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We are avid Harley Davidson fans, loving the bikes, riding, the biker clothing, and the biker lifestyle altogether. We are always seeking places to ride, biker events, and the occasional biker rallies we are able to attend.

Michele my fiancée is a pretty 42 year old woman who like most women in their early 40s is entering the prime of her sexual life. Myself being 52 years of age with some minor health issues... to coin a phrase I am just not what I once was in the lovemaking department. Don't get me wrong the desire is just as strong as ever, but my level of performance is not where I would wish it to be living with a beautiful lady in her prime (thank God for Viagra). As you might imagine it sometimes takes a little extra to get me really excited before our intimate times. Meanwhile Michele as I mentioned being in the prime, is rather easily turned on to sex however she really needs more than the average woman to really let go and have the kind of orgasm she likes to have.

In our sexual experiences we try some different things maybe a little spanking and some hair pulling, which she does like on occasion, but never anything too wild and kinky as Michele even being a biker gal is just a little on the prudish side if you will. Consequently it usually does not get much wider in our bedroom than the vibrating sexual aids and such that we use to enable her to reach the orgasm she deserves when I am not able to perform at 100%. It just drives me wild to see her orgasm so I have no problem watching and sometimes helping her when she uses her toys. This brings me to the point of the story.

I have been somewhat of a liberal when it comes to sexual experiences and willing to experiment in many ways most of my years and have never loved anything more than the sight of a woman in orgasm. I have also had some what voyeuristic tendencies in that I do like to watch people have sex. With a couple of my exes I have even experienced several threesomes in which my partner was with me and another male at the same time. I sometimes think back to those days remembering how turned on and how hard they would orgasm with the feeling of 4 hands, two sets of lips, and two cocks all over and in them. It crossed my mind that this sort of thing might really be the kind of thing that Michele may need maybe once in a great while to really get her to let loose and put her over the edge and really satisfy her sexually. Not to mention the thought of seeing Michele in such a brazen sex act exhibiting pure animal lust and desire sure does get me excited. I have thought about it several times, and kind of mentioned people doing those kinds of things, without saying that we do such a thing... and I don't think it really went over to well with her, so I really have never had the courage to speak to her anymore of this kind of fantasy activity much less suggest we might try it.

One day we were looking online for some biker activities we might consider for the weekend when Michele came across a rally called Wet N Wild. She mentioned it to me and I explained to her that I had been to that particular rally in years passed and that it was a great fun rally, but that it may be just a little too wild for her taste. You see Michele is not real keen on being around where there were things like wet tee shirt contests (which at this rally I knew tee shirts were not part of the contest for very long) and women mud wrestling and the like, however I did tell her about the bike games, and the concerts and the drinking, and just generally great party atmosphere and that really she would have a lot of fun. I convinced her that we did not necessarily have to watch the parts of the rally she found to be so distasteful. So she agreed that we should go. The rally being over 4 hours away at a lakeside park we discussed that the best thing we could do was to take our tent and campout on the beach as I had done in the past. I also knew that all though we did not drink much very often we did enjoy some drinks on festive occasions, and riding motorcycles it would be a good idea to stay put and enjoy the party without thinking about getting out on the road.

Friday night we proceeded to start packing the bikes up with the tent and things we would need along with our biker clothing. Michele was going through her biker clothes and asking me what tops she should bring besides the usual HD tee-shirts we would wear. She has this one really sexy white low cut spaghetti strap Harley tank top/halter type shirt that really showed a lot of cleavage and I asked her to bring it, as it really turned me on when she wore it. She would not ride wearing it much because it was rather flimsy and loose on her breasts and the wind on the bikes would pretty much blow it right off her breasts. She would however wear it for me once we actually would arrive at an event. Michele mind you has very beautiful breasts and when her nipples were aroused in a thin white shirt such as this I have noticed many a man besides myself starring at her!

Early Saturday morning came and we woke up finishing gathering last minute items for the trip and we were off. It was a gorgeous day with only a slim chance for rain, so the trip up to the rally was going to be quite an enjoyable ride.

We arrived at the rally around 12:30 in the afternoon and there were several hundred bikers there, as the rally had actually started yesterday (Friday) but with us having to work we had to come up this morning and enjoy the day's activities and the events that were scheduled for tonight. Most rallies the best activities, and the best bands were scheduled for Saturday nights anyway.

We paid our entry fees and proceeded riding down to the beach are so we could set up camp before getting too involved in all the happenings at the rally. We found a good spot on the long beach in between two other tents that was big enough to park the bikes and set up our tent. The beach was quite long and there were a long line of tents all the way out to the point. The place we picked was probably 500 feet from the closest part of the rally activities, so you could hear the bands playing and the crowed fairly well but yet we were not right on top of it all.

We got the tent set up and by the time we got done we realized just how hot it was outside today. So we decided we needed to get out of the tee-shirts and jeans. Michele put on the top I had asked her to bring and to my surprise a semi short blue jean skirt. This really got my attention because Michele would never wear a dress/skirt ... Although I had asked at times if she would, I did not think she even owned one. I put on some cut offs and a tank top and off we went walking down the beach to the rally location.

We spent the day looking at all the items the vendors had to offer, watching bike games, looking at the bikes in the bike shows, and taking pictures of everything.

As night started to fall the better bands started playing so we made our way to the stage. It was so hot that day we had each had a few beers trying to cool off so we were having a pretty good time. As it got later in the evening the wilder activities were about to begin. The man on the stage said we are now going to have the wet tee-shirt contest as just as I expected Michele grabbed my arm and said it was time to head back to the camp. I said that would be fine and I informed her I had brought along a bottle of Jose and we could start a fire and relax and have some drinks. So we headed back and bought some firewood that a vendor was selling just for the people camped on the beach.

We wasted no time building a fire and sat talking and sharing the bottle of Jose chasing swigs of that with beer and salt. We could hear the bands playing and the mostly inebriated crowds cheering at the various female contests that were going on. People were going up and down the beach many stopping by saying hi and admiring our bikes as we sat enjoying the breeze off the lake.

After around an hour we started feeling pretty good and the usually quiet Michele was really starting to have a great time and laughing as we talked and was openly friendly with most of the people who were coming by down the beach as they would stop and talk a bit.

We were really enjoying ourselves and I could tell Michele was getting a little frisky as she would let take some quick feels of her breasts and some sexy kisses as the night progressed. Her nipples were poking through her shirt quite readily I had noticed that she had stopped paying so much attention to the straps to her top as she usually did when they started to slide down as they did occasionally she was not making an effort to push then back up to her shoulder. I had also noticed that she was teasing me quite a bit letting her legs open quite a few times where I could kind of see up her skirt.

At one point she got up to get a beer from the cooler and bent over seductively in front of me and I noticed that she was wearing only a lace thong under the skirt. I continued to get kind of excited by this looser version of Michele that I did not get to see very often. We continued talking and laughing and three guys came along to the tent next to us. They said hello and offered some chat and mentioned that they should have got some wood so they could have a fire. We talked for a few minutes and I invited them to sit at our fire and so they grabbed their canvas chairs and came and joined us.

They saw we were drinking Jose and brought out a bottle of Jack that the 3 of them began passing around all though they were already pretty buzzed themselves already. They introduced themselves as did we; there was Bill, Tom, and John. We sat around talking about the rally, telling biker stories, looking at each other's bikes and such just having a good friendly camp fire time. Michele was getting even friendlier drinking the Jose and enjoying herself and our new friends as we all talked. At some point I realized that Michele was definitely pretty buzzed because as she would lean to throw would on the fire our get more beer chasers out of the cooler I would have plain view of her boobs nipples and all. Myself being equally buzzed had not noticed at first, been when I looked at the men that had joined us, it was very obvious they also were enjoying the view! At first a thought of concern came over me that maybe I should say something to her that maybe she did not realize in the state she was in what was becoming obvious to myself and our new friends.

Then one of the guys starting telling another story and I started listening to him forgetting about the situation. We all started telling jokes and laughing it up having a good ole' time and I again became aware of Michele's top. Her straps were at this time both slid down her arms and her top was almost to the point of gaping open. I glanced around the fire to see that sure enough I was not the only one who had noticed this. Everyone was following her every moved secretly hoping that that top that was barely covering her breasts would sink even lower. I also noticed that she was totally not aware she was wearing a skirt by now because she was opening and closing her legs a lot which I did not noticed sitting next to her by all the guys sitting right across the fire from us must surely be getting a good view, and as she opened them again well reaching down to get her drink, my suspicions became obviously correct as all eyes turned down to the level of the front of her skirt. As the guys would get up to go pee or get more drinks and smokes or whatever it occurred to me that they all had hardons from looking at my Michele. At one point when Bill stood up I realized dam this guy must be hung like a horse! I glanced over at Michele and saw she too had noticed! I saw the look in her eyes as she saw his bulge and I swear I saw her lips move as if to say "dam" under her breath.

Before I could turn away from her she turned just quick enough to see me watching her and looked nervous like she had been caught at something. I leaned over and whispered to her that "I just realized these guys have been looking down your shirt and up your skirt" and they are all getting turned on. She whispered back yes I saw that too, and she laughed. She said she just realized that they were looking at her and she looked down at herself and said then she realized why. She asked why I did not tell her, and I told her I was enjoying this as much as they were and she smacked my arm and laughed. Apparently she enjoyed the attention because she just continued to let them look and I swear she was giving opportunities now on purpose. She bent over a lot more often and even went to the cooler several times bending over far enough that we could all see here almost naked ass in her thong.

The jokes started to turn to sex jokes and the guys were giving Michele all kinds of subtle compliments as we all got even more buzzed.

Michele continued her tease for all of us trying not to be obvious about it, and I could tell by the way she was checking out their laps that all this was obviously getting her aroused too! Two of the guys started shouting macho guy crap back and forth at each other and they ended up rolling on the ground in a horse play wrestling match bitch slapping each other and laughing at the same time while the rest of us were watching. They were rolling across the ground kicking and carrying on when they suddenly had rolled right into Michele's chair and it knocked over sending Michele to the ground, and she fell right on top of them.

We asked if she was ok and I got up to help her up. She said yes she was ok and just started laughing about the whole thing. As I was a couple steps toward her one of the guys on the ground grabbed her and said look she wants to wrestle too and pulled her down playfully rolling her on the ground. The other guy agreed and he started wrestling with her too. All three of them were laughing and applying different holds as they rolled around. As we were watching it became obvious that Michele's top had all but come down to her waist and her boobs were exposed in all their glory. And it was obvious the guys on the ground were doing everything they could to cop some feels of them without being too blatant about it. Her skirt had rolled up over her butt several times also in the match that was going on before us.

I told the guys that if she did not behave we were going to have to give her a spanking. Just as if on cue Bill grab her and rolled her over his lap on the ground and pulled her skirt up and she hollered oh no you don't and struggled to get away. Bill hollered for John to hold her squirmy ass down. And John reached up and grabbed her hands and held her down across Bills lap. Bill began to smack her ass playfully and you could hear the slaps. I thought to myself how I had spanked her in the bedroom so many times and how turned on she would get. Watching these men spanking my Michele was starting to get me aroused! She squirmed and asked them to stop but Bill just kept smacking her ass and her pleas for them to stop became weaker and weaker as her ass was turning beat red from the assault on her. I then noticed a strange smile on her lips as I saw her shifting her crotch on him the more he spanked her. I looked at the other men and realized we were all getting aroused by my Michele's ass being spanked and remembered the size of the bulge Bill had in his pants earlier. Then it dawned on me her squirms were actually grinding her pussy on this guys huge erection under her. The two men were now touching her legs and thighs and reaching under her and grabbing her breasts openly. Bill was still smacking her ass and she was now half laughing and half whimpering as each stroke of his hand found her ass. Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and the bottom fell out! We were all so caught up in the fun we had not realized a storm had moved in on us and it now started a down poor like you would not believe. The 3 on the ground scrambled to their feet laughing and yelling shit as the rain started pounding us all. Michele yelled HA saved by the rain and went running into our tent. We all stood there looking at each other laughing about the rain and as Bill was standing there in his wet jeans it was not hard to notice he had a raging giant hard on! That just confirmed my suspicions as to what Michele had felt beneath her as she had squirmed in his lap.

John yelled out Michele thinks the rain saved her laughing as he looked toward the tent. Then he looked back toward me and I said well maybe we better finish that spanking and told them let's get her! We all went toward the tent and rushed to get in out of the rain. Our tent was rather small designed for up to 4 people it said but I don't think they meant comfortably. Now here were 5 of us trying to squeeze in here. Michele was laughing telling us we had enough fun telling us to get out, and Bill said I don't think so and grabbed her pulling her to him. With all the bodies in the tent she was right there where anyone could touch her. I told Bill she likes her hair pulled! I knew she did when I would be behind her fucking her hard from behind and I was now just as horny as the rest of these guys, and could not believe I was saying that! As Bill tried to pull her over for more spanking I grabbed her away and pulled her to me and gave her a long deep kiss. She was breathing harder than I had ever seen her before. As I kissed her I became aware that hands were all over her body. She had a look in her eye as if she was disgusted, scared, and incredibly turned on all at the same time.

From that moment on with the excitement and the alcohol everything became a blur. Michele spent that night getting fucked in one, two, even three holes at once as she had orgasm after orgasm as the thunder bellowed outside the tent. I had never seen my Michele cum so hard so many times as were took her over and over that night. After the guys had had enough they left our tent one by one returning to their own tent next door.

When Michele and I were finally alone we fucked each other like animals as I was telling her how hot she was and asking her over and over how she liked it and she kept telling me how good it made her feel being handled by all those men and being the center of their attention. As we started to drift off to sleep afterward... she laughed and I asked her why. She just said... fuck them wet tee-shirt contests... she got ALL their attention! And she winks at me and snuggled up to me as we drifted off to sleep.

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