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The Rain Pixie


This story is dedicated to all of those who suffer some form of: chronic pain, chronic illness, and/or fatigue. Those who suffer adversity or health issues and who live every day just to have to get through each day. It can be a long, bitter (at times, seemingly losing) battle. But if you have love in your life and someone supportive at your side, it is WORTH it. You deserve love, as everyone does. You just need to find that someone who believes in you and who has the patience to share your burden.

Thank you Darkniciad, for explaining how to edit a story on here.


She was sitting on the couch watching her soap operas, missing him. The apartment was empty without him. She was thinking of his beautiful body, his boyish dimples, yet manly physique. His striking sapphire eyes that made her melt. Tears streamed down her eyes as she watched the actors play out the romantic scene. She didn't hear the door. He walked into the room, startling her. "Ahh." She screamed. "Oh geez, you scared me! I thought you were going to be late today."

She quickly brushed away the tears so he didn't see her silliness. His skin had a sheen of rainfall on it and he looked sexy, his blonde hair slicked back. He bent down and placed a kiss upon her forehead. She reached up and placed her arms around his neck, drawing him closer. "I missed you!" He chuckled a bit.

"I've only been gone a few hours, sweetie." She nodded and smiled.

"I know, but being stuck at home is lonesome and boring. I hate this. And when will this rain leave?" She complained. "I love you." She kissed his lips.

"I love you too. I know you hate it, so do I. I don't know when it is supposed to stop raining. Is there anything I can do that would help?" A look of concern on his face.

"Just hold me and don't ever let me go." He reached his hand around her waist, guiding her to the couch, and pulling her into his arms.

"You've been crying, haven't you?" He took note of her puffy eyes. She shook her head no. "You have, I can tell. What's got you so upset." Then he spotted the TV and found the culprit. "You have! What happened this time? Who died? Who got amnesia? Who had a baby?" He laughed good naturedly.

"No one." She stuck her tongue out at him, playfully. "There was just a very romantic scene, that's all." She sighed quietly, almost inaudibly. But it didn't slip past him.

"That's not the only thing you were upset about, is it?" She snuggled up to him, closing her eyes, listening to the rain's torment pounding against the house.

"Baby, talk to me. Please" His eyes pleaded with her, but she wasn't looking at him. She felt as though she'd start crying again. He placed a gentle hand under her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. Her green eyes glistened with a build-up of tears. He leaned over and kissed her eyelids, the salty taste lingering on his lips, waiting patiently as she gathered her thoughts.

"I - It's just that - Oh God, help me." He pushed a few wisps of strawberry blonde hair away from her sweaty face. She sighed, wanting to run out into the downpour and lose herself in the flood and her tears. She took a deep breath and started in.

"Well you must be getting tired of this. I know I am." She said softly. "How can you stand me? How can you just quietly stand by and watch me?" Don't you ever want to go on a date? Don't you ever want to stay out all night long dancing and partying, having fun?" She looked so fragile at that moment.

"The thought has crossed my mind. But I don't care about any of that. It all amounts to nothing if you aren't enjoying those things with me. When will you believe me? I'm perfectly content just holding you in my arms. I understand and I love you. You've given me plenty of opportunities to bolt, but have I? NO, I'm still here and I always will be, unless of course you are trying to get rid of me." He added, as he saw her lip tremble.

"No that's not it at all! I love you so much. I could never wish for you to go away. It's just, sometimes think you'd be better off without me." He watched as she rambled on, half-listening. The rest of his concentration lay on those soft lips, trembling with frustration and tears. "...less stress, less headaches, more fun, more experiences." He only heard snippets of her words. "...um more energetic women who could satisfy your needs better than I." It only took him a moment to formulate a plan. But, first he had to get her to calm down. He knew one sure way to shut her up.

He caught her lips gently in his teeth, tugging at them. She whimpered, parting her lips further for him, as his tongue snaked in to explore her mouth. She let the tip of her tongue graze his lips. Neither noticed the rain as it poured through the screen. His kiss no longer searching, demanded more. She yielded, slipping her tongue in and swirling it around his. She ran her fingers through his soft honey hued hair. His lips found her earlobe and gently nibbled at it. Chills ran through her and she let out a little sigh. "Does this look like someone wanting to bolt out the door?" She shook her head in reply as he gently eased her back on the couch, his intention clear. He followed down resting his length against her body. She pressed up against him, never able to feel close enough to him.

The rain slowed down to a soft pitter-patter rhythm. He gazed lovingly down at her, noticing the wet spots on her skin. Reluctantly, he pulled away from her. She felt the void and reached out for him. When she was rewarded with a furry coat, she opened her eyes. Their kitten was contentedly enjoying the attention. He was looking out the window; she pulled herself up and off the couch and walked over to him, putting her arms around his waist.

"The sun is beginning to peak through, maybe the rain will stop soon." He turned around, taking her hand in his, placing a soft kiss on it.

"It's a sun shower, my love. Do you know what that means?" She watched him curiously and nodded hesitantly.

"A rainbow, but with my luck." Her words were lost and forgotten as he swooped her up into his arms. "Put me down!" She kicked and waved her hands around. "This isn't funny. It's raining, and I'm going to..."


'Melt? Unless you are hiding the secret that you're a wicked witch, I think you have nothing to fear. I used to be the one that hated the rain. Do you remember?' He chuckled at her, his laughter was contagious and she joined in.

'I suppose you're right.' She snuggled against him, as he opened the screen door stepping out into the shower. 'But what if you drop me?'

'Don't you ever just enjoy yourself?' The question caught her off guard. She was about to answer when he placed his finger upon her lips silencing her. 'I mean, that's what attracted me to you in the first place: that inner-child, wide-eyed wonderment, enjoying everything life had to offer. You had that twinkle in your eye, something I thought no one or nothing could ever destroy. Something I strived all my life to find. And with you, for awhile I found it.'

He gazed intently into her emerald eyes, the rain mingled with her tears. She looked as she did the first day he laid eyes on her. She was sopping wet from the rainstorm, giggling like a child. She was in the middle of the street spinning and dancing, whirling and twirling. Not a care in the world, her face was turned up to the rain and she was catching it on her tongue, singing a silly song.

He set her on the ground, she looked lost and hurt. "What happened to that woman? Where did she go? What happened to the rain-dancing pixie I fell in love with? I hated the rain. Do you remember that day we met? I thought you were a lunatic or just plain weird dancing in a rainstorm. I laughed and you turned your head with the brightest smile and sparkling foresty eyes, like some innocent, but impish creature from a children's fairytale.

"What's wrong, never seen someone enjoy the rain before?" You asked and I shook my head.

"It's WET!" I complained

"Yes, it is water; tends to be wet." You giggled.

"And dark and dreary." I replied

"Eh, only if you let it. All of the world needs water to survive. Do you think we get rainbows from just the sun? How would you ever be able to enjoy the sun shining, were it to never rain? How would you know to enjoy anything in life without the other side, the darker more mysterious?" You had made your point, beautifully.

Then you reached out your hand, taking mine in yours and told me to spin. Reluctantly, I did.
The rest, you know, is history. I do believe that under this facade of negativity and fear that spunky, free-spirited pixie is just waiting to dance once again. She wants to play: I can see her in your eyes. Why won't you let her out to play? What is it you are so afraid of?"

She stood a moment, frozen in time, looking back on that day. She turned, her back facing him. Her shoulders moved up and down with her silent sobs. He waited, wanting to give her time, not wanting to push anymore. He was right, she had changed and it wasn't for the better. She hated herself, well her body and the torment it caused her. She heard him shift and turned around; he was out the door, his hands up to the sky. He looked like some kind of Greek God. His eyes beckoned her. She sighed and followed him outside.

"That pixie has lost her way, she's hiding. She's afraid that the monster will get her too and she won't be able to escape its grasp." He listened as he walked up to stand in front of her. Taking her hand in his, he gently made her spin. "She's not the only one afraid. I am too. You don't realize how much I wish I could still enjoy life as I used to. But it's just not possible, not anymore. I've forgotten how to dream." She confessed softly, on a strangled sob. His arms came around her and she rested her head on his shoulder.

"Forgotten isn't the right word, milady. Losing the vision to dream is more like it." She opened her mouth to protest and his lips whispered across hers. "Let me take you on a journey through your dreams, fulfill those hidden fantasies, stroke your desire, spark that fire." He whispered hot breath in her ear. "Together we will remember the dream, together we will set the pixie free. Together we will fight the dragons and monsters."

He placed his hands firmly on her shoulders, meeting her gaze, in a serious tone, "I'm not trying to fix you. We know I can't. I am not trying to make you smile, because you need to cry and that's fine with me. But if you will not allow me to help you, then I am the one lost." With that said, he reached for her hand again. "Give me this one chance, please." He left a gentle kiss on her hand, leading her out into the open. The rain cascaded in rivulets down her body, causing her to sparkle. She nodded in answer. His eyes twinkled as he pulled her body against his. She sighed. Their lips melted against each others, as did their bodies; awakening the passion that had been building up.


Their eyes locked and bodies begged for each others'. His desire straining against his jeans, her passion moist, and not from the rain. Her hands stroked his shoulders and muscled chest. They lost they're footing, tumbling onto the wet grass with child-like giggles. His back hit the ground, she tumbled on top, cushioned by his secure body.

"Are you comfortable enough, or is this too painful?" he questioned, concern edging his voice.

"I could never be uncomfortable in your arms, my love." She whispered.

Soft against hard; pale, light skin against dark, bronzed; an innocent enchantress with a hint of wanton. She kissed along his jaw line, and down his neck, unbuttoning his shirt quickly. Soft fluttery kisses rained down on his sculptured body. He caught her arms in his, gently rolling her over, resting on top of her. Hands cradled her head, caressing rain-washed tendrils away from her face. His mouth found one of her favorite places and nibbled on her perfect earlobe. Her skin prickled up predictably and one of her favorite smiles of his snuck out; that of the unpredictable and seductive rogue.

Her nipples were taut and hard against the wet material of her sweatshirt. She was bra-less and his hands removed the barrier of her shirt and tossed it to the fierce wind. Lips followed along her collarbone, down her chest, circling and teasing her pert, ivory breasts. The raindrops, like wet kisses aroused and peaked them further. Aching for the warmth of his mouth, she arched her back, until he suckled on a nipple. His other hand moved to her other breast, massaging it. His tongue flicked and licked around and in between, paying worship to the other peak.

She whimpered, giving herself over to the feelings, her head rolling back. His hands roamed down to her sweatpants, peeling them off her, tickling her toes. She laughed reaching for him, helping him with the button to his jeans. He struggled out of them and she nodded in recognition at his erection. The rain beat down on it, the sensations causing it to grow even more.

His hands rested on the triangle of red ringlets at the apex of her thighs, stroking them, before slipping his finger into her. She sucked in a breath. He moved down her body, pressing his nose against the last barrier to her sweetness, tugging the panties away. He kissed her inner thighs, running his tongue along her nether-lips, and up and down her slit. Her legs involuntarily encouraged, pulling his head closer. The heart of her passion pounding. His tongue opened the silken folds of her sweet flower. The nectar flowed out like a river, he obligingly and hungrily drank in her essence.

On a breathless moan she reached down, pulling his head away. "Make love to me." she cried out. With those words and a passionate kiss, he gently entered her. His gaze moved to hers in question and concern. She nodded urging him onward. Her body gripped him, as he sheathed himself in her soft warmth. Bodies rocked, sweating, panting, moaning. Seeming to transcend time and space, in the eternal rhythm and song of love.

Lightning streaked the sky. As screams of ecstasy mingled with the pouring rain, thunder rumbled in the distance. The only rumble she heard was the deep rumble of satiation that grew from her love and the rumble of her own passion. Souls entwined and traveled beyond the stars into heaven. Hearts pounded as one. Lovers entwined, lulled by a drizzling melody. Sunshine peeked through the clouds, a brilliant rainbow arching against the hazy sky.

"I love you my angel-faced pixie." He whispered.

"And I love you my patient, gentle rogue." A lazy smile graced his face and pixie-grins played on contented, faerie-esque beauty.

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