The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 09


Her eyes twinkled with devious delight. That thought gave her an idea.

She let his cock escape her mouth and thrilled to the strangled disappointed sound he made. As she rose up to whisper in his ear, she began to jerk him off with both hands, his dick sliding easily between them, so slick with her spit.

"Are you close?" she breathed.

" close," he gasped back.

"Do you want me to make you cum?"



"I...I don't know. Wherever..."

"How about in my mouth? So I can take you like communion?"

He bristled at that, about to bring forth indignation at her blaspheming. But he also found himself responding to it, thrusting against her hands a bit harder. For not the last time, he loved and hated, simultaneously, the way she used taboos to unleash his lust.

"Yes. So wrong, but yes," he agreed to her idea.

"Mmm, it is so wrong. And I'm going to make it even more so."

"Oh please don't make me go too far," he begged, drawing on the last shred of moral judgment his sex addled mind could bring forth.

"I think it's too late for that, don't you?"

He knew she was right so he remained silent.

"So you'll do what you're told?"

"...yes, Mal," he moaned.

"Gooooooooood. Then when you get really close, I just want to say 'Hallelujah.' As much as you want, but just that. No, 'I'm going to cum,' or 'You suck cock way better than my wife,' just Hallelujah. And then, after you cum and I take every drop into my greedy mouth and swallow it down, I want you to say Amen."

"That's...that's so fucking dirty. Oh God. You are so wrong. Such a slut," Greg babbled.

"The sluttest," Mallory shot back, "Is that a yes then?"

"Yesssssssssssssss," he hissed, "Just suck my cock."

"Yes, sir!" she declared, saluting him and dropping back down to her knees.

As she took him to the base, his head lolled backwards, eyes clenched tightly. She could feel every muscle in his body tighten, preparing for release. She watched him closely as she licked, nibbled, jacked, and sucked his cock. She was a feminist, she had always thought so, and she admitted that being the sexual plaything of an older married man did not really fit in that mold. However, at moments like this she felt so connected, so settled inside, that she had a hard time imagining she was doing wrong by herself. As she stared up, she realized he was moving his lips, whispering something ever so slightly.

She increased her pace and intensity and with it, Greg began to speak more rapidly and progressively louder. Soon, he was rigid head to toe and chanting, in as restrained a tone as he could manage because he would've preferred to shout, "Hallelujah," over and over again. It was every bit as filthy as Mallory imagined it would be and it unconsciously drove her to force her left hand into her soaked thong where she roughly began to finger herself.

Then it happened. Mid-chant the doctor went silent just exhaling a strong blast of air. Following close on the heels of that, the teen felt her mouth fill with a warm rush of thick liquid. She gulped on it as though it was oxygen itself and it coated everything, her tongue, her teeth, her gums, the inside of her cheeks, her throat. She came as she thrust two fingers into herself, brushing past her g-spot as her small pushed into her clit. She felt Greg go slack, the tautness dissipate from his entire being.

She began to relax herself, extracting his softening member from her mouth before realizing what he had agreed to mere moments ago. She suck drew back into her mouth and began to bob her head earnestly up and down on him. Greg jerked spastically, gasping from the oversensitivity. Struggling catch his breath, he coughed out, "Amen. Amen. Please...oh god...Amen," before Mallory finally let him be.

Greg looked down at her through heavy lids and tearful eyes. What was what a sheen of moisture had grown to unquestionably leave her "sweaty." Her dress was had become a bit translucent with it, her hair looked both matted and wild. Her cheeks were flush and her chin was shiny from a mix of sweat, saliva, and his cum that she could not swallow. She wiped it away with the back of her hand, like a Viking might sweep away the overflow of mead.

"You're going to kill me one of these days," he proclaimed.

"Can't keep up with this little girl, Doc?" she asked, cocking her head to the side.

"Get up here," he demanded, pulling her into his lap.

She curled up into him and breathed in his scent. His dress shirt was soaked through with sweat but it did not bother her. She took it as a badge of honor. Even in this heat, she knew she was mostly to blame for his condition. Mallory did not bother to pull her dress or bra back into place so before long, Greg found his hands drawn to her breasts, like moths to a flame.

As he touched and teased her she moaned and began to kiss up his neck. When she reached his ear, she bit and licked it before whispering, "Don't start anything you can't finish, old man."

With that, Greg's phone buzzed the incoming text warning. Both jumped, startled and then giggled as quietly as they could. Below them, the choir was launching into yet another bombastic hymn so it was unlikely anyone heard and, if they did, it was lost amongst the music far too quickly to be focused on.

While the sweaty doctor reached for the phone, Mallory slid off his lap and began putting herself back together, grumbling, "Damn." She hadn't expected to get fucked when they first entered the balcony but with it seeming like it was imminent she could not help but be disappointed.

Greg was too, for his part. He loved a good blowjob as much as the next guy and his babysitter was far better than a "good" cocksucker. That said, he hated not giving back. He could tell she had gotten herself off while she "worked," but that wasn't quite the same.

Dan's text read: "Hey man, sorry...still working here. Too damn complicated."

Oddly, Greg no longer minded the maintenance man's screw or insistence they stay in the balcony.

He looked at Mallory and saw that she was almost completely redressed. "Time to have some fun," he thought darkly to himself,

"Hey," he growled at her, "get over here."

She was bit surprised at his tone, but felt compelled to do as he said. As she got close, he grabbed her by the arm and whispered harshly in her ear, "Who told you you could put your clothes back on?"

"But I—" she stuttered in reply.

"Take them off," he demanded, "now!"

Mmm, Mallory liked this very much. Him taking control, bossing her around. Which is not to say she was going to give up that control easily. She was going to try to give as good as she was getting, slowly rocking her hips back and forth and turning around in front of him as she pulled her dress up over her head.

The doctor leered at her, making no attempt to cover it up. He licked up his lips with every inch of skin she slowly exposed, that perfect ass in the tiny tiny and obviously soaked thong, her flat sexy abdomen bedazzled with a navel piercing. Her perky a-cups encased in a blue strapless bra. Her toned back, rippling as she undulated. Her slender neck. And then the dress fell away.

"Your bra, too," he barked, "I want to see those tits."

Mallory's heartbeat quickened. She felt a bit nervous. If she had to throw on the dress in a hurry, that was one thing. A bra was considerably harder to get back on and, given the state of her dress, it was going to be very clear that she wasn't wearing one if she tried to go without.

"Now!" he coldly told her.

Arousal overruled good sense and she languidly reached behind her, undoing the clasp. She caught the cups and held them for a split second longer, just to tweak him, before letting them fall away, leaving her standing in a church balcony, sweaty, pussy dripping with desire, nipples thrust forward, hard, despite the brutal heat, in only a small thong and his tie.

He grabbed her roughly and flipped her on to the bench seat. Despite knowing this was all a game, she gasped at the suddenness and aggression of it. She could see from Greg's smirk that he enjoyed her audible surprise.

"Should I take off my shoes, too?" she teased, stretching out each leg in front of her and then bringing them back to the floor, leaving her spread before him.

"Leave them on," he brusquely order.

"Ooo, yes sir! How about my wet, wet panties?" she asked, hooking her fingers beneath the waistband. She wanted the upper hand and was convinced that he would balk at her wearing nothing but a pair of wedge heels with the pastor below discussed the parable of the sower.

He slapped her hands away as lowered himself between her legs. "My job," he grunted. Mallory was stunned as he forcefully grabbed each side of the band and pulled it hard to the floor. Once more, her heart rate jumped. This was too much. She was all for reaching for the precipice, but the doctor was throwing them both right over the edge.

"Gorgeous," he sighed in awe as he stared out her open weeping core of desire.

"Doc," she began, trying to hook her fingers under his chin and get him to look up, "This has gon—"

He ignored her plea, dragging his tongue from the base of her sex to her clit. Her gasp disrupted her plea for sanity. Pulses of fire and electricity surged through her as he began to go down on her. She thrashed her head back and forth. She quivered. She pushed her hips forward attempting to capture his tongue right where she needed to climax only to have him dart away a moment before. He had eaten her out before, but this was different. This was surgical, designed to stimulate every cell of her without granting her climax. She was onto his game but too wound up to do anything about it.

"You fuckin' bastard," she hissed through gritted teeth.

He only smirked and what about his methodical maddening business.

"Come on! Eat my gash, my slit, my cunny, my pussy, my cunt. Whatever. Just make me fucking cum!" she snarled.

"Now, now," he said, pulling back with a mocking smile on juice smeared face, "Is that anyway to talk in the house of the Lord?"

He awaited her response, using his thumb to draw looping, lazy circles over her client, so lightly as to only maintain her state.

"How would I know?" she shot back, "I'm the kind of slut who enjoys fucking happily married men!"

"Sounds like someone needed to be raised a little better," he goaded.

"It's never too late to teach me some manners, Daddy."

Mallory had no idea what possessed her to say that. She had never once used the term in sex, never even considered it. Up until that second, she thought it was way creepy. But then it tumbled out of her mouth and the force of drove her wild.

"Oh fuck," she moaned with ecstasy, "Can't believe I just said that."

Greg's only response was to dive back between her legs. This time, he was playing for keeps, hitting her sweet spots rapidly and repeatedly.

Mallory moaned with increasing intensity, rate, and volume, "Oh Daddy, yes, Oh Daddy, eat it" over and over again until Greg had no choice but to clamp his hand over her mouth to prevent her from alerting the whole congregation that there was a naked 19 year old with a newfound Daddy fetish getting tongued to orgasm in the balcony.

As he felt her begin to settle he removed his hand and began to slow his pace. She vibrated in her seat, knees knocking against his chest on either side. She ran her hands over his shaved pate and then licked the sweat off each digit. Finally she felt strong enough to speak and in control enough to keep her volume.

"You NEED to get fucked after doing that," she assured him.

He began to rise but recalled what she did to him earlier. He returned to his knees instead then, slurping her clit into his mouth and encircling it in his tongue.

"What are you doing?" she questioned, clearly confused. "I need that dick and I [oh god] know you want to give it to me."

Still he persisted until she finally realized what was happening.

"Oh, Amen!" she exclaimed, a bit too loud. A few people from the congregation looked up to the balcony but could not see where the noise came from.

As he stood, he shook his head in mock recrimination, "Tsk, tsk. Must be quiet in church."

Mallory pushed herself onto still shaky legs and walk towards the doctor. She tried to put some extra sexiness into her sway, but the adrenaline spraying through her body made that kind of concentration difficult. Nonetheless, Greg watched her with an air of impressed appreciation. She reached him and posed herself shyly in front of him, hands behind her back, eyes downcast, lip bit, one feet dragging back and forth on the ground.

"Excuse me sir," she said in a sweet child voice, lightly running her nails up and down his steely member, "Can I bother you for a fuck?"

Greg laughed heartily before wrapping his arms around her and lifting her off her feet. He kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on his lips and tongue. She moaned with delight, wrapping her legs around his torso. They stood like this for several moments, tongues darting, plunging, massaging, mouths open, wet, and gasping. Their sweat made it difficult to maintain, however, so they had to concede that standing sex was not a realistic endeavor under the circumstances.

"Take me back to the chair," Mallory whispered in his ear, chewing delicately on the lobe, "I want you to sit and let me do all the work."

Greg conceded without objection, placing her down gently before sitting next to her. She kissed her again, light, rapid, teasing kisses with small bites on his lower lip, before shoving him away. "Do you want me?" she asked, looking him dead in the eyes.

"Yes," he admitted without hesitation.

"Right here, right now?"


"How badly?"

He paused for a moment to consider and then replied, "Bad enough to fuck you in church, during service."

"Mmm, that's pretty bad," she moaned, stroking his hard cock as she stood. She climbed across his lap and turned her back to him, before lowering herself onto that cock. Greg grounded his teeth in ecstasy. She was hot, wet, and tight and seemed to fit perfectly around him. She laid herself back against him, letting her head drop on to his shoulder. "I'm going to fuck you now. So hard. And I want you to just let me. Let me fuck me you and just watch how my sexy body moves during it."

She then sat up straight and began to do just that. After a minute or so, however, she slowed and laid against him again.

"Oh, and feel free to think how much better I am at this than your boring wife," she added for a little extra spice and was rewarding with uncontrollable twitch of his cock. He did love to be reminded of what he was doing wrong.

She returned to her upright position and began to bounce herself on his dick, pausing ever few strokes to rotate her hips around and squeeze him with her kegel muscles. She was not teasing him, per se, but she was certainly taking her time. The doctor stared at her back, watching the way the muscles shifted and moved. Never had a back been so was mesmerizing.

"You're so bad," he whispered.

"Tell me why..."

"You are just...drawing this out. I can feel how wet you are. I know you are just as desperate as me to get off. I think you want to..."

He paused.

"I want to what?"

"You want to get caught," he gasped as she dragged her nails across his sac.

"Ooo, maybe. What a scene we must be right now. Naked. Sweating. Fucking. Maybe we'd be lucky and it'd be one of those sexy choir girls I saw running around before the service. Maybe she forgot to wear anything under her robe. Or better, maybe it would be Gina."

"Uhhh," he groaned. Despite himself the idea turned him on. "Why my wife?"

"So she could watch me make you cum. So she could see I own this cock now. And once she sees that, maybe she'd join in. I'd make her suck your cum right out of me."

"You are so nasty."

"And you love it!"

"I do...I love it so much."

Then Mallory moaned, long, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck."

"Did you just cum?"

"Couldn't help it," she babbled, "Now that I came, I should probably just stop, right?"

He mocked growled and began to drive up into her. She bounced up and down with it as best she could, lurching this way and that from his thrusts. At first, Mallory tried to match him, to take or at least share control. But it was too much. He was too aggressive. All she could do was enjoy it, to let this man lose his mind and reap the benefits. She took her hands off his knees and Greg, seeing this as invitation to use her like his personal plaything, wrapped his hands around her waist. He pulled her up and down as his stiff prick, harder and harder. Her hands found her tits and cupped them, then they moved to her nipples which she began to rub, twist, and pull on with abandon. Her mouth went slack, her breath little more than puffing gasps. This was the kind of sex that would leave her sore tomorrow, achy and oddly empty. It was exactly what she wanted.

Behind her, a reedy whisper woke her from her pleasure coma. "So, do you like church?" he managed to croak, his own breath shallow and thin.

"Yessssss," she hissed, her tongue feeling thick in her mouth.

"Do you just like it?"

"No. I fucking love it. I fucking love church."

"Oh god...what a mouth on you!"

Mallory slowly rotate her head to the side, body barely responding to command, and looked at him. She tossed him her sexiest sweat covered look and took him in. The muscles in his arms, chest, and neck seemed to pulse at random intervals, straining with exertion. His face was fierce with desire. She could tell the bad doctor didn't just want an orgasm. He was chasing something else, THE orgasm if you will. And he was going to take her with him to the incredible world where only lust exists, where people are reduced to little more than thrusting, undulating, mindless bodies dedicated only to pleasure damn responsibility, loyalty, or consequences. She had made him like this, this gasping grunting adulterous beast. This perfection.

With that realization, her body became awash in fire. Her eyes rolled in the top of her head. Her body shook violently. She was only barely capable of thought enough to bring a hand to her mouth and bite into it to keep from shouting. She fell backward against him, dizzy and robbed of muscle control, her hand bouncing against the plush red cushion of the chair.

Greg took her in with sex dead eyes and continued to propel himself into her, singularly focused on his own pursuit of release. Her mind only ash all she could think to do was babble at him.

"Cum for me, Doctor Clark," she grunted, "Cum in me. I want to feel your cock explode. Bless my cunt. Anoint my pussy. I neeeeeeeeeed it. Oh god. Make me your holy slut, Doc."

The hot flash of anger that he felt the first time she blasphemed was gone from Greg. Now he only wished to fulfilled her perverse request. He hit double time and Mallory dug her nails into the outside of his upper thighs. The quick shock of pain was what he needed to be pushed over the cliff.

Harshly pushing his mouth against her ear, he growled at her, "Take it Mal. Take it!"

Then he sunk his teeth deep into her shoulder to keep from bellowing and held her tight against him. Jet after jet of his seed sprayed into her, setting her off as well until both melted into one another and the seat below them. With one last push, Greg tumbled them both to the floor to keep the church pew free of their comingling and soon to be dripping sin.

Ten minutes later, as the benediction and closing hymn rang out, they sluggishly stumbled to their feet and awkwardly got dressed against, muscles stretched raw, limbs jellied and shaking with leftover adrenaline. They looked one another over and laughed; they were a mess.

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