tagAnalThe Ravishing Ch. 02

The Ravishing Ch. 02


Author's Note: You see, I had no choice but to write a sequel for "The Ravishing." My characters often speak to me in the quiet darkness of the night when voices that are otherwise silent awaken and whisper urgently in our ears. My willful little heroine complained … very sweetly, of course, almost shyly … that I had not paid the proper amount of attention to some parts of her body … well, actually, one luscious part in particular. I couldn't resist her sultry little pout. So here we are!

While this story can be read as a self-contained piece, it would be nice if you also read the earlier part, which you will find under "Toys and Masturbation." I promise you that it's short. You, the reader, will, of course, have to judge if it's sweet.


I looked down at her beautiful body splayed open on the bed. It was still jerking in its silken bonds, the silver egg thrumming insistently in her cunt. Soft little noises leaked from her throat as her body quivered to the frantic rhythm of the toy buried in her flesh. While her body had thrashed in release, I had softly lapped up the juices oozing from her hole. God … she tasted good. Now, my thirst only partially slaked, I wanted more.

I palmed the small remote that held the key to her fate. It had brought that shining orb to screaming life inside her body and had the power to return it to once again to brooding silence. I ran my finger absently over the eight buttons on its face, the 1 a soft soothing hum, the 8 a violent mind shattering orgasm. She knew all about 8. After I had tipped her over into a toe curling, finger clawing release, I had maintained the toy at maximum power through the aftershocks that rocked her flesh. Her throat was raw from screaming. I now pressed 2, calming the pulsing metal to a soft nagging throb, easing her down from the peak of pleasure on which she was teetering painfully.

The room was filled with the sounds of her breathing. Her soft breasts were shuddering as she drew in hungry lungfuls of air. She opened her eyes and watched me as I stood by her bed peeling off my clothes. When I was finally naked, her gaze drifted to my midriff. I was already hard, my cock twitching impatiently. She whimpered softly and her thighs fell apart even further in silent invitation. I knew what she wanted, but it's always polite to ask. I lay down beside her, slipped an arm under her shoulder and gently nuzzled her ear.

"What, sweetheart? … Tell me what you want."

"Take me … please," she whispered.

"How do you want me to take you?" I asked her softly.

Her lips fluttered like butterfly wings but no sounds emerged from her throat. I waited patiently. I had all night.

"Say it," I coaxed.

"Fuck me," she moaned, "fuck me … please."

Her tight little ass was bouncing on the pillow that I had earlier slid under her hips.

"Oh, God," she whimpered, "I'm so ready for you."

I softly cupped the raw, swollen flesh of her cunt with my palm as she writhed. I could feel the gentle vibrations of the thrumming egg through the soft barrier of her flesh. It was unbearably erotic.

"Yes … you are," I cooed, "so wet, so ready."

I removed my palm from her hot steaming sex and softly clutched her throat letting her juices soak into her skin. Her nostrils dilated, driven half mad by the scent of her own arousal. I brought my face close to hers, my breath playing on her lips as my palm slid down her throat to capture the soft mound of her breast.

"I'm tempted … very tempted," I whispered into her skin, "But I'm not going to fuck your tight little cunt tonight. I have other plans for you."

She groaned at my words and the gentle pressure on her breast.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her.

"Yes," she replied, her eyes suddenly solemn, "with my life."

My fingers drifted down her body, through the soft juicy tissues of her cunt, into the crack of her ass to settle against the puckered hole of her anus.

"And with this?" I teased, "Do you trust me with this?"

Her eyes widened as she felt the gentle pressure against her bottomhole and she moaned. I knew how much she enjoyed anal play, how much she enjoyed my tongue running softly over her tight opening and my finger probing gently. But my baby was still something of an anal virgin. She had confessed to me softly that she had never been "sodomized." The word - so violent, so brutal - sounded unspeakably obscene from her lips. So, is that what you want, I had asked her, to be "sodomized?" "Yesss," she had hissed, burying her face in my chest in a sudden paroxysm of shyness.

So here she was in my arms, my anal innocent, her tiny little hole never stretched by an invading cock, her bowels never plowed by hot throbbing flesh. All that was about to change. My cock twitched at the thought of being the first to claim that ripe scrumptious ass. I saw a momentary flicker of panic in her eyes, which was quickly replaced by ravenous lust as the pad of my forefinger softly stroked the rim of her anus.

"Oh, God … Yes," she moaned, "I trust you … with anything … with everything … even that."

I brushed her hair back from her forehead and gazed softly into her eyes.

"I'm going to take you slowly and softly," I whispered, "And before I'm done with you, I'm going to make you beg for it."

A delicious little tremor ran through her frame.

"You enjoy that, don't you," she asked softly, "making me beg?"

"Yes," I replied quietly, "Nothing turns me on more than having you half mad with lust in my arms. Nothing makes me harder than when you moan to be taken like a hungry little whore."

"That's really what I'm," she whispered softly, "your hungry little whore."

Her hips were surging gently, sawing the crease of her ass against my finger. I knew her heated confession, her sweet little song of desire was turning her on.

"And do you like being that, my pet? Do you like being my hungry little whore?" I asked her. I was dripping the words slowly into her ear, stoking the heat in her cunt, the longing in the soft brown rosebud of her anus. I wanted her desperate and seething before I took her.

"Yes … Oh my God … yes … very much," she whimpered, "I love it when you use me."

"Well then … I'm going to use you all night," I said. My cock was painfully hard. I wanted her so badly I could taste it in my mouth. I willed myself to slow down, to be patient with this sweet bundle of warmth that I held wrapped up in my arms. Tonight was about her, about her slow sensuous awakening into anal pleasure. I wanted to watch her eyes widen with surprise and delight as the nerve endings in her ass came alive and she writhed on the length of my hard throbbing flesh.

I unwound the scarlet silk wrapped around her wrists and her ankles. Though she had been freed, she remained as she was, split open in a wide X, her limbs loose and quiescent. I smiled my approval. "Good girl," I whispered as I bent down and captured her soft lips in my own before gently insinuating my tongue into the heated cavern of her mouth. She lay there quietly, whimpering, as I ravished her lips. When I pulled away, she looked at me expectantly. She was obviously eager to savor what the night held for her.

I rolled her over onto her stomach, her hips still lifted by the pillow. She didn't complain when I retied her limbs. I wanted her to stay completely still. I knew she would need help given what I planned to do to her. I think she knew it too. She wanted to be protected against herself, against the soft trembling that would grip her limbs. She wanted that prison of silk.

I moved around to kneel between her parted thighs, which were glistening from the juices that had leaked from her slit. For a long moment, as her body twitched impatiently, I merely drunk in the vision spread out before me – of her beautiful ass poised in the air, her cheeks slightly parted, the treasure nestling in the shadow between barely visible. Her crease was damp. Her pussy had been leaking all night. Her juices had to go somewhere.

I peeled open the petals of her ass with my thumbs, just enough to give my tongue room to run in a long lazy arc along the length of her valley, tripping lightly over the puckered opening of her anus as it did. I bobbed my head up and down, making that delicious journey over and over again, scooping up the juices that had dribbled into her crease and then licking her wet.

When she was all glistening, I planted a soft little kiss on her asshole. As my lips fluttered over the mouth of her anus, I heard her moan. And then my tongue slithered out to flick into my mouth the pussy juices, which coated the rim of her hole. I licked her deliberately, purposefully until I uncovered the stronger, muskier taste of her hungry little star. I slid my tongue over the wrinkled surface around that core of darkness, gently tracing the folds and ridges that radiated from it.

After a while, I peeled her open even wider, straightening out the folds of flesh around her anus. I began to run my tongue softly, methodically across the tightly stretched swathes of skin. As I slurped her wrinkled little hole, her hips were bucking uncontrollably and she was mumbling into the sheet. I briefly abandoned her hot little derriere and crawled up to lie down next to her. Her eyes were tightly closed and she was tugging at the sheet with her sharp white teeth, wetting it with her drool. I swept an errant wisp of hair behind her ear.

"Did you want me to stop, baby?" I asked her, my voice dripping with false concern, "Did you want me to stop licking your sweet little asshole?"

"No," she stammered, stiff with panic, "No … please don't stop."

"Do you want me to slide my tongue into your honeypot then? Is that what you want, baby?"

"Yes … Oh, God, yes," she mumbled, her voice thick, "put it inside me. Fuck me with it. Fuck me deep."

Her eyes were wild. I don't think she knew what she was saying. She only knew that she didn't want it to end … to ever end.

Now that I had asked my lady for her permission like the true gentleman that I was, I returned to my appointed task. I cupped her cheeks in my palms and gently parted them. This time around, I dug the tips of my thumbs into the rim of her hole and pulled, easing her open. Her sphincter rebelled against the insistent pressure of my thumbs, struggling to wink closed. I refused to yield, savoring her delicious helplessness as I held open her orifice. That darkness looked so seductive, so welcoming. I blew a gentle breath of air into her passage, teasing her before dipping the very tip of my tongue into her opening.

My tongue flicked, tasting, caressing, laving before plunging further until I was buried as far as I could go in her tight tunnel. She let out a low keening wail as I began to tongue fuck her, my tongue slipping and slithering in and out of her. Her fingers had curled into claws, gripping the sheet into sweaty clumps. I found myself wondering whether the sheet would last the night. When I eased my tongue out of her hole, it yawned open, eager, welcoming, the dark pink flesh of her inner passage glistening with my spit. Time for something firmer, something harder, I thought.

I opened the bedside table to retrieve the lube that I had stashed there for just such an occasion. I gently inserted the nozzle into her puckered hole and squeezed the tube. She started as the lubricant, cool to the touch, filled her up. When I removed the nozzle, her muscles slowly drew closed and some of the wet slippery liquid oozed out of her tight hole. My cock pulsed at the utterly obscene vision of the lube dribbling out of her ass. That's how she's going to look later that night, I thought, when she has been fucked and my cum seeps out of her swollen hole.

I used the tip of my forefinger to rub the slick liquid into and around her anus. She moaned at the soft insidious friction of my finger slipping and sliding over her flesh. When my finger pierced the ring of muscle that guarded her entrance and slid in up to the first knuckle, I relished the sweetness of her surrender. She whimpered at the unfamiliar intrusion and her muscles clutched at my finger, unsure whether to suck me in or squeeze me out. I made up her mind for her. As her muscles tired and relaxed briefly, I slid my finger all the way in. She grunted softly at the penetration. Her insides were hot and very very tight, the lube squishing between our grinding flesh. I wondered how she would ever take the thickness of my swollen shaft.

Her delicious little bottom felt so different from her cunt, firmer, less spongy, less willing to yield to an intruder. We were both still for a moment, my finger and her hips both unmoving. And then, I gently wiggled my digit, churning her innards, massaging the hot walls of her tight tunnel. She whined like a little puppy and then her hips began to move in tight little circles, the muscles of her ass squeezing and releasing the finger trapped inside her flesh. It was the signal I was waiting for. I began to slowly fuck in and out of her tight passage.

The sight of her sphincter clutching my finger as it slid in and out her body was erotic poetry. The tight ring of muscle was pulled outwards as I slid out and then pushed inwards as I slid in. The lube that I had squeezed into her hot little ass oozed out from around my digit. But what inflamed me even more, what made my cock so hard that it hurt were the soft sucking noises that my finger made as it thrust in and out of that lube filled tunnel. At that point, I feared that I would cum just by the sights and sounds of her without even having felt the heat of her ass milking my flesh.

She appeared to have relaxed enough to want more. Her hips were heaving upwards now, impaling her exposed flesh onto my finger. On the downstroke, I placed the tip of my middle finger next to my forefinger and pressed in firmly. She moaned at the sensation of fullness, not in pain, but in quiet satisfaction. A little shudder ran through her as I began to fuck her, slowly and methodically. I used my fingers, by turns scissoring them open and twisting them inside her like a live corkscrew, to open her up. I was broader than two fingers and I didn't want to hurt her going in. I wanted my throbbing shaft to slip into her like a hot knife through butter before I fucked her brains out.

My other hand eased beneath her body to rummage in her cunt. She was leaking like a broken faucet and the surface of the pillow was completely drenched. The fabric was now transparent. I didn't remember her ever being so soaked. And that's saying a great deal. My baby has always been a wet fuck. I gently cupped her pussy where the silver egg still vibrated busily, adding to the flood of sensation already hotwiring her brain. Her hips went crazy, undecided whether to rub her stiff little clit against my gently exploring palm or to drive her ass onto my marauding fingers.

As she began to jerk like a broken marionette, I decided to put her out of her misery of choice and withdrew my fingers from her bottomhole. She whimpered, utterly distraught that I had abandoned her needy little rosebud. Actually, I was doing nothing of the kind. I took the slim silver bullet that I had used on her clit and slid it smoothly into her yawning asshole.

"Time to go to heaven, baby," I whispered and turned the knob of the vibrator on. Now the possibilities were endless. No wonder boys love toys. I fucked the slick throbbing cylinder in and out of her hot little tush as she bounced helplessly on the pillow. I knew that the two vibrating toys would be dancing their own little tango inside her body, rubbing against each other through the thin membrane separating her two tight tunnels.

But it wasn't over yet. I began upping the power on each. As the toys revved up and the soft metallic whirr turned her insides into liquid, I sliced through her silk bonds with my pocketknife to free her flailing limbs. I was in no mood for untying knots. That's why I keep that blade honed like the edge of a razor. I flipped her over onto her back. She made an utterly obscene, utterly delicious sight. Her asshole was distended, the skin along the rim almost translucent, one inch of vibrating silver pouting from her rump. Her cunt was splayed open – hot and pink and wet, the stem of her clit engorged, free of its fleshy pouch, begging to be used. The same pleading was in her eyes.

I pushed her thighs back against her body, splitting her fully open and dipped my head. She knew what I was going to do before I did it. Her head flipped back exposing her throat and her back arched as though she were offering the soft mounds of her breasts to the Gods. When I took her pink throbbing little pearl in my mouth, she screamed. It took just one liquid suck before she lost her body to pleasure that she could scarcely understand. Her body seemed completely disjointed, as though it had a life apart from her, as though her mind were a stranger to her limbs. Her arms and legs were jerking spasmodically, trailing the scarlet ribbons of her captivity, their ends sharp where my knife had fallen.

I didn't wait for her orgasm to fade into little aftershocks. I wanted to fuck her while her body was still thrashing from her cum. I withdrew the silver bullet from her quivering asshole like a blade from a fresh wound. My palms gripped her thighs, slick from the juices she had been spewing all night and pushed her backwards and outwards, opening her up completely. She felt the head of my cock come to rest against her yawning hole even through the fog of her release.

"Oh, God … yes … yes … please,"

There was such animal longing in her voice that it made my balls tighten. As she felt my flesh slowly cleave her open, stretching the muscles of her anus, she softly whispered, … fuck me … fuck me … fuck me …, again and again like a litany. Her raw insatiable hunger had an erotic intensity that made my cock throb. As I slowly slid into the hot, lube slick tightness of her, I moaned. I was drowning very quickly in a medley of sensation – her ass clenching and releasing in the aftermath of her cum, the incessant throb of the velvet egg perched securely in her spasming cunt, the wetness of her juices which were dripping from her slit into her crease and onto my pumping cock.

What finally tipped me over was the tenderness in her eyes and the pleading in her voice, "Cum for me, baby." I had no choice. As my thick cream boiled over, painting white the dark pink walls of her anus, I felt as though my body would dissolve into her flesh. I didn't remember ever cumming so hard or for so long. I crushed her soft body with mine as I thrashed in release. She wrapped her arms around me, holding me, stroking me as I emptied, our sweat slick bodies grinding against each other feverishly.

When I finally pulled my still rampant flesh out of her body, my cum followed it, oozing in thick creamy ribbons from her ravished little hole, now red and swollen. I switched off the silver egg and gently eased it out of her cunt into my waiting palm. It was slippery with her juices and it slid about frantically as I closed my palm over it gingerly. I crawled up the bed to lie down beside her and then gently drew her shaking body into my arms. For a few minutes, neither of us could summon the energy to speak.

"What was that all about?" she mumbled finally.

"Happy women's day!" I whispered.

"Really?" she asked, her eyes wide with surprise.

"No, silly … Not really," I laughed, "I don't need a reason to drive you crazy."

She giggled happily and snuggled against me, nuzzling my chest with her nose. As I gently stroked her soft hair, I wondered if she really knew what she meant to me, whether she knew that she was my miracle … like sunsets over the ocean or walking barefoot in the sand, the quiet purr of a well fed kitten or the ineffable softness of a baby's hand. But then, I thought, how could she not know?

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