The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 09


"Can I keep the tie, Doc?" Mallory asked, smiling as wide as she could manage and spinning it in front of her half heartedly.

"Consider it a souvenir."

They stumbled down the stairs, leaning on one another for support. Dan caught them halfway down.

"Oh, is really hot up there, huh?"

"Yup," they said simultaneously, smiles slightly dancing on their lips.

" sorry. It looks like it is beyond me. Gonna have to bring in an expert tomorrow. Man. Wouldn't have made you stay up there if I knew it was so bad."

"Don't worry about it, Dan. We survived somehow. Can you just tell my wife we are out in the car sucking up air conditioning?"

"Sure, sure. Of course," he promised. When he finally got into the balcony himself, he was perplexed. Yes, it was hot. Darn hot. But they looked like they had run a marathon and it was not THAT hot. "Oh well," he shrugged, thinking aloud, "Heat affects everyone differently, I guess."

At the car, Mallory and Greg snuck a deep, but quick kiss before both threw themselves into the van where Greg blasted the AC on full. A few minutes later Gina and the kids arrived.

"Oh honey," she clucked sympathetically, "Dan told me what he made you guys do. I'm so sorry."

"It was...hard. And rough," he confirmed with a double entendre that nearly left he and Mallory giggling like 12 year olds.

Gina turned to Mallory in the backseat and asked, "So I know that was not the best example with the heat and the guest preacher, but, what did you think?"

Mallory looked at the front seat through small slits in her heavy eyelids before grinning. She responded, "I can honestly say, Mrs. Clark, that it was the single best church service I've ever been to. I plan to CUM a lot from now." She emphasized the word "cum" as if Greg might have missed her sly wordplay somehow. The doctor bit his tongue to keep from laughing as he maneuvered the van towards home.

"That's great. Isn't that great, dear?" Gina said, turning back to her husband.

"I can't imagine better news," he replied, locking eyes with his babysitter in the backseat, "I think she'll be a very useful part of our church community going forward. I'm sure I've got some JOBS for her to do."

"Now, now, Greg," Gina objected, "This is not an excuse to make her your personal lackey."

"It's okay Mrs. Clark," she reassured, "You know me. I have energy to burn and I live to serve."

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