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The Rats


I lay bent over the couch, my naked bottom pointing skyward. Looking to my left I could see my best friend Josephine kneeling on the sticky carpeted floor, hair a mess, mascara running, opening her mouth to receive the third cock that evening. As I felt strong hands take hold of my hips and a hot, hard shaft begin to press between the cleavage of my arse cheeks I closed my eyes and with my heartbeat racing felt my mind flash back to how I'd got here...

Four weeks earlier and I was standing in the kitchen, telephone in hand and about to burst into tears. I'd just heard the worst news of my 23 year old life. "Portia? Portia, are you there...?" the faint voice on the other end of the line belonged to my best friend Josephine. I couldn't answer, I felt numb.

It had finally happened. After months of internet rumours and NME gossip my favourite band in the whole world had announced their breakup. Ok, so with hindsight it was hardly the most catastrophic event to ever occur but to me The Rats had meant more than any other band and the thought of them no longer being around made me feel like I'd just been crushed by a falling piano. I had ever one of their records, EPs and singles but The Rats were so much more than a rock'n'roll band, the one thing even more intoxicating than their music was their dreamy lead singer Jonny Rad. Over the years my bedroom had become a shrine to the group but my one truly prized item was the life size poster of Jonny tacked to the ceiling directly above my bed. How many hours had a lay their looking up at him, losing myself in his gorgeous eyes, my hands traveling down between my legs and...

"Babe, are you there?" Josephine's voice snapped me back to reality "Hey, it's not the end of the world and we have got tickets to their last ever show, it's gonna be mad."

God she was good. I knew she was hurting over the news as well but she still wanted me to be ok.

"Look," continued Josie suddenly getting a little serious "what if I said I could get us back stage?"

"What? How?" I laughed

"I've done it loads, you just find the right moment to dodge the security and you're in. I swear, it's easy. If anyone deserves to be backstage this night its us."

"I guess we could try." I said, unconvinced.

"Jonny might even be there." Josie teased.

That got my attention. Oh my God! What if I got to finally meet Jonny! My heart started racing.

"Do you think we would, do you really think we would?" I squealed excitedly.

"I'll call you tonight," said Josie "we'll arrange everything."

I hung up the phone and collapsed into a nearby chair, drifting into dreamworld.

In between work and constant phone calls with Josie I spent the next four weeks in preparation for The Rats finally show, assessing and re-assessing my wardrobe. I tried on everything I owned, took it off, threw it away, tried it on again. I bought three pairs of shoes. I desperately needed to make an impression, I didn't want to be seen as just some groupie, if I could just get through to Jonny I knew we'd I hit it off? I sunk into dreamland again and had the 'happily ever after with Jonny' fantasy for the seven millionth time.

After four anxious weeks the night of the show finally came around. We got ready at Josie's house, dressing and redressing until we felt we couldn't look anymore flawless. We headed off. We applied and reapplied more lipstick in the mini cab. We went over our plan again. Wait until The Rats come on stage then Josie approaches the guard and tells him she's a photographer for NME and the guard waves us through. "It's all in how you present yourself," Josie said confidently "I've done it a million times."

When we got to the venue it was already surrounded by hundreds of fans, wannabes and hangers on. I knew Jonny would see straight through all of them but if we met it would be different.

Josephine and I made our way into the crowded venue catching the last song of the support act. The place was already heaving but by the time The Rats took to the stage it was beyond packed. They launched into the first song of their set, I couldn't take my eyes off Jonny, it felt like I was being drawn into him like a magnet. Suddenly I felt Josie take hold of my hand. "Let's go!" she said, pulling me behind her through the throng of bodies.

As we approached the black curtain that led to the backstage area a lone security guard was all that stood between us and the side of stage. Josephine assumed her character.

"Alright mate?" she said to the guard "Josie Pollard, NME."

The security guard chuckled. "Sorry ladies, VIPs only".

"Don't think you heard sunshine," Josie persisted "I'm from the NME, here to photograph the band after the show."

"Got a pass?" the guard asked, playing along.

"No, but..."

"No pass, no entry." the guard cut her off.

"Yeah but my editor..."

"Look fuck off alright." the guard snapped losing his patience.

My heart sank. Part of me knew the scam wouldn't work but the dream of meeting Jonny had overcome my doubt for the last few weeks. But Josie stood her crowd. She slowly leaned in toward the security guard keeping her eyes fixed to his until her red lips came up to his ear.

She whispered.

The guards eyes bulged.

Suddenly we were both being swept up by the guard, his big hands quickly pulling us in. The next thing I knew we were behind the curtain, standing with the guard in a long corridor that lead past the side of stage. I could just make out the band as they finished their first song and went straight into the next. Fuck they were cool. Jonny's hair looked amazing...

"All right, quickly then." said the guide, looking nervously left and right and bringing me back to reality.

Josie looked at me and winked. What happened next took me by complete surprise. In one fluid motion she slid to her knees taking the guards pants down with her. In seconds his semi hard cock had found its way to her mouth and was hungrily being brought to fullness between her soft red lips. I couldn't believe my eyes. I'd never seen anyone perform sexually in front of me like this in real life let alone my best friend. I should have said something. I should have looked away. I know I should have felt differently but as i watched her ruby red lips work their way up and down the guards now engorged cock I felt a tingling between my legs that I knew I shouldn't enjoy but that felt even better because it was so naughty.

The guard moaned deeply as Josie fondled his balls and sucked deeply on his fat cock. The contrast of his hard black shaft against the soft white skin of Josie's face was beautiful. Suddenly the guard's knees buckled and his hips thrust forward as he unloaded into Josie's mouth. She kept her lips fastened tightly around his tool as it pulsed and shot it's creamy bullets, one, two, three down her throat.

Josie drew her head back slowly and let the guard's softening cock drop from her lips. For a second they were still joined by a thin strand of saliva which hung between the end of the guard's knob and Josie's bottom lip like a suspension bridge but which soon broke parting the two once and for all. The guard regaining his composure, refastened his pants and helped Josie back to her feet.

"Girl, you're good." he said smiling. Josie smiled back, wiping the corner of her mouth with the back of her hand.

"Honey," the guard continued, addressing me "if you're half as good as that I envy those boys on stage."

I smiled back awkwardly, not knowing quite how to respond.

"You seem like nice girls," the guard continued, more seriously now "those boys like to party so just be careful ok? Jonny especially is very particular in his, ahhhh shall we say tastes. Be good now."

And then he was gone, back behind the other side of the curtain leaving a slightly confused me and a slightly disheveled Josie alone in the corridor.

Silence hung over the two of us like a black cloud. I wasn't sure how to break it. Luckily Josie did.

"Yeah, sometimes that photographer scam doesn't work, hope you don't mind me improvising."

I burst out laughing, reaching over and hugging my friend, kissing her on the cheek.

Thinking it best to move on I motioned to the door at the end of the corridor.

"Do you think that goes to their room?"

"Only one way to find out." replied Josie, grabbing my hand and running to the door.

She grabbed the handle.

"Wait!" I said.

Turning Josie to look at me, I fondled in my bag for my compact and lippy.

"Think you might need a quick touch up." I said, smiling.

Josie laughed, taking the products and giving herself a quick 'cat lick'.

"Perfect." I said as she finished with the lipstick and rolled her lips together.

Josie turned back to the door. We both took a big breath and grabbed each others hand tightly. Josie turned the knob and we stepped through the door making our grand entrance.

The room on the other side wasn't quite what we had expected. The walls were covered in graffiti, a large fridge plastered with band stickers hummed in the corner. A ratty couch sat opposite. The room was dirty and smelly, nearly as dirty and smelly as the large roadie that sat spread eagle, sipping a can of lager on what was once could have been another recliner.

"Hello ladies." said the roadie, apparently unfazed by our sudden appearance in his room. "Looking for me?"

"Hi," said Josie "actually we were looking for the backstage room. Is this it?"

"Nah, god bless ya nah. The band room is through that door there love" the roadie motioned over his shoulder "but ahhhh, I get to decide who goes through, know what I mean?"

Josie and I exchanged glances.

"So can we go through please?" asked Josie, flashing her toothiest smile.

"Such nice manners," smiled the roadie "You posh?"

"No, I'm Josie." said Jo naively "Might we be able to go through?"

The roadie looked us both up and down "Yeah, I reckon so."

I breathed a say of relief, not such a pig afterall I thought. We took a step forward.

"Of course there is a little matter of my fee." the roadie suddenly continued.

Josie and I stopped mid step.

"What fee?" I asked nervously.

"Well I can't just send anyone back there can I, no matter how polite they are. If the band don't like ya that comes back on me, I gotta explain how you got back there and why, trust me its a big headache."

I could feel the butterflies doing backflips in my stomach again.

The roadie continued self assuredly "The best way I've worked out is if I just have a little test run first, that way everyone's happy."

"I don't understand" I stammered, although I had a pretty good idea.

"Don't play dumb, I'll put it simply, one of yous blows me and I'll let you both through." He smiled at me gap toothed. "how 'bout it cutie?"

I couldn't move, my feet felt stuck to the floor.

"No? What about you Finishing School?" he looked over the Josephine.

I couldn't believe this pig, no way where we doing that with him.

"Look," I started "we already did that just to get in here. We've payed your horrible fee."

"Not to me you ain't." the roadie snapped back.

I couldn't believe it. I knew this time it would be my turn, I didn't expect Josie to do it again but I couldn't make myself say yes to this guy. Yeah,I was turned on watching Josie do it before but that was with a hot guy not some couch potato with a beer gut.


"Ok." said Josie


"I'll do it if you promise to let us into the band room."

I couldn't believe my ears.

"Scouts fucking honour." the roadie said, beaming.

"Josie, you don't have to do this." I said, "lets just go."

"No way, The Rats are through that door. We can't give up now."

I swallowed hard. "Alright, then let me do it."

"No babe," Josie said sincerely "You need to look good for Jonny. I know you guys will hit it off. It's ok."

Josie turned away from me and took a step towards the roadie who was all smiles. He undid his belt buckle as Josie slowly sank to her knees in front of him.

As he slid his trousers down I could make out his cock, huge and hard underneath his underpants. I watched as Josie prepared herself for its unveiling.

"It's alright love," the roadie smiled, sensing Josie's nerves "I'll go easy on ya."

With that he pulled down his pants. Josie gasped involuntarily as his huge cock sprung out towards her face.

"Wrap your pretty lips 'round that gorgeous." the roadie said, thrusting his dick towards Josie's face like a giant missile.

Josie titled her head back and opened her mouth as the roadie took her head and guided his cock between her lips, slowly sinking his shaft into her mouth. Josie gagged as it hit the back of her throat.

"That'a girl" the roadie whispered, holding her head in place. Josie scrunched her eyes up and gagged again. The roadie drew his cock out of her mouth and let her come up for air.

Josie breathed in hard, mascara running down her cheeks.

"Hope you like cum beautiful." he said, taking hold of her head again and pushing his cock back between her lips. He began thrusting in and out of her mouth, his balls swinging like a pendulum and hitting Josie in the chin. Josie closed her eyes again and put her hands on her knees, letting the roadie fuck her mouth, saliva dripping from her chin. The roadie picked up the pace, taking big fistfuls of blonde hair on either side of Josie's head and nailing her mouth with all he could muster. Tears spilled from Josie's scrunched eyes, rolling down her cheeks and joining her spit covered chin. As I watched my friend's face being fucked I was suddenly taken aback by the huge sense of lustfulness that rippled through me. It was against everything I believed in but at that moment I wished it was me down on my knees, choking on that guy's massive dick.

Suddenly the roadie grunted loudly and pushed forward. Josie couldn't help gagging again as his huge cock thrust deep into her throat. Cum spilled from the sides of her mouth as the roadie pulled out and jerked the last few spirts over her face and lips.

The roadie collapsed, spent, on the couch. Josie remained on the floor, cum and saliva dripping from her face. The muffled sounds of The Rats could be heard through the walls as the came crashing to the end of their sixth song.

"That's my cue ladies, guitar change." said the roadie, pulling himself up off the couch.

"Clean yourself up darlin'" he said, dropping a dirty rag on the floor in front of Josie. As he exited through the door he turned back with some parting words.

"You'll be ok love. Jonny might not be so kind though, he's very particular." He laughed and shut the door.

I raced over to the crumpled heap on the floor.

"Josie?" I said. I felt like crying.

"I'm fine hon." Amazingly she sounded sincere. "I haven't exactly told you the total truth about all this." she said as I handed her some tissues to clean her face.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I've never got backstage pretending to be a photographer."

"But you've been backstage at shows hundreds of times." I offered.

"How do you think I got there?"

The question hung in the air. It didn't need answering.

I shook it off. So my friend was a bit of a groupie, so what?

Josie picked herself up and sat down on the grubby couch. As she cleaned herself up she regaled me with stories of her exploits. Kissing the singer from this band after their BRIT award win. Fucking the bass player from that band in the back of the tour bus while his girlfriend waited outside. Blowing the guitarist from such and such side of stage before he took his encore.

After she'd finished I sat stunned.

"There's one more thing," Josie said "I don't think you'll like it."

"I don't think there's anything you could tell me now that could be anymore..."

"I fucked the drummer from The Rats." she blurted.

I blanked for second.

"Are you serious?" My mind was suddenly filled with images. Josie with her legs behind her head, the drummer pumping her pussy. Josie ridding cowgirl, head flung back, the drummer fondling her breasts. Josie on all fours, the drumming howling as nailed her from behind. I desperately needed to know more.

"Oh my god, tell me everything." I said enthusiastically.

"There's not much to tell, he came in about 30 seconds. But he told me some stuff about Jonny that I think you should know."

I laughed. "What?"

"Have you noticed everyone saying how 'particular' he is?" Josie asked, raising an eyebrow. "He's got a fetish and I've heard it's the only thing that he'll do. If you're wanting to sleep with him I think you should know about it."

"Well, what is it?" I asked.

My curiosity was peaked. What mysterious secret did my perfect, perfect Jonny hold? Did he enjoy spankings? I could do that. Did he like school girls? I could dress up. Did he like the outdoors? I'm not shy.

Josie lifted her head and looked me in the eyes.

"He only does anal."

My heart skipped. "Sorry, what?" I smiled, thinking I must have misheard.

"He only does girls up the bum." repeated Josie.

I was dumbfounded. "But not always," I questioned "sometimes he must like it normal too?"

Josie shook her head. "Apparently he's obsessed by it, pussy doesn't interest him at all."

"And the drummer told you all this?"

Josie nodded. Silence filled the room. Then, "Ever done it that way?"

I blushed and looking at the floor. "No."

"Ever wanted to?" queered Josie.

Yeah, I'd thought about it, I'd even explored a little while alone in my bedroom starring up at the poster of Jonny Rad that adorned my ceiling but I'd never had a guy put his dick up there.

Telling Josie this she sat, pondering.

"Do you still want to go through with it?" she asked.

I thought for a second, was I ready for this? I'd dreamt about Jonny Rad making love to me so many times, I didn't care where he wanted to put it, I just wanted him so bad.

"Yeah," I said. "I do."

"Then I think there's something we need to do." said Josie.

"What is it?"

"I think we need to warm you up." Josie replied. "Trust me, you need to be a little prepared for what Jonny's gonna want to do."

"Ok." I responded, a little confused "What do I need to do?"

A wicked smile spread across Josephine's mouth. "I think you should let me do it."

"Ok." I replied again, dumbly.

"Stand in front of me and turn around." Josie said.

I did as she asked, turning away from her so I was now facing the door to the stage.

Josie gave me a second before continuing.

"Ok, now slide your panties down and show me your beautiful bottom babe."

I swallowed, "he goes nothing" I thought.

I reached down and slide my panties down to the floor. Stepping out of them I reached back and hitched up the back of skirt exposing my white orbs to Josie.

"Wow," gasped Josie "I never realised you had such a hot arse."

"Thanks," I laughed nervously "I guess."

I could feel Josephine's eyes on me then suddenly her warm hand gently running over my right bum cheek. I gasped and closed my eyes at her touch as that same feeling of lustfulness that had filled my body as I watched her blow the roadie washed over me again.

"I need you to spread your legs a little babe and bend over." Josie said from behind me.

I responded, bending at the waist and and planting my hands on the ground. My long black hair hung in my face obscuring my view but that didn't matter as I soon found my eyes closing as Josie again ran her hands over my naked arse.

I had no idea what was going to happen next. Part of me couldn't believe I was doing this so willingly, letting my best friend feel me up in the back room of a club but the other part of me, the part that slowly taking over wanted it more than anything.

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