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The Real World: SD


The Real World: San Diego

This is the story of seven strangers, picked from around the world, to have their lives taped on a show on MTV called the Real World.

The new season of MTV’s Real World is just about to start as the seven strangers picked to live together, arrive at the beach house in San Diego California. Four out of the seven members have arrived already and introduced themselves to each other and the rest of the world on T.V.

The remaining three cast members are going to be meeting by the docks, waiting for the boat to come and take them to the Beach House.

The first to arrive was a southern bell named Cameran. She’s pretty, kind of tall, long blond hair, nice long legs which looked good in her short shorts, nice bubble butt and nice perky 36 C cups, hiding in her baby blue tank top and white bra. She stepped onto the boat and sat down, just as the next member was arriving to the docks. She begun to look him up and down and saw that he was very hot. His name was Randy. Well built, strong arms and legs, short brown hair, tall and handsome. The Two Introduced themselves to each other.

They sat down and talked to each other before the last cast member came on broad and the first thing they saw on her were gigantic tits that swayed nicely in her tight tan shirt which was above her belly. She had short blond hair, nice long legs, a plumped ass and wore a 38DD bra.

“Hi. I’m Robin,” she said, meeting Randy and Cameran. Either one could keep their eyes off her enormous breasts. Especially Randy who has an instant hard on and Cameran noticed it.

“Wow. He must be hung like a horse,” said Cameran to herself.

They all sat down with Randy in the middle of two of the sexiest girls he had ever seen. They begun to get to know each other more. Randy put his arms around both girls who were snuggled up close to Randy. Both thought he was pretty hot.

Robin had placed her left hand on Randy’s thighs and moved it up and down. Randy was trying to keep his eyes on Cameran while talking to her but kept looking down at Robin’s hand, moving, close to his hard on. Cameran saw what Robin was doing.

“That bitch. Guest I’ll have to do one better,” Cameran said to herself.

She unzipped Randy’s pants and slipped her right hand into his pants and fondled his hard, massive dick and grape fruit sized balls. Randy was in paradise. Moaning slightly while lending his head back. Robin decided to get in some of the action and lifted his shirt up and started sucking on Randy’s nipples while Cameran was now giving Randy a hand job. She farther pulled Randy’s big cock out and both Robin’s and Cameran’s eyes bulged out at the size of his massive cock.

“God damn. He’s huge. I never felt a dick this big before,” said Cameran.

“Suck it for me please,” said Randy extremely horny now.

Cameran put her mouth on the head of his big cock and started to suck on it like a lolly pop. Swirling her tongue around the head of his cock. Then licking up and down the massive shaft until she reached his big balls. She fondled them in her hand and sucked one into her mouth. Cameran has never given a blow job before but she has seen them in pornos and knew what to do.

Meanwhile, Robin had Randy’s nipples red and sore.

“Exactly how I like my nipples,” said Robin.

She pulled her tight tan shirt over her head, showing off her huge tits encased in a lacy white bra. Randy got even harder and more horny, staring at Robin’s massive jugs. She reached behind her back and unhooked the bra and tossed it aside. Her giant tits were more beautiful in person as they jiggled like a large bowl of jell-o and defined gravity. They had pancake sized brown areolas and medium size tan nipples. She grabbed the back of Randy’s head and dove him into her large cleavage and jiggle her huge titties around his head.

Randy ain’t waste no time and begun his assault on her big tits. Licking, sucking, nibbling, and mauling every inch of her wonderful jugs and ain’t even touch the nipples that were extremely hard. He tugged on her nipples and pulled them and pinched them, to get them ready for sucking.

Meanwhile, Cameran had 5 inches of Randy’s huge cock in her mouth, sucking like she never sucked anything before. Randy was on his way to pass out from the pleasure of getting his dick sucked and his sucking on Robin’s incredible huge melons and big nipples.

“OH GOD! HERRRRE I CUM!” said Randy with Robin’s big tits still in his face and ready to blow. His big hard cock blew up in Cameran’s mouth. She was swallowing his cum, yet, the cum was flowing so massive, that, a lot of it dropped onto her tank top and into her bra. Even some of the seat they were sating at, got stained.

“Oh god!” said Cameran. “I need a new shirt. I cant meet the others like this,” she said.

The trio come cleaned up and back decent as the boat arrived just outside of the beach house…

To Be Continued…

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