tagFetishThe Rabbit Hole Ch. 03

The Rabbit Hole Ch. 03


Thanks to Starbug17 for proofreading and support.


The weeks following lunch between Jack, Mike and Alice went quickly in some respects but took forever in others.

Alice was excited to be a trainee sub for Jack. Her sex drive had gone through the roof in the week after lunch. Mike was half relieved when he was asked to show Alice a text that Jack had sent him.

Hi Mike, can I ask you to do a couple of things for me please. First, please don't fuck Alice, no matter how much she encourages you. Second, can you please ensure she doesn't satisfy herself until I'm present. Third, can you please take a video of you shaving Alice's pussy, legs and arm pits and send it to me by email. Finally, can you please show Alice this text.

Alice looked at the text, up at Mike, then back at the text. "Well that's exciting! Let's go to the bedroom then and make love one last time before Jack comes" suggested Alice.

"I don't think so" said Mike. Jack had been quite clear in his instruction and he certainly wasn't going to let Alice get off on the wrong foot. Alice pouted.

It was late in the day and Mike suggested that they meet Jack's third request in better light tomorrow. Alice agreed. Mike had never shaved her before, so Alice was a little nervous about how that would go. He did wet shave himself though, so he did have practice with a razorblade.

Having had a long day, the two of them headed for bed about nine. Having the night off was somewhat of a relief. Alice stretched out her leg across the bed while Mike was reading. She told Mike "I want you." "

Yes, you do" said Mike with a smile. "You're not allowed me and don't even think about fingering that wet pussy of yours. That pussy doesn't belong to you anymore". They both snuggled and fell asleep.

The morning was slightly overcast but still warm. Mike thought this was perfect pussy shaving weather.

After their morning chores, Mike gathered his video camera and tripod. He'd come up with a plan to spice up the video for Jack.

It was late morning when Alice looked at Mike. "I'm ready for my close-up Mr DeMille," she said in a sultry movie star voice.

Mike laughed as he unclipped the two basket chairs opposite the kitchen. Alice's curiosity was piqued. What was he up to? Mike then attached a short steel bar with a carabiner at each end, to one of the chains hanging from the ceiling. He then took Alice's wrists and firmly strapped their wrist restraints on her. First the velcro and then the buckles. He guided Alice to the carabiners and attached a wrist to each. The way it had been set up allowed Alice to turn in any direction Mike wanted.

They'd never done this before but clearly Mike had been thinking about it. Alice suspected this is what Mike had been making in the workshop earlier in the week. Alice now stood in the family room like the Vitruvian woman, arms stretched out and on display. She was able to keep her ankles together but knew this wouldn't last as Mike prepared to shave her for the camera; for her Master.

With the relevant implements assembled, bowl of warm water, flannel, towel, shaving soap and brush, moisturiser, and lastly his 6-blade razor, Mike set the camera rolling. He turned her to the light and provided Jack with a walk around of Alice. Zooming in on her feet, working his way up her legs, zooming out slightly to capture the mound of her pussy and the curve of her hips. Alice parted her feet allowing her Master to see the lips of her pussy, swollen and obvious. Mike panned up to the curve of her breast, across her nipple up her to armpit where he zoomed out. Capturing her face, he noticed that Alice was standing there with her eyes closed. No doubt wondering what her Master would think. Mike now zoomed out, allowing Jack to see the full scene. His wife standing naked on the polished concrete floor of the family room, wrists restrained above her head, feet apart and ready for shaving.

Setting the camera on the tripod, which was positioned so the light was best, Mike stepped into the frame. Today he was wearing clothes, so the focus of the shoot would be on Alice. He lathered up his bowl of Lamberts Luscious shaving soap, an aroma he was familiar with and enjoyed. With a good coating now on the brush, he gently stroked it across Alice's armpit. She squirmed and giggled, it tickled. Mike continued. Although Alice wasn't particularly hairy in her armpits, it was time for a shave. Mike swirled the brush with more emphasis now on getting the job done, rather than teasing his wife. He easily cleaned the area with each stroke of the blade and within no time had completed her armpits. Alice, who had been a little nervous about how this would go was now far more relaxed and thinking about Jack watching the video. Alice was now confident in Mike's ability to share her pussy.

With her armpits now wiped clean and dried, Mike applied some aloe vera moisturiser, massaging from her elbows to the sides of her breasts. He moved to her legs and lathered and shaved each in turn. Smooth upward strokes from her ankle to her knee; shin to calf. Mike liked the curve of Alice's calf muscles, no cankles here. As Mike applied his skill to shaving her legs, Alice felt the warmth rise from her ankles to her knees. It didn't stop there and the tingling in her pussy was clearly the result of Mike's confident control of her shaving and the fact that she had no control and was being filmed for her Master to view. She suddenly wondered if Jack would be the only person to see the finished product. Would he show it to Lisa or her lovers? The possibility had her concerned at first but then she easily resigned herself to the fact that her Master would decide what was best for her. She trusted him.

Alice came back to reality as the warm flannel was held against her mound. Softening up the small triangle of hair, she was now ready for her finale. Mike parted Alice's legs further as he kneeled on the floor in front of her. He swirled the boar's hair brush across her mound. Her clit and labia were smooth and clean from her own careful attention, but she was to be shaved clean at her Master's request.

Mike stroked the blades of the razor from her navel to her clit, rinsing the blade after each stroke. Half a dozen strokes and she was smooth. Mike ran his fingertips across the mound and followed with a few additional strokes to ensure she was in fact perfectly smooth. Mike now stood behind Alice as he wiped her down with the warm flannel. He tossed it to the floor and then stroked his fingers lightly either side of her swollen labia. Alice took a sharp breath as Mike got oh so close to her clit. He repeated the tease over and over, Alice tilting her hips to try and get Mike to touch her clit. She wasn't successful.

Mike now lowered the bar she was restrained to. Alice hadn't noticed that there was the ability to raise or lower the bar, but with the bar now at waist height, Mike turn Alice so that her butt was in view of the camera. Mike placed his hand on the centre of her back and instructed her to lean forward. Tilted at the waist, legs apart it was obvious that her curvy rear-end was on display for the camera. Mike collected the flannel, rinsed it in the bowl of warm water and placed it between Alice's cheeks. The sensation of warmth on her butt went straight to her clit. As Mike removed the flannel, the moistness of Alice's pussy was obvious. He positioned her square on to the camera, and easily inserted two fingers into her cunt. Alice let out a guttural moan. This is what she was wanting. Mike could feel the swollen texture of her g-spot and stroked across it firmly, quickly, half a dozen times. He could feel the cavity of her cunt grow and at that point, stopped. Fingers deep inside, he waited. Slowly withdrawing his fingers, strings of Alice's juices glinted in the light holding the connection between pussy and fingers. Alice wanted more, but that wasn't to be. She moaned but resigned to the frustration.

Mike now lathered the brush. Alice wasn't expecting this. Jack had texted Mike with some additional requests but had asked that Alice not be told. Swirling the brush over her soft butt sent a different sensation to Alice's pussy. Mike watched as the muscles contracted and then relaxed as he applied the shave soap between her cheeks. Holding her cheeks apart, Mike skilfully applied the blade to her butt. Care was taken to ensure that every last vestige of hair had been removed from her pussy and from around her arsehole. Now wiped down and moisturised, she was smooth and clean. Mike collected the camera from the tripod and provided Jack with a close up. In the process, Mike once again demonstrated for Jack how wet she was. Drawing strands of pussy juice from Alice's cunt, Mike captured it all on camera and then licked his fingers clean.

Mike now stood and moistened his thumb with his own saliva and placed it over Alice's soft arsehole. He felt her contract and relax. He teased and kept his distances as she tried to push back onto his thumb. After several minutes of cat and mouse, Mike allowed his thumb to penetrate the muscular ring of her arsehole. With ease, he was knuckle deep. The position allowed him to reach her clit with his fingers and he gently stroked her clit as he worked her butt. Finally, he reached round and tugged on her nipple, pulling it toward the floor, stretching her tit. Alice loved this sensation and was getting truly close to cumming. Mike could tell that Alice was getting close. As requested, he took her to the brink and then stopped suddenly. Alice's frustration was evident, and Mike realised that he was getting a thrill from this pleasurable torture of his wife.

Finally, Mike adjusted the bar so that Alice's was once again upright with her arms above her head. Mike turned off the camera and cleaned up. Alice was left there, hanging naked; shaved; highly aroused, and totally frustrated.

After about half an hour, Mike returned to the family room. Alice had come down from the edging Mike had given her and was ready to be released. What was building now wasn't the need for sexual release, but a desperate need to pee.

"Sweetheart, I need to pee" Alice pleaded with Mike as he padded around in the kitchen. The pleas grew more insistent over the next thirty minutes to the point where Mike could tell, she wouldn't hold on much longer. Mike picked up the camera and started filming again.

"Oh my God, is that what you want? You want me to pee myself in front of the camera?" Alice was a little shocked. She hadn't been expecting this. She wasn't totally opposed as she and Mike had played these games in the shower. She'd never done it like this before and certainly never on camera.

"You men make me so fucking horny! I feel like a proper slut and now you want to watch me pee."

"I can't hold it any more you know" and with that Mike heard a familiar sound as Alice started to relieve herself. He zoomed in as the stream of warm piss poured from her to the concrete floor. A small stream ran down her leg. The photographer's eye enjoyed the play of shiny liquid running down her tanned thigh. Mike hadn't realised just how turned on he would become at the sight of his freshly shaved wife, restrained and peeing herself in the middle of their family room. He noticed the puddle forming at her feet and the relieved look on her face.

Eventually she was done. Mike threw a towel onto the floor and used a second to wipe her dry. He turned off the camera and lowered the bar. Now unrestrained, Alice threw her arms around him and gave Mike a big kiss. "Thank you, my darling husband." Mike suggested she had a quick shower while he cleaned up.

When she returned, Alice had thrown on a white sun frock that set off her tan nicely. She looked fresh and clean. Mike had mopped up and the washing was on. He'd pulled together ingredients for lunch on the terrace.

Jack's influence was starting to take hold. Mike too was looking forward to training week and assisting Jack where he could.

Alice wondered what her next pre-training assignment might be. This had been a pretty intense start. At this rate, when relief was finally provided to her, Alice thought she'd explode. She was so turned on and feeling incredibly sexy.

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