tagLoving WivesThe Rally Ch. 02

The Rally Ch. 02


For those of you that responded so positively to the first part of this story, the following is a continuation of Dot's adventures at the biker rally. If you didn't read the first in this series, the title is "The Rally."

After playing all day, Dot was worn out, but asked me about the Naked Bitch Ride. I told her that it was like a parade, and all the bitch riders were naked on the back of the scooter as we rode through the campgrounds. At the end of the ride, all the women competed for the Best Tits award on the stage in the pavilion. The crowd voted for the best.

Dot immediately said, "I want to do that!" I said, "OK, but you have to be completely naked with the exception of your chaps!" Dot said that she had no problem with that, and she went to the bathroom and started getting ready.

When she walked out of the bathroom, I whistled and told her how good she looked. She had let her hair down, fixed her makeup, oiled her body, touched up her trimmed pussy, and looked like a model, posing in her low slung chaps.

I went to my bag, got my camera out and told her to smile while I took her picture several times. She loved to have her picture made, especially in sexy poses. Dot was extremely hot looking, standing there in her chaps and nothing else. I clicked away as Dot posed over and over in sexy positions.

At 11:45, Bo knocked on the door to see if we were going to ride. I opened the door and Bo walked in, taking one look at Dot, and saying, "Damn woman, you are hot!" She thanked him and wanted to know if he was going to ride. He replied that he had run into an old girlfriend of his and she was going to be his naked bitch for the ride.

We both replied, asking him where she was? He said that she was getting ready now, and if we would follow him to his cabin, he would introduce us to Patty. Dot said, "You guys go and I will be here ready to ride at midnight."

As we walked over to his cabin, Bo told me that Patty had just broken up with her boyfriend and had come to the rally by herself, hoping to run into people she knew. She had spotted Bo as he came out of my cabin, and they had immediately hitched up.

When we got to his cabin, Patty was in the bathroom, and we opened a beer, waiting on her to come out so I could meet her.

When Patty walked out of the bathroom, I did a double take. Patty was stark naked! She was a beautiful, 5'8" tall blond with fantastic tits, great ass, and legs that were very shapely. She didn't notice me sitting in the chair until Bo said, "Patty, this is Bob!" She spun around, covering her tits, and acting very embarrassed. Bo said, "This is no time to get shy, you will be in front of a thousand people in just a short time!" With that, Patty turned back toward me and said, "Hi Bob, nice to meet you!" I told her that it was my pleasure!

Patty strapped her chaps on and we walked back to my cabin. I told them to go in, I was going to warm my bike up. Bo said that he would introduce Dot and Patty, then go get his scooter for the ride.

When I got the bike running, I walked in the cabin, and asked the girls if they were ready. Damn, they both looked so good standing there naked in nothing but chaps. Dot said that she was ready for anything, smiling at Patty. Patty responded by leaning over and kissing Dot! I knew then that the night was just beginning again, and that Bo and I were in store for another good time.

Bo left to get his bike and I just sat there talking to the two girls. I could tell immediately that Dot and Patty had hit it off, and knowing Dot, I knew that she was getting hot watching Patty flirting with me.

Dot has always told me that if she got the chance, she would definitely like to get it on with another girl, especially if I was there to enjoy watching them. Well, this might just be the right night! I knew that the girls had talked secretly, and obviously had discussed hot sex, and what was going to happen later.

We loaded on the scooters and rode two up, side by side, with Dot and Patty sitting high and naked. As we made the slow trip through the campgrounds, the loudest cheers were for Patty and Dot. They were both having a blast showing off their bodies. When we got to the pavilion, the call for all Naked Bitches came and Dot and Patty walked up the stairs to the stage. Loud cheers from the crowd erupted as they walked up. There were about 30 girls on stage and none looked as good as Dot and Patty.

The eliminations started and quickly there were only the top 10 left on stage. Dot and Patty were selected for the top 10. To Bo and I, our women looked better than anyone there. There were a couple that were fine looking and when the next vote was taken, they were also selected to be in the top 5. That left Dot, Patty, Lynn (a tall brunette with large tits), Maria ( a shorter hispanic girl with nice firm tits), and Janice (an average looking lady with tremendous tits).

The audience went wild when the girls were asked to step forward and show their wares. Patty was selected to go first and she stepped out confidently, holding her tits, rubbing her nipples, and then letting her hand slide down to her pussy. The guys in the audience cheered wanting more. Janice went second doing the same thing that Patty had done.

Lynn followed Janice, then Maria stepped out, shaking her tits and stripping her chaps off, throwing them to the crowd. This got the crowd going just in time for Dot's performance.

Dot walked confidently to the center of the stage, all lights on her. She licked her fingers and slipped one in her pussy, then turned around, bent over, and showed her pussy to the crowd. I knew then that she had won.

The vote was taken, and Dot won first prize, with Patty coming in second. I told Bo that it was nice to know that we had the two hottest women with us and he replied, "Let's go to the cabin and see just how hot they were.

When Dot and Patty came down off the stage, Bo told them that we were going to the cabin and have a drink. They both said in unison, "Lets go now, we're horny!"

We arrived back at the cabin with the two naked women, and two raging hard dicks wanting to fuck them. Dot asked, "Do you guys want Patty and I to put on a show for you?" We both said that we couldn't wait, and with that, Patty and Dot got on the bed, feeling each others body, kissing, sucking, fingering each other until they were both so hot that they said, "We need to be fucked!"

Bo and I wasted no time getting undressed and crawling on the bed. The girls stood up on the side of the bed, Dot in front of me, and Patty in front of Bo. Then, to my surprise, Dot looked at Patty and said, "Let's swap!" With that, Patty moved over to where I was, leaned down and took my hard dick in her mouth, sucking like it was the last hard dick on earth.

I couldn't see Dot, but I knew that Bo was getting the blowjob of his life. Patty brought me to the brink of cumming, then crawled on top of me, lowering her hot pussy slowly on my hard cock, and pumping very slowly.

I could hear Bo groaning, and Dot slurping, then saw her crawl on top of Bo and start grinding her hot pussy on his dick. It didn't take long and I heard him tell her that he was cumming. When she heard that, she got excited and started cumming with him.

Meanwhile, Patty was looking at them and was really turned on. I was on the brink of letting it go, when I felt Patty start to shake and then a little scream erupted from her lips. That did it! I started cumming and shooting my jism deep inside her hot love hole. God, it felt so good!

When all had settled down, we all commented that we had all won the Naked Bitch contest, and the prize for this one, was much better than the prize they won on stage. We all fell asleep on the bed together, wondering what tomorrow would bring!

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