The Ravishing of Constance Ch. 01


"Please, no!" she begged.

Robert raised his head and looked at her over the curved landscape of her body. “What’s this, little sister? You don’t want me to lick you?”

"No! In God’s name, Rob, please!"

"Then suck Enrique's cock! The faster you satisfy him, the less of this you'll have to endure! I promise you!"

Shuddering, but with no alternative, she turned her head toward Enrique. His thick cock was only inches away from her face, the first time she had ever beheld such an implement. It jutted stiffly from a nest of thick black curls, and looked impossibly huge, chokingly huge.

He was looking down at her, a lustful grin on his face. “Make sure you use your hands, too," he instructed. Glancing to Robert, he asked, "May I open her bodice? I must get at those lovely tits."

"By all means," Robert said, in the manner of a generous host offering the finest wine. "They are fabulous, aren’t they? Enjoy!"

Constance slowly reached up and encircled the shaft of Enrique's cock. It lurched at her touch, eager, like a horse kept too long in a stable and ready for a gallop on a spring morning. She jerked her hand away as if burned.

"Oh, God, Rob, please don't make me do this!" she sobbed.

"No one is forcing you, Constance. If you want to suck Enrique's cock, you can. I'll just do this until you make up your mind."

He bowed his head to her body, his shoulders preventing her from bringing her thighs together. His fingers parted her cunny lips and he ran his tongue along her slit in one long, slow, firm stroke.

Constance shrieked again, moved beyond terror at that invasive, intimate touch. Her cry was cut off as Enrique, impatient, thrust his swollen cock into her wide-open mouth. A meaty, musky taste assaulted her.

Robert's tongue moved along its slow course again, this time pausing at the top of her slit to flick at a tiny, fleshy nub hidden there. It sparked a memory in her, of how she felt upon awakening from the dreams of the pirates. But those feelings had always been short-lived, furtive, unable to withstand the light of day.

The lingering firm sliding of Rob’s tongue, was anything but short-lived, anything but furtive.

The thought of those dreams and the memory of that sensation, coupled with Robert's skillful acts, made heat pulse briefly in her lower belly. Her horror shot to new heights as she realized that her body wanted to react to these hideous events!

The only way to put an end to it was to do what they had commanded. So resolved, Constance began moving her mouth along Enrique's cock, sucking at the tip, lapping around it. He grabbed the sides of her head to steady it, his hips rocking as he thrust himself deep.

"Damn, Rob, she has an incredible tongue!" Enrique said. With one hand still fisted in her hair, he sent the other to rip at her bodice. The tight fabric gave way, freeing her rosy breasts.

"Enjoying yourself, Constance?" Robert asked, briefly looking up from his task, leaving his thumb to rotate in slow circles on her little nub.

As well as she could with her mouth stuffed full of cock, Constance shook her head. Tears were rolling down the sides of her face, but her nipples had drawn erect and pointed pertly.

To speed Enrique along, to end this repulsive deed, she began stroking his shaft in counterpoint to the movements of her mouth. His groans told her she was succeeding, and the pace of his movements sped up. Several times, he pushed so hard that the tip of his cock nudged the back of her throat, nearly making her gag.

Robert, smirking at her, lowered his head again. His long, slim fingers, artist's fingers, his tutor had always said, probed gently along her cunny lips. He pressed the tip of his tongue firmly against her nub, teasing it. Then he licked along her cunny in long rapid strokes while his fingers spread and released her lips, spread and released.

"She's slowing, Robert," Enrique grunted. "I think she doesn't want it to be over just yet."

Fresh horror and shame crashed over her, moreso as she realized that yes, she had been sucking more leisurely! The forbidden sensations Robert's hands and mouth were evoking had distracted her!

"Why, Constance," Robert said, pausing. "Is that true?"

She shook her head again, then fell to sucking frantically, rubbing Enrique's cock with both hands. More hot tears leaked from her tightly-closed eyes.

Enrique gasped for breath. He plundered her breasts, roughly squeezing, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. Again and again his cock bumped the back of her throat. She fought against gagging. A new taste was seeping into her mouth, salty, like the tears that trickled down her cheeks.

"I won't last much longer!" Enrique said.

Robert fastened his mouth to her cunny. His tongue slid partway into the tender opening, his fingers worked at her nub with gentle, almost loving, care.

She heard a low, drawn-out moan. It had come from her!

Robert immediately stopped, sounding highly amused and mock-offended. "Constance! You are enjoying this!"

Lunging away from Enrique as best she could, leaving his cock waving stiff and indignant above her, Constance cried, "No!"

"Sweet sister," Robert said, his fingers moving persuasively over her damp, slick cunny, "I have been with dozens of women. Hundreds. And I think I know when a woman is enjoying herself."

"No! Stop! Please!"

"I can taste your excitement," he whispered. “I can feel your dampness. You can’t fool me, darling Constance.”

She wailed in anguish.

"Now, look here," he continued. "Poor Enrique is ready to erupt. Why don't you finish what you started? As soon as you're done, I'll quit what I'm doing."

Shaking in humiliation and mortified arousal, she seized Enrique's cock and engulfed it again, as far as she could. Instead of gagging, she tried to suck it deeper, opening her throat.

"Oh!" Enrique shouted. "Oh, yes, that's the way! Do it, take it all!" His hands were all over her breasts, pinching the nipples, greedily, painfully. "Yes! I'm going to spend!"

"Swallow it," Robert reminded her. "Every drop."

Enrique's cock began convulsing. Hot fluid, salty like seawater yet thicker, suddenly flooded her mouth in spurts.

Mindful of Robert's command, she swallowed the strong-tasting stuff as best she could. It seemed to go on forever, and all the while Robert kept at her, tongue and fingers moving, moving, not letting up until Enrique, exhausted, withdrew his softening cock from her mouth.

"Well, now," Robert said, rising from where he had been bent over her. "That is a much better way to treat guests, especially when you've teased them into arousal."

Enrique nodded. "Much better,” he said, a breathlessly.

"But now you have another problem, dear Constance,” Robert continued, relentless. “You've aroused me."

She looked up at him, eyes wide, unable to speak or even contemplate what he was saying.

"I'd be happy to trade places," Enrique said at once. "You must try her mouth. It is fantastic."

Constance didn't know which frightened her more, the thought of having her own brother's cock filling her mouth, or that of Enrique's wide, moist tongue on her most sensitive places. To her everlasting mortification, she knew she would not be able to keep from responding if her fevered cunny was touched much more.

She lay helpless, not able to move, her legs still splayed and the ruins of her dress bunched around her midsection, staring numbly at her brother.

"I have a better idea," Robert said. He undid his belt and began removing his trousers. His cock, when it sprang free, was longer than Enrique's though not as thick, the flesh pale, the thatch of hair a deep gold.

"Sangre de Christo, Robert, are you really going to fuck her?" Enrique asked, eyes
bulging excitedly. “This I must see!”

"No!" Constance shrieked.

Robert rolled his eyes. "What sort of brother do you think I am? That would be incest! And remember, I have no plans of that! No, I just wish to rub my cock along her cunny for a while. I'd never think of putting it in her."

Constance tried to roll onto her side, the first step in escaping, although she didn't know how far her weak legs would carry her. It was a moot point, for Robert caught her even as she started to move. He pushed her down again and got on the table, kneeling between her legs.

She scratched-slapped-clawed at him, lost in hysterical weeping.

"Hold her wrists," he ordered.

Enrique hastened to comply, once again pinning Constance's wrists above her head.

She could only whimper in dread as Robert lay atop her. He shifted around until the long, stiff column of his cock was resting in the moist furrow of her cunny.

They were face to face. Although his actions had made him a stranger, she still saw her brother, their features so much alike, only his lustful expression unfamiliar. The mocking light in his eyes told her that he was delighting in this greatly, that the fun was by no means over.

The heavy pressure of his cock against her was unbearable.

"Please, Rob, don't," she begged.

A grin twisted his lips and he began rocking his hips, causing his cock to slide back and forth along her cunny lips. The pressure on her nub waxed and waned rhythmically.

"Do you like that, Constance? Do you like having my naked cock rubbing you? Your little cunny burns with need, doesn't it?"

"Stop it!"

"You liked my tongue, but you like my cock even more, don't you?" His hand covered her breast possessively. "I can feel how fast your heart beats. I can feel your breath, so fast! So excited!"


"Yes! Tell me, Constance, how many village lads have you fucked?"

"None!" Her tears were flowing freely, her breath hitching. "I've never!"

He kept up his slow, purposeful movements. His own breath was coming faster, but his voice stayed even. "Never let them fuck you? Never had a man's cock stuck in you? Never even sucked a man, or let him at your tits?"


"You probably thought you'd never like such a thing, didn't you? But you do! You like it. You love it! You want more!"

"No! Rob, please!"

"How does it feel, Constance? You're wetter than ever. That's your body's way of telling you that you like it. Don't you?"

She couldn't speak any longer, just wept bitterly.

"Your hips are moving," he murmured. "Moving to mate your cunny to my cock. For shame, little sister! Enjoying your brother's cock!"

Her hips were moving! Against her will, against her volition, rocking with him to increase the sensation!

She held still, not even daring to breathe. Her body felt on the trembling edge of some unknowable precipice.

"Why, Constance, what a little slut you are! You were going to spend, weren't you? Spend, and make this harmless game into foul, foul incest!"

"Please stop," she whispered.

"Is that what you want, Constance? You want me to -- stop?" And on the word, he did. He halted his motion and just lay against her, the length of his cock throbbing along her cunny lips.

She held her body still, frozen, every muscle taut and almost quivering with tension.

"You wanted me to stop," he murmured in her ear. "Were you wrong? Were you lying? Do you want me to go on? Do you want to lift your hips to me again?"

She bit her lip until she tasted blood.

Rob’s voice dropped to an insinuating purr. "Do you know what I think, sister? I think just a few more strokes would bring you to the edge. You'd spend. Spend like a common slut, but not even a common slut would do it on her brother's own cock."

She turned her head to the side. Tried to ignore his sly, persuasive words. But it was unbearable, the steady beat of his pulse thumping in the length of his cock, and just one little shift, one little movement --

"Your hips are moving again," he said. "Your cunny quivers like a lute string."

He spoke true! Even as she tried to ignore him, her treacherous body had betrayed her and acted on its own. And even as she tried to stop it, a new and overpowering sensation overtook her.

A great and tormented cry burst from her as she shuddered, the feeling of a giant fist of pure white light clenching and releasing, clenching and releasing, sending waves of radiance traveling outward from her belly and loins.

"You are spending, Constance!" Rob cried, sneering yet triumphant. He moved against her again, fast and slick, each motion hastening the incredible spasms that wracked her body.

Her long wordless wail dissolved into heart-wrenching sobs.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk," he said. "You've made this into incest. Since you've spent, I suppose I might as well too.”

“Only fair,” agreed Enrique. His eyes were wide, his face sweaty as he greedily watched the scene.

“And if that’s the case, I might as well fuck you!"

Her tear-soaked eyes flew open, but it was too late. A shift of his hips, a hard pushing thrust, and Rob’s cock plunged deep into her cunny. Its passage aided by the wetness her body had produced, it tore through her maidenhead and buried itself fully within her.

This time her cry was one of pain as well as outrage and shame, and it availed her as much as any of the others. Not at all.

Before she had time to adjust to the horrific intrusion and splitting feeling of fullness, Robert began to move vigorously, rising and falling, lunging in and out in fast, forceful strokes.

"Put her hands on my ass," he commanded through gritted teeth. “Ah, God, I can’t hold it back much longer!”

Enrique moved her arms and held her palms flat on her brother's taut buttocks. She could feel them flexing as he drove into her again and again.

"Now, Constance! How do you like it? I'm about to spend in you, sister-slut!"

Most terribly of all, his pounding thrusts were spurring her body on to even greater heights. It was going to happen again, happen so powerfully that it would make the first one look paltry, and Constance screamed in helpless, shameful passion. She raised her legs, giving him greater access to her violated cunny.

Rob hoisted her calves to his shoulders and battered against her, tendons standing out in his neck and jaw, his face now contorted and totally that of a stranger. He went rigid against her, his back a bow, and she felt what had happened to Enrique now happen to him. Except this was inside of her, deep within her.

He kept thrusting, his fluid overflowing her cunny, wringing every last bit of sensation from their bodies. At last, he collapsed atop her, sweat-damp and shaking.

“My God,” Rob finally said, easing off of her. He exhaled gustily. “What a delectable fuck you are, little sister!”

Neither of them were holding her now, and the way was clear for her to escape. But Constance couldn’t so much as gather the will to see if her legs would obey her, as she was still wracked with minor shudders that diminished like the thunder of a receding storm.

"I'm ready again, Rob," Enrique said, curling his hand around his stiff cock and giving it a few tugs to prove it. "Let me have her now?"

A pitiful, broken sound emerged from Constance’s throat. She found words to go with it. “No more, please, no more, I can’t stand it if you do.”

Rob’s hand stroked her hair. “Shh, shh, Constance. No one is going to touch you right now.”

“But Rob! Watching that …”

“Sorry, old friend. Constance is my sister, after all.”

“A fine time to care about that,” Enrique protested indignantly. “You’re the one who fucked her!”

“And she spoke true, she never had before. I felt her virginity give way before me like a breached wall.”

“So there’s no harm in letting me have a prod,” argued Enrique.

“Not this time. Not this one. I think I’m keeping this cunny all to myself.”

Constance, who had gotten so far as to curl on her side, lifted her head enough to look at him without comprehension. “Wh—what?”

“Yes, what?” Enrique seconded.

“I was none too pleased when Father told me I had to stay on Veradoga until he returns. I thought it would be dull. But now, now that I have my sweet sister to keep me company, I imagine I’ll have never enjoyed being home more!”


Continued in Chapter Two

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