The Rape of the Preacher's Wife


I screamed. He just laughed. "You didn't think we were going to leave your ass unfucked, did you, slut. We going `round the world on you, bitch." He took two quick strokes in my cunt for "lubrication," as he put it, and then drove hard into my ass. As he began plunging relentlessly deeper and deeper into my ass, rending it mercilessly, each tearing stroke seemed to bring a more intense pain. I nearly collapsed when he finally pulled out only to find his swollen cock aimed directly at my mouth. The taste of my own blood and shit gagged me, but I willingly let him plunge down my throat, because if I understood what he meant by "'round the world," my aching cunt would be next. I would stand anything for that.

What I didn't realize was that Jamal was going to join him in this trip. Raheem had taken only two or three lunges down my throat when I felt Jamal's love weapon sliding into my torn ass, ripping what was left of it with long, hard, vicious strokes. He was trying to hurt me and was doing an excellent job. As I tried to cry out in pain, Raheem took the opportunity to shove deeper and deeper down my throat, coating it in blood and excrement.

When he pulled out and Jamal entered my cunt-mouth, I began to tingle with anticipation. My cunt would certainly be Raheem's next target. I knew I would again have to beg for it and that I would have to do it in front of my son. I also knew that I would do it. I had become their love slave. I would do anything to experience again what Raheem had given me.

I did beg for it, like a dog. I even begged for the "double penetration" that they told me was my reward for being such a good slut whore. I was a little disappointed that they reversed roles at first, with Jamal in my cunt and Raheem in my ass, but Jamal did an excellent job giving me two sensational climaxes that really primed me for Raheem's fantastic invasion of my fuck hole. With Jamal in my ass now and Raheem filling every void in my cunt, I never felt so full. With my clit being smashed up against my pelvis by Raheem's massive organ, and my ass stuffed with Jamal's bulging rod, the two cocks sent me into paroxysms of pleasure that made everything I had endured, all the pain and humiliation, worth it. It was the most intense and addicting sensation of my life.

When they finished with me, Jamal suggested they give me a beating to make it look like I was raped. They forgot that Matt had seen everything, I guess. Raheem agreed, but insisted that I first beg them to be beaten. Of course, I did. I could tell they enjoyed battering me almost as much as they did fucking me. I was completely black and blue, particularly on my tits where they concentrated most of their blows and on my face, where they punched both my eyes closed and split my lips open. As a final humiliation they took me in to the bedroom and impaled me on the bedpost with my hands tied behind my back, leaving me there, they said, for my husband to find me. I didn't call the police, but I guess Matt did when he finally got untied. He never told anyone what really happened, though. He also doesn't talk to me anymore. Most people assume I was brutally raped and that Matt was traumatized by it. I don't know what we'll do about the baby growing inside me. I hope against hope that it might be my son, Matt's, and white, but I know it won't be. I try to be a good Christian wife still, but I've let Jamal and Raheem both fuck me a number of times since then. I just can't seem to help myself. I pray and pray about it. But I keep going back. Sometimes they make me fuck their friends. I don't mind. I know I'll be caught soon, especially since Raheem has put me on the street three times now to earn money for his crack habit. After the baby is born, he says he's going to brand me and put me in his stable. I hope and pray I don't let him do that. I'd be his whore then and not a Christian wife, but when he fucks me, I know it's better than heaven could ever be. I just don't know what will happen.

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