tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rape of the Preacher's Wife

The Rape of the Preacher's Wife


I found religion early in my life, just about the time I hit puberty, and it was like God was testing me by suddenly giving me the body of a Jezebel. My breasts had quickly grown to a full D cup, my waist had shrunk to practically nothing, and my legs took on the shape and length of one of those harlot showgirls. Instead of darkening, my hair got more and more blonde as I got older. Since I was a kid, everyone remarked on how pretty I was, but now boys and men would openly leer at me. I would always cover up as best I could, wearing baggy blouses and sweaters two sizes too big for me and loose-fitting, ankle-length skirts in the drabbest colors. But they still stared.

My lucky day came in May of my sixteenth year at a retreat in Maryland where I first met my husband-to-be, Matthew. He was leading evening prayer services and looked so serene and holy that I knew this was the man God a chosen for me to serve as a dutiful wife. I guess he felt the same way, because in June of that year, with my parent's blessing, we were married. We waited a little over a year to consummate our marriage, while we prayed and prayed to overcome the sin of lechery, and when we finally did make love it was modest and chaste. We never used sex "recreationally," as the fallen say, but only to produce our three lovely children.

This summer, however, something happened to me that I still don't understand. Maybe I never will. Matthew was preaching a revival in Virginia over the weekend and had taken our two youngest daughters with him, leaving me and our eighteen-year-old son, Matthew Junior, who was on semester break from the seminary, at home. I had gone to the store that afternoon to buy dinner. While walking up and down the aisles, I noticed two very large Negroes eyeing me, but I have become so used to men staring at me over the years that I simply ignored them. As I always do when I encounter lustful behavior in men, I resolved to pray for God to release them from the bonds of licentiousness when I got home. I admit I was a little apprehensive when they very obviously followed me to the checkout, and I certainly did not like the larger of the two watching me so intently as I wrote out a check for the groceries. It made me a little uncomfortable, but as I left the store, I thought nothing more of it. By the time I had picked up Matthew's suit from the cleaners and stopped by Sister Sara's to pray with her for her ailing mother, I had forgotten about it completely.

When I got home, I called for Matt to come help with the groceries, but he didn't answer, which surprised me because he's always so dutiful. Then out of the corner of my eye I glimpsed something odd, and when I turned I saw Matt being held around the neck by one of the black men I had seen in the supermarket. I dropped the bag of groceries I had carried in and started to scream when a large hand clamped over my mouth. "Scream and we cut the kid, bitch," he said. I just froze.

He relaxed his grip on my mouth and said menacingly, "All we want to do is fuck you, bitch. Just do what we tell you and we don't touch the kid. You get youself a good fucking, nobody don't get hurt, and ever'body be happy. And thanks for the address on the check. It made this all a lot easier."

I was stunned. "Please, please just take what you want and leave" was all I could stupidly say. He just laughed and began to squeeze my breasts. I could have died of embarrassment when my nipples involuntarily began to stiffen beneath his horrid black hands.

My embarrassment quickly turned to fear, however, when the second man handed him his knife and he began to snip away the buttons to my blouse. I was nearly paralyzed by the time he cut my bra loose and my breasts tumbled into his filthy hands. "Look at the size of these fucking tits, Jamal," he yelled. In an instant he was mauling my breasts and tonguing my nipples, which to my utter consternation responded by suddenly growing achingly hard and erect. I froze in dread again, though, as I felt Jamal behind me slitting my skirt and watched it puddled at my feet. My panties were gone an instant latter. I was suddenly completely nude. Or so I thought.

The first man, Raheem, who was apparently Jamal's older cousin, took his mouth off of my nipples and ordered me to turn slowly around while they commented on every part of my body in the most lewd and awful language. They probed me and opened me. One massaged my clitoris, the other twisted my nipples. But what terrified me most came after their inspection of me.

"Listen up, bitch," Raheem hissed, squeezing my breasts in his disgusting paws.

"You our ho now and you goin' do `xactly what we say and just like we say it or the boy get his nuts cut off him."

Reaching down to my vagina, he twisted a clump of my pubic hair around his finger. "First thing you do is go on in that bathroom and get youself all prettied up for us," he continued. "You shave that pussy till it's smooth as a baby's butt. If it ain't what we like, we'll take care of it for you." And with that, he gave a quick hard jerk and ripped the clump of pubic hair twined around his finger from my body. I nearly fainted from the shock and pain. I only dimly heard him continue his instructions.

"When you get done fixing that pussy up real nice, you put on some makeup and somethin' real sexy like. We better both have hard ons ten seconds after you walk back in here or you be eating this boy's balls!"

I don't know how I made it to the bathroom I was so frightened. I thought momentarily of trying to escape, but those horrid Negroes' threats and the terrified look on my son's face erased all such thoughts. I would obey them and pray that our torment would quickly pass.

In the shower, my hand trembled almost uncontrollably as I took the razor and began ruefully to shave my pussy. Still, I took special care to make it absolutely smooth and did the same to my legs. I didn't want to offend my tormenters in any way. The makeup was going to be more difficult, as I don't wear it at all except on special occasions. I did find some old lipstick and a nearly dry bit of eyeliner and did the best I could. And then, I guess the devil must have entered my soul.

As I stood staring at my now utterly nude body, vanity took hold of me. I knew I had never looked so beautiful. My hair seemed radiantly blonde. The makeup accentuated my eyes, and my lips looked pouting and full, like the girls I see on magazine covers. My breasts were large and firm and, even though I'm nearly thirty-six now and the mother of three children, had no sag at all. My waist remained wasp thin and my legs seemed impossibly long and shapely. My bottom jutted out ever so provocatively. But what is still most shocking to me, what I adored most was the way my pussy looked now that it was clearly exposed. It cried out for attention. It asked to be caressed. I doubted very much that it would take anyone more than ten seconds to be aroused. Though I felt terribly ashamed for having such vain thoughts, I couldn't entirely blot out the growing sense of my own sexuality.

I had nothing at all sexy to wear, however. I'm just not that kind of woman. So I decided that the best thing I could do was simply wrap myself in a small bath towel that would allow most of my breasts to show, the bottom of my ass, and of course all of my long, lithe legs. I hoped it would be enough to satisfy them. I had to protect my son from these ravening beasts.

I guess it finally really didn't matter what I was wearing because Jamal had the towel off of me before I had taken two steps into the room. "Goddamn," they both said. "This bitch be lookin' fine." I hated it that their words gave me a slight tingle of pleasure. I fought the feeling with all my strength.

Their hands and mouths were on me instantly, and I felt their cocks hardening well before the ten seconds were up. Then, with Raheem kneeling down and slowly beginning to lick the edges of my freshly shaved pussy and Jamal expertly tonguing my nipples, a shocking moan escaped my lips. I thought I couldn't be more embarrassed until I looked up and saw that my captures had tied Matt to a chair directly in front of me. He was staring intently at me. My own son was being forced to watch me being assaulted by these hideous animals. I vowed to banish all impure feels and be strong in my purity for my son.

Jamal took me to a table, which he had placed right in front of Matt and pushed me down on my back so Matt was staring directly at my hairless vagina. And then the real horror began. Jamal was the first to pull his cock from his pants. It was ghastly. It was jet black, as thick as my wrist, and it must have been at least nine or ten inches long. I believe it was the first cock I had ever seen. I had felt my husband's inside of me, but I don't believe that I had ever touched it or looked directly at it. I knew, though, that it didn't look anything like this monstrous weapon. Then Raheem showed himself. If anything, his was even more frightening-perhaps a little thicker and certainly longer. He had a massive head at the end that thickened to a base that looked like a tree trunk. I knew that they would rend me if they tried to have sex with me. I feared it would be fatal.

Jamal grabbed me by the hair and pulled my head to the edge of the table, letting it dangle over the edge. "Open wide, ho," he grunted. "You about to get yo' face fucked good," he grunted.

Scared to death, I closed my eyes and timidly opened my mouth. I felt his enormous shaft press against my lips and force its way into my mouth and then suddenly he pulled out. Instantly I was seeing stars from the force of two vicious slaps across my face. "Two things, bitch. You keep yo' eyes open and yo' teeth off my cock. Now suck it!"

Before I could say anything, his cock was back in my mouth pushing hard at the back of my throat. I was gagging and having a hard time breathing when suddenly my attention was diverted to the other end of the table. Raheem's gigantic tool was starting to probe my pussy, and as I felt my cunt lips being pried open and the first few inches of Raheem's mammoth shaft invading my unsullied vagina, I tried to cry out "No! No!" but with Jamal's cock deep in my mouth I guess it sounded more like a moan of pleasure. Both of them commented on how quickly I was getting turned on. I feared Matt would think the same thing.

When Jamal pulled out of my mouth to watch Raheem start to fuck me, I asked them both to be satisfied with my mouth. I was ovulating, I told them, and begged and begged Raheem not to ejaculate inside me. I would gladly let them do anything else to me. He just laughed and lifted my legs to his shoulders and repositioned me so that he could have better access to my fertile womb.

As his first true fuck thrust tore into me, it seemed to drive my clit half way back into my pussy. I had never felt anything in the world remotely like that. To my complete humiliation, my pussy instantly responded. I was dripping wet in an instant. Two more long hard thrusts found him banging against my cervix. He had more cock than my pussy could hold, I discovered. Oddly enough, I felt ashamed of my inability, like I wasn't really woman enough. "That all the pussy you got, cunt?" Raheem said coldly. "That's the only trouble with white pussy, ain't it Jamal baby. Every time we do some white cunt we got to rip her open to get a decent fuck. I still got four more inches to go, bitch. Where you want me to put `em?"

I was in such a curious state. The pain of his literally tearing into my vagina and his relentless assault on my cervix was nearly unbearable, but at the same time I had begun to feel deep, deep inside a mound of pleasure that was growing to what I knew as going to be an intense explosion. And horribly, to my complete humiliation, I discovered that I wanted so much to experience it. Even worse, I wanted my rapist to think I was a complete woman. To this day, I can not explain what was happening to me.

Each time he slammed into my cunt, both the pain and the pleasure grew exponentially. I was almost literally beside myself, hearing this strange woman moaning out "Oh, my God, Oh, my God," and thrashing about like the whore of Babylon. The pleasure of my first real sexual experience was overwhelming. I was being fucked by a black god. I never wanted it to stop.

But suddenly, he did stop and pulled his massive fuck tool out my sopping wet and bleeding pussy. I went completely nuts.

"Oh, no. Don't stop. Oh, God. Please. Come back in me. Now. Fuck me, please, please, Raheem. Fuck me," I was moaning like a common slut-whore. I was at the edge of a spectacular climax. I desperately wanted to be pushed over. "Are you begging me, bitch?" Raheem laughed.

"Oh God yes. Yes, yes, yes. I'm begging you. Please, Raheem."

"You want me to cum in you, bitch"

"No. Oh, God, yes, anything. Just start again. Please." I was truly lost now. I didn't care about my son or my reputation. I just wanted Raheem to give me what I now realize was my first sexual climax. I would pay any price.

"Beg me to put a little black bastard in that lily white pussy."


"Say it, ho."

"Please do me, Raheem. Please." I was sobbing now.

"Say it, ho."

"Please, Raheem. Put a black baby in me," I said beseechingly. I have no idea what possessed me to talk like that, except I knew that I was moments away from the most intense experience of my life. I had to have Raheem back inside me. At that moment, I would have done anything he asked. Raheem was going to make sure I did.

"You're going to have to earn this cock first, white slut," he growled. "You going to put every fucking inch of Jamal's cock in your mouth. He's going to fuck your mouth like a cunt, you understand?"

All I could do was nod my head yes.

Jamal dragged my head back to the edge of the table and Raheem positioned Matt so he could see what was happening to his mother. I confess I had forgotten all about him, and even now, as I saw him looking disgustedly at me, I no longer cared what he saw or heard. I wanted Raheem back inside me with every fiber of my being. I would do anything. Absolutely anything.

Jamal's engorged cock quickly found my mouth and lost no time driving to the back of my throat. Meeting no resistance from me, his next stroke drove cleanly down my throat. My mouth had become a cunt and he used it like one. Mercifully, after six or seven hard strokes, he would pull out to let me breathe, and then quickly resume. I concentrated on my burning, yearning cunt and the ball of pleasure that was growing inside of me. I wanted Jamal to finish with me so Raheem could start. Finally, to my relief, I felt his huge cock begin to swell even larger and the first gush of hot cum shoot down my throat. He pulled back then and holding my mouth open began to fill it with a seemingly endless stream of jism. I swallowed as quickly as I could, but I just couldn't swallow fast enough. Some of it drizzled down my chin, some splashed on my tits, and some spilled on the floor.

After Jamal finished, while I was licking his cock clean, I heard Raheem say what I had been waiting so long now to hear. "As soon as you get all this cum licked up, I'll start fucking you like the ho you is."

I never hesitated. Every bit of Jamal's cum found its way into my mouth and down my throat. I was like a depraved animal, licking his cum off of the floor, spooning it off of my tits, swallowing every drop I could find. I wanted so much to please. "We got us quite a ho here, Jamal," Raheem grinned.

Raheem turned me over and placed me so my face was only inches from Matt's. He stuck his fingers in my cunt to make sure it was still wet, and then ploughed his colossal love shaft up against my cervix in one long hard thrust.

"Listen, bitch. I'm not all the way in yet," Raheem said. "Ask me to rip your cunt open."

"Okay," I moaned. "Go ahead." I had no idea what I was saying. I just want him to keep on doing me.

"Say it like I said," Raheem snarled.

I hesitated only a brief second. "Rip my cunt open," I murmured.

"Beg me, cunt."

"Please, Raheem, rip my cunt open, push every inch of your massive black cock in my white pussy," I pleaded. I'll never forget the look of utter disgust on Matt's face as I begged my rapist to tear my cunt open.

Raheem brought my legs up onto the table to lift my ass higher and ordered me to press my tits down hard so he could have more direct access to my cunt. From that position, he was able to slam the first four thrusts hard into my cervix. I knew it would not stand that brutal assault for long. By the sixth or seventh stroke, I could feel it starting to give way. The eighth stroke finally ruptured it and the sensation of his delicious black cock finally driving deep into my womb is still indescribable. The pain was intense, true, but the pleasure even more so. The six or seven little climaxes that I had thought so special while Raheem was fucking me in the beginning were nothing compared to the feeling that was engulfing me now as his beautiful pleasure tool drove in and out of my grateful womb. When he finally unloaded his gift of sperm deep in my fertile womb, I experienced a pleasure so intense I literally passed out.

When I came to moments later, I didn't have to be asked to clean the cum and blood from Raheem's exquisite cock. I did it willingly, even graciously and lovingly. I had been raped in front of my son, yes, but what I got in return was so precious right then that I had to thank them in anyway I could.

I also wanted it again. Desperately. I guess it showed.

After I had finished cleaning Raheem's glistening penis, he said that if I wanted to be fucked again I would have to do something special to get them aroused. I told them I would do anything they asked me to, and to my horror, they said they wanted to see me suck my son's cock. I knew I couldn't do that, but when I told them I would do anything else they asked me to, Raheem slapped me four times viciously across the face, cutting my lower lip.

"If you want to get your tight little pussy reamed out again, you get that boy's cock in your mouth right now," Raheem said menacingly. Jamal grabbed me by the hair and dragged me over to the chair where they had Matt tied. "Get to it," he said.

I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to hurt my son, but I had to have Raheem do me at least one more time, I told myself. But I couldn't do this. And then I found myself pulling Matt's zipper down and heard him cry out, "No, mother, Please don't do this."

His cock looked so small and white in my hand as I pulled it from his pants. I felt just awful when I put his cock into my mouth and realized that he was crying, but all I wanted was for him to hurry and stiffen so that Raheem and Jamal would be pleased. It took a little while, but finally his cock was hard enough for me to pull my mouth away and show them. They ordered me to stand up then and turn around and lower myself on to him. They wanted to watch me fuck my son. Horridly, I did as I was told, of course, hardly noticing the five inches of white cock pathetically penetrating my gapping cunt. Still, I fucked my cunt up and down on his tiny shaft to the laughing encouragement of my two stupendously endowed rapists until finally I heard him gasp and felt a small stream of semen spurt from the tip of his cock. I knew without asking that I was the first woman he had ever been with. I didn't care. All I wanted was for Jamal and Raheem to be aroused by it all. I was thrilled beyond description when I looked up and saw both men's cocks fully erect. They were massively black and thick and long and I hoped as eager as I was to have them violate my white body again. I didn't have to wait long.

Raheem walked me back to the table and again placed me belly down over the table again, but this time with my face dangling above Matt's limp cock. I was shaking with anticipation of Raheem's wonderful love stick reentering me and bringing me again to such immense pleasure when I realized that Raheem's cock was poised to enter not my cunt, but my ass!

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