tagErotic HorrorThe Rainbow Tree Haunted House

The Rainbow Tree Haunted House


It was just another average Halloween night. We started our drive from San Diego to our friend's party in Palm Springs. We had left early to avoid rush hour and the crazies. Not that we didn't look crazy ourselves in our costumes: Pete was dressed as a surgeon, covered in fake blood, and I had decided to be brave and deck myself out in a naughty nurse costume.

From the time Pete and I had gotten on the highway, he noticed a white truck had been behind us. As the sun began to set, I could see how worried Pete was becoming -- lane change after lane change and the truck stayed right with us. We were just nearing Fallbrook when Pete decided to take the next exit and the truck followed.

We drove about a block and pulled over to the side of the road. The white truck zoomed past us. After that, we figured it was just coincidence so we got back on the road and continued on the Historic Highway instead. Just a little further up, we saw a sign for a Haunted House at the Rainbow Tree Restaurant. Since we were hungry, we decided to pull in.

"Pete, it looks like they might be closed. There are no cars in the parking lot. Maybe we should just go."

"The open sign is on and so are all the lights."

Pete nodded at the huge sign for the Haunted House.

"What do you think, Darby? Wanna go get scared?"

"Sure." Did I want to go get scared? I was scared already, and I was regretting my choice of costume, knowing that people would see me wearing it.

"Okay." Pete agreed. "Let's grab something to eat and then we'll go check out the Haunted House on our way out."

When we opened the door the restaurant was full, and it seemed like all conversation stopped for a full minute as everyone turned to look at us. I wondered how everyone had gotten there, since it was obvious they had not driven. The other diners were all in their Halloween costumes, and it looked like they had dressed according to a theme. I would have called it "Witches and Warlocks through History." Well, mostly witches, as there seemed to be more women than men in the room. There was everything from Glinda the Good Witch to extremely scary looking, black-robed people with blades and scythes and other weapons that looked way too real. I looked up at Pete, but he just shrugged and turned to the hostess and asked:

"How long is the wait?"

"We're ready for you now." The hostess told us, and led us to a table in the dead center of the room.

I felt awkward, and more than a little scared in the crowd. They had resumed talking, but it was clear they were still watching us.

Pete leaned over to me and said, "Relax, Darby. It's Halloween -- they're supposed to look scary. Look at me: I'm not scared. If I get scared, it's time for you to get scared."

I was only somewhat reassured by this, as Pete was pretty much fearless. But, he was cautious. He looked over the menu to decide what he wanted to eat. He chuckled as he pointed out that the menu was a special one for the holiday: all the menu items were made to sound like B horror flick items.

"What do you say, Darby? Should we have the 'stake to die for' for two?"

"I guess so." I tried to laugh with him, but the hair on the back of my neck was already standing up.

The waitress came to our table to take our order. Pete ordered for both of us, but asked for the steak to be cooked medium.

"The steak only comes dripping with blood. That's how it will be served to you." She replied, and then walked away.

"They are really into this stuff here," Pete said. "It's like we stepped into a play."

Instead of calming me, these words had the opposite effect. My anxiety increased and it felt like everyone in the room could hear my heart thumping faster. The food arrived, and sure enough it was bloody.

Pete was undeterred, and ate the steak anyway. I picked at the "eye of newt" salad, and just drank my water. The steak was beyond disgusting: it looked like flesh torn from a corpse, or...well, I didn't know what, but it looked really awful. I didn't know how Pete could stand it.

When he finally finished, he left money on the table and we got up. On our way out, Pete asked the hostess:

"Is there a charge for the Haunted House?"

"Oh, no." she replied. "Be our guest."

When we got outside, I pulled on Pete's arm.

"Let's not do this, Pete. Let's just go to the party. I don't want to be here, I'm really scared."

"Oh, c'mon! Where's your sense of adventure?"

Pete pulled me along towards the Haunted House. I didn't have a sense of adventure, I wanted to say, but by then we were already inside.

It was so dark, despite the dim lighting, that I couldn't see my hand in front of my face. There were eerie sounds -- like small creatures scurrying in the walls, the building groaning, distant screams. I swore I could smell something smoky in the air, and as we walked forward I thought I heard someone laughing under their breath.

We came around the next corner, and it was entirely pitch black. Pete grabbed me from behind and I gave a quick scream.

"Shhhh! Nobody's in here but us, Darby." He said. He pulled me up against him and ground his pelvis against me. I could feel his hardness pressing into my ass.

"Pete!" I gasped. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, come on, Darby! I know you keep saying you don't believe in sex before marriage, but aren't you even a little tempted?" When I didn't reply immediately, he grabbed my hand and put it down his pants and rubbed it over his cock. "My dick is hard for you now. Don't you want to have a little fun?"

I tried to pull my hand back, but Pete held it while he pulled his dick out and wrapped his hand over mine. He started stroking my hand up and down his shaft while we stood there in the dark. It might have been alright, except for the fact that it felt like the walls were watching us. I still couldn't see a thing, but I thought I could hear someone -- other than Pete -- breathing heavily, very close by.

"Pete! Did you hear that?" I whispered.

"No. Don't stop." He moaned. He started moving my hand faster, and his dick started throbbing. I felt him start to come, in my hand and then on my thigh. I wished this could have happened some other way, maybe when I wasn't scared to death.

"Pete! You came all over my leg! We have to clean up." I said.

"I'll go get something," he said. "Stay right here. I'll be back in a second."

"No! Don't leave me here!" But he was already gone.

As soon as Pete left, even the dim light that had been in the first room went out. After just a minute of silence, I heard footsteps coming towards me.

"Pete? Is that you?"

Then I realized I was hearing more than one set of feet, and they were coming from all directions. It sounded like an army. The footsteps stopped, and the air grew thicker and heavier. I felt like I could hardly get a breath.

"Pete?" I whimpered.

"Not Pete." A woman's voice answered me. She sounded like she was practically on top of me.

"Oh!" I jumped, and bumped into something. Or someone. "I -- I'm sorry! If you could just show me the way ou-" a hand covered my mouth.

The hand that covered my mouth was no longer the only hand I could feel. Dozens of hands ran over my body, someone cleaned my leg up, and then hands were under the skirt of my costume removing my panties. Someone's face pressed into my pussy, and breathed in like an animal, trying to get my scent. I thought I heard somebody say, "this is the one," but the words made no sense to me. I shook my head and mumbled against the hand, but I was lifted up off the floor and carried out of the room, almost like I was floating.

We headed towards a flickering light, and I was carried into a room filled with black candles and heavy smoke in the air. The room was uncomfortably hot, and I could see a female-looking figure sitting at the top of the room in a large, carved chair. I was laid down on a large, cement table at her feet, close to the ground, and then all those hands started stripping my clothing off my body. I was terrified and tried to fight them, but in the blink of an eye they were tying my wrists and ankles down to the table. I was completely trapped, naked, and spread eagle at this strange woman's feet.

One of the women who had tied me down spoke, "Here you are, Crone. As promised."

The figure rose from her chair, and descended towards me. I could feel sweat sheening my skin as I realized she was completely naked. She knelt by my feet and took her hands and rubbed them up along my legs, from my ankles to the tops of my thighs, where she stopped. I noticed she had a large, ornate moonstone ring on her left ring finger. Then, she lowered her head between my legs and inhaled deeply.

"Yes." She spoke quietly. "You're the one."

Her breath teased my soft skin as she spoke, barely an inch away from my pussy. Through my fear, I began to feel...aroused. Moisture started to gather and flow from me as this woman continued breathing softly into my lips. My thighs began to tremble. With one single finger, she traced along the length of me, over my clit, tracing across my wetness, and then placed her finger in her mouth to taste me. With that, she leaned forward, gently parted my folds with her fingers, and licked upwards and began penetrating me with her tongue.

All the women drew closer, and began stroking my body. I looked up at them as they began teasing my nipples to hardness. Someone kissed my neck, while two women knelt on either side of me and began sucking on my nipples, dragging their teeth gently across the sensitive flesh.

The tongue that was inside of me withdrew, and moved up, until that woman's lips surrounded my clit and she began sucking me into her mouth, her tongue darting repeatedly against my clit. I had never felt anything like this before. I felt something building up inside me, and I was aching and throbbing. I was kissing someone as my back began to arch and my hips began moving in a rhythm with the woman who was eating my pussy. My moans were swallowed in someone's mouth, as hands began to gently untie me.

I was lifted up into the air again, as my mysterious seductress lay down on the table. They positioned me so that I knelt above her face, her arms behind my legs, my arms extended out in front of me. I felt her hands grab hold of my ass as she once again buried her face in my pussy and started sucking on my clit again. I was moaning loudly now, and outright fucking this stranger's face, when I felt her finger begin dipping just slightly inside me -- barely the fingertip -- and then tracking back through the wetness that was dripping down my thighs by now.

As I felt myself moving closer and closer to an edge, she finally slid one long finger inside my pussy. For a minute, I could feel heat and what was almost pain as her finger met resistance inside me. But then, as she moved further into me, I felt the heat build further, until my muscles were clenching around that finger and I was coming into her mouth. My body collapsed, and everything went dark.

When I opened my eyes again, Pete was standing over me. I was fully dressed.

"What are you doing?" he asked. "Get up. Why are you lying down there?"

"Pete! Oh my God! I was so scared," I began, as he helped me to my feet.

"Cut it out! Stop being such a chicken. I was only gone a minute. Here, I brought you a napkin to clean up."

I looked down at my now clean thigh, and could still feel the wetness between my legs, and the achy soreness inside me.

"Darby, let's go. We're going to be late for the party."

Pete led me back to our car in silence, as I thought about everything that had happened in that Haunted House.

"What the hell?" I heard him mutter.

When I looked up, the white truck that had followed us on the highway was pulling out of the driveway. A single pale hand waved out the window, a large moonstone ring winking in the moonlight.

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