The Rape


It was hot for October and I was wearing a skirt and half-shirt. On the way home from my friends, as I passed through a park, I thought I heard someone walking behind me, but when I looked back I didn't see anything.

I continued through the park and as I approached the bathrooms someone put a hand over my mouth and an arm around my waist. I was being pulled backwards and I felt hot breath on my cheek.

I grabbed at the hand over my mouth, but he was too strong for my pulls on his arm. He pushed me against a wall and locked my wrists behind my back. I felt something being wrapped around my wrists, he was tying them together. He leaned his elbow against my back and pinned me against the wall. A rag went over my eyes and I couldn't see any light. Another rag went around my mouth, stopping my screams.

He turned me around and pushed me back up against the wall. I felt his hands on my legs, going up my thighs. He pushed my skirt up to my waist and tried to rubbed my pussy through my underwear. I heard tearing and then my panties were off. He put his hands between my thighs and tried to push my legs apart but I struggled. He pushed his knee between my legs and I couldn't keep my legs together.

He ran his finger through my slit, pausing to massage my clit. He pushed his finger in my cunt trying to get me wet. He spread my pussy lips with one hand and began rubbing my clit hard with his other hand. I could feel myself getting wet and he slid his finger in my cunt again. I tried not to pay attention to what he was doing to me, but I couldn't control it and my clit started to swell from the stimulation.

He pulled me away from the wall. He stopped and pushed me down, forcing me to kneel with my hands still tied behind my back. I felt wet grass under my knees and sounds behind me, unzipping and some movement.

He grabbed my wrists from behind and I felt his legs between mine. I started struggling again but he gripped my wrists harder and his arm went around my waist, pinning me to him. I stopped thrashing, his chest against my back. I felt his fingers between my pussy lips, rubbing my clit again.

Still holding my hands he slid in all the way and started pumping hard, slamming against me. "Come you dirty slut, come," he whispered in my ear, fucking me faster.

I shook my head back and forth and he moved from my pussy to my covered breasts, pinching my nipple. "Oh yeah," he said as he squeezed my nipple and cupped my breast through my shirt.

I was getting wetter and he was sliding in and out easier. I could hear his moans and grunts by my ear and his breath on my shoulder. He pushed my shirt up and pulled down the cup of my bra to pinch my bare nipple. I tried to scream but an orgasm hit me and I arched my back. He felt my cunt grip his cock and his thrusts got harder.

"That's right, come for me," he breathed in my ear. "Fuck yes," he said as my orgasm waves gripped his cock. He was still rubbing my clit, driving deeper and deeper.

I started thrashing despite his painful grip on my waist. But he just held on tighter, pulling my waist against his, thrusting deeper.

He changed his rhythm, long, hard strokes. My juices were starting to drip down my leg.

He was still fingering my clit when I came again, stronger this time. I could feel my cunt muscles grab his cock and he bottomed out as he came.

"AAAHHHH," he screamed as his hot cum leaked down my legs. He started going in and out again, harder this time, really slamming into me. He pushed be forward and I put my hands out on the wet lawn.

He had his hands on my waist slamming harder and deeper with each stroke. I tried to take the gag out of my mouth, but I couldn’t keep my balance with his thrusts.

He slowed down and finally pulled out. I felt his hands untying the blindfold. My breaths were quick as I felt his kisses on my back. I leaned up against his chest as the blindfold fell to the ground.

"How was that, Sweetness?" he asked, kissing my neck.

"So good my love," I answered, licking my lips. He helped me up, and hand in hand we walked away.

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by Anonymous10/29/17

Pretty good story.

I only had one minor problem with it. You mention her getting her hands tied behind her back, then you mention her catching herself with her hands on the lawn, but you never mentionedmore...

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