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The Quartet - Amateur Night


Author's Note:

This group of characters made their debut in my short, "The Temp Secretary" released on 3/8/2017. That story is not required reading, but I recommend reading it for more fun in their lives. This is just another short (FLASH) chapter in their lives. There is NO cuckolding, humiliation or any sort of swinging going on, however the characters let loose quite a bit more than is normally appropriate for prime-time audiences.

Thanks to Guinahart and SBrooks103x for their time editing this. Short story or not, it was riddled with errors before they got to it.


It's probably too short, or too long. I probably don't know how to spell very well. Somewhere, a story like this one has likely already been told. If for some reason, you make it to the end and still don't like it, I will gladly give you a refund.


Amateur Night

It was a dark and stormy night... Nope, not even close. Mike looked out the window, saw the sun shining, and thought it was about time to check out early.

"Heh, it's Friday anyhow," he thought.

He looked across the lobby to his partner's office, and figured it was time to do a little male bonding. He smiled thinking of all the trouble they used to get into together. Dave was the kind of wingman that you always wanted around. Since they had both gotten married, they hadn't hung out nearly as much.

Mike thought of his lovely wife, Maggie, and the boys. They were great, but sometimes he just wanted to spend a little time being a guy again. Dave would know just what to do, to get them into the right amount of trouble. He smiled at that thought, memory drifting back to their college days together.

He got up and walked into the lobby. Mary was freshly back from her maternity leave, having just had her third child. Dave's wife, Theresa, had been filling in for her while she was out. Mike smiled at her and kept walking over to Dave's office, shutting the door behind him.

"Hey, Dave. Got any plans tonight?" he asked.

"Well, I was going to go to this thing with Theresa. Why, is Maggie leaving you alone for the evening?" Dave chided him.

"Hah, that's funny. No, man, we haven't hung out in forever. I just wanted to spend some quality time with my bud, that's all."

"Hmm, I think I might have an idea. Let me call Theresa and let you know."

Naturally, Mike made a hand whipping motion, and the cracking noise that goes with it.

"Nice... Asshole," Dave replied, laughing with his buddy.

Mike left his partner's office, and walked back out to talk to Mary. They chatted for a few minutes about the new baby, until Dave emerged from his office. He said, "Mary, thanks for the help today. Why don't you head out a little early, so you can relieve your mom?"

She got up to leave, "Thanks, Dave. Behave, you two!" With that, she grabbed her purse and left the office for the day.

Dave nodded for Mike to hang back. "So, now that I've talked with Theresa, I have a new plan for us. You and I are going to the Foxy Lady!"

"Woohoo! Man, we haven't been to that place in ages," Mike replied, full of enthusiasm.

It was true. They hadn't been to the Foxy Lady in nearly a decade, since before they were married with families. The place was one of two strip clubs in their medium sized town. Back when they used to frequent it, it had been the better of the two.

Mike was pumped, and Dave genuinely enjoyed his friend's excitement. They locked up the office and Dave followed his friend's car over to Mike's house. Mike had called ahead to let his wife know of their plan to hang out, he just didn't say where. They went in, to find that Mike's wife was getting ready to go out herself.

"Hey, babe, what are you going to do tonight? Anything fun planned?" Mike asked her.

"Yeah, since you two idiots are going to hang out and drink beer, grunting like cavemen, I decided to call up an old girlfriend. I'm going to meet her, and go out for drinks and dancing," Maggie replied.

Mike was doubly excited now. Whenever she went out for drinks and dancing, her motor would be red-lining when she got home. The only thing that could come between them at that point, were the kids.

"Where are the kids tonight?" he asked.

"With your parents, duh," she replied with a wink.

He beamed a smile so bright, it could probably have been seen from space. His wife walked up to him, gave him a fierce hug, and lay a kiss on him that left him weak in the knees. It didn't hurt that she had smashed her respectable chest into his, rubbing her pelvis against his groin. She backed off, winked at the two men, and returned to the bathroom to finish her primping.

Mike turned to his buddy, smile still etched in stone on his face, and said, "Let's go, dude, you're driving!"

A few minutes later, they pulled into Dave's driveway and went inside. They found Dave's wife also getting ready to go out. Mike was a bit worried at first, thinking that she might be crashing their guy's night out after all.

"Hey, Mike," she welcomed him. "Been a while. How are Maggie and the kids doing?"

"Good, everyone's good. How've you been?"

"Good here too. Where are you idiots going to tonight?"

"Not sure. Dave here's the one with the plan!"

She turned to her husband, "Dave honey, could you be a doll and help me out for a second?"

"Sure, honey." Turning to Mike he said, "I'll be right back."

Mike sat at their table for a minute, waiting. Dave went back to their bedroom and helped his wife with her final preparations. Dave finished zipping up her skin-tight dress, as they talked about their respective plans for the night. She turned to face him, and he pulled her to him, kissing her with passion.

"Mmmm, not that I'm complaining, but what was that for?" she asked him.

"For everything. I love you so much, and am still amazed that you picked me," he replied, smiling.

"Well, I will be glad to show you my appreciation later tonight," she replied, smiling as well.

With that, the guys drove off in search of their apparently lost male bonding.


Dave pulled in to the Foxy Lady's parking lot, and the building hadn't changed a bit. About the only thing that they noticed was that it looked like it had a fresh coat of paint on the walls. The red neon sign still glowed, declaring the place, "The Foxiest."

They went inside, and even the interior was the same. There were some dim lights all around the seating area, with a spotlight and some multi-color rotating lights playing over the glossy black stage. In the center of the stage, of course, was a polished brass pole that ran from stage to ceiling.

The seating around the outside of the floor was the private dance area. Tables were arranged inside U-shaped seats, with extremely high backs to allow for some privacy between tables, while still allowing full view to the bouncers walking around.

At least the smell inside was better. Last time they had come here, smoking indoors was still legal, and the place was as stuffy as Mike's mothers old Ford Thunderbird. She had smoked two packs a day, ended up on oxygen, and passed away from lung cancer at the ripe old age of 64. Dave led them to one of the side tables, and a skinny looking brunette waitress followed them over.

"Hey, fellas, what'cha drinkin' tonight?" the waitress asked, with a slight southern drawl.

Mike spoke up first. "I'll have an Icehouse. Dave?"

"Yeah, can I get a Rum and Coke, please?" Dave asked.

"Sure thing, sugar..." replied the brunette with a wink, walking away.

Thankfully the local laws allowed alcohol to be served, but there were strict rules about the amount of space needed between dancers and customers. The waitress returned with their drinks and waited for them to pay. Mike looked at his friend, and Dave just groaned and forked over the twenty bucks, getting no change in return. Obviously, the prices had gone up since the last time they had been there. The skinny girl smiled brightly, and sauntered off to the next group of guys that had just sat down closer to the stage.

They chatted about their families briefly, until the music volume lowered and the M.C. came on the speakers. "Okay, FELLAS! We have a great night ahead tonight. Tonight, it's AMATUER NIGHT!"

His voice was naturally over-the-top, like an underpaid infomercial actor, as he made his important announcement. Also, naturally, the guys that had been there for a few drinks already, whooped and hollered loudly at this information. Dave and Mike just started laughing, finishing off their drinks.

"So, to start off the night right, we have a great returning amateur that prefers to be called... CANDY!" he announced.

Just as he finished yelling out her stripper name, a tall and very leggy red-head came sauntering from one of the stage entrances, walking through the glittery streamers as they spreading open. Candy did a lap around the stage, before spinning around and grabbing the pole. She began moving around it as the music started pumping loudly. The quality of the sound was average but sounded strained, like turning up the radio too loud in a car.

"This place is so classy," Dave said, chuckling.

"Yeah, and a returning amateur... isn't that the same thing as a normal stripper?" added Mike, also laughing.

The music seemed to get louder, and the bass-heavy sounds fit in with the place and her dancing. She was a sexy lady, but not slutty enough to be an employee. She appeared to have done this before, and both men were wondering if she practiced at home.

"I should see if Maggie wants a pole in our bedroom," joked Mike.

Dave immediately started laughing, and after catching his breath, "Yeah, I can just picture Theresa swinging around one in ours!"

"Hah, if we mentioned it to them, I'm sure your wife would kill you, just like mine would!"

Both men had a good laugh, enjoying spending time with one another again. They sat enjoying the rest of Candy's performance. She was at the edge of the stage, legs spread obscenely, displaying her splayed pussy lips for the table of men in front of her. There were a few bills on the stage, and she got onto her hands and knees. Using her hands on the sides of her generous tits, she picked the money up with her cleavage. The guys up front whooped at that!

As the music ended, she got up and sauntered back and off-stage. One of the lucky guys got up from the table and started heading to a side-door of the stage. The bouncer stood aside and opened the door for him.

"I wonder what that was all about?" asked Dave.

"I don't know, man, but I sure hope that dude was her husband. Did you see the size of that rock on her finger?"

"Oh shit! No, I didn't see that... Yeah, now I kinda hope it was her husband too," replied Dave.

"OKAY, GUYS!" interrupted the boisterous M.C. "It's time for our next performance. You guys are in for one HELLUVA good time. Tonight, for the first time ever... We have TWO best friends that wanna ROCK YOUR WORLD!"

The M.C. was still trying to whoop up the crowd, when basically everyone just wanted to see more naked flesh.

"At least he's trying, but I wish he'd just shut up," commented Mike. "I wonder who these 'Best Friends' are?"

Mike didn't have to wait long. As the glitter streamers split once again, the guy introduced the next two. "Give it up for, STAR and her girlfriend MONIQUE!"

Mike's jaw dropped, and Dave smiled so brightly that his cheeks would likely hurt for a month. Out of the curtain stepped two women that simply blew them both away. Mike's wife, Maggie, came out first. "Star" strutted out onto the stage in a nurse's uniform, only this version was never likely to be seen in any hospital or clinic. She was wearing long white stockings, with an almost non-existent gloss white mini-skirt covering the straps. Her generous tits were barely encased behind a white button-up shirt, complete with an older style nurse's hat on her head.

As Star moved across the stage, Dave's wife, Theresa, made her entrance. "Monique" was wearing a black leather costume, with pointed cat ears and a long black tail hanging behind her. She had a mask over her eyes, making the Catwoman look complete. She moved with feline grace, as she sashayed her way up behind Star. The creamy complexion of her skin, with the shiny black of the leather, made Dave nearly unload on himself while they watched. Mike was in a similar state, staring at the two scantily clad women on stage.

Monique rubbed her black leather encased body against the back of her friend, Star. Her hands moved up the white outfit, where her fingers ended their journey on the underside of the nurse's large mounds.

The bass really started thumping, and the crowd was whooping and hollering loudly, tossing money on the stage at the pair. Monique backed away from her friend, and Star turned to face the crowd. She bent over, allowing her impressive tits to bulge out of her top. Gloved hands reached around from behind Star, and finished unbuttoning the shirt that had been losing the battle to hold in those tits. As they sprang free, more money was held in the air, and the hollering continued.

Star walked to the front of the stage, got down on her hands and knees, and pushed her boobs into the face of the nearest guy. When she finished, she pulled back and had his twenty trapped in between her cleavage. She held the sides of her mammoth tits, and rubbed them as Monique grabbed the money from its hiding place.

Mike's wife pulled in closer to Dave's, and helped Monique remove her black leather top. Once her dark nipples were exposed, Star leaned over and flicked them with her tongue, one at a time. She stood back up, and pulled the open shirt off her shoulders. She tossed the nursing hat to the back of the stage, pulled a clip out of her blond hair, and spun her head from side-to-side. Her hair spilled free, blond locks bouncing as her head spun.

Just about then, the song switched to a slower R&B style song, one that is very common in a place like the Foxy Lady. The slow and driving beat was perfect for their show, and the two worked the stage as if they'd been doing it for years. Dave and Mike were astonished, and shared a look with each other before returning their stare to the stage.

Monique was on her knees, hands running up and down the thighs of the blond bombshell standing in front of her. Her hands moved behind Star, and in a deft move, released the clasp and pulled down on the flimsy white skirt around her waist. Monique's chocolate complexion contrast to the exposed skin of her friend, as the skirt fell to the stage. Star kicked it off to the side and out the way, as Monique slid backwards onto her back.

Star followed her down, now only wearing white lace panties and the see-through white stockings. As she moved down onto Monique, she held herself up on her arms, as her hips did an up and down humping motion, rotating them as she did. The bass thumping was nearly drowned out by one guy whooping at the display.

The blond slid lower down Monique's body, pausing near the exposed nipples again to worship them, this time she seemed to get lost in what she was doing. Monique pushed lightly on Star's head, reminding her what she was after.

Star resumed her trip south, as Monique began gyrating her hips upward into her friend. The blond made it to the black leather costume that was protecting Monique's charms, and smiled seductively at her as she wiggled a finger at her friend. They both smiled, as they knew what came next.

Mike watched in fascination as his wife pulled the bottoms off her dark-skinned friend, pulling them all the way off. He looked to his friend, and saw the same reaction on his face.

"Dude, I don't think I've ever been this turned on before," Mike commented, still staring at the scene playing out before them.

"I know. When my wife and I talked about this, I had no idea it would be this hot!" Dave replied.

"Wait, you knew?" Mike asked, now turning to Dave.

Dave smiled. "I knew they were coming here, but had no idea it would be like this. Honestly I wasn't even sure they would have the balls to go through with it. I thought they would come out, dance around in lingerie, and go back..."

Mike just shook his head and smiled in return. Both went back to watching the show, which was far more interesting than any conversation they could have, anyhow. They weren't disappointed with what they saw.

Star was now down to just her stockings, on her hands and knees, as her friend was behind her, grinding hips to hips. Her imitation of doggie-style fucking, had every guy in the place on their feet. Mike had never been so hard in his life, and felt his cock was stiff enough to hammer nails. Dave was in a similar condition, as they both watched and drooled.

As the song was nearing completion, Star flipped over and the two came closer on their knees, before lip-locking and groping each other's exposed tits. The kiss separated, as they each turned to face the crowd, blowing kisses at the guys still standing. There was a small pile of crumpled bills on the stage in front of them at that point.

As the song thundered to a stop, they both flopped back onto their backs. Star and Monique spread their legs, bent at the knees, and bared their shaved pussies to the crowd. That display was so raunchy, that Mike and Dave jumped up and hollered out louder than any other man in the seedy joint.

The amateurs stood, picked up the money and their discarded costumes, before sauntering out the way they had entered a brief seven minutes before. Mike and Dave both collapsed into their booth, drained just from watching that act on stage.

"Jesus, I almost had a heart attack! That was fucking HOT!" exclaimed Mike.

"I know, damn I can't wait to take her home!" Dave agreed.

They didn't say much after that, as they waited for their wives to emerge from the dressing room. The next amateur that was on stage didn't appeal that much to them, barely moving around the stage. This woman seemed to be much more reserved than the two that went before her. Still, exposed flesh was enough to have two guys up front holding up singles for her.

"Hey you Studs," said Star, as the pair approached the table.

"You boys want a private dance?" asked Monique, smiling brightly.

"Abso-fucking-lutely," responded an enthusiastic Mike.

Dave didn't even speak, just nodded his head violently. He pulled out his wallet, and tossed out several twenties onto the table, Mike following suit. The ladies both picked up the money, Monique sliding hers in between her leather encased tits, while Star grabbed hers and pushed it into her skirt covered lace panties.

They each held out a hand, and pulled the guys up from the booth. They led the men to the upper level, a raised area behind the booths they had just left. Each woman pushed their man into a private booth, with curtains that pulled close, to block out the view of the stage. At this point the song switched, and the bass began thumping again to a faster tune. In each room, things got hot very quickly.

Mike slouched back on the couch, as he watched his wife of ten years, dance in front of him. "Star" pulled the chair around, and sat down facing him, backwards in the chair. She ground her hips into the lower padding, rubbing her panty covered pussy all over the soft material. Mike groaned as he watched the lewd display. His wife rubbed her shirt, before unbuttoning and removing it very quickly, tossing it on her husband's face.

He was shocked, and shook his head to clear the shirt, and the fog from his brain. The shirt fell off to the floor, but the fog hadn't lifted yet. He saw her exposed tits, giggling as she gyrated on the chair still.

"Babe, I'm so hard, I could jump up and fuck you right here!" Mike exclaimed. "God, you are so hot!"

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