tagErotic HorrorThe Reaper

The Reaper


Fred Plisken was a harmless local drunk always sitting quietly with a beer in hand at his favourite bar known as 'The Ankou'. He liked to sit there watching the comings and goings of patrons as they drank, chatted and played chance in the human mating rituals.

Today he had noticed a man dressed in blue jeans and a long-sleeved check shirt sitting at a booth on the far wall. Fred noticed him because he just seemed to appear there as if out of thin air, and he could have sworn he did not see him enter the bar or order the beer he was now drinking. It was a real mystery that was for sure.

Then again maybe he was just that drunk anyway, so he shrugged and smiled to himself and ordered another beer. However then he found himself continuing to stare at this man for some reason. The stranger looked the same as the rest of the bar's red neck patrons with his ball cap pulled low over his eyes and his sleeves rolled halfway up his muscular forearms.

His boots scuffed and worn, giving the appearance of having done a hard days work. He sat alone, quietly nursing his beer not really trying to be noticed. Still one thing old Fred had observed was the stranger was glancing often at April Downing who was sitting across from him talking excitedly to her friend Connie.

Both women were in their forties but the difference was Connie looked much older. She was fat, wrinkly, and had greying hair. While April looked younger with a trim body, nice auburn hair, and a stunning complexion.

Fred was noticing that the stranger had glanced at April several times now, but April was oblivious to his interest. Finally Connie took a break in April's marathon of lurid gossip and excused herself to go to the ladies room.

While her friend was in the toilet another man Fred knew named Bud Carson approached April and said a few words in her ear. Fred couldn't hear the conversation that ensued but knew that she wasn't interested in anything he was offering. April shook her head no; and a discouraged Bud returned to his seat at the bar, lit a cigarette and took a deep swig of his beer.

Another failure in the human mating ritual. He had to chuckle. Still Fred admired Bud's courage in asking. April was a stunner that was for sure but Fred knew from experience that Bud was going to have more luck with fat ol' Connie than he would with that fine piece of ass.

April raised her hand and signalled the waitress for the bill and paid the tab with her credit card as Connie returned from the bathroom. April gathered her belongings, kissed fat Connie farewell, walked out the door.

Fred watched her leave thinking how he wouldn't mind sliding his own cock into that bitches hot pussy. Then looked back to see what the stranger was doing but to his surprise he was gone. Fred stood up and looked around wondering how the hell he could just vanished like that.

Suddenly a cute 20yo blonde with firm titties came up to the bar to order drinks right next to him. The whole incident was forgotten instantly as he stared wide-eyed at those perky titties wishing he could get a boner. Oh those were the day, he mused.


April clicked her remote key and her car unlocked but suddenly someone reared up beside her making her yelp and jump. She looked at the one responsible with a screwed up face saying, "Jesus Bud, you'd scare the livin' daylights out of a ghost the way you creep up on people!"

Bud blushed, "Aww come on April, you knows I am just wanting some special attention."

She rolled her eyes, "I told you in the bar I'm not interested Bud. When are you gonna get the hint?"

Bud pouted, "You were plenty interested last Saturday night. I made you cum real good too."

She laughed, "That don't mean we're in love or your my boyfriend. We just fucked is all."

"Well we can 'just fuck' now cos I am hornier than a badger on heat." Bud smiled a toothy grin.

April looked down and noticed his pants were tenting. Bud reached down and unzipped his fly and a thick eight inch cock sprung out as hard as a rock.

"Bud! You're gonna get us arrested!" April blushed.

"Well you made it like this so you better do something about it before the cops drag us away for indecent exposure," Bud said stroking his cock.

April looked around and then gestured him to follow and they walked around an alley behind some large dumpsters. She pulled her pants down and bent forward presenting her shaved pussy to Bud who was behind her. "OK get it over with so I can go home," she said.

He spat on his hand and rubbed it on his cock saying, "Mmmm humph you have the finest ass in these parts."

Bud pushed his cock head into her pussy and felt that warm wetness as his cock pushed through and filled her in no time. He grabbed her hips and started pumping her slowly feeling the luxuriousness of her womanhood. April moaned as she held onto the dumpster

Bud moaned, "Ohhh I lurv how you act all snooty in front of everyone and yet you're really a dumpster slut."

He laughed prompting her to say, "Just fuck me I haven't got all night."

Bud put two fingers in her mouth and made her suck them and get them all wet. Then he leaned back and slid them inside her ass as his thick cock rolled in and out of her wet cunt. She moaned like a two dollar whore as he fingered her ass. After a while he pulled them out and leant forward shoving them in her mouth. "Suck your ass bitch!" he ordered her and she did eagerly.

Then he slapped her ass a few times and returned his fingers inside her ass fingering her in rhythm with his fucking. Meanwhile he was picking up the pace as he felt his lust grow inside him. She had been mean to him ever since last Saturday night and he was going to take it out on her pussy. April moaned loudly with a few 'Oh yes!' and 'Fuck that's so good!" thrown in for good measure.

He rode her hard now pushing his cock in and out of her with wild abandon. April's face was red and sweaty and she hung on to the dumpster like her life depended on it. Her hair was now messy and her eyes were shut, clenched tightly. "Oooooooo fuuuuck," she moaned. Her pussy was making squelches and farts as he fucked the living shit out of it until finally he felt her cunt squeeze down on his shaft. "Here I cum dumpster slut!" he panted.

Then April let a high-pitched squeal as orgasm rippled through her body making her shake all over. Bud couldn't hold it any longer and felt his cock spasm as he unloaded five large spurts of cum deep inside her pussy. He closed his eyes as he held her tightly, pushing his large cock as deep as it could go. "Oh Ahhhhh yeahhhhh," he grunted.

After a few minutes of just being there to milk every last drop of pleasure from it Bud pulled his cock out with a plop and cum dribbled down Aprils leg. She reached down and grabbed her panties and pulled them up and then her pants. Turning to Bud she kissed him on the cheek.

"OK Bud now I gotta get home. Tomorrows a big day for me," she said smiling.

"So I suppose you're gonna be mean to me again. Treat me like I am shit?" Bud pouted.

"Look what it did to you. You fucked me like a wild man. So yes I am going to act like I detest you again. That's all you gonna get from me Bud," she said then looked in a compact and straightened her make up.

Then she turned and left him standing there with his dick still hanging out, limp now. "Damn that bitch is hot," Bud said under his breath.

Bud was watching her walk away when out of the corner of his eye he thought he seen a man standing there watching him. He turned sharply to find no one there. That made him feel uneasy as he was sure he'd seen a guy in jeans wearing a cap. He put his cock away and got out of there as fast as he could. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and felt butterflies in his stomach. The words of his momma rang in his ears from when he was a kid, "Like someone walking over your grave."


April drove home with her thoughts focused on the deal that she had in the making at her firm. If she could bring it off, it would be the pinnacle of her career and would secure her place there until she retires. Which was still a long way away as she was only 42.

She drove up to the gate of her community and stopped as the young guard leaned out of his small window and bidding her a warm hello. He was a cute guy and always leaned into her window and looked directly down her cleavage at her tits. He sniffed the air and smiled at her. April didn't mind. She nonchalantly showed her residents pass, and after signing in he waved her through.

Parking the car in her driveway, she gathered her purse and briefcase, stepped out and shut the door. She remembered to press the lock button on her remote as she picked up her mail and then unlocked her front door and entered the house. She placed the day's mail and her keys on a small table and continued to the telephone, checking the machine for messages. Finding none, she walked up the stairs to her bedroom, turned on the TV to CNN, and began to undress.

In bra and panties, she entered the bathroom and turned on the shower. As she waited for the water to warm, she finished taking off her underwear looking at the cum stains in her panties, and feeling a slight tingle in her pussy as she did. Then she turned and admired herself in the mirror before drawing the shower curtain back and stepping in.

The hot water felt good on her tired muscles as it fell from the pulsing shower head and massaged her skin. She picked up the sponge that she used and squirted lavender soap onto it and then rubbed it briskly to create lather. The fragrance of lavender soon filled the shower and she smiled to herself as she washed her body.

She scrubbed her pussy and blasted it with the shower to make sure the cum was cleaned out as best she could manage. April was infertile so she wasn't worried about getting pregnant and she knew Bud was a clean so she didn't think she'd get a disease from him.

Once her shower was finished, she stepped out and reached for a large fluffy towel and dried herself. Still nude, she entered her bedroom and slipped on a pair of fresh panties, a bikini bra and her silk nightgown.

Had she happened to look towards her window, she would have seen the strange man from the bar standing outside, watching her as she dressed for bed.

She pulled down the covers and was in the process of getting into bed when the door bell chimed its melodic tune of welcome. She glanced at the clock on her bedside table and noting it was now ten past eleven PM, wondered who would be visiting at this hour. She picked up her robe from the end of the bed and pulled it around her as she walked down to the front door.

"Who's there?" she called through the door.

"April, you don't know me personally, but we have business to discuss," a man said in a deep voice. "May I speak with you?"

"I'm not in the habit of opening my door to complete strangers..." she said haughtily, "....and I don't see tonight as being an exception." The nerve of some people bothering you this time of night.

"April, I asked you to let me in simply out of courtesy. I really don't need the door open if I want to enter your home." he said evenly.

"Are you threatening to break into here? I'm going to call security if you don't leave immediately." April said threateningly but felt fearful.

She turned her back to the door and started towards the phone to call security when she felt a sudden cold gust of air strike her as if a large truck just drove close by her. "Turn around, April." the familiar voice of the man outside said.

Slowly turning with eyes wide she saw a stocky man dressed in jeans, a check shirt, and wearing a ball cap standing inside her hallway. Her front door was still closed and locked. "How did you do that?" she beginning to tremble all over.

"I come and go as I please," he said, shrugging his shoulders slightly.

However April panicked and ran up the stairs to her bedroom closing the door behind her and pushing a bolt she had on the inside door so it was locked. There was an eerie silence as April leaned on her bedroom door panting. Suddenly there was a loud knock on her door making her jump and scream. The man outside her bedroom door said calmly, "Please April these silly games are pointless."

"Please don't hurt me," she yelled through the door. "I'll give you money. Take whatever you want and leave but please don't hurt me," She pleaded tears rolling down her cheeks.

Then she felt a cold gust of air again like she did downstairs and a voice behind her said, "I am sorry but I have no interest in your possessions, or your money, and as for your physical safety I am afraid there are forces here at work you do not quite understand yet."

She turned and faced him for a moment the colour draining from her face. Pushing her body against the door as if she hoped she could somehow pass through it she said, "If you aren't going to rob me what ...what is it that you want?"

The stranger removed his cap and bowed slightly saying politely, "Let me introduce myself. My name is Joe Reaper...and I'm here to collect your soul."

April cringed, "What the hell are you talking about? You want to collect my soul?"

Joe smiled, "I can't say it any clearer, April."

She looked pale almost sickly now, "Are you some kind of a fucking nut case or something?"

April reached down and picked up a hair brush and brandished it like a weapon making Joe step back a little. He smiled at her amused by her defiance and then casually reached behind him into the back pocket of his jeans and removed a well-worn black leather notebook and flipped to the last page.

"Let's see, you're April Downing, born October 7, 1968, at seven in the morning in St. May's Hospital in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and your parents were Robert and Susan Downing?" Joe asked casually looking up at her.

"Yes, but how do I know you aren't just a stalker or something?" April asked trembling all over. Maybe he is a serial killer she thought.

"I guess in some ways I am the greatest stalker ever. Although I am not a serial killer even though everyone thinks I am," he replied laughing at his own joke then realising she didn't get it. He replaced the notebook into his back pocket saying, "It's very close to your time so I suggest you just hop in bed and then we can go ahead."

She crossed her arms in front of her chest defiantly and shifted her weight on her feet in the standard fight or flee stance that he had so often met. "I'm not doing anything you tell me to do!" she said defiantly.

"April, you really don't have a choice in this. While I do have some leeway as to the when and where I can collect you, I cannot delay the inevitable forever I'm sorry," Joe explained as patiently as he could.

"I don't understand what you are talking about?" she looked at him like he was crazy.

He sighed deeply, "I've done this job for a very long time now and I'm still amazed that you humans live in such denial. Even when 'Death' is staring you in the face, you refuse to see it."

"But your not... Death!" she cried. "You're just a fucking nut trying to scare the shit out of me and doing a damn good job of it too!" she said her face turning red.

"I am afraid I have a schedule to meet and you're starting to try my..." Joe said but April cut him off.

"Wait, don't say another word....," she beseeched, ".....prove it to me. Prove to me that you are who you say you are. Prove to me that you are Death."

Joe rolled his eyes in annoyance because just once he would like one of his charges to come peacefully without all these futile attempts to delay the inevitable. His eyes glanced around the room and settled on a large Spider Plant hanging from the ceiling in front of her large picture window. Its tendrils were at least six feet long and the foliage was lush and green. Looking up at the plant he placed a finger lightly on one of the leaves and abruptly the plant began to wither and turn dark under his hand. The tendrils turned brown and broke off, falling on the floor with a slight crackling sound. In a matter of seconds, the once lush plant had been reduced to nothing but dry potting soil in a hanging basket and dust on the floor.

There was a stunned silence in the room and when Joe turned to face April again she was as pale as a ghost, her mouth hung slack-jawed and her eyes were wide. The hair brush she once held in a threatening manner suddenly fell to the floor with a soft bump.

"But you don't even look like Death? she mumbled as she staring terrified at Joe.

"Pray tell April, what in your opinion does Death look like?" he asked with a slight smile on his face.

"Shit, I don't know?" she said, "What all the cartoons I've seen show, I guess. The guy in the black hooded robe standing there with that big long blade over his shoulder."

"That long blade you mention is called a scythe, and the guy in the black robe was my great-grandfather Grimm Reaper. He dressed that way because he liked theatrics and scaring the crap out of people. However that was a long time ago now and times have changed. Company Policy says we can't act like that anymore as they get too many complaints from souls once they cross over. Still I don't expect you to understand company politics," Joe said shrugging.

"Company politics?" April said a bit confused.

"Yeah in fact they held a focus group before I was born and decided the most innocuous name for the Angel of Death was Joe. So here I stand: Joe Reaper," he bowed again.

April stood there staring blankly mumbling, "Focus group..."

"As I said it doesn't matter that much to you, right now my job is to escort your soul to the other side. So come along I haven't got all eternity," Joe said sounding impatient for the first time.

"Wait, please," she begged, "...have you ever been persuaded to overlook someone? To let them live a little longer?" April asked bringing her hands together in front of her.

He looked at her closely and saw the pain of unfinished business in her blue eyes. Her hands were clasped in front of her so tightly now that her knuckles had turned white. He had to admit he felt sorry for her and thought he must be getting soft.

He sat down on her bed and considered her for a moment, "I have turned a blind on a few occasions allowing a soul to live longer than what their allotted time was meant to be" he said, adjusting the cap on his head.

She smiled encouragingly, "See you can do it."

He glanced up at her choosing to ignore her comments, "However, in the end the Company found out and issued an immediate foreclosure." He sighed deeply, "The Company always finds out. The cost to the souls in question was a one way ticket to hell. You see the Company likes to make examples of people who try to buck the system. So turning a blind eye to a collection never ends well."

April rushed to him falling to her knees in front of him in anguish, "What can I do to prove to you that I want to live? You know learn a lesson and change my life or something?"

Joe took her hands in his gently and spoke softly to her, "April, listen to me. This isn't a Charles Dickens fairy tale, this is real life. A few months or years maybe extra in this life isn't worth an eternity burning in a lake of fire." He then smiled happily saying, " Besides once you pass over you will like your new reality better than this one I promise you. You people always do."

"OK then, tell me how am I going to die?" she grabbed his hands tightly.

"Do you really want to know that, April? Is it that important to you?" Joe rolled his eyes.

"Yes, I want to know. It's my death isn't it?"

He got out his black book again and looked at her entry and then looked up at her and said while putting the book back in his pocket. "You are going to have a fatal heart attack," he said with a flush creeping across his face.

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