tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Ravishment of Eva Ch. 01

The Ravishment of Eva Ch. 01


"I'm a complete slut." This thought seemed to go through her mind more and more lately, and as Eva looked down between her bare breasts to see her long legs spread wide straight up in the air, it was easy to see why so many men desired her.

She had an amazing body with smooth skin and wonderful curves in all the right places, but her looks often landed her in the precarious position she found herself in now... Yet another unfamiliar man was pounding his hard, naked cock into her bald, unprotected pussy, and she found her thoughts racing trying to understand why. She wasn't sure if it was credulity, coercion or a promiscuous nature, but she seemed to always find herself fucking men she had just met, many times in ways she had never even imagined.

In between her moans of ecstasy and groans of self contempt, Eva's thoughts continued as her sexual partner, whose name she did not even know, slammed into her again and again. The clapping sound of her sexy thighs against his fit waist filled the room, and she watched in fascination as each thrust jolted her body, sending jiggles up her stomach in waves and bouncing her breasts in perfect sync with the cock that was now so intimately familiar with her most secret place. This first made her worry she needed to exercise more, but in truth, she was in excellent shape, a naturally fit body that was thick in all the best places. Her thoughts often strayed for long periods of time, wondering why she always found herself like this, on her back with her pussy being stuffed.

Eva loved sex, and it was a good thing, because she seemed to become a fuck toy for more than her fair share of men. What she wasn't aware of, was she had become a bit of an underground celebrity in her local city of Spokane. When she was in high school, a group of friends shared tips on what moves worked to get into bed with her, and she unknowingly took the virginity of over half a dozen boys her senior year, each used what had nearly become a step by step guide on how to fuck her.

Once she graduated high school she went to nearby University of Idaho, where quite a few fellow schoolmates also attended. Several of the boys joined a fraternity, and shared their stories of young Eva with their frat bros, and she was once again subjugated to one hard dick after another.

In her sophomore year she found out about how the depths of her pussy had become a target for every bulging cock on campus. To her horror, Eva found a journal filled with pages and copied notes detailing many of her most mind blowing sexual experiences. Her boyfriend at the time had forgotten his bag in her room after he stopped by for a late night booty call, and she got nosy and decided to look through it the next morning. Her face burned and she felt her pulse in her neck as she turned page after page, each one with a different account of her exploits. Even more humiliating were the pictures. She felt faint as she found tucked in between several of the pages throughout the book photocopies of pictures! She had taken them out and stacked them to the side, and after finding all she could, counted seventeen pictures of herself.

In one, Eva was fresh out of the shower and caught by surprise, her wet, dripping body on full display. In another, her lustful eyes stared into the camera as she was sitting back on a couch with her feet together and her knees wide apart, her fingers pulling pink pussy lips wide apart as cum dripped from a gaping hole that had been freshly fucked. The worst were several pictures that had been taken during sex. Several of them showed her full lips wrapped around the shafts of cocks as she took them into her mouth, and several more where you could see that a cock was inside her tiny stretched pussy. She had never seen herself being fucked, but she remembered when some of these pictures were taken, and she was not happy that seeing the events from another perspective in pictures taken without her permission turned her on and made her very wet.

She remembered objecting several times when she heard cameras taking shots, but sometimes when in her orgasmic throes, she was oblivious to everything around her. The most embarrassing of all the pictures was when Eva was on her knees, shoulders pressed into the bed, her own hands pulling her sexy cheeks wide apart as she arched her back to push her ass into the air and pop her soaking wet vulva out between her legs. If she were alone this last picture would have been bad enough, but nestled between the folds of her wet pussy lips was a large rock hard cock covered in her juices, and apparently it was in the process of filling her steamy cunt with hot cum.

Eva sat there for over an hour, staring in wide eyed disbelief at the evidence of her past transgressions coming back to haunt her. The stories brought back a flood of memories from times she had been licked, massaged, petted, groped, tossed around, fingered, and fucked. She loved fucking. Long hard cocks stretching the lips of her slutty pussy as they slid into her from every angle possible was so amazing... She gasped as she realized how turned on she was getting! When she should have been filled with anger, she was ashamed look down and see her fingers sliding under the waistband of her pajama bottoms over her smooth, hairless pubic mound, inching towards her wet pussy!

That day she read exhaustive instructions young men all over campus had shared to get her hot and ready, she read many familiar come-ons that had led to her being cummed on. This was the first day she confronted her own nature as a wanton slut, and as she shamefully fucked her pussy with her own fingers in utter lust, she was never the same again.

Grunts from her current partner brought her back to the present. In the familiar missionary position with her straight legs wide in the air, flexing as she wrapped her arms tightly around her partner trying to draw him near. She longed for affectionate kissing, but the man on top of her only wanted to deposit the contents of his balls deep into her desperately waiting cunt. "Cum for me slut!" was the last thing she heard him say before she erupted in orgasm.

"OH! OH! OH!" she shouted between his aggressive, clapping thrusts. She watched her pretty feet bouncing in the air in tandem with the rest of her body, fascinated by the fact that she was made for sex, and couldn't help loving to be fucked. As Eva felt his cock contract inside her, swell, and then fill her steaming hot pussy with warm cum, all she could do is scream, "FUCK MEEE-EEE-EEEE-EEEeeee!!!" Her last word drawn out and stuttered each time his body pounded against hers.

Once again it was over. She had been fucked hard and left lying there, used. As the man who had moments ago been inside her gathered his things and left, she remained on her back in bed, legs spread, cum oozing out of her pussy onto the sheets as her thoughts again drifted to the past...

Five years ago, Eva found a copy of a journal that had circulated around campus through several fraternities, and after confronting her then boyfriend about it, she learned it was worse than she initially feared. She was a play thing for men everywhere at the college, and because of this journal, and her nature, she had found her way into bed with several partners every week for her entire freshman year. He of course felt little guilt telling her about it, as he knew she had cheated on him several times in just the six weeks they had gone out together. Eva couldn't help it, whenever she dated someone, she had no trouble being faithful... At first. But after just a month or two, she found that her sexual desires led her to stray.

She reasoned this was largely in part due to being constantly hit on by guys. Sometimes the come-ons were explicit, while other times they were sweet. But no matter the method, she learned through reading the journal that she was a guaranteed lay if you followed a simple, manipulative pattern. Whether it took one night or one week, if someone wanted to fuck her, all they had to do was know a few things that made her pussy gush and for her to feel a connection that must end in sex. This may seem typical, but with Eva, she was more promiscuous than most, and she always gave into her carnal lust reluctantly.

In the journal, Eva read every story, including one about a particularly shameful night where she ended up having five different cocks cum inside her at least once. She found herself strangely happy knowing the comments about her were in a way kind, if not objectifying. "She has beautiful breasts," one author had written, while writing about his encounter with her that led to fucking her in the back of his car on the same night they met. "Her pussy wraps around your cock and begs you to cum, she is amazing," another classmate wrote on a note folded into the binding, again detailing sex with her after they had known each other for little more than a couple hours.

One of the first stories from her college days jumped out at her as she poured over the pages again. Early in her freshman year at a local pub, where underage students often managed to sneak in, she found herself the center of attention among the guys at the bar. Several bikers had joined some students from one of the fraternities for some drinking, one knew her from high school and he shared some of Eva's secrets with the table. She remembered this night well because she thought it was when things started to spiral totally out of control.

She had gone to sit at a pub table at the back of the bar to cool off after being hit on by someone she had a crush on from school, not wanting to give in to her strong impulse to go home with him. A large, imposing, but clean cut biker approached the seat next to her and asked if he could sit down, which she felt no right to reject. He introduced himself as "Diesel", and after a bit of friendly conversation she felt him lightly place his hand on her knee and swivel her towards him in her chair. This alarmed her a bit, as she had every intention of going home with some friends to crash out in a short time, but Diesel had a smooth way about him and was able to disarm her pretty quickly with some tips from his new college friends. She had worn a very short mini skirt that night to show off her sexy legs and her new biker friend had angled her towards him, sliding up so one of his knees was in between hers. She wondered if he could see up her dress from where he sat and worried a little about whether her panties had completely covered her secrets from his prying eyes. But he kept the drinks coming and seemed really friendly, calling over one of his friends to join them.

After a while her friend Julie joined them at the table, curious to see what was going on back there. After they all shared some jokes, she saw that Eva seemed fine, and these bikers seemed friendly enough. As the crowd started to die out a bit, she collected Diesel's friend and went up to the pool tables with a group of other people to introduce him, but Eva and Diesel stayed behind. Edging closer and occasionally running his hand across her knee and down the sides of her long, well toned legs, Eva started to feel a bit heated, after already getting worked up by one of her classmates earlier.

"You have incredibly sexy legs, I hope you don't mind me copping a feel on occasion," he joked, as their next round of drinks came to the table.

"Thank you, I may be a bit too buzzed, because I don't mind at all," Eva replied with a smirk. At this point she had already been debating privately with herself about whether or not she wanted to fuck him, and she knew if she felt her pussy, the wetness would give her an answer.

"Do you wear skirts this short often?" Diesel asked. As they had sat together, Eva's skirt had ridden up her legs, and her skimpy gray panties had come into view between her naked legs. This was not a dark bar, and that made the wet streak across her very sexy camel toe very evident. "I can see you like me," he winked, nodding between her legs with a smile.

At this point, Eva had a very strong buzz going, and decided to shift up to the edge of her seat, so that her panties were almost touching Diesel's knee. Leaning into his ear, she said "my steamy little friend down there has a mind of her own, and seeing what a big guy you are has her curious about your proportions," as she pulled back looking at his crotch, her stare moved up to his, Eva's stunning pair of honey brown eyes held a glance at him just long enough to share she had decided she would indeed be fucking him tonight.

Diesel pressed his knee against her panty covered pussy, regretting that he was wearing jeans instead of shorts, and slid a hand up the outside of her thigh under her short skirt. Eva's long, bare leg was being openly groped in plain view of anyone that cared to look, but none of that mattered now. She knew this was a bad idea, and part of her hated how openly slutty she had become after just a few drinks, but she had strong animalistic urges taking control. Her new friend moved his hand further up the side of her skirt to squeeze her hot ass, and slipped his other hand in-between her legs towards her panties. "I'm going to fuck you on top of this table at this rate," Diesel teased, and when she felt his hand drift up her thigh she spread her legs slightly, inviting him to tease her more.

Eva was panting now, and she began to notice the bar was anything but cool. Several beads of sweat started to form on her brow and she began to imagine all of the ways she wanted to be used by this biker. Thinking about being used by a thirty something biker sent a tingle to her pussy, and envisioning the slutty show she was putting on in front of friends caused her scantily clad hips to grind around in her chair. Diesel felt her wanton lust and slid his hand down along the side of her panties, pulling them to the side and sliding a finger over her pussy lips.

"Ohhhhh," Eva lightly moaned into his ear, she knew something had to happen soon or she would go crazy. "Is there someplace we can go?" She asked breathily, hoping to be invited back to his place.

"Follow me," was his reply, and he took her hand and she was guided with strappy stiletto heels clicking out the back entrance, her short skirt riding up her legs and exposing her beautiful panty clad ass to the bar as they exited to an alley. When they first went outside, the fresh air hit Eva like a slap in the face. "What am I doing?!" she thought to herself, feeling this was going too far. The fact that she had fucked over a dozen boys in her senior year at high school didn't matter.

She slowed down to a stop. Diesel turned to see Eva standing there and knew he had to make lust for hard cock take over any rational thoughts that might be trying to claw their way through her foggy, intoxicated mind. "What's the matter? Change your mind" he laughed lightly, stepping closer. He knew from the frat house prick she had fucked last year in high school that this young slut had some weaknesses. He put a hand on the side of her dress, sliding it underneath a light top onto her warm hip, and placed his other hand underneath her tiny skirt to lift a lengthy leg so it was bent up against him. "I want to slide my big rocked up cock inside your steamy little pussy," he almost taunted, knowing his hands would drive her wild.

She felt like she was swimming, a wet pussy practically begging to be fucked, and she wanted nothing more than for him to lift her up and to be lowered down slowly onto a huge cock for a good long hard fuck. His hands felt so good, and she was on fire with lust, but she knew things had gone too far. He was nearly twice her age, and she was in a dirty alley!

"Here!? I think I drank too much, maybe we shouldn't be doing this. Maybe I shouldn't have sex with a stranger I just met tonight who goes by 'Diesel' in a dirty alley," she laughed, trying not to offend but inject a bit of humor into the situation.

He was quick to reply as he worked his hands, massaging her skin and pressing their bodies together, "It's OK, I understand. But think about looking down to see your stitchless body as you slide me into you for the first time." He began to undo her dress.

Eva realized what was happening and felt utterly helpless to reject. Fear crept into her mind when she realized she was in an alley alone with stranger, but she wasn't so much afraid of him. She had been passed around a bit in high school she reasoned, but fucking completely random strangers behind bars was another level of whoredom she wasn't sure she was ready for. Just then she felt her loosened dress slip over her hips and then fall down her legs into a puddle around her feet on the dirty ground. "Oh no," she thought, "This is going to happen, I'm getting fucked in an alley by a biker!" Eva took a panicked breath, but her pussy was screaming to be touched.

Feeling arousal beyond what she had ever known, she wondered how much of it was from the danger, and how much was from Diesel's hands, which now held onto the bottom of the stunning brunette's blouse.

"It's OK baby," Diesel said, "I'm sure you're not the first college slut to be fucked behind this bar," his words burned into her ears as he lifted her blouse up, but still she almost instinctively raised up her hands as the top was taken completely off and thrown down on the ground.

Eva looked down to see a crumpled skirt sitting on the filthy wet ground around her feet, and was sad to see that her favorite blouse had landed in a puddle of brackish water that was dripping from a pipe coming out of the bar. She looked around to see they were tucked back in a corner behind the building in darkness, and she thought how ridiculous it was she felt relief they weren't under any bright street lights. "Am I afraid some homeless people will witness me being fucked by some guy I don't know?" she thought mockingly to herself.

There she stood in nothing but sexy high heels, skimpy gray panties and a matching bra. Diesel's hands were now working her body intently, and a sexual haze started to envelope an already inebriated mind. The next thing Diesel said stunned her again, "Eva, I don't have any condoms, so it looks like you'll be taking your cock raw tonight,"

She panicked again, "Oh no, that's something I just don't do!"

Diesel seemed unmoved, "It is tonight. Just think about it, it's natural. It will feel much better anyway, having raw, uncovered cock slide into that tight, unprotected slit. I'm going to fuck your steamy little pussy that was rubbing all over my leg an hour after we met until I fill it with my cum."

Eva was in shock, she had never heard anyone talk like that before, and even though she got around in high school, it was always with protection. Her situation really started to set in, and the fact that she was highly aroused with a dripping wet pussy made it seem surreal. Just then, the clasp on her bra was undone and the straps slipped down her shoulders. Diesel took her bra off to expose a perfect pair of D cup breasts, tanned to match the rest of her body, and topped with entrancingly smooth nipples. "Mmm, honey those are beautiful," she heard him say, and was about to say thank you when she watched him throw her bra up on the roof of the bar.

"Why!?" she asked.

All he had to say was, "You don't need it anymore." His hands were already at her waist and began sliding her skimpy little panties down her long, sexy legs. As they got to her ankles, he asked lift each leg up one at a time. She dazedly placed her hands on his shoulders for balance and lifted one foot up, and then the other, looking down she realized the only thing she had on was her heels, everywhere else she looked she saw nothing but her smooth, bare skin. She was completely stripped naked out back behind a bar filled with her friends! Diesel sniffed the panties and slid them into his pocket, "I'm keeping these so I can always remember this night," he said. The look of shock on her face must have been amusing, because he sneered, "It's OK baby, you can still put your skirt and blouse back on," as he glanced over at the brown puddle with her now soaked blouse half floating in it.

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