tagInterracial LoveThe Reality of BBC

The Reality of BBC


"I can't believe that nigger won again!"

Beth was muttering herself quietly as she walked away from the celebration behind her. It turned her stomach to see the black man celebrating. Cocky bastard, Beth thought to herself. I didn't come on this show to have some nigger holding power over me. Beth stormed across the backyard toward the house.

Beth was beginning to regret appearing on Big Broadcast Compound, or BBC as it was often called. Appearing on the reality television show was beginning to wear her down. The contestants on the reality show had to spend the duration of their summer on the compound, which included a large house and a backyard that was surrounded by high green walls. The compound was not bothering Beth as the house was beautiful with plenty of room for all of the contestants. The backyard had lots of space to lay out and tan, and also a pool and hot tub for keeping cool in the day and warming up at night. What wore Beth down were the cameras. The compound was filled with cameras, hidden in the walls of every room in the house and covering the entire backyard as well. There was never a moment of privacy, although Beth was relieved that they swore that they did not watch the toilet camera unless something suspicious was happening. The cameras were used to capture footage for the weekly episodes of Big Broadcast Compound, and were also set up so that fans could watch the cameras from their own computers at any time. Beth was still furious as she walked past the giant BBC logo and into the house.

That nigger is going to nominate me for sure, Beth solemnly thought as she walked toward the bathroom. JaMarcus, or Mega as he insisted on being called, had won The Power yet again. The winner of the weekly competition for The Power was given the responsibility of nominating two of their housemates for eviction. At the end of the week the other housemates would vote for one of the two nominees, and the person with more votes would be kicked out of the house and eliminated from the game. Mega had dominated so far, winning the first four competitions. He had used The Power to eliminate his strongest physical threats, as he sent Josh, Richard and Dillon home. All of the remaining men were either out of shape or hopelessly weak, and the women could not hope to stand up to Mega physically. Stupid producers, Beth thought. How could they set up a basketball competition for this week?! Beth continued fuming. Of course the nigger would win! Beth opened the door to the shower and walked in.

I should have been more careful and kept my big mouth shut, Beth told herself as she stripped behind the frosted shower glass. The previous day she had been making fun of the other houseguests with her closest ally in the compound Katie, a common occurrence, as they sunbathed. Unfortunately, Mega had been standing nearby lifting weights when they began talking about him. Beth had talked about how she hated being locked in a house with a black man. The two girls definitely agreed that it was not appropriate. Beth got so caught up in her complaints that she let slip and called her black housemate a nigger. Beth often called black people niggers when she was back home in the south, but she had tried her best not to with potentially millions of people watching her every move. Mega quickly ran over to the two girls, dashing Beth's hopes that he had not heard them. He accused Beth of calling him a nigger, but she repeatedly denied it, acting shocked by the accusation. Mega told her that he was going to win The Power next week, and that her white ass was going home. Beth hoped that the microphones did pick up what she had said, as she knew the public would mostly be outraged, but she was confident that the people in her home town would not care that she called a black man a nigger. Beth placed her sweaty clothing over the top of the shower door and turned on the water.

The warm water felt good on Beth's body. I can't get eliminated, Beth told herself. I need the prize money. Ben and I need that prize money. Beth looked at her ring and thought of her fiancée, Ben. They had been high school sweethearts, and Ben had proposed following their university graduation. Now at 23, Beth was planning on getting married following her stint on Big Broadcast Complex and starting a family. As she planned on being pregnant for the majority of the next several years, Beth new that she needed a nest egg. More importantly, she thought to herself, she would need lots of money for her large plantation wedding. Beth wanted the perfect southern belle wedding, and it would cost money. The one million dollar prize for winning the reality show sounded perfect.

Beth loved her fiancée. Ben treated Beth like a princess and was always the perfect gentleman. He was nice and unassuming, while being devoted to Beth in every way. She took advantage of this, as Beth loved bossing Ben around. He always responded to her orders promptly, and she was always happy to have her way. Beth even ordered Ben around in the bedroom, as she was always the one to initiate sex between them. This was a secret of course, as Beth always presented herself as a virgin in order to preserve her reputation as a chaste southern lady. She knew that she could go without sex if she wanted, as Ben did not seem to be very good in bed. The couple had not engaged in sex for two months prior to the show, as Beth stopped taking her birth control pill in order to prepare herself for starting a family after her time on the reality show. Beth had first seduced Ben due to her horniness, but she found that he was not able to quench her desires. Beth assured herself that this was because of Ben's lack of experience, and not his appearance. Ben was short, with a pudgy body and a slightly receding hairline. It will get better once he gets more experience, Beth told herself. Ben always enjoyed their sex anyway.

Who could blame him, Beth noted as she began applying body wash. She was a real southern beauty, both buxom and petite. Beth washed her slender legs, following them all the way up to her short blonde pubic hair. She washed her vagina and felt a slight tingle. I can't wait for the honeymoon, Beth happily thought. She moved up to her stomach, which was well defined and tight even though Beth ate what she wanted and hardly ever worked out. Good genetics, she thought as she was happy that she still had a soft form unlike the women she knew who practically lived at the gym. Beth moved up further to her pert breasts, which looked massive on her narrow frame. Her pink nipples contrasted greatly with her lilly white skin. Men were always taken aback that such a skinny girl, and only 5'3 tall, could have such large breasts. Beth liked showing her breasts off, but she also knew that a southern lady should be modest. She was careful to walk a very thin line. After washing her blonde hair, Beth stepped out of the shower, wrapped in a pink towel with BBC stamped on it in black letters and ready to plan how she would avoid eviction.

Beth left the shower and walked in front of the mirror. She hated sharing one bathroom with so many housemates, particularly a disgusting black one, but she was glad to have this time alone following the competition. Beth began her makeup regimen, curling her eyelashes first, followed by mascara and all the way down the line until she was perfect. Beth admired her face. She knew that she was beautiful without makeup, but southern women were always looking to add more. Beth had a soft, round face that gave her a girlish innocence. Her light green eyes always drew compliments from men and women alike. Beth had perfect teeth with a beautiful smile, honed on the competitive pageant circuit, with dimples on both sides. Beautiful, she thought to herself. Now how can I stay in this game. That nigger already got rid of the strongest men. He knows that I would never make an alliance with him, and he knows that I called him a nigger. Maybe I can make other people look like bigger threats, or maybe... Beth was just about to blow dry her hair, while continuing to plot, when she was finally interrupted.

"Should have known you'd run off to the mirror, Bubs!" Mega yelled as he walked into the bathroom. Bubs was Mega's nickname for Beth, short for Bubble Butt. Beth hated it. The boys she had gone to school with had called her bubble butt, noting how her ass just seemed to pop straight out from her body, but she did not mind hearing it from them. Hearing it from a black man was a different matter all together for Beth. She did not want one of them talking to her in such a familiar manner. The thought of Mega looking at her ass made her want to throw up.

"You trying to make yourself pretty for Mega? All the boys in Africville would give they left nut to get at that ass!" Mega laughed as he harassed Beth. Damn she looks good in that towel, he thought to himself. The BBC mark on the side of her towel was not lost on him, as he thought that a stuck up racist like Beth would never wear that if she knew the alternate meaning that those letters had. Still, she looked great in the little pink towel, standing on her toes and leaning forward to look into the mirror over the sink. Mega could see almost all of Beth's sexy little legs, looking particularly shiny having just come out of the shower, and he could see a fair amount of her cleavage over the top of her towel. Mega loved checking Beth out over the last several weeks. I could do mega damage to that, he thought to himself.

Beth turned to the black man and rolled her eyes. Like I would ever want to look good for you, she thought. Mega was 30 years old and roughly 5'10. Although he was somewhat short, he was powerfully built, with an extremely wide and strong body that had enabled him to dominate the competitions thus far. His skin was a very dark brown, and he kept his head bald except for the BBC logo shaved on the top of his head. The hair was almost imperceptible from Beth's current vantage point. Beth believed that Mega only shaved the logo into his head to draw more attention to himself. Mega was shirtless, as usual, and Beth could see his curly tufts of black chest hair were matted down with sweat. Disgusting, she thought to herself. His face was brutish with thick features. She looked down slightly and saw the top of his curly black public hair poking out from his shorts. This was a common visual with Mega, and it made Beth want to gag. What disgusting people, she thought to herself as she looked back at the mirror. Niggers.

"Oh so you ignoring me Bubs?" Mega asked Beth. She often bristled at his grammar and pronunciation.

"Well, I gotta say I'm disappointed that I missed out on you in the shower. I love watching you soap up that fine little body, specially that tight..."

"SHUT UP!" Beth screeched to shut Mega up.

"Glad you recognize that Mega's in the room. I do have all the power in this house you know." Mega was still buzzing from his latest victory.

Beth ignored him as she continued primping.

"You know that I heard you and that other bitch calling me a nigger." He continued.

"I did no such thing!" Beth lied in response.

"Don't you lie to me Bubs. Now I don't see any reason right now why I shouldn't just get your fine ass evicted this week." Mega threatened.

"Well... y'all don't have to..."

"Shut yo mouth. I'll talk about this shit with you later. Come by my room later and we can try to work something out."

"What kind of thing are you thinking..." Beth tried to inquire.

"Save it, racist hoe!" Mega hollered as he left the bathroom.

"I'm not a hoe OR a racist!" Beth yelled as he left the room. She knew that she was racist, but she did not want to be portrayed that way on TV or the internet. Her reputation was very important to her.

Beth finished in the mirror and went back to her room that she shared with two other housemates. She put on a pair of her short pink shorts and a sky blue tank top. Both showed off enough of Beth's body to make sure that people noticed, but not enough that she could be called a slut. She spent the afternoon in her bed, not feeling like mingling with the others following Mega's big win. Beth was scared for her own future in the house, and she was pissed off that the others in the house seemed to be warming to the black man. Probably because he keeps winning The Power, she thought to herself. Still, she thought that people should stick to their own kind.

Beth was woken from a nap by Mega's yells. Stupid niggers, she thought. Those people are so damn loud. Apparently he had enjoyed the supper, and felt the need to yell that it was his victory feast. Beth waited for a few minutes before getting up. She put her white slippers on and walked out of her room, ignoring her housemates when they asked why she missed supper. She was too angry with them to speak. She headed up the stairs to Mega's room. It was not officially his room, as it really belonged to whoever had won The Power that week. Still, he had been the only occupant up to this point. Beth was very jealous, as it was the only room that had its own big bed, king size, and actually had a lock. Privacy was scarce in the house, from the other housemates at least. Beth knew that the cameras were still present in Mega's room though, meaning that it was not really a private location. The private bathroom that was only accessible from Mega's room was also an object of everyone's jealousy. Mega has ensured that no one could enjoy it other than himself by locking his room whenever he was not inside it. That obnoxious bastard, Beth thought. Even though he had his own bathroom, Mega still often came downstairs and shit in the bathroom that everyone else had to use. Beth was pissed off as she approached his door. She wondered what he could have in mind. I'll do anything to get that money, she told herself. Well, almost anything. She knocked on the door.

"Come in!" Mega bellowed.

Beth opened the door and walked in. Mega was sitting in a large chair in the corner of the room, still in only his shorts and socks. He looked Beth up and down, which never failed to infuriate Beth. Niggers, she thought, should know their place in the world.

"So what do you want to meet for?" She asked, trying to sound as cheery as possible.

"We gunna discuss your future in this game, Bubs. Sit down on the bed." Mega knew that Beth was desperate to stay. He loved having power over the snobby, beautiful blonde. He watched her sit on the bed, crossing both legs underneath her. Bitch always makes sure that she teases you without showing it all, Mega thought to himself. Her slender body had curves in all the important places, and her innocent face was flawless. That face! Mega knew what he wanted.

"Good. Now, we both know you Mega's number one target. Specially after you called me a nigger like that."

"I didn't!" Beth protested.

"Fuck off. We both know you said that shit, and so do all the people out there!" Mega motioned to the cameras in the room. Beth looked down, still in disbelief that she had let the N word slip.

"Now, I wanna know what you are going to offer Mega to not nominate you. Really though, I'm only thinking of one thing." Mega grabbed his crotch and rearranged things as he spoke.

"Well, me and Katie could be in an alliance with you. We would always vote to keep you in the house and we could..." Beth had prepared her pitch earlier, but Mega interrupted.

"Mega don't need no alliance. Everyone in this house likes me. Ain't nobody wants to get rid of Mega. Well, except you." Mega was confident with his position in the house. An alliance was of no interest to him.

Cocky nigger, Beth thought to herself.

"OK, if I win The Power I will promise not to nominate you." Beth was hopeful that this promise would work. She knew that if she had the option to nominate Mega, she would do it regardless of any promise she had made. She hated the black man, and she would say anything to get the money.

"Don't care about that, cause I'm gunna win The Power every week anyway." Mega knew that there was nothing that Beth was going to offer him that would entice him. He would make the real offer.

Beth tried to think as her face turned slightly pink. That jerk, she thought. So cocky! If there's a mental competition for The Power, I will wipe the floor with him. I'll send his ass home!

"Here's my offer then, Bubs." Mega noticed that Beth's face was flushing with frustration. He couldn't wait to see it after his offer. He put his hands on his crotch.

"Mega's gettin way too horny in this place. Need a little womanly contact. If you want to stay in here, you gunna have to suck my cock!" Mega felt his shorts tighten as blood rushed to his extremities.

Beth felt her blood rush as well, but to her shocked face. Suck his cock?! SUCK HIS COCK?! Beth was completely flabbergasted. She would never suck a black man's cock. She would never suck a cock with cameras watching, and she would never cheat on her fiancée. She jumped off the bed.

"GROSS! I would never, EVER, do... THAT!" Beth balled her hands into fists and stomped on the floor. Her green eyes were wide with anger.

Mega smiled. He liked seeing the southern beauty acting so feisty.

"What, you don't want the prize money? Can't win it if you get kicked out this week." He pestered her.

"I don't want it that much!" Beth's southern accent was growing thicker as she got angrier. Nothing was worth that price, she told herself.

"You should think it over. Only way I'll budge. I bet you got all these expensive plans for your wedding, judging by that rock on yo finger." Mega pressed further. There was no question that Beth had expensive taste.

"I said that's disgusting! Besides, you're bl..." Beth caught herself before the words could slip out. She didn't want to look even worse on TV, although she couldn't believe that this conversation could even be shown on TV. No way would they show a black man asking a white woman for oral sex. Beth knew that she would need the money however, if her future was to be as perfect as she planned. Still, she could not believe Mega's offer. A black man would get nearly killed for something like this in her town, she thought to herself as she walked toward the door.

"You are such a racist! Think about it. White girls all love it anyway!" Mega yelled after Beth as she slammed the door. As much as he was enjoying their conversation, he loved watching her bubble butt as she had stomped toward the door. It's true, he thought to himself. The white women he had been with had all been very impressed with his assets. Mega looked at the camera and winked.

********************** Ben could not believe what he had just seen. Did that nigger just ask my fiancée for a blowjob, he asked himself. It was an outrage. Ben watched the internet feeds for the BBC as much as he could, as he desperately missed Beth. If he couldn't be with her all summer, he would at least watch her. Seeing Mega talk to his fiancée that way made Ben's blood boil. He knew that things would be different if he was there. Ben knew that he could not best Mega in a physical confrontation, but he would do something to put him in his place. Still, he knew that Beth would never cheat on him. Especially not with a nigger, he told himself with a small laugh. **********************

Beth was quiet for the rest of the night. She went right back down to her bed and crawled under the blanket. I'm going home, she whined to herself. There is nothing I can do. No other houseguest came to console Beth, which caused her to become even more sullen. It seemed that many of her fellow housemates had become sick of her constant whining and bossy nature. Beth continued to sulk before she fell asleep, still alone in the room.

Beth woke up the next morning to Mega's yells. It was a common occurrence. Those people are so loud, she thought to herself. Beth put on a t-shirt and pair of shorts from Southern University and walked to the kitchen, following her morning makeup application. She was relieved that Mega had already left for his private bedroom. She fixed herself a bowl of cereal and sat at the kitchen table. Her best friend in the house, Katie, approached her.

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