The Realtor


Time stopped.

I felt Julien's hands on my waist, and then he slowly slid his hands down my hips. He suddenly pulled his hands back quickly.

"Woah! That was very unprofessional of me. I'm so sorry! Shall we uh...shall we see the upstairs?" Julien stammered. He turned and started walking. I could tell he was trying to nonchalantly adjust the bulge in his pants to minimize its visibility.

On the other hand, I was proudly displaying my hard nipples.

I don't want to see the upstairs. I want you to fuck me, right here on this table.

"But of course. Is the upstairs as handsome, elegant, and smart as the downstairs?"

Julien looked back at me with a sheepish grin. He knew exactly what I meant and he was blushing.

We arrived at the stairs and like the gentleman he is, he allowed me to walk up the stairs first. As I started to climb the stairs, I wished I had worn my shorter skirt to give him a better view. Instead, I made sure to rock my hips and shake my ass as much as my tight pencil skirt would allow.

Arriving at the top of the stairs there were three bedrooms. Two small bedrooms that shared a bathroom between them, and a master bedroom. There was hardwood throughout and all the rooms were painted neutral tones. I quickly walked through the two smaller bedrooms with the small shared bath. I intended to use one of the rooms for an office and the other room would one day be a guest room so neither room really interested me. They were fine for what I would be using them for. I was really only interested in the master bedroom.

The master bedroom was rather large and it had very high ceilings, making the room feel even larger. The thick, chocolate brown colored drapes had been left behind but nothing else was in the room.

"What do you think?" Julien asked.

"I think it is amazing. I love the view of the park behind the house. The trees are gorgeous."

"And," Julien walked over to a door and opened it, "you have a magnificent ensuite."

I walked into the restroom that was adorned with the finest fixtures, heated floors, heated towel racks, a shower that could easily fit three, a soaker tub that could easily fit two, and his and hers walk in closets. To say it was incredible would be an understatement. It was the most beautiful bathroom I've ever seen.

"A shower for two...and a bath for two...very convenient," I said as I smiled at Julien. I was finished with subtlety at this point. I had already made up my mind. I wanted the house...and I wanted Julien.

"A magnificent bathroom for a magnificent woman," he said softly.

I walked over to the soaker tub and sat down on the granite edge that surrounded the porcelain oval. I leaned over to remove my shoes, making sure Julien was able to clearly see my cleavage, and then I swung my legs into the tub and then sat down and leaned back, relaxing my head on the edge.

"I love my baths," I said. "The way the warm water washes over my naked skin. I love having the bubbles dance around my breasts and tickle my neck." I slowly slid my hands down my body. "There is something so sexy and sensual about a bath and there is nothing more romantic than two lovers sharing a hot bath together. Wouldn't you agree?"

Peeking up at Julien, he had frustration written all over his face. Sitting up slowly, I noticed a few knobs on tile at the rear of the tub. I moved toward the rear of the tub, leaned my forearms on the granite, and while arching my back and pointing my ass toward Julien, I pretended to investigate.

"What do these buttons do?" I asked.

"They uh...I uh...I think they control the jets."

Stammer all you want. Stare all you want. Seduce me all you want.

"Do the jets pulsate?" I asked.


"Do the jets pump the water in and out, in and out?"

"Very much so."

"I love it when the water penetrates me...I mean...penetrates my sore muscles." I looked back over my shoulder at Julien.

He was standing there with his mouth open and his gaze locked firmly on my ass. His right hand was on his forehead and he left hand was awkwardly attempting to conceal the bulge that was in his pants. He stared into my eyes for a moment, and then he quickly exited the bathroom murmuring in French.

I quickly got out of the tub, put on my shoes, and went back into the bedroom. Julien was waiting for me at the door, his demeanor restored to his usual professional, composed self.

"May I show you anything else upstairs?" he asked politely.

"I don't hear the cars on the street, but does the sound travel inside?"

"Inside? How do you mean?"

"Well, if I were to have guests over, would they be able to hear me if I were talking in my bedroom? Would a TV in my room disturb them?"

"You might be able to hear some thi-"

"Can you go into one of the bedrooms and see if you can hear me?"

Julien looked down the hall and looked back at me as if I were crazy. Why wouldn't he think I was crazy? I was a totally different person from what he had known so far. I was being open and overt and I was tempting him to cross many lines.

While giving me an odd look, Julien started walking down the hall. I watched him as he entered one of the other bedrooms.

"Please close the door," I said when he popped his head out of the doorway.

He raised his eyebrows and then closed the door. I closed the door to the master bedroom, walked to the middle of the room, and started to moan as sensually as possible. I needed a little motivation so I grabbed my breasts over my clothes and squeezed them tightly. I started to moan louder and louder, and then I started to scream. I even threw in a "Yes, yes!" and a "Fuck me harder!"

I was really surprised at myself. I have never once faked an orgasm but that faux orgasm sounded real! (Meg Ryan would be proud.)

Opening the door to the bedroom, I couldn't help but smile. As I walked down the hall, I wondered what Julien thought of my performance. I opened the door to the bedroom and Julien was standing at the window with his back to me, wiping his brow with his open hand.

"Could you hear me?" I asked.

"Oh yes, yes. I heard you loud and clear."

He wouldn't turn around.

"Well...that is a little embarrassing. I suppose I'll have to be careful when I have guests." Julien still wouldn't move. "Are you okay, Julien?"

"Of course Laura. It's just so hot in this old house. I was just trying to get some fresh air for a moment."

"You know the window is closed, right?"

Julien stepped back, looked at the window, and then bowed and shook his head while he let out a little chuckle.

"No wonder why I couldn't cool down. Shall we go downstairs and discuss some numbers?"


I turned and walked out of the room, smiling to myself, knowing he didn't want to turn around in my presence. After a few seconds I heard Julien behind me. We walked down the stairs and stood in the foyer.

Julien walked over to his shoes and slid them on with ease. I bent over, with Julien behind me, because I still wanted to tease. I then turned and leaned back against the wall, and I bent over to put on my shoes. Julien stopped trying to hide the fact that he was looking down my blouse as I spoke.

"I think this house is amazing. I really want to put in an offer."

"Excellent, we can go back to my office and I can draw up the paperwork. Do you want to discuss it with...someone?"

Julien sounded different. The look in his eyes was different.

"No. This is my decision. I'll be buying this house alone...and moving in alone."


"Yes, I've realized that I want to make some changes in my life."

"That is excellent. I think that will be wonderful for you."

Julien put his hand on the doorknob, but he didn't open the door. We just stood there, staring at each other, smiling. I took two steps forward, violating his personal space.

"Shall we go?" I asked.

Our eyes locked on one another.

"I can't take it anymore..."

In one quick motion, Julien scooped me up with both arms under my arms and lifted me up off the ground as he put his soft, warm lips on mine. He walked forward until my back slammed against the wall. We both let out a groan as our lips and teeth banged hard.

"You ok?" he panted.

I nodded as I stared at his lips.

He kissed me again, with even more passion than before. Our tongues quickly intertwined as he slowly lowered me back down the floor. I pulled him into me tighter. I couldn't get enough of him. His passion for life came through every kiss. His desire for me couldn't be ignored. I felt it with every touch and kiss.

I raised my right leg and put it behind his leg. He put his right hand on my left breast, over my blouse and squeezed hard. His left hand slid down my body and held my right thigh and then his hand slid to my ass and he grabbed my ass and pulled me toward him.

His hand then slid up under my blouse, over my stomach. His fingers found my bra and his fingers dove under my underwire. I moaned as his finger pinched my skin. I moved my shoulders in to give my bra enough slack for him to get his hand under. His fingers groped and inched their way up until my hard nipple was in his palm. He exhaled heavily as he kissed me, finally able to touch what he so desperately craved.

It was as if he was a thirsty man who had finally reached an oasis. With each kiss and touch there was a growing desperation to touch and kiss more of me, and then when he would, he savored each touch and kiss, and then once again needed more.

We kissed more and I whimpered. Our clothes were quickly becoming hated obstacles. Julien couldn't move his left hand and his right hand was still over my clothes. Suddenly, he nearly yanked his hand out from under my blouse. He stopped kissing me and panted as he looked down at the buttons on my sheer blouse. With no warning, he grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it open! I could hear buttons flying everywhere.

He roughly grabbed my tank top and bra and shoved it up and over my breasts, and then wrapped his arms around my waist, lifted me up, and slammed me against the wall again, causing me to bump the back of my head lightly against the plaster. I wrapped my legs around his around the backs of his legs, my left shoe flying off and sliding into the sitting room. I tried to move so I could feel his cock against me, but the position was too awkward.

With my breasts now at the same level as his mouth, I wrapped my arms around his head and pulled him into me as he engulfed as much of my right breast into his mouth as he could. His tongue twirled around my nipple and and he sucked roughly. The pleasure caused moans to escape freely from my lips, and they echoed in the empty foyer.

Julien kissed across my right breast and kissed his way over to my left breast. He hungrily devoured my left breast as I kissed his head. I then reached down and grabbed his lapels and tried to pull his jacket up and over his shoulders. I wanted to feel his skin too but he was far too distracted to worry about his clothes.

His hands moved from around my waist, down to my ass. I was already soaking wet but having his hands on me made me even wetter. He ran his hands down my thighs and he tried to pull up my skirt, but we were pressed too tightly together. His left arm remained tightly around me as he pushed my right leg down and lowered me to the floor.

Once I could stand on one foot I reached down and immediately started to reach for his cock. The bulge in his pants was huge. As Julien pulled my skirt up to my waist, I fumbled with his belt. As Julien reached under my left leg to pull my panties to the side, I continued to fumble with the button his suit pants. As his warm fingers slid across my hot pussy lips, I finally unzipped his pants. As his fingers slid between my hot, creamy lips, causing me to whimper, I wrapped my fingers around his hot, hard, throbbing cock. As his fingers slid over my engorged clit, causing me to let out a guttural moan, I stroked his cock and bit his lip, completely lost in ecstasy.

I pulled his cock out of his pants and toward me. I wanted him inside of me now. He moved toward me and I wrapped my left arm around his neck. He thrust upward toward me several times, the soft tip of his cock searching for what it desired most in the world, but unfortunately we couldn't connect. I reached down between us and grasped his hot shaft and guided him toward me. He thrust again and the tip of his cock pressed in between my pussy lips, and then he paused.

His warm soft lips kissed me.

A thrust.

A stretch.

A gasp.

A connection.

I've never felt more wanted, more desired in all my life. I've never kissed while being penetrated. I've never had a man be so passionate with me.

He pulled out slowly, and then thrust in as far as he could, but the obstructive clothes and the awkward position only allowed him to enter me a few inches. I reached down with my right arm and I reached around his waist and pulled him as close to me as possible. Our lips never stopped touching. As he continued his thrust, I bent my knee, allowing me to slowly slide down his shaft and take him all the way inside of me.

Another few inches.

Another stretch.

Another whimper.

A deeper connection.

He didn't move and it felt amazing to be full and complete. Our kisses were the most passionate, yet tender kisses I could have ever imagined.

As he started to slide in and out of me slowly our lips constantly touched, even when we were breathing too heavy to kiss. He could only slide in and out a few inches with each thrust as it was really awkward to move, but it was the most intense love making of my life. All you could hear was our breathing, our moans, and our hearts beating.

He shifted toward my right leg and thrust in a little harder. He reached back and held the back of my neck with his right hand. I looked into his eyes and his eyes had extreme focus as they pierced into my soul.

Julian let out a frustrated grunt. "I can't get enough of you," he said under his breath. He let go of my leg and slid out of me. I was perplexed and didn't know where he wanted me to move. Thankfully, he took control and backed up slightly, putting his arms down behind him so his jacket could fall to the floor, and then he grabbed me and spun me around and placed his hand on my back and pushed forward. I slammed up against the wall with a thud.

I loved it.

He pulled my hips back and my breasts rubbed against the cold wall, making my nipples even harder than they were before. With my cheek against he wall, Julian grabbed my hips and guided his cock back inside me. With one thrust he entered deep and hard. I let out a moan and tried to push myself back slightly. It was no use. As soon as he began to thrust, that huge cock made my arms and legs weak and I ended up resting my forehead on the wall.

He slid his cock all the way out and all the way back in with every thrust. With each thrust his balls would come up between my legs and slap my clit. His rhythm was perfect and his timing was glorious. His hands gripped my hips firmly and I could feel and hear how soaking wet I was as he plunged himself into me repeatedly. I placed my hands on the wall as I felt my orgasm start to build. My moans and yells started to get louder and my mind slowed down until I couldn't even think. Julien never went faster or slower. He continued to shove that big, thick, hot cock, deep inside of me with that perfect, mind blowing rhythm.

My fingernails started to scratch the walls and my auburn hair covered my face. My legs went weak and my toes curled in my shoes. My scream was loud and my body tensed. My eyes shut tight but I couldn't avoid it any longer. My orgasm crashed into me like a wrecking ball collides into a brick wall. The yells of orgasmic bliss bounced off the naked walls and echoed in the empty house but I couldn't hear them. I could only hear the ringing in my ears. It was so intense that he had to shove himself into me as hard as he could just to stay inside me.

Julian took his hands off my hips and placed them over mine on the wall and he leaned forward, pressing me up against the wall from head to toe.

He put his mouth next to my ear and through gasps said, "That one was for you. The next one will be for us."

Are you fucking kidding me? There's more?

Through the fog of my orgasm, I realized he hadn't cum yet so I started to grind and move my hips. I closed my legs together to make myself tighter around his cock and I tried my best to bounce on that hard shaft, but he pushed me tighter against the wall.

"Stop, stop, stop. I don't want to cum yet," he said as he trapped me against the wall.

I whimpered loudly. "I want you to cum."

"I finally have you in my arms. I don't want it to end."

"I need skin," I said though my heavy exhaling. "I need you close to me."

Julien bent his legs and slid out of me at a funny angle, prompting me to yell loudly. He stumbled back a few steps and started to unbutton his shirt.

"Not here," I said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward the dining room. As I walked down the hall, I let go of his hand and I kicked off my one shoe I still had on and I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I reached up and pulled off my top and bra over my head and pushed my panties down to the floor as I approached the large table. I turned and Julien's jaw was open.

"What's wrong?" I blurted out.

"You're a goddess. You're even more beautiful nude than I ever imagined. I think you have a perfect ass."

I hope he was being sincere. If not, it still worked.

I reached over and clawed at his clothes. I quickly got behind him and pulled off his vest and threw it...somewhere. I went to the front to unbutton his shirt but I couldn't get them undone fast enough. There was no way I could rip his shirt open, no matter how bad I wanted to.

"Wait, wait," he said as he tried to help. He stepped back, and his right arm reached up over his shoulder and he grabbed a handful of material and he pulled his shirt off over his head. He leaned over to get leverage and I grabbed the material as well and pulled it off. He stood up, revealing his well defined chest and abs.


I then realized he had lost his pants in the hallway and he was just standing there in his wing tips and black socks.

I can't have him fuck me with those on, I'll laugh.

"You have to lose the shoes and socks," I said frantically.

He looked down and immediately kicked off his shoes. I heard one hit the wall behind me, and the other landed in the kitchen somewhere. I think it hit one of the cabinets. He reached down and pulled off his socks, and when he stood up, he scooped me up into his arms.

We started kissing again and the warmth of his skin felt amazing on my naked breasts and chest. He walked forward and pushed me back until I bumped into the table. He then lifted me up on the table and I crawled back on my elbows until we were in the middle of the table. Julian laid on top of me and I wrapped my legs around him. It felt so good to have his weight on me. It felt so good to have someone want me to so bad that he will climb up on a table in the middle of the day and devour me.

The kisses continued as he slowly started to thrust his hips. I was amazed he was still rock hard. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as the tip of his hot cock parted my sore pussy lips and he slowly slid into me, causing me to stretch once again.

I gasped.

He moaned.

We kissed.


For what seemed like forever, he wouldn't thrust in and out in a forward motion. Instead, he would rotate his hips, and then slide into me from the sides. His hips moved side to side instead of back and forth. He would rise up and enter me slowly as his body was above me, and then slide all the way out until he was below me.

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