tagBDSMThe Razor Strop

The Razor Strop


I purchased my first razor strop at a cutlery store at my wife's request. We had read a story in an adult magazine about how effective the razor strop was on bare flesh. I was actually embarrassed going into this cutlery shop not knowing what with the manager was going to say when I purchased the strop. I also decided buy a straight razor thinking that Mistress could use it during our S. &M. sessions. Saturday when I brought home the strop, Mistress eyes lit up in delight. She wanted to try out the strop immediately.

"We're supposed to go to some friends for dinner." Mistress said. "So why don't you go take a shower and I will be waiting for you with the strop in the bedroom you're long overdue for good licking anyway.

Mistress determined the hook on the end of the strop was easily removed because there was a knurled nut holding it in place. A convenience she thought built into the product for mothers, fathers, and dominant women to make the strop readily available for discipline. I came out of the bathroom wearing only a bath towel wondering what the taste of the strop would feel like on my bare ass. I already knew that Mistress liked using the thin leather strop that I made into her dildo harness. It was made of double thick leather and was separated by a ring to insert the dildo through for ass fucking. Mistress wanted to be able to wear her harness for fucking and whip me at the same time. Mistress was waiting for me with her brand new strop in her hands wearing only a black lacy bra and black see thru panties.

"We do need to get going so I'm going to make this fast but if you don't behave tonight I'll take up where I left off.. ...I think it is fair for your first time to lay flat on the bed so that your asscheeks are relaxed and you will not take as much of a beating," Mistress bargained.

I got up on the bed lying flat on my face with two pillows under my belly. This gave Mistress the ability to take a full swing with the strop much to my dismay. The strop had a good handle making it easier to swing. It was also wider and the leather was thicker so it could really pack a wallop. Mistress already knew this from the story she read about raiser strops.

"I want you to keep your hands above your head at all times during the whipping; you'll have plenty of time to rub your sore ass afterwards," Mistress promised.

On the first lick of fresh leather against my ass I wondered if I made a mistake talking her into getting one. The strop felt like it was cutting me in half as she burned across both my asscheeks. Looking at the clock it was 5:00 PM. After the next lick of the strop I forgot about time but only survival. Mistress didn't even give me a warm up volley, burning my ass with full swings of the strop. She gave me a five count meaning a lash every five seconds giving me time to take a breath and present my ass for another lash. That meant twelve lashes every minute so it would take over eight minutes to deliver the 100 lashes Mistress promised. I grabbed the blankets with my fists and bit down on the pillow to keep from screaming.

Mistress flailed my ass, back, and legs with the strop evening out all the blows. Halfway into the whipping she discovered how much more effective the strop was than the other thinner strap and began hitting me even harder. I lifted my head off the bed in response and began crying out with every stroke.

"You deserve this one slave. I can see by the red marks on your bare bottom you're going to have to stand up tonight at our friends," giggling while she was strapping me.

My asscheeks were whipped so hard they were (wheezing), which is a term used when the flesh begins to expel water before it begins to bleed. I looked at the clock and it was exactly 5:08 PM. Mistress stopped momentarily ordering me to hold still.

"You took 96 of my best... now I am going to give a reward for buying me my new strop. I want to try it out on your inner thighs, rollover in your back open your legs and present your thighs a so I can give you ten on each side," Mistress ordered sadistically!

Willingly I rolled over and opened my legs waiting for the next blows to strike my inner thighs. Shortening up on the strop, Mistress did not want to break a blood vessel with her new toy on the first night.

"Hold still and this will be done fast," Mistress demanded!

I close my eyes then I felt the snapping sting on my inner thighs, each lick burning a new spot to on my supple flesh. I jumped at the end when Mistress connected with my balls smacking them twice on each side making my whole body numb as if I was kicked in my sex. Throwing down the strop she left me holding my balls in the fetal position on the bed to get dressed.

"I think that you and the strop are going to become very good friends," Mistress laughed nastily!

I watched Mistress pick up her dirty underwear off the floor and hold them to her crotch, (she had removed them during the whipping to masturbate) Mistress began pissing into her panties making them soaking wet.

"Open your mouth slave, this is as close as your going to get to my pussy tonight," she giggled!

I open my mouth and she squeezed her urine out of her panties down my throat. I gagged and swallowed at the same time. Before I could say anything she forced the panties into my mouth.

"That is a reminder to leave the lady's alone tonight my pissy mouthed slave! If I see you flirting with the girls tonight we're going to come home early and finish our lesson with the razor strop, is that clear," She asked demandingly?

I only nodded, yes in a very reverent way. I did not want to get my face slapped. That was my first experience with the razor strop and I'm sure both of us will never forget it!

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