tagFirst TimeThe Ranch Hand Ch. 02

The Ranch Hand Ch. 02


Clayton didn't think he would ever catch his breath. He couldn't remember cuming as hard as he had just moments ago. His cock was slowly shrinking, the blood returning to his brain, as he realized what he had just done. He raised his upper body off of Dannie and looked down at his flaccid cock. Virginal blood mixed with cum ran in a ring around his cock as a mixture of pride along with shame welled up inside of him. It shouldn't have been him to take her virginity, he should have let a boy closer to her own age take care of her. As quickly as he had that thought he dashed it, no one else would ever have the privilege of being inside of her.

Dannie already missed the humid warmth of his body against hers as she watched him through heavily lidded eyes. Her body hummed as it came down from the heights of pleasure her boss had just taken her to, and she watched carefully as his emotions played across his face. She saw pleasure, shame, and then she was sure that she caught jealousy at the end of it all. Whatever it had been was gone just as quickly as it had come. She gladly took the hand that he offered her to help her up from the table's surface.

Clayton kicked the rest of the way out of his jeans as he held on to Dannie's hand. Then he led her to the bathroom to, if nothing else, clean the two of them up. After years in a loveless, sex starved marriage Clay wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of the summer teaching Dannie what he had learned about sex. He knew he was a horny old man preying upon a young, hapless girl, but he couldn't help himself. Part of him thought that he should be ashamed of himself while his inner devil was flashing images through his head of the things that he was going to do to her. Starting with the shower.

Dannie had no problem being taken by the hand by this gorgeous, chiseled man. The view she was presented with from the back was better than she had ever imagined. His broad heavily muscled shoulders formed a perfect v as his back slowly converged onto his narrow hips. Taut buttocks, thick thighs, and defined calves; he was perfect in her eyes. It wasn't just the mind blowing sex filling her head and clouding her judgement. She had seen the way that women looked at him when they had gone on trips to town. In fact, Dannie could have sworn that a few of them had been jealous that he had never noticed any of them; only her. Now that her eyes had been opened to the way that he felt about her she was more certain than ever that it had been jealousy on the faces of those other women. She was out of time to dwell on it because the two of them had reached the bathroom; the master bathroom. She'd never been allowed in there while Clay's wife had been living here, but now there was nothing that was off limits. Especially Clayton.

He released her hand so that he could open up things in the shower and start the water. He would have gone for the tub, but that was going to take way too long for his tastes, and he was almost certain that this wouldn't be their last time in here naked. He tested the water, and then ushered her into the glass wrapped haven before him. Everything about her young body was just as he imagined it would be. Supple, pert, and ample breasts brushed past him as he was treated to a view of her lovely ass. The perfectly ample orbs with their cleft down the middle reminded him of a ripe peach. Juicy, full, and begging to be bitten. In time he was going to show her exactly what he wanted to do to her ass, but for now he had to hold himself in check. Clayton kept reminding himself that she was a virgin; that he needed to take it slow. As he watched the shower's spray course down her body his cock began to stir again. He was amazed by what the sight of her beautiful young body did to his own. As if on cue, she turned to catch his eye and beckoned him to her with a finger. She was every inch the temptress without even knowing or trying.

She felt the water pulsating against her, and began to forget the aching sting that had replaced the earlier sensations. She looked down and watched as the reddish tinted water circled the drain. Dannie's upbringing was fucking with her head as she felt shame wash over her for what she had done in the heat of the moment. Her mother had always drummed into her head, "Danielle, the greatest gift you can give your husband is your virginity. Only sluts and whores sleep with men before they are married." Was she a slut? She didn't feel like it. Exactly opposite to that, she felt liberated. She was free of the shackle that she felt like attracted the male species to her. Boys her age looked at it as a challenge while Clay had made her feel like it was a gift she had given him. She rebelled against what she had been told was "right", and instead went with what felt right. She turned to find Clay's eyes, hungry, upon her and gestured that he join her. He eagerly came forward as she turned to find the soap. She grabbed the bar and began to lather up her hands as he wetted himself down.

Once he was thoroughly wet she went to work exploring every inch of him with her hands. She started at the top, carefully working her way down. She swept across his shoulders down to his pecs, stopping to tweak each nipple before using the soap and her hand to trace the path that errant bead of sweat had followed earlier in the barn. He had really no body hair, only a pleasure trail that led from his belly button down to the root of his, what she thought was, enormous shaft. Danielle gently worked away the remnants of their escapade before she took as much of him in hand as would fit in her palm. She marveled that she couldn't wrap her fingers around his semi hard cock. As she stroked up and down she watched him grow in her hand, and all she could think was that if God made hard-ons he did a fantastic job. Danielle set the soap aside, watching as the water rinsed the foamy suds off of his cock. She licked her lips as she kneeled before him. Hesitantly she began to lick his jutting erection while she ran a hand across his balls. He hissed and she jerked away from him; thinking that she had hurt him in some way.

"I'm sorry", she said quickly.

"Don't be, Danielle. I made that noise because it felt so fucking good. Do you want to learn what pleases me?" He watched as her only response was a shy little nod. "Okay, keep doing what you were doing, especially with the twins."

"Twins?" She asked, shyly.

"My balls, baby. It sounds a little less crude than 'lick my balls'." He smiled at the sound of her lilting laughter echoing off of the shower walls.

"Oh okay. Tell me what else you like, and I'll do it. I want to please you as much as you did me in the kitchen." She was eager to learn, and what better way than to have the object of your desire tell you.

"You can lick it for a little bit, and then I want you to take me in your mouth. I know you've never done that before, and the only thing that I ask is that you try to keep your lips over your teeth. Like this." He pulled his own lips over his teeth to show her what he meant. "Other than that, let your instinct take over. If you think I would like what you want to do it's a good bet that I will."

She used his instructions as guidance, and just went for it. Licking up and down the shaft, over the bulbous head like it was the best thing that she had ever tasted. The skin of his erection was like silk against her tongue. His hard cock pulsed against her every move, begging for more. She wasn't sure that he would fit in her mouth, but she was damn sure going to try to get it in there. After years of orthodontic work, she was able to partially unhinge her jaw which was what it took to get him in her mouth. He was absolutely huge, but it was worth it when she heard his guttural moan as his shaft slid in and touched the back of her throat. She held him there until her gag reflex kicked in and she had to back off. She held there until she regained herself, and then back down again. Slowly she began to work a little faster up and down. She looked up, once, on the in stroke and saw that he was watching her intensely.

"Oh fuck yeah, baby. Just like that." He was primal now. As he watched his cock go in and out of her luscious mouth it was all he could do to keep from sinking his hands in her hair and thrusting for all he was worth into her mouth. The only other urging from him for her was, "Faster." She did as commanded while she made sure to keep her hands occupied with his balls. He hadn't had a blow job in years, and this one was going to make him forget about every one that he'd had before. Again, the flood gates opened and he was ready to cum for the second time that day. "I'm gonna cum, Dannie." When he said that to her, she took him in her mouth as far as he would go then she swallowed.

That was all it took. He pressed against the back of her head with one hand as he braced himself on the shower wall with the other. She thought that she might gag, but she mentally steadied herself and gripped his thighs while he finished. Once his orgasm was over she gulped down his load. She'd had a little taste of it, and it definitely wasn't something she wanted going back across her tongue. Besides it was rude to eat at someone else's house and then spit it out right in front of them. Plus, she was pretty sure that no guy wanted to hear, "That tastes like shit!" or "Yuck!" right after they came. It might ruin the mood.

She smiled up at him as a happy/exhausted expression washed across his features. Standing up, she rubbed the feeling back into her knees before she grabbed the soap and finished what she had started before the impromptu blow job got in the way. She made quick work of washing the rest of him before he wrested the soap out of her grasp to return the favor. He was gentle and loving as he, too, used the soap as an excuse to explore every inch of her. When he came to her pussy he was extra cautious as he assumed that she might have been tender after their play. She imitated him and hissed as he carefully washed her cleft, only hers wasn't one of pleasure.

Clayton's hands dropped to his sides and he froze as he was once again reminded of her innocence. What had he done? The thought drummed into his brain over and over until he couldn't take it anymore. He covered his face with his hands while he shook his head in shame.

Danielle briefly watched him struggle with his thoughts after she had hissed in pain. She had tried not to, but the raw flesh of her torn maidenhead was extremely tender. She wrapped her arms around him to pull him close, but he struggled to get away from her. She growled, "Don't! Don't you dare! What is it, you think that you "took" my virginity? Well, let me let you in on a little secret, buddy, I wanted it as much as you did. You don't get to suddenly decide that this wasn't a good idea because I think it was a fantastic idea, and you certainly don't have any right to push me away!" She dropped her arms, pivoted, and plowed out of the shower away from him.

Clay shut off the shower, and made his way out as she stormed from the bathroom. Her hair dripping everywhere as she made a hasty retreat back towards the kitchen. He assumed it was to gather up her clothes and leave until he heard her rattling around like she might be cooking. He wrapped a towel around his midsection as he worked up the courage to follow Dannie into the kitchen. Clay moved softly into the kitchen like a man watching and waiting for a tiger to pounce. He was used to another woman slamming and banging around in the kitchen; not this one. So he was rather unsure of what awaited him.

Dannie heard his footfalls, and turned to see if he still carried that look of shame across his features. What greeted her was a cautious wariness. She realized that he was waiting for her to do battle with him again. She set down the frying pan and went to him. "I'm not her." She held out her arms once more, and was pleased when he returned her gesture; effectively ending their squabble.

He breathed deeply against her neck, a muffled 'I'm sorry' uttered in the hollow of her collarbone. She pulled back, slightly, to place both hands on his face; meeting his eyes with her own. "Don't ever be sorry for the way that you feel. Just talk to me, and we'll be fine. I wanted to be with you, and I'm glad that you were my first. I wouldn't have it any other way."

"I'm glad to hear you say that, because I'm far from finished with you little girl. Think you can handle my wicked ways?" He smiled down at her as he gave her a wink.

"You? I'd take you on any day, old man. Now, let me go so that I can finish fixing us some supper." She tugged at his towel as he released her and turned away; freeing his bare ass from the infringing cloth. With a playful swat she sent him on his way, she assumed, to find some clothes. Her eyes stayed with him long enough to watch him gather their clothes and take them along. Once he was out of the room she allowed her thoughts to wander while she busied her hands. Images flashed through her mind of the amazing sex they had just shared, and despite the soreness in her pussy she felt the heat of arousal bloom deep within her. She knew that he was tired, and that she was too sore but that didn't keep her from wondering what his 'wicked ways' might be.

She was going to have all summer to find out, and at the end of it would she be able to leave him? Was college in the cards for her, or had her fate already been decided when he came in her on the kitchen table? There was no sense in wearing down her mind with questions that didn't need an answer at that moment. Just as she was pulling herself out of her own head, Clay reemerged into the kitchen carrying a t-shirt for her to put on. Something on her face must have given her thoughts away because he came towards her and pulled her close once more.

"What happened? Why do you look so sad all of a sudden?" The concern for her was heavily etched into his tone.

"It's nothing, Clay. I just started to get lost in my own thoughts instead of just enjoying the moment. You know how that is, don't you?" She could hear the uncertainty in her own voice, so she was sure that he detected it.

"Tell me, now. I want nothing left unsaid between us. Our time together is going to be short enough without unspoken thoughts getting in the way." Clay had always been more open with her than any other woman that had been in his life. She was so easy to be around, and free from the chains of judgement that life heaps on a person along the way. He hoped that she felt as free around him as he did around her, and he was pretty certain that she did. Just judging by their conversation, last week, about the skin flick her friends had shown her.

"There are parts of me that are afraid of how this is all going to play out. I worry that I won't want to let you go when I have to go to school. I'm afraid that I might be pregnant from one time. What if I am? Will I grow to resent you because I suddenly feel like you've trapped me? I really care about you. What if I can't leave you to go to college?" He held his hand up to silence her. "I get it, Dannie, I have those same fears; except the pregnancy thing. I had a vasectomy a couple years ago, my ex didn't know until now. She wanted to have a baby. I didn't. So I made sure that I couldn't. My doctor lied for me for a while, but told me I had to come clean. I did, and that's why she left. The best advice that I can give you is that we'll cross those other bridges when we come to them. For now, let's just enjoy what we have; see where it leads us. How does that sound?"

He lifted her eyes to find unshed tears glistening in them. He kissed them away, and kissed her deeply. Their tongues dueling with each other in the same way that their emotions were raging within each of them. It lasted for what seemed like an eternity; leaving them both breathless and flushed. Clayton spoke first, "You still hungry or should we go to the bedroom to see if I can kiss your brains out?"

She laughed, "If it makes you feel manly I think that you're half way there already. I could eat...you." It was his turn to laugh, "Dannie, I think that is a fabulous idea." He reached behind her and turned off the burners. Effectively ending their thoughts of food.

(To be continued...)

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