tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Ravaging of a Dh'oine Ch. 02

The Ravaging of a Dh'oine Ch. 02


Disclamier: Iorveth, the Scoia'tael, and Cedric are not mine but the female character is mine. This is done purely for entertainment purposes and not for profit.

The title is self explanatory; don't know why so many people hate Iorveth. He fights for a cause although a little hateful and he makes me cream my panties, he's so hot.

This story has a lot of explicit sexual content including gang bangs and a woman being used in helpless sexual situations. If that's not your thing, turn back. I also used some Elven language in here, so if don't play Witcher or Witcher 2 you might not know the lingo and be a little lost but you can always goggle it. The story still flows well regardless.

****Elven language/Elder language/Elven tongue- Anything written in bold and italics is Elven language being spoken as a conversation. The main character Setsuna does not speak this and has no comprehension.


Setsuna looked up at Iorveth in bewilderment. She hadn't expected the most ruthless Elf leader in Temeria to demand she give him a blowjob. To be honest, she had never done that before. She was a shy girl that was always curious of boys but refused to go too far.

She had made out with some of the town boys on different occasions and was told she was a good kisser.

Setsuna would feel their hard cocks press up against her thigh through their trousers as she let them fondle her large breasts through the opening in her chemise. "Can you feel that?" one of them had whispered once.

Even through the thickness of her skirts, she couldn't miss such a hard erection. But she would always lie and say no, but she was boiling inside. The moisture between her legs had begun to gather and that's when she would try to pull away. Most thought of Setsuna as a tease and she was exactly that, just a tease with no intentions on following through.

She never made out with them at the same time, just different boys every time. It always happened same place and she did the same thing; a simple kiss and grope in the alleys in the non human district, no one would look for her there. When Setsuna made it clear she would go no further than a simple grope they would whine, beg or even curse her but they would always let her leave.

Except the butcher's son was different, he was forceful with her and immediately she tried to pull away. "I heard about you, cock tease."

When she tried to struggle out of his grip, he thrust her against the wall. He covered her mouth with his left hand and pulled up her skirts with his right. It was then that he slid his hand under her dress and shoved two fingers inside her discovering her secret: she was wet and she was a virgin.

The eyes of the butcher's son lit up, and he removed his hands from her skirts and tried to lean his body weight on her to keep her in place.

However he was having trouble opening his trousers with one hand; the other still over her mouth for fear she would scream and bring the Garrison down upon him. When Setsuna felt him lift his body from hers to obtain a better vantage point to undo his trousers, she quickly bit his hand over her mouth and kneed his balls. Setsuna wasted no time when he fell to his knees in agony and ran faster than she had ever run in her life.

She heard him hurling threats behind her but she didn't even look back. Setsuna never told anyone of the incident, least people think she was a harlot and the butcher's son would undoubtedly retaliate.

She never heard from the butcher's son again and he never followed through on the threats; perhaps his pride would be more bruised than his family jewels if his others found out. In any case, Setsuna decided she would never play with men's emotions again. She didn't realize how dangerous it could be; laws that protected women as the weaker sex were all but nonexistent.

Setsuna had now wished she had gained more sexual experience so she knew what to do. Iorveth looked down at her with impatience. He could tell the human was inexperienced; he knew a whore when he saw one, but she could at least pull herself out of her own laziness and stupidity to try. Although he had no taste for men at all, he couldn't imagine sucking a dick being that hard. Not harder than cutting off a man's head anyway.

Iorveth was about to kick her and give her some incentive but then she saw her little hands reach out and feel his erection through his trousers. Setsuna used her hand to feel his thickness through his pants and was amazed she could feel its heat even through his leather trousers. She then reached in the front of his trousers to fish out his hard length.

It wasn't difficult to find but definitely hard to pull out since it was down his thigh. Setsuna had to abandon her futile attempts and used all her strength to roll his tight leather trousers down his hips slightly, just barely exposing the bottom shaft of his cock which seemed bent uncomfortably due to her ministrations. She now found it easier to release Iorveth's dick from his pants which sprung from its confines with a bobbing motion due to its erect nature.

Setsuna stared in surprise at how big he was. She didn't know men came that size. It was at least eight and a half inches long with a girth of two inches. She gasped in fear and excitement as she wrapped her hands around. It felt so hot it was like the heat would burned her skin. The girls in the town told stories of what sex was, so she knew where to begin at least.

She licked Iorveth's massive veiny length from base to tip, savoring the taste of his cock. Setsuna was surprised he didn't taste like sweat even though it was hot and his trousers were confining. She licked along a throbbing heavy vein on the underside of his cock that pulsed and she pinched her full lips around the vein best she could and sucked on it gently.

She heard Iorveth moan and could feel his heart beating quickly through the vein. She then pulled back and began to stroke him with both hands back and forth. Her soft hands felt like silk around his massive rod as she stroked him from top to bottom. Setsuna could feel every vein as she ran her hands up and down his length and watching the skin of this cock slide back and forth as she jerked his circumcised cock.

It was beautiful and pale and glistening with saliva from the gentle coating she had given it earlier. A long white shaft with a thickness that could make any woman weak at the sight of it, had three separate veins running along its length; one vein on each side and one on the bottom. Iorveth's huge cock had a large mushroom shaped head that sported an angry purple color.

She couldn't help but notice the more she stoked his cock, a clear liquid emerged from his cock head. Could this be the pre cum her friends had told her about? They had told her the hotter men get the more clear stuff comes out at first. Setsuna decided to test this theory and went to work on Iorveth's cock.

As a cook, her hands were soft but strong. Setsuna quickened the pace of her hands and watched his foreskin slide along his cock, providing a friction that made Iorveth's back arch slightly and groan. The sounds from Iorveth and the beauty of his cock made her pussy wet. She liked touching cocks she decided.

More clear precum came out and it was dripping now and falling like droplets on the ground. Setsuna removed one hand from his cock and heard Iorveth gasp quietly when she ran a finger along his sensitive cock head to gather some precum. She was surprised by his taste when she brought it to her lips. It had a sweet saltiness that made her crave more than just a taste.

It was then she felt a forceful pull on her hair that made her yelp in pain. Iorveth had reached down while she was attending his cock and tangled her fingers in her silky waves, pulling on them painfully as if her very roots would give way under his strength. She released his cock and winched in pain, reaching up to touch his fingers, hoping to loosen his fingers.

Her attempt was unsuccessful and she only managed to get the precum that coated her fingers in her hair. Iorveth shook her violently, his fingers still entangled in her hair, enjoying the way her heavy tits swayed as he shook her. He then pulled her head back painfully, forcing her to look upwards in face. The lust was apparent on his face, but his frustration even more so.

"Enough, Dh'oine. Exploration is over. I gather you haven't done this before but I think I've been more than generous. I'll not spill my seed on the forest floor; I'm letting you live to fill that purpose. Open your mouth."

He loosened his grip slightly on Setsuna's hair, enough to lessen the pain but not enough to release her. Setsuna opened her mouth and Iorveth fought to slide his thick cock head past her juicy lips and into her small mouth.

"Wider!" Setsuna opened her mouth further and his cock began to slide in with ease.

"Mmmm yes, Dh'oine. Like that." Iorveth chanted this as his slid out of her mouth and back again.

Each time he forced her mouth to accept a new inch, her mouth began to reflexively salivate, least she choke. Setsuna didn't know what to do so she began to rub Iorveth's thighs. She then began to bob her head back and forth and meet his strokes with her own rhythm.

"Suck me. Suck me off human bitch."

Setsuna wrapped her lips around his cock tightly and began to suck him as she bobbed her head with his thrusting hips. Iorveth could feel her full lips twisting and sucking around the edge of his shaft before it disappeared into the hot wetness of her mouth. He felt his cock being drawn deeply into her mouth with every strong forceful movement of her mouth.

"Awww yeah, suck me, human. I'm going to fuck you raw soon. Mmmm yes, suck that thick cock."

A slurping noise began to fill the air as Setsuna's jaws worked frantically to suck him into her mouth. Setsuna couldn't help it; she wanted to touch herself. She continued to use one hand to rub Iorveth's thighs and moved the other hand down to her bare pussy and began to touch her clit as her hands became coated with her own pussy juice.

"Spread your legs, whore. We want to see that wet slit." Iorveth ordered.

Setsuna was on her knees and did her best to spread her legs even further. She watched the four remaining archers come into her view. They were all dressed in usual Scoia'tael garb with green armored jackets and red trousers. They had pulled out their own cocks and were stroking themselves. They were all similar in size, about 6 inches long 1 inch thick. A good size, but not as big as Iorveth.

They position themselves beside Iorveth, in flanking formation so they could all see her pink virgin-tight cunt slick with pussy juice. Setsuna moaned around Iorveth's cock as she rubbed her own clit and her knees shook in pleasure.

"Open your slit wide. So we can see inside you." It was not Iorveth, but one of his Scoia'tael archers.

Setsuna stopped rubbing her clit and used two fingers to part her pussy lips and pull herself open. Her beautiful pink opening was glistening with her clear juices in the sunlight and on display to the world. The smallness of her opening revealed her tightness and her engorged clit peeked out from under its hood with arousal. Juices still dripped from her pussy and dropped to the grass beneath her. Iorveth had seen hundreds and hundreds of vaginas in his old age of a thousand, but he had to admit, hers was indeed one of the prettiest. Her beauty spurred him to do something nasty. She couldn't get anything but five inches in her mouth which didn't satisfy Iorveth.

He watched the little beautiful human stare up at him in fear, bewilderment and arousal as he moved his hand from atop her head to the back, forcing her to take what was left of his three inches down her throat. Iorveth groaned deeply, enjoying the feeling of his full eight inches being encased by the girl's mouth and unwilling throat.

He saw tears begin to pool in the corners of her beautiful blue eyes as her gag reflex kicked it. Her throat was rejecting the invader and she began to gag heavily. Her gagging only served as a vacuum for his cock and Iorveth thrust his hips a little as her gag reflex began to milk his cock fully. Iorveth despite seeing her distress didn't budge an inch. He watched her paw at him with a malicious smirk on his lips. Setsuna's hands quickly fly up to his thighs, trying to push him away with no success.

She felt like she was going to die, she couldn't breathe! Her entire throat was blocked by the thickness of his massive cock. Her beautiful tan cheeks turned purple, a signal that she had turned blue. Iorveth continued to groan and allowed her to choke on his cock.

"That's it. Choke on, dirty Dh'oine. Uhhhhhh yes, I going to fuck your throat. Make me cum, slut", Iorveth said through gritted teeth.

Then one of Iorveth's archers next to him with black hair leaned forward and asked, "So you're all just going to let her pass out?" It was obvious he was talking to the group.

Iorveth didn't care; he found the scene comical and arousing. "What's the problem, Ciaran? Have you ever seen a human look so beautiful? Besides she'll figure it out sooner or later", Iorveth said.

Ciaran was his right hand man and most trusted friend. Ciaran continued to stroke his cock as he looked through the strands of his polished jet black hair that had fallen in his eyes. In truth, he hadn't seen a human woman look more beautiful. The blond human looked so beautiful with her azure eyes filled with tears and mouth filled with Elf cock.

Ciaran could even see the bulge in her throat where his leader's cock was lodged in her throat. He watched her throat muscles contract as it tried to dislodge him with no success. It made him groan and wish he could fuck her like the whore she was, but shook his head to clear his thoughts.

"Iorveth, if she hasn't figured it out by now then she won't at all. If she passes out none of us will get a turn, well not a lively one anyway."

Ciaran leaned forward and yelled, "Breathe through your nose human. Concentrate. Just breathe through your nose. Even the simplest of whores know that." He said it a condescending way; like a doctor would to the mentally challenged.

Setsuna looked up at the black haired Elf with porcelain skin known as Ciaran. She closed her eyes and tried to forget about how her lungs were burning. She concentrated on breathing through her nose and tried to take a deep breath. There was just enough air around his cock for her to breath with her nasal passages.

She was grateful for the air, and reveled in it and took a few deep breaths. It was during this time that Iorveth started to move her head slowly, allowing her to adjust to the rhythm. Although she was still gagging, she wasn't as bad as before. She didn't feel like she would die as she did when first deepthroating Iorveth.

As a matter of fact, she found that by breathing through her nose, she had an unlimited air supply although her throat was blocked. Setsuna settled down and her panic began to subside.

"See? Gods, humans would rather die than use some common sense. Should have let the stupid bitch die on your cock!"

Ciaran was speaking to Iorveth in Elder language, a language spoken solely by Elves. Setsuna didn't understand what he said but her was glaring at her and spat the words spitefully. Iorveth and all the Scoia'tael around him laughed heartily at Ciaran's words. Indeed it was some kind of malicious joke aimed at her she decided.

Setsuna took a deep breath through her nose and began to fasten her lips around the base of his shaft. She used what little use of her lips she had, to form a tight seal around his Iorveth's shaft. She re-positioned her hands back on his thighs and started to move her head on his cock. When she moved her head back and forth, Iorveth could feel her sucking him in deeply when he slid his hips back.

His shaft being tightly milked by her mouth and then her throat. Iorveth groaned and decided he was done being nice, she had adjusted enough. He then grabbed her by the head and began to roughly fuck her throat. It wasn't so bad once she knew how to do it right. Setsuna swallowed his cock deeply and began to suck him off wildly with renewed vigor.

"Mmmmhhh yes. Uhhhhhhh yes Dh'oine," Iorveth growled.

Setsuna closed her eyes and allowed Iorveth to fuck her throat. He held her head as he shoved his prick down her throat again and again. She was beginning to enjoy the massive thickness in her mouth and hearing Iorveth grunt as he used her mouth. She sucked and slurped on his rod; the forest was filled with the sounds of her slurping and gulping his cock down with wild abandon.

The Scoia'tael were speechless as she revealed what a slut she really was inside. Setsuna loved the taste of his cock and wanted more. She dove her head forward and tried to take his cock to the base. She heard Iorveth sharply intake a breath through gritted teeth as the human willingly shoved all eight inches of fat rod down her throat.

Iorveth's breathing became labored as the beautiful human slid a few inches out of her mouth and then rammed every inch of him through her sucking lips and down her gaping throat. He could feel her thick, fat lips wrapped around his pulsing cock trying to work him with her lips as she deep throated him. Then Iorveth pulled back and slid his cock from her throat.

Setsuna began to gasp and cough at the new found air. Iorveth stopped when just the head was in her mouth, not allowing her to catch her breath any longer. His cock was covered with her gleaming spit.

"Suck the head, Dh'oine slut. Make me cum." Setsuna wrapped her lips around the head and sucked as hard as she could. Using her tongue, she licked his cock head as she sucked his head deeply and watched Iorveth stroke his cock. He then grabbed her head and gave a loud grunt as he came in her mouth.

Setsuna jumped when she felt the first large spurts of his salty cum. "Drink every drop, Dh'oine."

Setsuna did her best to do as Iorveth ordered. She tried to keep up and drink down as much of his cum as she could but after the first four spurts she couldn't any longer. Milk white salty strands dripped out of the corners of her mouth and onto her heaving breasts. It slid down the crevice of her breasts to her flat tummy. Some also slid down her large dark pink nipples and hung there before falling on her thighs like dew drops hang from the edges of a flower and fall to the grass below.

She swallowed continuously until his think strands of cum slowed and then it was over. Iorveth's heavy hands were still on the back of her head as he took a few shaky breaths. Gods, it had felt so good. But he needed pussy even more.

He then pulled her head back and ordered her to open her mouth. The Scoia'tael leader wanted to make sure she swallowed everything in her mouth. Iorveth looked down at the cum coated beauty who dutifully opened her mouth to show him she had indeed done as he asked.

Iorveth smirked, "That was wonderful Dh'oine. You're a quick learner....But you aren't done yet. I'm not quite sated." Setsuna's eyes widened and a great fear and excitement knotted her stomach.

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