tagLesbian SexThe Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 21

The Reawakening of Dr. Clark Ch. 21


Mallory's mouth went desert dry right away. She involuntarily coughed, feeling silly and helpless all at once. "So this is it," she thought, "Caught."

Gina watched her with a hint of impatience darkening her eyes and turning up the corners of her mouth. "I said, would you like to have sex with my husband, Mallory?"

Mallory let out a breath of air she hadn't realized she was holding on to. Gina wasn't accusing her of sleeping with Greg, she was...inviting it?

"Why am I asking?" Gina continued on, her rate of speech increasing, "Of course you want to sleep with Greg. You aren't exactly subtle about it. I swear, you sometimes stare so hard, I think you must have x-ray vision. "

"No, no, Ms. Clark, that's not—"

"Relax. This isn't about embarrassing you or yelling at you. It never bothered me that you'd ogle Greg like a schoolgirl with her first naughty crush and it certainly doesn't now. I just have an idea that will help us both out and I want to know if you're onboard."

"So, you are asking me to fu—" Mallory interrupted herself when she saw Gina cringe and restated, "have sex with you and Dr. Clark?"

"Both of us?" Gina laughed. "No, no. Definitely not that. Just Greg."

"As like a present?"

"I guess you could call it that."

"I'm...I'm confused," the babysitter confessed, "I didn't think you guys were into that sort of thing."

As she spoke, Mallory wondered if she and Doc had perhaps underestimated Gina's prurient interests all along.

"Into it? Not normally, no, but desperate times. So, now that you aren't pretending you don't want to sleep with Greg, can I count on you?"

"Wait, wait," Mallory objected, throwing her hands up, "I'm...give me a second. I never said I did or didn't want to have sex with Dr. Clark, first of all. I don't even understand what's going on here."

"What's going on is that you want your job back watching my kids. And you want my husband. I'm promising you if you agree to make that latter wish a reality, I'll make sure the former happens to."

"But it's not a threesome thing?"

"No...I have no interest in having sex with a girl even one as pretty as you, Mallory."

"Okay. Why then?"

Gina sighed and rubbed her temples. This conversation had already exceeded her patience for it. She got that hers was an unusual request but Mal was in college. She should've been all about challenging sexual norms and experimenting, right?

"Not sure why you care since I am giving you something...two things...you want, but if you must know, Greg and I are getting divorced."

"What?!" the babysitter gasped in shock. Could she be so lucky?

"Well, not yet, but the writing is on the wall."

"Are you...how is that?"

"I guess if I'm asking you to sleep with him you deserve some details. Greg is into some things...sexually...that I've never really cared for."

Mallory bit her tongue, literally. It was all she could do not to snort, "Yeah, no kidding."

"For years, he's been fine with that. We did what I enjoyed, he liked it too, and never was a complaint raised. I kind of fooled myself into thinking it would always be this way, but I think part of me knew he couldn't be satisfied not...indulging forever. And now is that time. Our clock has run out."

"So I'm like a...pinch hitter? You bring me in to satisfy those things you won't do and you get to keep your marriage." Although it was almost exactly what Mallory and Greg had been doing behind Gina's back, the coed bristled at the thought of it becoming an official status.

Gina shook her head sadly. "No, I—I couldn't handle that kind of thing," she admitted with a deep sigh.


"I can't just ask for a divorce and not expect to get hosed on things. I may not like what Greg wants...sexually...but none of it is weird or dangerous enough that I can claim it is wrong of him or use it to shame him. He's better connected in the community, his job makes more money, and he has more flexibility. If I ask for a divorce, I'll be at his mercy in terms of custody the kids. Nobody is going to have sympathy for a woman who files for divorce from her handsome, successful husband when he's a great dad, kind and loving human being with rather mainstream, if gross to me, interests in the bedroom."

"So...you're setting him up?"

"Well...look, I have three choices. I ask for the divorce and take whatever he gives me, we just wait and wait and wait until we are both so miserable divorce is the only thing that makes sense, or he screws up and my wanting a divorce is justified. And if his screw up is cheating on me, he'll feel so bad that he won't even fight my demands. His guilt will make him want to make it better."

"So I fuck him," Mallory didn't bother changing the language this time, Gina cringes be damned, "and you fuck him over?"

"No, Mallory....not at all. I'm not going demand a ton of money or complete custody or anything. I'm not going to abuse him. I just want to...level the playing field a bit."

"Or tip it in your favor."

"A little, sure. But in the long run it's best for everyone. Greg can find someone who's a little more...accommodating, I get a divorce that doesn't make me a villain and leave me powerless, and you get to have sex with a man you clearly have a crush on and your old job back. Best solution for all."

"Or you could, I don't know, try to meet him halfway on the sex stuff? Show some flexibility since apparently he has done that for you for years?"

"Mallory, I'm going to ask you kindly to not offer me advice on being married. I've been doing it a long time, you're a nineteen year old," Gina reproached the teen through a tightly drawn mouth, "With all due respect, you have no idea what the hell you are talking about."

"I...I don't accept that. Marriage is about partnership and compromise and—"

"And all of that is true, but there are certain compromises that one can't make at a certain point. Some people can't be with atheists or conservatives or Yankees fans. I can't...change my mind on this stuff."

"So...this is it then? Marriage over?"

"Yes. And if you won't help me, I'll find someone who will. But I really hope you will. You're definitely his type. Thin, athletic, like me, but younger. Your breasts are smaller than he'd usually go for, but they're cute and perky enough I bet he'd overlook that."

Mallory suppressed the desire to shout at Gina that Greg loved her tits, smaller though they might be, and had spent considerable time proving his enjoyment of them with his hands and mouth.

Gina continued, unaware of Mallory's inner monologue, "You wear clothes like he used to want to see me in, you have a pierced navel, which he's always salivated over. I bet you are the type of girl who shaves designs into her pubic hair."

Mallory smirked at this comment without thought. Gina caught and with a heavy sigh added, "Or just gets rid of it all. I suppose he'd like that too. All guys are into that now, right?"

For a moment, Gina just looked lost, her face betraying the sense that she just didn't get the world anymore. Mallory felt a flickering sense of sadness for her. Gina just didn't seem to understand that it wasn't about the piercing or the pubic hair designs or the dirty talk or...whatever else, it was some sense that she would be willing to try something, anything, beyond her comfort zone that her husband might enjoy. Instead she wanted only want she wanted without seeing why Greg couldn't be happy with that.

Shaking off the moment, Gina concluded, "At least he can have a good time destroying our marriage, right? So, what do you say Mallory? Will you have sex with my husband?"

Mallory paused. Every part of her was revolted at the thought of Gina's plan. It was so wrong, so awful. Why would she prefer to set up a man she claimed to love rather than even try out something like dirty talk or a few more blowjobs? It made no sense and was such a cruel "solution."

But still...Mallory wanted Greg again. Needed him. Was convinced he cared for her as more than just a good fuck. If this was the way to do it, to have Gina advocate for her and get her back in the family's graces...

Mallory nodded without making eye contact. "Fine," she whispered.

The teen went home then, feeling as gross as she ever had and, yet, still giddy with excitement. She always promised Greg she'd give him sexual liberation, she argued to herself. She didn't mean by ending his marriage when she said it, but maybe that had to be the price. He'd thank her for it later, perhaps with his tongue. She smirked a delightfully dirty smirk at the idea of that, then felt queasy again.

She knew it was weird to feel that Gina's "sin" was more extensive and wrong than hers or the Doc's but she couldn't stop herself from feeling that way. There was a difference between cheating to fill an unmet need when it is clear it will never be met and setting up your spouse so you don't have to even to attempt to try something new sexually, to meet your partner halfway on their kinks.

The she got to thinking of the Doc's kinks and grew flush and hot. She squeezed her legs together and enjoyed the sensations: the pressure, the heat, the increasing slickness. Guilt gnawed at the edges of her excitement, but couldn't overcome it. She thought of the Doctor between her legs, hard and thick, the muscles in his shoulders tight with exertion, his hands grabbing her waist and controlling her fully, claiming her pussy as his own, over and over again. She gave up on contemplating the moral ambiguity of her choices...she wanted that again. She wanted it so fucking bad.

Without further handwringing, she began to shed her clothes, running her hands over her flushed skin as more and more of it was exposed. She let her fingers lightly prance over her taut abdomen, feeling her electricity crawl through her, her muscles twitching in enthusiastic response. Moving upward, she clasped and kneaded her breasts, snickering at Gina's early dismissal of them. Mallory's nipples rose in response to her manipulations, high and full. She wished she could feel Greg's mouth on them immediately. They needed to be sucked, they were made to be between his lips, his teeth pressing into them, his tongue twisting around them.

Between her legs, she felt her sex grow hotter, wetter. It wasn't buzzing per se, but her arousal dominated brain couldn't think of a better word to summarize the physical experience of it. Impatiently, awkwardly, she pushed her panties and tight jeans down her thighs, twisting and hopping until they melted into a puddle on her apartment floor, She teased herself a moment, enjoying the way she body roared at her, demanding she get serious, dammit!

Her fingers coated in her dew, she greedily brought them to her mouth, her tongue lapping at her lust. She could tell that her fingers were just not going to give her what she needed so she ran to her bedroom. With one hand between her legs, thrusting two fingers frantically in and out of her, she tossed her nightstand until her free hand closed around the glass dildo hidden within. With a triumphant grown, she fellated it, sure to leave it wet with her saliva before collapsing to her knees and guiding it, slowly, deep into her cunt.

The coed quickly became disillusioned with romancing herself gently. The pace increased, the cool glass's temperature rapidly increasing in both her grips. She could feel a trickle of her desire wind down the sex toy and over her knuckles.

The slide and release of the deadbolt caught Mallory's attention and she called out sharply. "Brenda! Oh fuck Brenda! I need you!"

Her shy roommate approached immediately, blushing deeply but not pausing. She recognized the sound in Mallory's voice. She knew what "need" meant. And while she knew what she did with Mal, what Mal did to her, what she did to Mal, was often dirty and sometimes against all she thought she knew of her morality, Brenda could not help herself. She loved violating her personal code when Mallory was leading the way.

Brenda dropped her purse and book bag in the frame of Mallory's bedroom door, admiring her roommate's back and ass as they drove fitfully against some object she could not see. "What..what can I do?" Brenda tentatively solicited.

"I—I can't—fuck myself hard enough. Just—need it—so hard right—now. Gotta cum! Please Bren—Brenda—please fuck me!" Mallory breathlessly implored.

Brenda shrugged out of her clothes and joined her roommate. She guided Mallory backward against the hardwood floor, pressing her body against her roommate's. Brenda was struck by how feverish the blonde's skin felt and wondered what could've put Mal in this state.

The dark haired shy girl shed her inhibitions and pulled the dildo from Mallory's grasp. Swinging her top leg over Mallory's left one, Brenda pulled her begging roommate more fully against her. She pushed her rapidly moistening sex against Mallory's hip reasoning there was no reason they both couldn't enjoy themselves at once. Then, kissing with Mallory with more frantic need than she had been aware of until their lips met, the shy scene girl began to violate her friend with the now heated slick glass sex toy. She found a pace quickly and was soon grinding against Mallory at the same rate, enjoying the delicious almost but not quite enough friction.

"Harder," Mallory hissed and gritted her teeth, "I told you I needed to be fucked hard, you dirty girl."

Brenda adjusted her grip in response, pushing upward harder and faster. She licked the fingers of her free hand and slid them over Mallory's clit, rubbing in light but rapid circles.

"Oh yes. OH! God yes! You know what I like, don't you?"

Brenda bashfully did not reply, instead gently biting the blonde's neck where it met her shoulder.

"If you're gonna bite me, you better leave a mark," Mallory demanded. Brenda complied, sucking her flesh deeper and bringing her teeth down hard. Mallory mewled and thrashed, delighted, in reply.

Mallory came for the first time moments later, seizing in place, body forming a partial bridge. Brenda began to ease off, figuring Mal would be satiated.

"Don't you fucking stop!" Mal bellowed instead, adding, "And don't think I didn't notice you grinding your sopping cunt all over me. You better not even dream of cumming until I'm satisfied.

Brenda whimpered in reply, now heading towards a desperate need to climax herself. She had hoped to leave Mallory satisfied and steal away to her bedroom for a quick, private orgasm herself.

Before long, both of the girls' bodies were slick with their sweat and desire. They bumped and slid off each other as both struggled to satisfy Mallory's rampant appetite and Brenda desperately attempted to resist her own carnal cravings.

Orgasms washed over Mallory coming faster and faster but with less intensity. She needed to explode, she thought, just knock herself out with it, but the harder she chased that kind of climax, the farther it seemed to slip away.

Brenda, meanwhile, was nearly mad with need now. Her wrist was hot flashes of pain, the entire rest of her body tightly wound in brutal anticipation of release. Everything seemed to ache and pulse at once. Even the occasional brush of a lock of Mallory's hair left her roommate gasping and shaking. Every cell cried out to cum.

Panic took hold and Brenda began to beg, her voice a ragged, erratic whisper, "Please Mal—so—you've got me so—I need to—oh god—just—please."

Hearing how frantic Brenda was tripped something for Mallory and with a low long groan she came one last time, hands grabbing and clawing and her own tits as if her body felt alien to her. She shoved Brenda and the dildo away, rolling in the opposite direction and involuntary pulsated in time to her aftershocks. Brenda awkwardly stood, letting the toy slip from her fingers. She wondered if she might cum simply from walking back to her bedroom.

"No," Mallory declared, rolling back towards Brenda in time to catch the roommate's attempt at retreat.

She confessed, "I want to see you."

Brenda was too far gone to be embarrassed by the thought of it. She laid back down on the floor on her side and gliding her fingers over her small tuft of dark pubic hair and towards her pleading mound.

"Uh-uh," Mallory rebuked her, "With the dildo."

Brenda wordlessly picked it up spread her legs wide and aggressively began to thrust the toy into herself. It was her first time ever using a dildo, but she took to it like a natural. While she doubted she could ever admit, the thought of using this object on herself, covered in her roommate's cum and hot from her body heat, thrilled her.

"Mmm, yeah, like that," Mallory whispered, staring with still lying on her side, "Does it feel good?"

"Uh-uh-uh-huh...s-s-s-so good," Brenda stuttered and sputtered.

"You like fucking my used sex toy?"

Brenda nodded intensely, her breath too hard to hold onto long enough now to form sentences.

"You know why? Because you're a filthy, filthy girl. Such a dirty little harlot."

Brenda felt the words pulse through her, hot and damning. She was a harlot, deep down inside. She knew it. With a moan, she altered her grip on the toy, grabbing it with both hands and locking her elbows. Then, she began to thrust upward into it, keeping it stock still and forcing herself to fuck it.

"God, you look so good right now, baby," Mallory moaned, scooting closer. She ran her hands over Brenda's breasts causing the dark haired girl to shake harder and gasp.

"Please," beseeched Brenda.

"Please?" Mallory teased.

"Touch my....my....touch my tits. Play with them. Feels so good."

"Will it make you cum hard?"


Mallory obeyed with a smile, running her nails over the engorged tips of both nipples just like she knew her roommate craved.

"Uhhhh,rrrrrr, uhhhhh," Brenda nonsensically groaned, twisting the dildo as she plunged it deeper into her sex.

"I want you to gush all over that fake cock so I can lick both our cream off it," the blonde cooed in her friend's ear, "Then I'm gonna eat that pretty pussy until I'm satisfied."

"Soooo wrong," Brenda murmured, "So dirty. Can't stop....just...can't."

"Don't then. Let yourself be the dirty harlot everyone can tell you are just by looking at you. You're filthy and everybody knows it Brenda. Everyone knows what a dirty little bi-slut you are. And then all want to fuck you."

"God...oh god...uhh...shit...gonna....fuck...so...oh god!" Brenda panted before falling apart, shaking and twisting. She climaxed three times rapid fire, then collapsed into a twitching mess, burrowing into her naked, still sweaty roommate.

Extracting the glass sex toy from her roommate's shaky fingertips, Mallory guided the slippery object to her lips. As Brenda watched through wide but cloudy eyes, the blonde obscenely licked and sucked until it glistened with her saliva. With a satisfied grin, she commented breathily, "God, we taste so damn good."

Mallory then predatorily focused her gaze upon her dark haired roommate and purred, "I'm still hungry though."

Brenda moaned and shook her head, cheeks flushing with embarrassment. "You don't need to do that for m—" she began.

"Trust me, it's not just for you. But if you're sure you don't my tongue on you—"

"That's not what I said!" Brenda objected rapidly, already beginning to push her roommate's head downward.

"Mmmm, that's what I thought, you bad girl."

Brenda blushed deeper and in a voice just above a whisper begged, "Please just eat my pussy."

With a faux salute and a swallowed giggle, Mallory dove in. She was actually fairly inexperienced in matters of oral sex on other women. While, ironically given their roles overall, Brenda had taken to it with a surprising enthusiasm, Mal was still finding her sea legs on the matter. But, Brenda could testify, she was proving a fast learner.

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