tagIncest/TabooThe Quarterback's Little Sister

The Quarterback's Little Sister


They were at it again.

Brad and his girlfriend were always very careful when their parents were around, but if it was just his little sister Emily left in the house they didn't have a care in the world. It was funny too, because Emily and her brother never had the 'you won't tell mom and did, will you?' conversation. She could have easily just hinted to her parents what was going on after they left the house.

But ultimately, Emily wasn't going to do it. Her brother was usually very sweet to her. Besides, if ever Brad did something to really piss her off, she had his afternoons with that awful girlfriend Nancy to hold over his head.

One more dramatic moan from Nancy and she couldn't take it any longer. Emily grabbed her phone and running shoes and made for the door. She was relieved to hear only the breeze blowing through their front yard as she closed it behind her.

Running was Emily's way of taking her minds off things. As soon as she took her first stride, all of her frustration began to melt away. The fact that her big brother was inside fooling around with his obnoxious girlfriend didn't seem to matter anymore when her favorite song came up on her beloved running playlist.

Her routine had more than just the benefit of keeping her sane, it was also why Emily was one of the fittest girls she knew. At 5'-3" and 105 lbs., she was proud to be in such good shape; it made a hard run all the easier. And though she hated to admit it, seeing the eyes of neighborhood boys and husbands follow her as she ran by was something of a rush.

Emily didn't have a boyfriend; that was probably part of her frustration with her brother and his bedroom antics. It wasn't that she didn't want one, it was more that nobody had come along that she'd felt compelled to start a relationship with. Either they were silly boys her age, eighteen and totally immature, or they were older and with transparently lustful intentions toward her.

Emily could see what Nancy saw in her brother. He was twenty, smart, handsome and yet very unassuming. Being a quarterback on his college football team probably didn't hurt, but he wasn't a huge jock the way most might have expected. Family oriented, driven, respectful... Brad was the works. Why couldn't more boys like him approach her rather than the guys she was used to.

That's also why she held such high standards for him. Not only was he handsome as heck, with short brown hair and masculine features that already resembled her dad, but he was just an all-around good guy. Nancy didn't deserve him; Emily always felt that Brad had just fallen for her fast like he always did and that he liked the quarterback-cheerleader cliché too. Whatever, she thought, he'd only been with her a few months and she could always hope things wouldn't work out.

Emily was wondering if maybe her brother would set her up with one of his friends when she rounded the corner heading back to their house. She was intimately aware of how much her boobs were bouncing in her workout top when she passed Mr. Taylor's house; he was such a creep he might as well have blown her a kiss as she passed him while he was watering his flowers.

Emily's tits... They'd been nothing but trouble since they showed up in her early teens. Boys at school stared like they'd never seen breasts before in their lives. Men too: men who were way too old to be gawking at a teenager would pretend they weren't trying to get a look down her shirt. Even her brother! Sometimes he would stop in the middle of a sentence if she accidentally showed them too much. Maybe 'accident' wasn't the right word. Brad was the only one she teased on purpose, perhaps because she knew there was nothing he could do about it.

When she ran up to the driveway, Brad and his bimbo were on the front porch.

"Good luck tomorrow baby," Emily heard her say.

"Thanks," her brother replied, "I'll see you after the game?"

"You'll see me at the game!" Nancy said, standing up tall to kiss her brother on the lips.

"You know I don't look over there, I can't be distracted." Brad reasoned.

"Yea, yea, I get it, Mr. Quarterback can't take his eye off the ball." Nancy said, touching her brother lovingly on the chest.

Emily couldn't help but laugh at the flirty way Nancy said it. She'd tried her hardest to take her time getting to the door, but she was thirsty and didn't want to listen to it anymore.

"O...M...G...ARE-YOU-DONE!" She chanted, mocking one of the standard cheers "CAN-I-GET-IN-THE-FUCKING-DOOR?"

Brad laughed at his little sister's attitude. He'd seen her running up and knew he'd get an earful when his girlfriend left.

"Very funny Emily," Nancy said back, unimpressed, "Though I hope that's not what you'll be trying out with next year."

"Ugh..." Emily sighed, cocked her hip and fluffed her ponytail "should I dye my hair blonde instead?"

Emily shot a nasty look at her brother. He was NOT supposed to be telling anyone on the cheerleading team that his sister would try out it if she got accepted at his school. Even though she couldn't stand a lot of the girls on the team, she still loved cheering. Being close to the game, getting the crowd engaged, staying in shape - all of it really appealed to Emily and she had her eyes on doing it for her brother's team if she got in.

Content with the frown on Nancy's face, Emily simply shouldered past her brother and headed inside. He took a moment saying his last goodbyes before following his little sister into the kitchen. He had to take a deep breath when he saw her tilting the bottle back and witnessed a few drips falling onto her chest as she gulped it greedily. The light glisten of sweat on her abs, the tight-fitting workout clothes...oooph. Despite having recently fooled around with his girlfriend, a hot girl was a hot girl, related to him or not. Sometimes he wished his sister understood that the way he did.

"Why do you always gotta give her such a hard time?"

Emily almost laughed out loud, wanting to say something about her brother giving the dumb blonde a 'hard time' himself.

"Hey, if you are gonna bring your ditzy girlfriends around the house when mom and dad aren't home, I'm gonna reserve the right to make fun of them."

Brad had difficulty arguing with that. He actually admired his sister's tenacity, most of the time. She knew what she wanted, she was vocal and rambunctious - everything he wanted in a girlfriend. She was probably right anyway, Nancy didn't really knock him out with anything but her looks. And even then, the girl standing right in front of him was far more attractive. He was pretty sure he'd be able to find someone that was right for him; Nancy was simply right for right now.

"Hey Em'," he said to her. She wanted to be mad at him but she loved it when he called her that. "I'm really sorry about the cheerleading thing. Nancy kinda put two and two together and I told her you'd probably try out."

"Two and two huh? Did Nancy finally pass remedial math last semester?" Emily quipped, narrowing her eyes after she'd said it.

Even though he could see her glare, Brad knew she wouldn't really stay mad at him. She only had a few hours each week, if that, to see her brother. He'd come home on Friday and stay the night before his Saturday game. They lived close enough to campus that he would be off before she awoke the next day and went to see him play. Nancy was a part of the weekly routine too, but Brad always got rid of her before it even got dark.

She always wondered how he managed to do it. Emily felt like girls were pretty dramatic when it came to quickies like Nancy seemed to come over for. One weekend she'd heard the stupid blonde say something like, "...if it helps you play better then I don't mind!" She hadn't made much of it then; Emily was simply glad to hear Nancy saying it on her way out.

"Yeah yeah, I forgive you," Emily said, walking towards her brother and stopping when she smacked the almost empty water bottle against his chest and held her hand there, "I'll be picking the movie tonight."

Brad rolled his head back and smiled, glad that everything was cool between him and his little sis. Maybe he'd even convince her to give him a back massage later if he played the "It'll really help me play well tomorrow" card.

Things went as they usually did that night. Emily even agreed to massage her brother's shoulder for a bit, even though she made sure to get a dig in about how he wasn't even a starter. Brad had fought hard with his coach for his nights at home. Sure, getting to see his girlfriend when most other guys were forbidden was a big plus. But he really loved seeing his little sister, and was so glad she always freed up her Friday nights for him before the game.

They just got along so well. Close in age as they were, Brad and Emily had a lot of common interests. Football and video games, music and crappy TV, they typically had a blast every Friday and Brad went to bed once again happy to spend time with his little sister. Their parents always did date night on Friday, so they'd only be home shortly before he went to bed.

Sometimes Brad felt guilty, but more and more he was seeing his little sister in a... different light. She'd grown up fast. Not only was she more mature, but her body was too. He was often confused by how much he enjoyed having her around. He tried to reason that being near to a pretty, youthful brunette was always going to be desirable. She just happened to also be his sister, and as long as he kept his hands to himself everything would be fine.

Typically that's the way things worked out. Yet, Emily felt just as comfortable as her brother did around her. So as she sat there massaging his naked shoulder, and seeing how huge and muscular he'd gotten since starting college, Emily had some of the same issues her brother did. She too loved being around him, and not just because of how much he made her laugh or how she could talk to him about anything. She loved massaging his back because it was the closest she'd really gotten to an attractive guy, and this one didn't try to touch her ass or her boobs whenever he got the chance.

She was only wearing a crop top and her favorite sweatpants that she rolled and wore low at the waist when she remembered her brother had made a comment about dressing inappropriately around him. Emily had brushed it off... and then worn seemingly less every time he was over after that. Hey, she thought, if he could get off while their parents were out and then get a massage out of her, she could at the very least feel sexy and totally comfortable at the same time. His stare didn't bother her one bit.

The next day was incredible. Brad wasn't a starter, so he'd begun the game uniformed but sitting on the bench. He was only a sophomore, but next in line to start as quarterback for the prestigious college team. Things weren't going well for the starter. He fumbled in the first quarter. The offense struggled and only got one field goal out of four or five possessions in a row as the first half was nearing its end. When the QB threw his second interception and the whistles sounded the end of the half, Emily was buzzing in her seat that her brother might get his chance.

He'd played before, but nothing more than a quarter or a few minutes here and there. They went into the locker room and Emily's mom touched her on the shoulder.

"Wouldn't it be so great if your brother started the second half?" She said, looking excited.

Emily's heart beat faster, "You think he will dad? Do you think Brad is going to start?"

Her dad raised his eyebrows and said, "I know what I'd do if I was the coach... he just might."

"You think he's ready?" Emily's mom asked her father.

A passing memory took Emily as her parents chatted about her brother's workout routine. Nancy had said something that other day when she'd overheard them. "...gotta make sure you're ready," she'd said, or something like that. Why was she remembering that now?

Sure enough, as halftime ended Brad ran out of the tunnel with his helmet on. He was going to play.

He looked shaky as he lined up for his first snap. This time, seeing him on the field felt a little different. They were coming from behind and her brother wasn't just a quick substitution; he was meant to be the solution.

He handed the ball off twice and they still had a few yards to get the first down. It looked like they were keeping the ball out of the air and in the unknown hands of her brother. But when they lined up and Brad called for the ball, he dropped back to pass it.

Emily held her breath the whole time.

'Pass it Brad...!' she screamed inwardly.


And then he did.

It was a beautiful throw - a bullet right across the middle.

The receiver was brought down right away but well beyond the first-down line. The whole crowd cheered; Emily and her parents were locking arms and jumping up and down. He'd done it, she was so proud.

After that, Brad was everything he needed to be. They didn't do anything too crazy, and he was obviously playing pretty safe, but in no time they were near the end zone and Emily was clenching her mom's arm tight until he threw a perfect pass to the back corner for a touchdown.

Emily felt like she knew exactly why girls were so drawn to quarterbacks in that moment. Here she was screaming like a complete fool and jumping up and down in her team sweatshirt, yelling her brother's name and practically in tears. Damn does he look good in that uniform, Emily thought as he trotted off the field to let the kicking team on.

The rest of the game was a haze. So excited to see her brother finally playing as she was, Emily almost couldn't handle it that he was leading them to a win. When the final second ticked off the clock and it was her brother holding the ball, she giggled outright as he threw the ball up in the air in his excitement.

The team all rallied and celebrated on the field and her family was allowed to walk-on while the rest of the crowd shuffled out of the stadium. Brad hugged their mom and dad and then picked Emily up and spun her around in a circle. Emily could feel the sweat on his pads and the heat radiating from him until he set her down with a huge smile.

"I think it was all because of the shoulder massage Em," he said, "this ball's for you."

Emily felt him push the ball into her midsection like she had the water bottle into him the day before.

"You were so awesome bro," Emily praised, "but you better take this thing back before somebody tries to tackle me."

"You mean like me!" He said, bending down to grab her waist and picking her up again, slinging her over his shoulder like it was nothing. Emily screamed and kicked but he didn't set her down until he'd made her sufficiently dizzy. Their parents looked on and laughed the whole time.

Emily saw her brother's girlfriend looking at them from afar, clearly displeased that she wasn't getting all the attention. It gave Emily an odd sense of satisfaction, even if their relationships with her brother were quite different.

"You better go do the same thing to Nancy," Emily whispered when her brother put her down, "she looks jealous."

Brad sighed knowingly and gave his sister a hasty, final hug. Saying goodbye to his parents and Emily, Brad ambled over to talk to his cheerleader-girlfriend. Emily couldn't help but notice him looking in her direction over Nancy's shoulder as she was leaving.


After that, things kind of blew up. People went on and on about how poised her brother was in the game despite having very little experience. The next week he started in the away game and they won. It was a close game, and Brad made some mistakes, but watching him on television she couldn't help but see all of the strengths that people had been touting in the write-ups of his first big performance.

Emily congratulated her brother via text and he quickly responded that he was looking forward to a Friday at home the next week.

-I bet you would have made that pass at the end of the first half if you had a shoulder massage!-

[I bet you're right. Do you think I'm a big loser for wanting to hang out with my little sister on a Friday night?]

Emily felt herself blush, even though she was alone in her room with the lights off.

-Are you kidding, a loser? Did you SEE the game I just did?-

-Oh that's right... you were that stud quarterback who WON it!-

[Thanks Em, I can't wait to see you next week.]

God did he love his little sister, Brad thought. He was in a cab on the way out to celebrate the victory that night, and all he could think about was how great it would be to talk through all the plays the way he had on the phone with Emily after his first game. Inevitably there would be a thousand girls throwing themselves at him that night, but Brad felt sure none of them could match his little sis. Maybe he was wrong, but first and foremost they were hungry to sleep with a football player, and most of them wouldn't even be as attractive as Emily. If only she wanted that too, then he'd really have the whole package. 'Ugh,' he shook off, it was probably the booze talking.

Emily wished they'd seen his potential from the very start. Her brother started and won every game for the rest of the season, which was already more than half over when he'd first come out onto the field for that fateful second half. Because they had enough losses before that, there wasn't much left to make of their season when Brad stepped in, but there was a lot of talk about the season to come.

And each week, each home game at least, Emily and Brad hung out just the two of them for as much time as they could. She couldn't stand that he insisted on Nancy coming over, hearing them in his bedroom after she got home from school, but glad to see her leave shortly after. Brad had actually insisted that their parents give him time to himself (with Emily...and Nancy) and they'd obliged given his success on the field.

Their time together was usually the same, a movie and a lot of talking about what was going on in their lives. But for Emily, her feelings were slowly evolving. She couldn't help it. Everybody was talking about him, her parents were so proud, girls at school went on and on about how hot he was. Being that he was quarterback of the state college team, the exposure meant constant reminders of him everywhere Emily went.

So her attitude toward him was changing little by little whether she knew it or not. She'd often lay on top of her shirtless brother for a long time after kneading his back, just enjoying the deep bass in his voice that vibrated her chest as they bantered. Emily began to crave that time with her brother, cuddling seemingly closer every week when they watched a movie. She simply wanted to be with him.

And Brad was no dummy. Despite being a big, burly football player, he was actually quite smart, or so he told himself. It wasn't as if didn't notice that his little sister was not so resistant to touch his back anymore or that she was wearing seemingly less and less every time she came downstairs for their movie. Yet, it still felt... natural. A lot of girls were throwing themselves at Brad nowadays, but Emily had earned his attention rather than exploited it, and he liked giving it to her.

There was this one day he'd almost called her out for it. She might as well have been naked... well not quite, but perhaps the fact that he'd never seen her naked and this was as close as he'd get was why he kept his mouth shut.

The underwear was enough to make him shiver: an orange-ish pair of panties, simple but tight at each curve and the gap between her thighs. They had a white edge that he followed with his eyes as it wrapped around her tiny waist and those damned legs of hers. But then the shirt, or was it a sheet? It was this draped white thing with a big curved neck that exposed her almost from shoulder to shoulder. The tiny sleeves were all that held it up. And of course it didn't reach more than half-way down her upper half. His little sister's entire midsection, perhaps one of his favorite parts of her, was completely left to his view.

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