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The Real Story


I have the most wonderful and incredible girlfriend who loves me so much. Those of you who have read my stories will have noticed the themes that run through them; that of huge cocks/dildos etc with the victims forced to experience multiple orgasms against their will during protracted fucking with them.

Given that these fantasies turn me on the idea of a fucking machine with a huge dildo figures strongly in my stories. Many fantasies have to remain just that but some we would love to do for real.

This one is a wonderful story and its all the better for being absolutely true. Since early on in our relationship we have shared our fantasies. My partner's stories have developed over time from what were almost exclusively lesbian content to a lot of incest/daddy sex fantasies.

Our fantasies are not an exact fit together. The idea of Daddy's fucking their daughters doesn't do anything for me in itself but I can go with it easily enough and merge her fantasies with those of my own. The story 'Martha's Ransom' was written with her in mind with several of her important themes incorporated.

Usually for her she is the seducing daughter rather than victim of rapacious father but she can go with that idea too.

So this is our actual real-life story. Throughout our relationship I have been obsessed with having her fucked by big things. Initially I bought a Doc Johnson dildo with vibrator which was large but not massive, about six inches around.

We then tried using bigger things, cucumbers and bottles etc. We had one exceptional time with an aubergine which she had the most intense orgasm on.

What we seemed to discover was that she can fairly easily accommodate something up to 7.5 inches in girth but anything wider than that would not fit. However, when I saw a Bam realistic dildo in our local sex shop about 18 months ago I just had to buy it in the vague hope that she might be able to 'work up to it' over time.

She did put it to her pussy but felt that it would be too large for her and it went in the drawer to gather dust. Last Christmas I bought her a more suitably sized dildo, a Ty Fox realistic which is dead on 7.5 inches around, right about her limit.

We have used this on many occasions although at times she has struggled to relax enough to take it.

During the spring I had some leave and decided to try to construct a fucking machine to fix the dildo onto. It was actually easier than I expected.

The mechanism to produce a thrusting motion is very simple. What I used was a 12volt windscreen wiper motor from a scrap yard which I bolted to a wooden bracket.

I bought a length of chrome plated steel tube (which was sold as a pack to make a bathroom towel rail). This came with two chrome plated steel holders which are designed to be screwed to the wall. These are basically short lengths of thicker diameter tube with holes drilled through them, through which the towel rail passes.

I screwed them to a 12 inch length of wood, passed the towel rail through them and greased it. They then act as bushes for the rail, allowing it to slide back and forth through them.

Using more wood I connected the bracket on which the motor is mounted to the one on which the rail is mounted. All that remained was to fix a short length of metal bracket to the spindle of the wiper motor. The length depends on the depth of stroke required.

I had used a bracket with holes drilled at approximately half inch intervals in case I needed to make it adjustable but I set it to give a maximum travel of 3.5 inches and that seems to be pretty much ideal. Any longer travel and it would fall out on the backstroke.

The rotation of the motor is translated into a back and forth movement via a length of metal bracket (all available from your local DIY shop). This is bolted to the end of the bracket that's fixed to the motor spindle and at the other end to a bolt through the towel rail.

I hammered a short length of metal with a thread on the end into the end of the rail so that I could screw something to the end of it that I could attach the dildo to.

Finally I bought some heavy duty two way toggle switches, wire and fuses and connected it all up to a 12 volt motorcycle battery. The whole mechanism I then fitted inside a wooden box which is about 14 inches long, 12 inches high and 8 inches wide. With some experimentation I also added a 4 foot length of wood which is detachable for storage.

This has the dual purpose of steadying the machine from moving about too much especially when it's used on a soft surface like the bed. It is also used as a spreader bar to hold her legs wide apart.

So there it is; a fucking machine for under £30. The way the motor is switched allows the two-way toggle switch to operate it in 'off'; 'slow' and 'fast' speeds. The speeds are not adjustable but in practise its 50 rpm slow and 100 rpm fast are really all you need.

I had built the machine without my girlfriend's knowledge but started telling her fantasies about them before showing it to her. She felt a bit self conscious about it but agreed to give it a go.

She first inserted the well lubricated dildo and then we attached it to the end of the rod. It is important to start with the rod at maximum extension, insert the dildo as far as comfortable so that the first stroke is a retraction. This ensures the penetration is not going to be too deep, particularly important if the 'victim' is tied down!

The initial trial was done at slow speed with a vibe on her clit till she came. The second time I asked if I could tie her down and video her getting fucked with it which she was happy to do.

I had her blindfolded, spread eagled to the bed with our bondage straps, and having got her worked up with my tongue, inserted the Ty Fox dildo into her freshly shaven pussy and attached it to the fucking machine.

I started videoing and switched the machine on, initially on 'slow' but after a couple of minutes to 'fast'. At that point she started moaning loudly with every thrust of that big rubber cock and even more so when I applied a vibe to her clit.

It took about ten minutes in all before she came, moaning loudly as she did. The dildo is fixed to the rod via the vacu-lock arrangement and it came off the end of the rod with all her thrashing about!

Wonderful as this has been what happened last night is the best yet. We were in bed and she wanted me to fuck her with the Ty Fox dildo and she seemed to struggle initially to take it.

Having managed it I fucked her with it for a while and we were talking about what it would be like if she had the Bam dildo inside her and she offered to try it.

I was all for it but knew she would not be able to take it; I just thought it would be nice to see her try and that it might help to prepare her by gradually stretching her pussy bit by bit.

What actually happened shocked me completely, I still can hardly believe it; she just took it, slowly but surely she pushed it inside herself till she had about six inches of it inside her!

It was incredible, not least because it is an entire inch larger in circumference and she took it as if it was barely any larger at all. She fucked herself with it for awhile but didn't come on it that time.

I had been planning to use the Ty Fox dildo for what happened, merging her and my fantasies together as she got fucked with the fucking machine but when she managed to take the Bam dildo it we decided to use that one.

We spent plenty of time getting her turned on, using the Ty Fox to pave the way before she inserted the Bam dildo again. I quickly strapped her to the bed and attached the dildo to the fucking machine and set it in motion, initially on 'slow' setting.

I taped the small bullet vibe onto her clitty and began whispering in her ear. "So my pretty little girl, tell me, who is fucking you?"

"You Daddy" she replied.

"That's right baby; it's your Daddy isn't it? It's your Daddy's big hard cock fucking you!"

"Oh yes, Daddy's huge cock!" she said

"Daddy's have such big cocks don't they? Big, thick, hard cocks!"

"Oh God yes, so big!" she moaned, squirming around as it pumped in and out of her.

"Tell Daddy what it's like…"

"It's massive, Oh God, so fucking huge!" she said

"Is it too big for you?"

"Yes" she said "it's much too big for my poor little pussy!"

"Of course it's too big, if little girls want their Daddy's to fuck them they have to expect to get fucked with a Daddy sized cock, don't they?"

"Yes Daddy" she said

"How does it feel to have Daddy's huge thick cock pumping and pumping into you…fucking you like that?"

"OHHhh God!" she moaned as I switched it to 'fast'.

"You love it don't you?

"Oh God yesss!" she said

"You love having Daddy's big hard cock fucking you…"

"Mmmm, yes, yes, I love it!" she said as she was jerked back and forth by the force of the dildo as it fucked her.

"You know Daddy has to have you don't you? Daddy has to have his little girl because she is so fucking beautiful, so sexy he can't resist having you…he can't help himself… he's got to have his beautiful sexy wanton little daughter… he needs her…"

"Ohhh Daddy…" she moaned

"You know why Daddy has to tie you down don't you?

Oh, oh, oh, no Daddy, why?" she said

"Because you are a flirty little cock teaser…you have been teasing me for months, holding out on your Daddy…ragging him up…making him desperate to have you!"

"Oh God Daddy…" she moaned

"Now that I've got you I'm going to fuck you just as long as I want…you are not going to hold out on me now… you're going to come for your Daddy aren't you?"

"Yesss, I'll come for you Daddy!" she said

"You're going to show me what a wanton little slut you really are!

"I will, I'll come for you Daddy! I'll come on your big cock!" she cried, jerking her hips to meet the thrusting rubber penis.

"You're a wanton little Daddy's girl who loves to get fucked by my big thick cock aren't you?"

"Oh yes, I love it…fuck me with your huge cock, make me come on it…make me come so hard!" she said

"And Daddy has to tie you down because he has a big hard Daddy cock that can fuck for ages… he wants to enjoy fucking his little girl just as long as he can… he wouldn't want you chickening out before he's finished with you, would he?"

"Ohhh God, no Daddy, you'll have to keep fucking me till you're satisfied, I can't stop you" she said

"That's right; I have to have you tied down so I can keep fucking you no matter how many times you have to come!"

"Oh God yessss!" she said

"You are a wanton little slut, you love it don't you? You love Daddy's huge great cock fucking you so much …you're going to come on it, you can't help yourself!"

"I am, oh God, you're going to make me…" she said as she got closer and closer to orgasm, her eyes glazed over, lost in the fantasy.

"Daddy's going to keep on fucking you and fucking you till he's totally and completely satisfied…don't think you're getting away with just one orgasm… Daddy's going to make you come over and over again!"

"Oh God, oh God, Aaaaaagghhhh!" she cried out loudly as she came…

the massive dildo fucking her relentlessly, pounding in and out of her beautiful hairless pussy.

"Think of it…over and over again… You know Daddy's cock can keep on fucking you just as long as he wants!"

"Jesus that was intense, fucking hell, please… no more…" she said

"Does Daddy care if you have to come 10 or 15 times before he's satisfied? No, of course not…you better get used to it little girl… Daddy's going to fuck you all night long!"

Of course I didn't do that but I did make her have three orgasms on it before it all got too much! Thirty minutes on the fucking machine with a dildo that thick leaves her a bit tender for a couple of days but she says it's worth it for the intensity of the orgasms it gives her.

There you have it; our true life story that is probably not that exciting to read about but to me is better than fiction because it's real.

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