses, his power last night. Malina shivered and decided to lie down on the bed and rest for a cycle or two. After all, she didn’t get that much sleep last night.

Malina entered her quarters. They were still fairly Spartan as she spent most of her time on the surface of Earth rather than here. Malina sighed and threw herself on her bed, reveling in the soft downy feel of the silk-like sheets. Idlely she wondered what it would be like to have Daniel here beside her, in her bed. Malina’s nipples puckered and she felt the familiar warmth of liquid gathering between her thighs as the thought of Daniel over her took over her imagination.

Malina growled softly as started to caress her self, her fingers spread as they combed through the fur on her sides. Malina purred as her hand continued its explorations, making its way to the smooth curve of her breast. Malina yowled quietly as her hand petted her breasts and the moved up to pinch her nipples. Gods above, Malina thought. She needed to be fucked and fucked hard. She purred, what Malina really wanted, really needed, was Daniel fucking her hard. Her claws slid from their sheath and behind to lightly pinch the sensitive nipple. The nipple grew hard and swollen at the additional stimulation of the needle pricks of her claws.

As Malina caressed her breast, her other hand slid down to the juncture of her thighs, sliding towards the center of her sex. She was soaking wet, her downy fur matted and dripping with her juices. She purred as one of her fingers slipped between pussy lips, parting them and allowing her clit to spring forth. Her finger circled that little nubbin of flesh drawing a gasp and a low deep sexy growl from the catwoman.

Malina thought of Daniel, his long and hard cock standing straight up, jutting forth proudly, ready to loose its seed into her. Just the thought of Daniel’s cock, so different from her own kind’s pricks, filled Malina with an aching need. Malina’s fingers quested lower and Malina bent her legs, spreading them farther apart. As her fingers began to enter her hot pussy, a trickle of honeysuckle-flavored juice coated her fingers. She purred louder as she began to fuck herself with one finger, caressing her clit every third or fourth stroke.

Daniel… he was so sexy Malina thought. She remembered when he was lying below her, licking her vulva with his delightfully wide tongue. She could almost feel his tongue gathering her moisture, she imagined Daniel savoring the taste in his mouth. Then Daniel had stiffened his tongue and drove it past her pussy lips, into her molten core. Malina yowled at the memory and a second finger joined the first in pumping in and out of her. Her other hand moved to her other tit and began to pinch that nipple.

Malina felt the feeling rise within her, the warmth and need that heralded her orgasm. Malina slowed her fingers; she wanted these feelings to last. Again, Malina considered about the handsome human that had captured her heart. His hands had kneaded her ass as he continued to eat her out. He had been so good; Malina hadn’t been able to concentrate on sucking his cock. She growled as her hips began to move with her fingers.

Finally, Daniel had rolled over, and slid around so they were face to face. Malina had smelled herself on his face and without thinking has reached out and licked his face. Daniel chuckled, then groaned as her fingers had found his cock and gripped it tightly. Malina had continued to lick her juices off his face as her hand stroked his hardness. Malina remembered the soft steeliness of it, the smoothness of its baldhead. As she has rubbed her thumb across Daniel’s cock’s head, Daniel has stiffened, growling himself.

Malina smiled at the memory, then slipped another finger into herself, exploring the wet, moist insides of her pussy. She sighed, and her other hand slid down to actively join in the caresses that were giving her so much pleasure.

Daniel had rolled over on top of her and grabbed her legs, bringing them up. Then he too his hard cock in hand and aimed it at her hot pussy. With one single jerk, Daniel plunged himself into her and Malina yowled in pleasure, as her mate started to fuck her hard. Daniel’s face was a study in concentration as he thrust his hips forward, then slowly drew them back only to plunge forward again. Malina’s tail had wrapped around his upper thighs and caressed his ass, nestling in his ass crack.

Malina felt the buildup beginning but this time there was no delaying it, she felt her body contract and her pussy grip her fingers, trying to keep them inside her body. She gasped as the juice flooded over her hands and she shivered with delight as the orgasm rushed through her.

Malina panted and gazed up at the ceiling of her cabin through slitted eyes. Gods, Daniel was a magnificent lover, Malina couldn’t wait to get back down there tonight. Just to feel him against her, his naked smooth skin was so exotic. Malina purred as her eyes closed and the sleep of a contented cat overcame her.

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