tagNovels and NovellasThe Real Estate Connection Ch. 04

The Real Estate Connection Ch. 04


Author’s Note: This chapter is dedicated to two very exceptional people. The first is KillerMuffin, an incredible writer and good friend. Her writing and encouragement inspired me to set sail on this story. It is my fondest wish that one day I may be able to write as well as her… or close to it. The second is my editor, WildSweetOne. Without her guidance, encouragement and attention to detail, my characters would be speaking gibberish out of their asses. Ladies, I thank you both.

“Good morning baby. Breakfast is served. If I remember correctly, and I always do, you take your eggs over easy, and since I’m such a loving girlfriend I have taken the liberty of adding toast, hash browns, bacon and grilled tomatoes.”

“What? No coffee?” I mumbled without opening my eyes. I’d never really been a morning person.

“Coffee and juice go without saying. I have even brought you the morning paper. Don’t get used to this though buddy. This is a one off experience which I fully expect to be able to bring up and use against you at any time in the future as it suits me.”

Rolling over, I finally managed to persuade my eyelids that it was time to open. As the light hit me I winced and shielded my eyes. The curtains were open and the bright sunlight was streaming in. From the angle of the few shadows I deduced that it must be mid morning. Damn! I’d slept in. I was supposed to be meeting Carmichael, Sam and Hemi out at the house this morning. “Fuck it!” I thought with a grin as I struggled up to a sitting position in Stevie’s bed, pulling the pillows in behind me to support me as I ate. “It’ll do them good to wait.”

Stevie was standing at the side of the bed holding a tray laden with breakfast goodies, though looking at her, she was the most attractive thing on the menu. She was dressed in a crimson satin robe, tied loosely at the waist. It came to mid thigh reminding me once more what mind blowing legs she had. As she bent to lay the tray on my lap I was treated to the sight of her magnificent breasts; the nipples puckered and hard.

“This breakfast better be bloody good woman.” I groused good naturedly as Stevie laid the tray on my lap.

“Oh yeah? And what if it’s complete crap?” she asked as she leaned in for a quick kiss.

“You’ll be on the business end of a damned good spanking lady!”

She laughed.

“And the down side is…?” Jumping into bed beside me she reached for the paper. “I had a look through the paper this morning and as far as I can tell… none of what happened yesterday, actually happened. Two men did not die at your house yesterday. Now I concede that on any given day this newspaper can be considered a worthless rag fit only to line the bottom of bird cages, but Jesus Craig… even these jerks couldn’t miss that story! What do you think is happening?” She leaned over and deftly swiped a piece of toast from my plate.

I didn’t hesitate in telling her the truth. Stevie, Matt and Becky were part of this now and deserved to know everything.

“Honey I think we are going to be live bait to draw Montoya out. Any mention of what happened yesterday in the paper could make Montoya back off. I’m pretty sure the powers that be have interceded in holding this story out of the papers. I’ll check with Lee later on today.”

She sat still for a while, the slice of toast halfway to her open mouth before she spoke. She slowly lowered the toast.

“So if I understand you right, we’ll have this Montoya coming after us even though the cops and CIA know about him?” She was very calm but I could see that she was disturbed by this latest bit of info. Her brow creased and her face took on a very serious expression as she looked at me.

“Yes… he’ll still be coming.”

“But with the cops and CIA lurking somewhere in the background?”

“I think that will be the way they’ll do it. I’m going to have a long talk with Carmichael and the guys today. I’m going to let them know what I want from them in return for what we will be supplying them with… a target. They’ll play ball or they lose their best chance of getting Montoya. And that baby, is just not an option for those boys.”

Stevie took a bite of toast and munched thoughtfully as she processed the information I had just given her. Once again we had reached a cross roads. No one could blame her if she opted out now.

“It makes sense Craig. And it might work out better for us. I mean we’re going to have protection from the cops and the CIA, and Hemi and Sam looked pretty capable. How do you feel about it baby?”

I took my time answering as I thought the question through. As I thought, I forked an egg and a couple of strips of bacon onto a piece of toast and topped it with a hash brown. Slapping another slice of toast on top, I had my sandwich. Stevie gazed on in amusement as I took a massive bite and munched happily. It was a brilliant breakfast. As I chewed I planned my day, keeping in mind Stevie’s question and how the need for a solution would affect my schedule. I swallowed and washed my mouth clean with a mouthful of incredibly good coffee before answering her.

“Stevie, until I’ve had a chance to talk to Carmichael and Co., and also to Lee, I really don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m not going to bullshit you… you need to know what’s going on and what to expect. Truth is baby, I don’t know what will happen. The wild card is Montoya. It really doesn’t matter what we do… he’s the man who’s in control right now. I think we should stay together again today. I know you guy’s have a business to run but conventional wisdom says there’s safety in numbers right now. Can you take another day off without killing your business?”

She stared out the window while she digested this last piece of information, then nodded. Grabbing my coffee cup she took a swig then spoke.

“Another day or two off isn’t going to kill my business baby. I can make calls from home and from memory we haven’t got anything pressing that needs our personal attention. We’ll have to call in and put a sign in the window or something but aside from that I’m pretty sure that we’re clear. You’ll have to check with Matt though. He may have something on the go.” With that she jumped up from the bed and headed for the door. “Back in a minute. I need coffee and yours tastes terrible without sugar.”

While she was gone, I took the opportunity to wolf the rest of my breakfast, and drink my juice. Again I reflected on the huge gap between the princely meal I’d just consumed and how different it was to the can of ham and beans washed down with tepid water that had been my morning repast for the previous eight years. I definitely had no regrets about my decision to retire. I was sipping the last of my coffee when Stevie returned with her coffee and a refill for me. Yep… I could definitely learn to love this lifestyle. She passed me the cups before clambering into bed.

We lay there sipping coffee and chatting just like any normal couple with no worries on a fine weekend morning. Only this wasn’t the weekend, we had worries and I was old fashioned enough to not know the status of our relationship. I know it seems silly but this boy hadn’t asked the girl to go steady. And I had no bloody idea how to go about it. Anyway, now wasn’t the time for that. Still it was hard to keep my mind on the matters at hand with Stevie’s magnificent body cuddled up to mine. She picked up on my interest pretty quick. I think it had something to do with my rapidly hardening cock nudging her leg.

“Oooh! Is that for me? Maybe if you brush your teeth I might consider getting to grips with that large problem you have there.” She giggled when I checked my breath by breathing into my palm and taking a sniff. She had a point there. Morning breath is definitely not that attractive. I bolted for the bathroom, my semi erect cock waving in the breeze and leading the way. Her laughing voice followed me.

“I bought you a toothbrush. It’s in the cabinet Captain Hardon.”

It took me no time at all to find the toothbrush and get to work polishing my pearly whites. As I brushed I looked up into the mirror and what I saw shocked me. Gone were the bags under my eyes; the bags I had carried continuously for years. The worry lines that had seemed so pronounced a couple of weeks ago seem to have softened. The guy staring back at me with a vacant expression on his weather beaten face seemed a lot younger than the one I was used to seeing. He also needed a shave. A quick look around showed me I would have to invest in a second shaving kit. I was going to have to do here, what Stevie was doing at my place… move a few essentials in. That’s if she felt that I’d be around for a while. Throwing some water on my face and running my fingers through my hair completed my morning ablutions.

I sauntered back into the bedroom to find Stevie had started without me. She was lying with her legs spread, facing me, one hand squeezing and rolling an engorged nipple, the other playing between her thighs. Her head was thrown back and the tendons in her neck stood out. Her breath was already coming in gasps. As I watched, her finger parted the delicate folds of her glistening pussy, spreading the outer lips to display the flower like wet inner lips. Her index and ring finger kept her open while her middle finger slowly slid deeply into her core. Her head snapped forward as she bottomed out and her lust hooded eyes locked onto me. She was in a world of her own as she brought her other hand down to join the probing digits between her thighs. One finger sought and found her clit as the other still probed deeply inside her clinging wet lips. I walked slowly toward the bed, not wanting to break the spell. Her head turned to follow me but her eyes were way out of focus. She wasn’t seeing anything except the erotic images dancing inside her head. I stopped when I was standing beside the bed gazing down at the spectacle before me. Reaching down and grabbing my throbbing fully erect cock, I started to stroke. Her eyes seemed to focus on my cock and she moaned. This was the most erotic thing I had ever done… had ever seen.

My hand moved in long, slow strokes, a few dribbles of pre-cum lubricating my hard shaft. Stevie licked her lips as she watched me masturbate while watching her. My gaze was locked on to the intensely erotic sight of her fingers playing in her pussy. The aroma of her juices wafted past my nose and I breathed deeply inhaling her essence. She moaned again and as I watched the little finger of her lower hand started to probe her puckered asshole. It was my turn to moan as I watched her finger slowly but firmly press inside and continue to slide in until it was buried up to her second knuckle. I knew I couldn’t hold off for long. I felt my balls draw up in preparation for my imminent explosion just as Stevie’s luscious body started to shake and her hips started to buck. She was starting to cum.

“On me! Cum on me! Cover me baby… oh God! Cummmmminnnnnnng…” Her drawn out cry signalled the beginning of her orgasm. Her hips bucked in spastic abandon, her head thrashed back and forth as her juices flowed from her in a pulsing jet as she removed her fingers. That was it for me.

Leaning in I aimed the head of my cock at her heaving hard nippled breasts and let fly. The cum flew from me in powerful gouts; ropes of semen splashing on her breasts in rhythmic pulses. The next shots landed on her neck and chin and she moaned.

“On my face baby… on my face!”

I raised my aim to allow the last few jets of cum to splash on her cheeks and lips. My knees buckled and I sagged onto the bed as Stevie started gathering my cum and slipping it into her mouth. I groaned at the sight then rolled onto my side and reached for her. She slid, still panting into my arms and burrowed her sticky face into my chest.

“God you’re incredible,” I panted. “That was incredibly sexy darling.”

Darling?! Where the hell had that come from? I had never used that word in my life before this day and here I was calling Stevie darling. Jesus… my old mates would die laughing if they heard me calling anyone darling. Then again… they weren’t here cuddled up with this incredibly gorgeous woman were they?

“I didn’t shock you did I?” She sounded unsure of herself.

“In the very best kind of way lover. Anytime you’d like to shock me like that in the future, you just go right ahead. Feel free.”

We lay there for a while just holding each other, the cum coating her lovely skin cooling and drying. Finally we pulled apart and sat up.

“Shower time Stud Muffin.” There was no argument from me. We definitely needed one. Hand in hand we headed for the shower.

Half an hour later we walked into the kitchen to find Matt and Becky sitting at the breakfast bar. They were dressed casually. Obviously Stevie had passed on the message that there would be no work today. Grabbing another coffee from the pot, I sat down and explained what I had already told Stevie. As I was growing to expect, they were willing to go along with what ever made sense. In no time at all we had a battle plan devised and were ready to go.

First thing on the agenda was a phone call to Lee Stowers to find out whether I could move back into my house.

He sounded like he hadn’t had much sleep, but was friendly enough on the phone. My request to be able to go back to my house was met with a short silence on my end of the phone during which I heard Lee talking to someone else in the room. The conversation was muffled as if he had his hand over the receiver, but I thought I could recognise Hemi’s voice in the background. In a few moments Lee came back on the line and told me the crime lab would release my house in a couple of hours. I had more than a sneaking suspicion that Carmichael and the boys would put that time to good use. I thanked Lee and arranged to meet him at 3.00pm at Killer Muffins. Late lunch was on me. Before he rang off, he gave me the name of a cleaning company who would be able to help out with the removal of the grisly evidence of yesterday’s murders. He also gave me the number of a wrecking company who would remove the burnt out hulk of my Chevy Suburban. That also brought to the fore the matter of a replacement vehicle. While I could ride with Stevie for the moment, I was going to need my own wheels sooner rather than later. A quick discussion with Matt solved the transport problem. An old college friend of his owned a car dealership in town. We’d be calling in there after lunch with Lee. My dance card was filling up fast.

A quick glance at the kitchen clock told me it was time to get out to the house. I was interested to see if we would manage to catch Carmichael and the guys up to anything dodgy. While I went to grab my jacket Stevie rang to arrange for the cleaners to come out to the house, and Matt organised the wrecking company. While I was in the bedroom I checked and loaded my Beretta. As I slipped it into my waistband at the small of my back, I reminded myself that I had to pick up the other one from Lee.

Minutes later we were all packed into Stevie’s Bronco and heading for my place. As Stevie drove I outlined what I expected Carmichael and his crew would be up to.

“They need to know what is happening at any time of the day, so they’ll be planting bugs all over the house. I’m thinking that’s one reason we were released so easily last night.” As expected their faces registered shock and disgust and I spoke quickly to head off the protests I knew were coming. “Guys I know this sounds hideous… real Iron Curtain, James Bond type crappy, but this can actually work in our favour. Let’s just wait until we’ve confirmed what I reckon is happening and then I’ll tell you my cunning plan.” I gave them a bit of an evil leer which took the tension out of the moment and once again they accepted what was going on.

Becky leaned forward from the back seat. “This means you two will have to tone down your morning activities for a while doesn’t it?” she asked sweetly. “At the very least, you’ll have to gag that potty mouth you’re screwing Craig.” She grinned sweetly at us both.

“You bitch,” Stevie laughed. “I suppose you two have been listening in with water glasses up against the wall. Actually I may just ask the bad guys for copies of the tapes so we can listen to them in our old age. It might save on Viagra for my stud here.”

I laughed. “Who says I’ll be around in your old age baby?”

“Oh you’ll be there. You just can’t resist me. You’re addicted to me baby and you know it. Besides, with the baggage that you bring to a relationship, who the hell else is gonna take you?” She had a point there.

“You better not get old and grey on me then baby. Is there a Radio Shack in town Matt?” I was going to have to make a side trip before we reached the house.

“Yeah there’s one at the Chesterfield Mall. It’s on the way man. Wanna call in?”

“Yeah… I need to pick up a small item. A handy little toy that will come in very useful when we get to the house.” As I talked I was casually turned around facing Matt and Becky in the back seat. As we drove I kept one eye on the traffic. It wasn’t the most subtle way of checking for a tail but at the moment I really didn’t give a big rat’s ass whether they knew I was watching or not. Sure enough, I spotted a blue Crown Victoria about 3 cars back. It followed our lane changes as if it was attached to us by an invisible umbilical cord. So far they were playing the game by the universal playbook… of which everyone had a copy. I’d only get worried if they started writing their own plays. Their predictability was working in our favour.

Soon we were pulling into the parking lot of the Chesterfield Mall.

“Matt, can you give me a quick run down of the layout of the complex and where the Radio Shack is, then drop me on the other side of the mall. Then just keep circling the building and watch for me coming out. I’ll come out a different exit to where I go in so travel slowly okay?”

Minutes later Matt slowed briefly at the entrance to the mall and I dived out of the car without it stopping. It took only a couple of minutes to find the Radio Shack and only ten to make my purchases. As I stood at the entrance to the mall waiting for Stevie to come around again I spotted the Crown Vic. It was driving in aimless circles. The two men inside were totally unfamiliar to me and were busy searching desperately for someone. Me. It looked like our little ruse had worked. Now all I had to do was get back into the Bronco without being spotted. In the end it was easy. The Crown Vic turned up a new lane of cars just as Stevie rounded the corner and slowed to pick me up. They were facing away from us as I climbed into the Bronco and Stevie accelerated away. I grinned at my companions. We had the makings of a fairly competent team here.

Twenty minutes later we were climbing out of the Bronco at my place. Carmichael, Hemi, and Sam were standing next to Carmichael’s government issued sedan looking as innocent as Little Bo Peep and her sheep. A blue Chevy Tahoe was parked near the garage. I grinned as I walked over to meet them.

“Sorry I’m late guys. Hope you had enough time to finish up here.” Carmichael remained poker faced but at least Hemi and Sam had the decency to look slightly uncomfortable. That was interesting.

“Good morning Craig. Or should I say good afternoon?” The barely veiled rebuke brought a fresh grin to my lips. “I think we should talk… in private.”

Stevie, Matt, and Becky had joined me. “Whatever you have to say can be said in front of my friends Carmichael. They’re in this too remember. And I’ll be doing the talking. You’ll be listening and agreeing to anything and everything I say. That’s not up for negotiation. If you want Montoya, you need us, and from here on out it’s our way or no way. Do you understand Carmichael?” I could see him slowly coming to the boil. People like Carmichael were not used to being spoken to like that. His knuckles grew white as he clenched his fists and he took a step forward before being brought to a halt by Hemi’s large paw planted firmly in the centre of his chest.

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