The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 17


Greg didn't reply, choosing instead to reach for the soap and ignore yet another one of Mallory's "Wouldn't it be great if..." intonations.

She was smart enough to notice his avoidance but chose to not comment on it. The babysitter grasped she was playing with fire a bit but saw her employer's unwillingness to engage as a good sign, better certainly than if he had told her to back off. That's what he "should've" done and the fact that he hadn't only told her just how tempting he found her.

The coed nestled close to Greg from behind, freeing the soap from his hands and began to rub it into the skin of his chest. He sighed despite himself, enjoying the feeling of soap cascading down his chest and stomach while her nails lightly scratched across his flesh.

"You have a hard time doing the right thing while I'm around, don't you?" she purred in his ear.

" do make it difficult," he haltingly confessed.

"Wellllll, that's not good. You know how I hate to complicate your life," she cooed, the soap clattering to the floor as her sudsy hands gently teased Greg's cock.

"I don't believe that for a second," he hissed back, powerless to keep his dick from thickening and rising.

"I really, really do, Doc. And to prove it, I'm going to make things easy right now."


"Uh-huh," she nodded, "I'm going to take my warm, wet, naked body out of this shower and place it on the bed you share with your wife. If you don't follow within five minutes, I'll assume you aren't interested and leave. If you do though..."

She rose up to the balls of her feet, licking his ear and letting her hot breath curve sensually down the canal.

"If you do," she resumed, "Well, I guess I'll just have to fuck your brains out."

The 19 year old slipped past the shower curtain as her 30-something employer gulped a big breath. She loudly blew him a kiss and walked away, leaving a trail of wet footprints from the bathroom into the bedroom before disappearing from view, on her way to fulfill her promise to lie prone on his bed.

Left alone in the steam and echoing water, Greg struggled to restrain his reignited libido which whispered its filthy suggestions to him. The right thing was obvious. Finish showering at a slow pace, go to the office for a bit, go to the in-laws, gather his wits, and tell Mallory things had gone too far. Tell her that this was a fling that was getting emotional and that was not okay. He just had to resist his dirty thoughts for five minutes and he could seize control of things once again.

In the end, it was no contest. He lasted forty-five seconds.

With a groan of utter surrender, he recklessly jumped out of the tub. So hasty to get to the bedroom, he failed to fully turn off the water, a trickle streaming from the lower faucet going unnoticed. Greg stalked into the bedroom, his member, thick and hard in front of him, betrayed his intentions.

Mallory lay on the bed as promised, back propped up by pillows. Her left leg was extended, her right leg bent at the knee, foot on the mattress. Rivulets and drops of cooling water speckled her flushed skin. Her eyes were alight with playful desire. Seeing him, she could not suppress her triumphant smile.

He stood several feet away for a moment, pondering what to do with/to his children's babysitter. She unashamedly stared at him, trying to memorize the look of his naked body, dripping, blushing with heat and lust. Satisfied with the view, she bit her lip and bid him forward with a single finger.

Rather than immediately climb onto the bed, he kneeled at the base, taking Mallory's leg in his hands. With a quick raise of his eyebrows, he licked her foot from heel to toe. The coed sighed contently, running her hands over her chest and abdomen. As Greg continued his task, licking the water from her flesh, sucking her toes, nibbling at her calf, she offhandedly teased her clit, slow but with no attempt to hide it. While distracted by the site of it, the doctor remained committed to his plan to run his tongue over every bit of her smooth, firm, yet supple teenage skin. She moaned in a mix of appreciation and frustration at his restraint.

She shifted and undulated beneath his attention, trying to angle herself for that extra little bit of friction, that extra smidgen of pressure. Despite how easily he gave in to baser instincts in entering the bedroom, he now demonstrated incredible willpower in not simply spreading her legs and licking her pretty pussy until she passed out from pleasure.

It all quickly became too much. So much pleasure and yet not nearly enough. Mallory wanted to just finger herself, to lewdly indulge and cum since the doc just wouldn't do it. However, Greg read her intent before she could carry it forth, grabbing her wrists and holding them rigidly. She can tease herself in the position he's trapped them, but little else.

"God, you bastard...I need you!" she finally begged, "Please, make me cum!"

The formerly decent family man smiled a wolfish grin but ignored her request, lavishing her with attention but not the kind she was so desperate for. With him now on the bed, she felt his hard cock occasionally graze her skin, sometimes leaving drop or thin line of precum on her skin. She knew he wanted her and that made his barely there yet everywhere presence nearly maddening.

Until, finally, his face was between her legs once more. Her flesh buzzed from the sensation of his tongue and fingers licking up and sweeping the water from her. She felt coiled, each muscle tight, each cell burning. Watching, she sees him remove his wedding ring.

"What are you doi—?" her question was swallowed up by a near screech of pleasure as he pressed the gold band against her clit and began to rub.

"Uhhhh," she grunted, "You know what that does to me!"

"What what does?"

"God! Fuck! Y—y—you using your ring to fuck me!"

"Tell me!"

" me so damn crazy with it. You promised...promised your wife forever with it."

"And now?"

"Now....uhh.....gonna cum!"

"Good, Mallory. Cum. Coat the ring."

" dirty. You promise forever and now you use it...use it to finger fuck your teen slut!"

The Greg who was nervous about emotional involvement couldn't be found in that moment. No good guy stood there anymore. He was just...desire. Corrupted, don't care about anyone but himself desire. Violating his vows blatantly only served to make him that much hotter and harder. The time to regret his actions will be later, to remember who he's supposed to be, who his wife is and how she deserves better. In this moment though, there is only a lust object in front of him begging for more.

Mal scrambled to her knees as he relented, slipping the soaked glistening ring back on his finger. She pulled and shoved Greg back onto the bed, straddling and mounting him without permission. She whimpered in delight as his cock stretched her with each fraction of movement she sunk down further on his dick.

"Not going to last long," the doctor confessed, teeth gritted.

"Good," the babysitter responds, rubbing her clit feverishly, "I want to feel your cum filling this cunt."

Brain fully disconnected, Greg grabbed her hips, pulled her tight against me and exploded, grunting and shaking as his unprotected cock spilled jet after jet of hot cum inside her. She screamed in victory, her climax sent off by the twin sensations of his pubic hair against her clit and the first pump coating her walls.

Collapsed together in a seemingly boneless mess, gasping and panting, the two took a moment to regain their devastated senses. Mallory shivered involuntarily as their perspiration began to cool.

"See," she smiled at him then kissed his cheek, "I am a lot of fun to have around."

"Mal—" he began, weariness and guilt seeping into his brain.

"Oh come on, Doc, no need to go all serious. You know you love me."

He glanced at her then and found her looking at him expectedly, waiting for his response to that. "Shower time," he dodged, slipping out from beneath her.

"Can I join?" she called out after him.

Greg, too spent and distracted to discuss it, nodded, "If you'd like. Just don't try anything. This is one old man who cannot be roused right now."

She giggled and bounced off the bed after him, "I think you underestimate my persuasiveness."

"I think you overestimate my stamina."

In relative silence, they soaped up and massaged each other clean, hot water and firm fingers easing the exertion from joints and muscles. Greg felt content in the moment and that contentment carried fear with it. He shouldn't feel that, he reasoned. Giddy, guilty, horny, ashamed, exhausted...these were acceptable feelings after yet again cheating on your wife with a woman more than a decade younger. Stillness and comfort? These implied emotional intimacy and that was too big a step to risk.

As Mallory toweled off and left to grab the clothes she had stowed in the family room, this fact continued to bang around in the doctor's head. He had no choice. To continue now was to risk his family, his way of life, Mallory's feelings, his was time to stop pretending this was some fling, he realized. And if it wasn't some fling, it couldn't be anything at all.

The family man found the college student in the kitchen, rosy and fresh scrubbed from the shower. She sat at the island, staring out the window with a light smile on her face in between long gulps of ice water from a comically large plastic cup. She was dressed in a simple white long sleeve shirt, distressed jeans, and sneakers, hair in still damp tendrils spilling over her shoulders. The way he paused to take her in only further convinced him. He had played with fire for too long and if he didn't do this now, it would consume every last person he had any kind of positive feelings for, including her.

"Soooooooooo... we need to talk," he began.

She turned in her seat and read his features immediately. Her stomach tightened, her palms got clammy. "Well, this isn't good," she thought grimly.

He spoke quickly maintaining a sort of half-steady eye contact. He tried to explain how much he enjoyed her, beyond physically, although undeniably physically too. He spoke about how far afield his life felt from what he knew or thought he knew about himself. He admitted that how much he enjoyed her made ignoring the warning signs tempting but he knew that wasn't fair to anyone. Despite everything, he loved Gina, even if he had done a shit job of showing it by cheating on her and, more importantly, he loved being a father and had no desire to lose all that. He parried her rationalization attempts, restating each point more strongly and asserting that this was for her too. She was 19, too damn soon to think about moving in with anyone, never mind a still married guy more than a decade her elder. Either she'd get bored, or disappointed, or hurt; and he had no desire to be the source of any of those feelings. Finally, she stopped objecting and he ran out of words. The room went quiet. They had been speaking for over an hour and a half.

"Okay," she replied in a quiet voice at last.


"Yeah, okay. I want to make your life better, make sure you enjoy things more, not drag you down into serious time and contemplations of personal and financial ruin. So if you need time to get back to the point where this is pure fun again, I say okay."

"I didn't say I just needed—"

She held up her hands stopping him, "You are making a hasty choice. I'm leaving you a back door out. Or back in, in this case. So we say 'time,' not 'over,' because when you get yourself straight I'm going to want you to take me again, immediately, not worry about whether or not I'm still interested."

Greg sighed then nodded. If she wanted to say time for now, he could live with that. Eventually, inevitably, she'd grow sick of time and move on. Until then, to protect herself, why not let her label the end as possibly just a break? What could it harm?

"Good then," he pronounced, "So you'll stay Mallory top notch babysitter and all around helpful lady and I'll be Greg, dad, husband, doctor, and guy who pays the babysitter a bit more than necessary at the end of every night."

She raised her eyebrows and smirked.

"You know what I mean," he mock scolded her.

They both laughed at the moment and Greg felt relief. "Easier than expected," he confessed to himself. Then he noticed the familiar mischievous look in Mal's eyes.

"What are you thinking?" he wondered aloud, voice hesitant.

"I was just thinking that, when we walk out that door, our little game will be on hold for....some amount of time."

"Possibly forever," he reminded her.

"Right, maybe. Probably not, but maybe. Anyway, that happens when we leave the confines of your beautiful home. For now though, we are both still here and that break hasn't started."

"I'm not sure I—"

She stood up and glided towards him, hunger visible in every blink, every step, as she came closer.

She kissed him, arms looping around his neck. Long and deep. Her mouth was bracingly cold from the ice water. She tasted clean, wonderful. She smelled even better. One last big kiss to seal the agreement seemed like a fine way to leave things.

As she stopped, however, and opened her eyes to gaze into his, it became clear this was more than one last kiss.

"However long this break lasts though, Doc, it's going to feel like an awfully long time for you."

"Is it?"

"Uh-huh," she confirmed, licking her lips, "Going from, basically, blowjobs on demand to none at all, ever... that makes time just draaaaaaaaaaaaag by."

"It does, does it?"


"Well, somehow I'll just have to find a way to persevere. I went without for years once, I think I can do it again."

"I don't know Doc, that was before you had your dick sucked by me."

"And you are, what, the best?"

"Ha...don't even pretend like you don't think so," Mallory scoffed, "You're the one, after all, who told me that's what my mouth was made for."

He blushed and nodded his head in embarrassed surrender, "Be that as it may, once we leave, that's no longer an option for me."

"Yes, exactly my point. Once we leave. But we haven't left yet, have we?"

"No, we haven't."

Her hand drifted to his zipper, slowly coaxing it downward as she spoke, "And you seem so committed to this break, it would be shameful of me not to do all in my power to facilitate its success, wouldn't it?"

"I can see your point, but I—uhhh," he interrupted himself to grunt as her hand deftly pulled his cock free of its cotton prison.

"Good. Glad to hear that. So we're agreed. I suck this beautiful cock one last time, absolutely just fuck it with my mouth, my tongue, my throat. You give me your adulterous cream, let me taste how bad you want me, one last time, and then we leave. Start this...separation on the right note."

She cockily flashed Greg a toothy grin as she sunk to her knees.

"Are we agreed?" the babysitter asked, cheekily as she gently tugged at his turgid dick.

"Can I say no?" Greg croaked.

"Do you really want to?" Mallory shot back before running her tongue left and right on his perineum.

Greg groaned but said nothing else. She smiled as she took him into her mouth, her tongue caressing the head enthusiastically.

She pulled back with a pop, eyes bright with creative energy. "Oooo, lightbulb," the babysitter declared. She grabbed her cast aside water glass and pulled out a partially melted ice cube, edges worn down and rounded. With a wink, she slid the cube over her lips leaving them glistening and moist. Then she released her warm pink tongue and placed the cube on it, pulling it back into her mouth.

The show over, she engulfed him with a quick dart of her head. With a bark he grabbed her hair tight in his hand. The shock of cold ripped through him, intense, almost painfully so, and incredible. She happily hummed around him as she felt his cock strain and bounce in her mouth.

"Damn!" he finally gasped out, his brain at last reactivating his language center, "Too much. god! Don't stop!"

Mallory fixed her eyes on his face, watching him moan and blush as she took him deeper. She felt his hand gathered in her hair, pushing and pulling, tightening with every moment he grew closer to spilling his essence down her throat. She loved his struggle, between wanting to cum and not wanting the delightful torture of being oh so close to stop, between wanting to pull away from the sharp pierce of cold and wanting to go even deeper into it.

Greg panted and hunched, dizzy at her talent. He glanced at her, seeing her staring up at him with an expression made up of equal parts amusement, delight, and lust. Mallory looked completely at ease, totally in her element. She enjoyed wasn't a favor or a gift for an anniversary. She was sucking his cock because she wanted to and knew he wanted it to. He bit his tongue to stop himself from declaring the break over before it started.

Mallory grabbed her employer's ass through his pants and pushed him deeper into her mouth, then eased him out, then pushed him again. He caught her invitation and whispered, "Are you sure?"

She enthusiastically mumbled, "Yes. Fuck my mouth!" around his dick, the vibrations making him shudder in overstimulation. Greg pushed himself against the wall, standing upright, and did as bid, placing a second hand on her head and thrusting forward into her opening, hungry mouth. Slow at first, then faster as she took him with visible delight.

"God, you look so good right now," he groaned, staring at her, "So hot with me fucking your mouth. beautiful. You make me fucking hard. Gonna're gonna make me fill your mouth with my cum."

Mallory nearly purred in glee at his rapid acceptance of the situation, at his willingness to use her mouth to pleasure himself. Her nipples stood up, thick and firm, rubbing and bouncing against the fabric of her shirt. She felt her core grow molten, hot and wet yet again. She made vague plans to make herself cum when she got back to her apartment.

As the cube regressed back to liquid state, the coed swallowed hard to eliminate the excess. With Greg's cock plunging in and out of her mouth however, inevitably water spilled out, down her chin and neck. She felt the still cool liquid slip downward, darkening the neck of her shirt. She imagined what Gina would think if she walked through the door right now, if somehow the Doc got away and left her there on her knees, face flush, nipples screaming to be looked at, water on her chin, neck, and down her shirt. Thinking about it only made going down on Greg that much more of a turn-on.

Returning to the present, she could tell the very bad doctor's will to resist climax was falling to pieces. Even his filthy babbled lust had gone away. All that was present in the room was Greg's heavy breathing and the wet sound of Mallory's mouth accommodating his erratic thrusts. She shoved him back against the wall again and retook control, her head bobbing far more rapidly that his hips were thrusting. She enjoyed the feeling of his large hands in her hair, the pressure and almost burning sensation as he yanked and clutched at her. The corners of her mouth stretched just a bit further open to accommodate Dr. Clark's pre-climax expansion, aching thrillingly. She locked her eyes on his and threw him what she hoped was her sluttiest, most wanton glance.

The first pump was shallow and thick, spilling over her tongue. "He's been eating pineapple," she thought reflexively as her taste buds absorbed his flavor. The second shot slid easily down her throat and the third joined it almost immediately. She pulled back and grabbed the root, pumping it rapidly, milking Greg for every last drop. She breathed rapidly out of her nose, feeling near panic but not daring to pull away to catch her breath.

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