tagBDSMThe Quiet One Ch. 01

The Quiet One Ch. 01


It was the longest Saturday of my life. I did things around the house but had no thoughts whatsoever but of Devon. I went to the store, the mall, just did anything to be doing something to pass time. I was a robot moving around with a blank stare. I kept asking myself questions about what to expect from tonight. To be honest I knew nothing of Devon outside of the office. She drove an average car and always dressed in business attire. I never saw her around other women at the office or other men for that matter. She just seemed to keep to herself. What was I getting into? Actually the thing that bothered me most was about the clothes. She wanted me to be casual and I didn't know what to make of that. Was she making me dinner? I just did not have a clue.

It came to 6:30 and I jumped into the shower and cleaned up. My member began to grow in my hand and I thought about making a sacrifice but decided to hold out and see what happened later that night. I dried off after the shower and put on a new pair of jeans and opted for a long-sleeve t-shirt.

I drove across town my hands shaking on the wheel. I pulled up in front of her house and sat there for a minute thinking. She had a nice little house on the corner with a large yard separating her from the neighbors. I looked to the windows of the house hoping (or perhaps not) to see if she was watching me, but all was dark. I opened the door and stepped out the car trying my best to stop the shakes and stride up to the door. I waited on the porch anxiously hobbling back and forth on my feet. I moved right in front of the door and held my breath and gave the door a big knock. The unlatched door slowly opened from the pressure of my knuckles onto a dark living room. Feeling like an idiot from a thousand different horror movies, I stuck my head in the door and said "Hello." Out of the darkness of a hallway taking long strides to me was Devon. She was unlike anything I have ever seen in the flesh. She was wearing a black latex halter which hugged her breasts against her body. Looking her over more I beheld her long shapely legs in black tight latex pants that went right into the tightest black spiked boots I had ever seen.

Devon grabbed my shirt and pulled me in the dark room. She slammed the door shut and put a finger to my lips. "Welcome to my house Dan. This is the only time I will let you talk. I have watched you for a long time and think I know your true nature better than even you do. I have within me just what you need to loosen up.

"Here is the deal, if you let me have you until tomorrow I can guarantee that when you leave this house you will be a changed man, a better and happier man. I will not hurt you with any lasting effects. I will give you confidence and let you move to a better phase of your life. So, tell me yes or no now, and with a yes I will not allow you to speak to me again or make any kind of noise unless I give you permission. However, if your answer is no you may leave this house now and go back to your quiet little life. So Danny boy, that is all I am going to tell you, which is it?"

I stared into her hard blue eyes the whole time she was speaking. A small grin never once left her lips. It was a serious grin full of knowledge and power. I don't even remember thinking about my answer but my lips worked of their own accord and shakily whispered "Yes."

With that she didn't say anything; she just kept on with that smile. Devon took my hand in hers and led me to a door in the hallway. She opened the door and I noticed the flickering light dancing on the walls within. There were stairs going down with candles lit along the railing attempting with much success to give the house a gothic feel. I followed her creaking body down the stairs. I felt like a sad puppy being pulled towards its kennel. We arrived at the bottom of the stairs and I looked around but it was too dark to notice anything for certain in the room. The many candles cast shadows creating crouching demons in every crack and crevice of the room. She pulled me to the left and told me to back against the wall and to spread my legs apart. I wanted to resist or at the least hesitate, but my feet slid apart as if grease had been put on their soles. She knelt in front of me and placed something around each ankle. Then she stood up took each hand and placed them near my head, each one she pushed into a slot giving off an audible click. I looked from side to side and could see my hands were inside some kind of padded wrist locks, all kinds of thoughts began to race through my head. What did she have planned for me? Was I safe down here with her? Is she one of those crazy people? What?

Suddenly as if answer to my question if felt cold metal against my stomach. I looked down feeling quite alarmed to see Devon starting to cut my pants with a pair of long scissors. "Relax, lover" she snapped at me. I noticed she didn't even stop cutting while she glanced up at me. Devon cut down one leg, then the other and stripped my pants and boxers from my body. My first thought was to feel shy and want to shrink into the wall, but the feeling left me quickly She then cut my shirt and removed it. It was cool in the room and I felt my sack come close to my body trying to keep my seed warm within. My member however, seemed to be connected to its own body as I felt it grow outward in its new free space.

"Mmmm, much better I think, and your body is just as good as my undressing eyes have imagined time and time again.," she said as she backed away looking me up and down.

"I guess," I replied, but no sooner had I spoken and she had turned around and grabbed what looked like a leather strap from a table and dragged it roughly across my chest and then brought it down in a held back snap.

"I told you no talking to your mistress unless I approve it" she commanded of me. Her eyes blazed at me as she coiled the end of the whip she held.

I was stunned, never had I been struck in my life. The memory of the strike was throbbing on my chest and I could already feel the skin rising in what I was sure was going to be a giant welt. I looked up at her and she was glaring at me. She turned away from me and headed up the stairs. She was leaving me, I thought. Just to verify my thoughts she looked over her shoulder and said, "Now you have forced me to leave you hanging here for awhile, I'll be back down when I feel you will no longer disobey me."

With that she trudged up the stairs leaving me only with the tap of her heals on the stairs.


I stood there unbelieving, shackled like a convict; this is what I had been waiting for all day? I ran this question in my head over and over for what seemed like an eternity. Just as time ticked by and I started to get worried and cry out, I heard the click of her boots coming down the stairs again. She rounded the corner and looked me over. "You are ready to be good now," she said lovingly to me. It was not a question so I did not answer her. She walked over to me and began to pace back and forth in front of me. It was as if she was thinking what to do with me, but I had the feeling it was a game and she knew exactly what she was to do next.

She stopped right in front of me looked me in the eyes and began to tap a coiled whip against my chest. I could hear the leather coils creaking in her grip as she bounced it off my sternum. Quite unexpectedly she dropped to her knees and grabbed the base of my member with her free hand. "Hmmm," she said, "Let's begin with this, must learn what I am dealing with."

I looked down at her and she already had the head of my penis in her mouth. I sucked in a large breath as her very warm lips wrapped around my swelling mushroom head. Her tongue was flicking the tip of my penis with lightening speed as she began to give me suction. I was becoming fully erect at an amazing pace as her mouth worked on the head. Her hand began to squeeze at the base with more pressure and I could feel the circulation being stopped. Then two things happened, first she let go of my penis with her hand and took the whole thing in her mouth with one gulp. At the same time, she reared back her hand and struck the side of my ass with the coiled whip with a muffled whap. She then bobbed out to the head and then back down again, and again the whip came. I didn't know whether to cry out in pleasure or pain. She continued on pulling her head out, then taking me in and hitting me with the whip.

I wanted to feel angry, violated or something like that, but my body had other ideas. I could feel the head of my member swelling and I was sure it wasn't completely from just the sucking. The pulsing of my member was corresponding with the thumping on my ass. I knew that no matter how surprised or shocked I was by this that I was going to cum like a faucet if she continued. She must have sensed my readiness because she stopped bobbing out and took me back full in her mouth and began to hit me with the coils repeatedly.

"Whap, whap, whap," filled the basement with echoes. I could feel her tongue working under my penis giving me a sensation of tingles climbing to my wounded ass. My already clenched ass suddenly pulled itself tighter as I began to unload straight into Devon's mouth. As I was came harder than I ever remember doing, she pulled her head back, held back a swallow and presented her tongue for more of my deposit. She reached up her hand and began to pump, no that's not right, she milked my penis for what was left. She pulled and squeezed easing down milky white drops of my fluid onto the tip of her extended tongue.

Spent and growing sensitive I was released. She stood up, leaving her mouth open so I could see my juice sitting on her tongue. She reached up a hand to her halter and released the hooks. Her breasts popped free, they were milky white orbs, a perfect C in size. The nipples were pink/brown that were grippingly getting harder before my eyes. She pointed at me with one finger, touched the tip of my nose then took her finger and dipped it into her punch bowl of a tongue. I saw the semen begin to drip down her finger and she lowered her hand to her newly exposed breasts. The finger hooked and I was bewildered as she began to coat her nipple with my natural lotion. She put her head back as if this were giving its own invisible pleasure. She returned her finger to her mouth and proceeded to go through the ritual again for the second breast.

Dropping her hands she then made a dramatic swallow as she once again held me in her gaze. I could see the glistening moisture still on her lips. She then pulled my face close to hers and kissed me on the lips with a light tap. First I wanted to be repulsed, I would have to taste my own excretions, and the thought had always repulsed me. Then I licked my lips on instinct and tasted the sweet/salty taste that makes some women cringe and others beg for more. She smiled approvingly at me and brought her lips up to mine and parted my lips with her tongue and forced it into my mouth. Surprising me again I found that she had not swallowed the load she had no her tongue as she pushed it from her tongue to mine. She began to flick my tongue like a school girl making out for the first time. I found that with her frenching me I had no choice but to swallow the gift she was giving. She heard me swallow and pulled herself away, but only for effect. She was almost giggling at me, "I knew you would like it Dan," she touted at me.

"I usually would not allow you to ever get off without me getting off many times first. You should always earn your orgasm when you are with me, but this was a test to see what you could handle. We are just beginning your lessons Dan, but now I am need of some dire relief. I think that it's time for you to begin to give me things I desire"

With that she took a step towards me and lifted her breast up in front of my lips and my mouth unconsciously opened.

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