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The Question


It was a rainy night, and Sara was just walking home from work. She had worked as an ad executive and today, like any day, was exhausting. She had a headache, and was very tired. All she wanted to do was sit on the couch, drink wine and watch some Conan. She was so ready to go home to her little house. It wasn't much, but her and Lizzie made it there own. Lizzie was Sara's Girlfriend. They had met online and had been together for quite sometime. She and her had a spark, and that spark turned into a flame. Sara worked, and Lizzie was the stay at home type. Her job paid enough to support the both of them, but it was stressful. Having to hear loads of angry business men and women bickering about what was the best strategy and what popped and what consumers wanted and this and that and-- I think you get my point. Sara was just meters away from her house, she could see the soft lights from inside and wondered why they where on that low. Her thoughts where quickly shot down by the sound of rain almost falling. She quickly ran to her house and dug out her keys. She unlocked the door and went inside. When she went inside, she was greeted by the intoxicating smell of cinnamon bun candles. There where roses on the ground, and little candles guiding their way to hers and Lizzie's bedroom. She followed the roses, and what waited on the other side of them was a sight to behold. There was Lizzie, in a bathrobe, positioned on the bed, holding a wine glass and smiling.

"Hey there" Lizzie said, her words flowing like warm honey. "Didn't expect you to be home so soon."

Lizzie smiled, and Sara looked around, amazed and enchanted.

"Liz, whats going on?" She asked, knowing full well whats was about to happen. Liz chuckled.

"Don't play dumb with me" She said "I know you had a hard day at work, and was wondering if I could, ease any tensions" Liz stood up as she said this, and dropped her robe. She was stark naked. Her black hair went down to her shoulders, and touched her large breasts. They weren't the biggest, but they where a good size. Her slender body went down and met with her mound, shaven in a landing strip fashion, just for Sara. Sara smiles as Liz starts to take off her clothes. Once Liz was done, Sara was completely naked also. Sara's body was a bit more portly than Liz's, her blond hair just touching her shoulders and perky breasts. Her pudgy tummy lead down to her completely hairless cunt. Liz moved behind Sara, massaging her back. Her delicate fingers stroking Sara's sensitive back. Liz moved lower and lower until she reached Sara's tight ass. Sara let out a moan, the soft touch of Liz's fingers grazing her ass in a simple and loving delight. Liz smiled as she heard this, and gently bit Sara's ass. Sara jumped for a second, and then excepted her lovers touch, moaning and giving into the intoxicating lust that had over come her. Liz kissed Sara's ass lightly, massaging it and caressing it as if she where kneading dough. As Sara kept moaning, Liz smiled, stood up and whispered in Sara's ear.

"Get on the bed."

Sara did as her lover said, slowly crawling on the bed, her back laying on the red blankets, sweat glistening and dropping down her body. Liz admired her love and began to slowly crawl onto her, eyes filled with hunger and lust. She got on top of her love, looked her in the eyes, god those blue eyes drove her mad, and kissed her with the passion, delicacy and grace only comparable to a feather landing on a lake and floating on the water. Sara sunk into the kiss, closing her eyes in this, the most personal and loving of times in her life. She wished that this very kiss could last forever. Liz moved down to Sara's shaven pussy and started to caress the outer lips. Sara was already wet from Liz's teasing massage, but when she felt the touch of Liz on her pussy she let out a long, deep and loving moan. Liz was pleased that she could make her lover feel this good. She continued caressing and massaging her pussy until her she slipped two fingers in it, this caused her lover to squeal and yelp at the sensation this was giving her. Liz pumped her fingers in her lovers hot, moist snatch, bringing her on the edge more and more until she almost came. The moans and grunts of this action got the attention of Liz, as Sara made no attempt to hide her true feelings. Liz slowly and seductively put her hands on Sara's lips.

"Shhhh" Liz hushed her lover. "Not yet. I want you to enjoy this."

Liz pulled herself out of Sara and started to kiss down her thin, pretty neck. She went to Sara's exposed nipples and licked them, her tongue playing sweet melodies on her loves areola, making Sara scream with ecstasy. She then started to suck Sara's breast while massaging the other, ever so gently. As the nipple grew erect in her mouth, she lightly tugged on it with her teeth, Sara's mix of pain and pleasure was astounding. She always liked this level of abuse, and her sensitive breasts proved this. She moved down her lovers body, giving little kisses lower, and lower, and lower until she reached the Holiest of Holies. Her loves wet, pink, saturated pussy glistened and shined in her face. She smiled and looked up at Sara.

"Ya know" she said "You have a very gorgeous cunt."

Saying this made Sara blush. Liz loved this, seeing her so embarrassed, so unsure about what to say next. Liz smiled again and went back to work. Her light, elegant tongue danced around her lover, the stroked and laps on her pussy made Sara moan and clutch the bed frame. She looked down and breathed in sharply, smiling at her lovers pleasures. She looked up again and quivered with lust and pleasure. Liz kept this up until she lightly grazed Sara's clit. This sent Sara wild, as all this build up had meant something to her and her lover. She kept moaning, chiming in the ever so often "Yeah baby" and "Right there". She was on a razors edge, her face started to contort, and her legs began to convulse. Just at that moment, the moment where it would have been perfect, Liz stopped, looked into her lovers eyes and whispered.

"Not yet."

Liz and Sara, fully exposed, saw everything about each other. Nothing was hidden, and nothing should be. They where in love, and in a world of delight.

The room smelled of pussy and sweat, Liz looked at Sara and bit her lip. She put her pussy on top of Sara's, her wetness almost matching her own, as she started to gin on her. Sara gasped and looked up and Liz, their breasts on top of one another, bodies bucking back and forth. Liz grabbed her lovers hands and kissed her, doubling the passion and intensity of that of the earlier kiss. They moaned as their tongues gently wrestled in each others mouths, neither one wanting to lose the fight, but neither wanting to win either. The kept bucking back and forth, their clits rubbing on top of each other, their juices running down their legs and down the crack of Sara's ass. Just then, both of them started to feel it, the feeling of love, lust, joy, patience and ecstasy combined into one intense moment. Liz and Sara's lips unlocked as they began to cum. Their backs arched and their moans made no effort to hide the act that they where doing.

A full minute passed as the two women started to come down from their intense orgasm. Liz fell to the side of her bed and looked at Sara. The two felt an indescribable feeling when they looked at each other. One that surpasses lust and sex. Liz smiled as Sara smiled back. Liz sighed and got up. Sara looked confused as Liz went to her purse.

"Liz?" Sara asked "Lizzie, whats wrong?"

"Nothing Sara" Liz Began "Nothing at all. Sara, when I first met you, I knew that there was something between us that just clicked. I thought to myself 'Wow, I will never find another girl like this', and after living with you for this time, I can see that I was right. Sara, I want to spend every waking moment with you, every second of my days with you. You make me feel something that I haven't felt in a long time; Love."

Liz got down on one knee, and pulled out a little black box. Sara started to tear up and smile, knowing what was about to happen.

"Sara Sammy Johnson" Liz began, opening up the box, revealing a medium sized diamond ring, glistening in the light. "Will you marry me?"

Sara started to cry and smile. She lunged out at Liz and hugged her, whispering into her lovers ear.

"Yes. A million times yes."

Liz smiled, feeling the rush of love and excitement go through her like a cool rush of water. She patted Sara's back and closed her eyes, feeling true happiness for the first time.

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