The Real Estate Connection Ch. 07


"She's so hot isn't she baby?" Stevie snuggled up to me and watched KJ as she gave the poor helpless doctor a flirting display worthy of the hottest of Hollywood femme fatales. Becky and KJ were extremely sexy but Stevie was a knockout. The first thing that hit me was her perfume; a citrus fragrance which was light and sweet with just a hint of spice. As I let my gaze roam over the lady I loved I was again struck dumb by her beauty. Her hair shone and moved with a life of its own as she moved against me. Her gorgeous firm breasts struggled against the miniscule confines of a fluorescent yellow bikini top, the perfect tan of her skin a beautiful contrast. A sheer pink sarong was tied low on her hips, covering the bikini bottom and her feet were clad in a pair of yellow stiletto heels. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

"Stevie you look gorgeous honey." The smile she gave me was loaded with love and promise for the night ahead.

It didn't take long for the party to get into full swing. A couple of the S.W.A.T. boys got into a friendly argument about who was the best on the grill so my cooking responsibilities were taken over as they split the grill into two separate regions. The pile of steaks and ribs never got too high though as our guests had definitely brought an appetite with them. The music started off quiet and mellow; a selection of old classics from bands like Toto, Journey, and Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. It wasn't long however before the boys and girls were rocking out to the sounds of Nickleback, Faith No More and Audioslave. These folks really knew how to party. As the sun went down I lit citronella burners and turned on the deck and pool lights. To my embarrassment it took me a while to locate the switches as I'd never used them before. As soon as the lights went on clothes started coming off. Within minutes the pool was full of swimsuit clad party goers. KJ took the opportunity to grab Brian and lead him to the Jacuzzi. As Stevie and I watched she slowly stripped down to a tiny g-string bikini bottom and slid into the bubbling hot tub topless. During the whole operation she hadn't taken her eyes from Brian and he hadn't taken his eyes from her. Once she was comfortable she beckoned him to join her. He didn't hesitate, pulling his shirt off and dropping his khaki's before quickly stepping into the hot tub in his boxers to join KJ. As he dropped his pants I saw KJ's eyes widen and a happy grin light up her face. I had a feeling that she wouldn't be going home alone... if she went home at all.

Becky and Matt had set up camp at the edge of the pool of light from the outdoor lanterns and were snuggled up on one of the loungers. It didn't take a brain surgeon to figure out what they were up to. Matt's back was to the rest of the party goers and Becky was cuddled into him with her leg thrown over his hip. From where Stevie and I sat we could see Matt's arm making slow rhythmic movements between their bodies. Stevie snuggled in tighter to my body careful not to hurt my wound.

Hemi and Sam were locked in a heated but friendly debate with a couple of the S.W.A.T. team members, a tall heavily muscled African American guy and a very fit looking bikini clad blonde. The blonde was trading some serious eye contact with Hemi who wasn't shy in returning the favor. I felt happy for him as the Liz Graeme thing had really kicked his ass. I hoped that he would be able to hook up with her. I also hoped that she wasn't here with the big black dude. He looked like he ate small cars for breakfast and a brawl between him and Hemi was something I would hate to have to break up. I figured I would need a water cannon or three to separate them if it got to a punch up. I needn't have worried though. As we watched Sam and the black S.W.A.T. operator wandered off still engaged in the debate. The blonde and Hemi headed our way. It seemed that introductions were in order.

"Craig and Stevie, this is Lisa. Lisa meet the boss and his lovely lady Stevie." Close up she was quite lovely with a great physique which hinted at plenty of strength and agility. Cops didn't make it into S.W.A.T. on weapons ability alone.

"Pleased to meet you Lisa. What has Hemi been telling you about us? Nothing bad I hope?" Stevie handled the greeting as we shook hands. "Welcome to our humble abode."

"Our humble abode?" I spluttered in mock indignation. "Last time I checked, my name was on the deeds." Both ladies grinned at this.

"I see you've got yourself a typical male Stevie... all wrapped up in material possessions. When will these guys learn that without us women to arrange things for them, all these possessions mean nothing at all." Lisa's voice was slightly husky but musical at the same time. I could see that she and Stevie were going to hit it off famously.

"Oh God no. Just what I needed... another woman to bust my chops and tell me how lucky I am to have this average looking freeloader here." This earned me a swift punch in the ribs and a scowl from Stevie, followed quickly by a kiss that took my breath away and demonstrated one of the reasons I loved her so much.

Lisa laughed and said, "I can see that you're going to have to train this one a bit more before he is fully house broken Stevie. Good luck with that. And thanks for the invite to the party guys. It's been a while since I've been out and this is just what the doctor ordered. It's not often we get invited to parties by members of the public so thanks."

"Actually Lisa this is a thank you for taking care of us for the last couple of weeks. I just wish we could do more." I really did wish we could do more but it wasn't the done thing.

"Okay boss... I'm going to show the lady around the place. Catch you later." Hemi grinned as he casually looped his arm around Lisa's waist and walked off to the house. As they were wandering off Karen Montecelli walked out onto the deck arm in arm with Lee. She looked tired and worried. Spotting Stevie and I they headed over.

"Hi guys," came her tired greeting. "Sorry I'm late. I had a busy day." Lee headed off to grab fresh drinks for all of us as Karen pulled a lounger over next to ours and slumped down tiredly. "Do you mind?" she asked, pulling a pack of cigarettes and a lighter from her purse.

"Not if you share," I said with a grin. Stevie shook her head in mock exasperation as I lit up after Karen.

"Yet another bad habit I'm gonna have to break you out of." Stevie gave me a mischievous grin as I very maturely poked my tongue out at her. Lee arrived back with the drinks and soon we were settled in ready to discuss our respective days. Lee and I gave our report first. I watched Karen's reaction as we told the ladies about our trip to Langley. At first she looked interested, but soon that changed to puzzlement. It was an odd reaction but I decided to wait until we had finished before I asked her about it. Stevie and Karen sat quietly and listened as Lee and I laid out our summary and conclusions about what we had learned today. Surprisingly there were no questions when we had finished. Obviously we gave a good briefing. Then it was Karen's turn to tell us about her day.

She started with a question. "Do you think that Carmichael would have a protection team on you Craig?"

"I don't know. I can't see any reason that he wouldn't want me kept alive... at least for the moment. If he is tracking the player falsifying the reports then I'm useful as bait. On the other hand if he is in with the bad guy, I'm more valuable to him dead. To give you a proper answer to that question Karen, I'd have to know which side of the fence Carmichael is on, and to tell the truth I have no idea where he stands. Why do you ask?"

"You had a guardian angel perched in the apartment above the music store next to KJ's studio. A guardian angel with a Remington .308 rifle, most probably on a bipod, and most probably only in the room for an hour at the most. The forensics team found the trajectory of the shot that took out Liz Graeme originated in the first floor window diagonally opposite her position. They found marks on the window sill that were consistent with a bipod for a Remington and also found gunshot residue, GSR, on the bottom of the net curtains that covered the window. They speculate that the shooter slid the muzzle of the rifle under the net curtains and actually used the curtains as camouflage. There were no expended cartridge cases found, but the forensics team thinks it was a single shot deal going by the amount of GSR found on the curtains and the testimony of witnesses as to the number of shots fired. Now while it wasn't an extremely difficult shot, it did require a level of competence which puts it outside the casual shooter range. We're all in agreement that it was a trained sniper that took the shot. After our conversation yesterday in Beagle's the first thing I thought was CIA."

"It doesn't make any sense. What about the forensics from Liz Graeme's position? What do the findings there tell you?"

"Lots of ballistic findings... cartridge cases, weapons and GSR on Graeme's body. She hadn't been there for long. Her car was located a couple of streets over in a pay parking lot. It had been there for a couple of hours only. We feel that she followed you two to KJ's and then set up in her sniper position."

"No... it couldn't have happened like that. It makes no sense. How could she follow us there in broad daylight, find a park, grab her weapon, find a hide and set up for the shot... all without being seen. It couldn't have been done like that. She had to have organized the hide before hand. She would have organized the position and got her weapon in and set up well in advance. Which means she had advance warning of where we were going to be and when. Now Liz was at the house the night Stevie made the appointment with KJ so I'm betting that she got her advance warning that way. It also means that meeting her and Joanne at La Principessa's was no accident. It was a set up all the way. This thing took some major planning. Until we can figure out which side Carmichael is on we're going to have no idea who set us up or why."

We sat for a few moments sipping our drinks in a contemplative silence before Karen spoke again.

"This looks like a good party. Mind if I take my man and go and enjoy it?"

Stevie grinned and said, "If you hurry you might even be able to get something to eat. I think the folks from Lee's team are just about done eating."

As Lee and Karen wandered off hand in hand, Stevie snuggled in to me and kissed me softly. "This is great Honey! We should do this more often." I had to agree with her. Looking around at the organized chaos going on I had to grin. I had missed a lot of what was termed normal adult experiences while I was stalking around in the jungles of South America. Everywhere I looked people were having fun without having to worry about ambush. Couples were swimming in the pool, drinking around the grill or making out on the loungers. I found it easier to relax the more I became immersed in the life of the non combatant. Things hadn't worked out the way I had planned when I left the jungle. My current situation had its pros and cons but from where I was sitting the pros definitely outweighed the cons. I knew that my new life wasn't going to be all beer and skittles but it sure beat the hell out of ducking bullets in Colombia. I had good friends, a great lady and I finally had prospects for a peaceful existence.

The party rolled on for a few more hours. The only problem encountered was when one of Lee's boys got cramp in the pool while he was fucking his partner in the deep end. It was hilarious to watch as half the team tried to "rescue" him while the others stood around offering advice on everything from stretching exercises to prevent cramp, to his stroke technique with his lady. Lee managed a very dramatic rescue which involved pulling him naked and still erect from the pool, cursing his rescuer while his team mates hooted with laughter and insults about the caliber of his weapon.

All in all it was a fantastic night, but as with all good things it had to come to an end. Just after 11 o'clock the S.W.A.T. folks started making preparations to get going. One by one they came and thanked us for the party and made their goodbyes. I didn't hesitate in giving them all an open invitation to drop by any time they were out this way, and all of them said they'd take me up on the offer. Becky and Matt left just after Lee and Karen followed the S.W.A.T. team out of the drive. Hemi and Sam had decided to go into town with the cops and do a bit more partying at one of the clubs. Soon it was down to me and Stevie, and KJ and Brian. Stevie kissed me softly as the last of the cars disappeared from sight.

"Let's go and hit the Jacuzzi baby. It'll help wash all that tension out of your system honey."

"That's the best offer I've had all day Kitten. Let's go."

KJ and Brian were still in the hot tub when Stevie and I got there. And it was plain that they wouldn't be going anywhere tonight but upstairs to the spare room. If they had been any closer they would have been mating... in fact with the bubbles of the hot tub going it was a very good chance that they were. KJ was straddling Brian's lap and exploring his mouth with her tongue. Brian's hands were busy below the waterline and whatever he was doing must have been good judging from the moans coming from both KJ and Brian. It's always good when your guests have fun at your party.

Stevie cleared her throat theatrically. "Mind if we join you two love birds?" Brian looked up with a shocked and embarrassed look on his face. KJ didn't even turn around, she just giggled and replied, "Sure, the more the merrier!" then went back to driving Brian crazy.

Stevie quickly kicked off her shoes and untied the sarong from around her hips leaving her standing in her hot yellow bikini and a smile. Getting me ready for our little dip was a whole different kettle of fish. I had chosen to wear a polo shirt with my cargo pants for the evening. Big mistake. My shoulder was still stiff and sore from the healing wound so the simple task of getting a shirt off became a major mission. The hoots of laughter coming from Stevie and KJ weren't helping but finally I was stripped down to my boxers and climbing into the Jacuzzi alongside Stevie and opposite our frolicking friends.

"Craig, make sure you don't get that dressing wet. An infection now would mean I'd have to make regular house calls and... on second thoughts get it wet man. KJ and I can heal you." There was a distinct streak of evil in our friendly pill roller. KJ giggled and added her contribution to the conversation.

"Don't get that tattoo wet yet Stevie. Not in a pool anyway. It's okay to bathe or shower it but a pool isn't a good idea for it."

So there we were; parked on the step of the pool but unable to slip right down into the warm bubbling water. It did have its advantages though. Stevie's breasts bobbed just above the waterline and as the water splashed her bikini top it rapidly became transparent, much to the delight of me and Brian, and the amusement of KJ.

"Baby those are serious headlights you've got there. Don't you agree Brian?" The look on Brian's face was priceless. Here he was trapped beneath one gorgeous semi nude woman being asked his opinion of the breasts of another gorgeous woman, whose man happened to be sitting right next to her. He blushed deeply again to the amusement of KJ.

"Don't worry baby... Craig isn't going to hit you for looking at his gorgeous lady." She was in fine form tonight. I didn't want to ruin the mood but KJ needed to know what Karen had found out in her crime scene workup today. I quickly ran it down for her and Brian who sat looking very interested and attentive.

"So what you're saying is that the person who shot the sniper was in the music store next door to me? Jesus Craig! That is too damned close to home man!" KJ was shocked. She started trembling and Brian put his arm around her to offer some comfort which she wasn't about to turn down. As I had anticipated, my summary of the day's events had put a little bit of a damper on the evening, a fact for which I felt guilty.

"I'll be back in a minute. I think you need a drink hon. Can I grab anyone else anything?" Stevie and Brian both put their orders in. Soon I was back with drinks for all. We sat in companionable silence sipping our drinks and just enjoying the company and the music which was still warbling quietly from the speakers on the deck. For once there was no sexual activity... just four friends enjoying each others company. I knew that would change once we were all behind closed doors but for now it was good to just be able to relax and enjoy.

It didn't take long for the conversation to start flowing again; good Scotch is a marvelous lubricant, and soon we were chatting about what plans I had for the house. When I'd arrived here in Richmond it had been an empty shell. Random and unplanned shopping trips had managed to start me on the way to filling the huge house with furnishings and sundry goods but there was no rhyme or reason to the purchases so far; they had been driven by necessity rather than some great interior decorating master plan. As I had anticipated, the ladies were more than willing to contribute their ideas to the discussion. Stevie and I had already talked about what we could do to make the house feel more like a home but so far no firm planning had been done. Realistically there hadn't been time to do any planning, but now with the four of us soaking in the hot tub, relaxing and sipping quality Scotch the ideas flowed easily... and a lot of them were brilliant.

"Any idea what you're going to do with the big room attached to the garage baby?" Stevie had asked me about it a couple of days earlier and after thinking about it I had a plan sorted out.

"Yeah actually I do have an idea for the big room." We called it the big room because it was the same size as the four car garage it backed onto. "I think I'm gonna turn it into a gym and play room. I still want to join the gym in town that Matt goes to but I like the idea of being able to work out when I want."

"Yeah you're definitely getting a bit soft about the middle lover." Stevie punctuated her teasing by grabbing me by my minimal love handles. "Better start that workout routine soon baby."

"Aaah so I'm getting out of shape am I? Maybe swimming would help with my physical fitness?" Stevie knew I was up to something and started to squirm away from me in the Jacuzzi. She wasn't quick enough. In a flash I swept her up and over my good shoulder and started to clamber out of the hot tub. Stevie was squealing and struggling; pounding my back with her small fists as I trotted towards the still lit swimming pool and the cold water that it was filled with. Behind me I could hear KJ and Brian laughing themselves silly as they climbed out and followed us. I was two seconds away from throwing myself and Stevie into the deep end of the pool when Brian and KJ screamed out in unison.


"Your tattoo!" from KJ.

"Your wounds!" from Brian.

Too late! We hit the water with a huge splash and went under. After the warm water in the Jacuzzi, the pool water was positively arctic driving the breath from both of us. Stevie broke free and kicked for the surface as I followed. We surfaced laughing, spluttering and coughing as KJ and Brian arrived at the side of the pool laughing as well. As Stevie and I swam to the side of the pool, Brian and KJ leaned down to help pull us out. It was a set up straight out of Practical Jokes 101 and Stevie and I needed no communication to know what the other was planning. As I grasped Brian's hand and Stevie grabbed KJ's we both braced our feet against the side of the pool and pulled. Brian and KJ sailed over our heads and into the water with surprised gasps and cries.

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