tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rebellious Slave Ch. 07

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 07


To my readers: As always, I appreciate the support. I know, I know...I'm a comment whore. Indulge me, will you? I love reading the comments and believe it or not, they help me get ideas for further chapters!


When Kara awoke, it was still dark inside the cell. She had no idea what time it was, for there weren't any windows or clocks. But trusting her body's natural sleep cycle, Kara decided it was morning and sat against the wall of her cell taking deep breaths. She reminded herself to keep a straight face today and to keep a close eye on her surroundings, always looking for a way out or for helpful snippets of information that could ease a later escape. If the gag were removed, she'd have to follow Arlington's stupid rules if she wanted it to stay off. And so she sat, ill formed thoughts of escape running through her head, until the door to her cell opened. But it wasn't Arlington who opened the door. Instead, she was faced with one of his servants, or so she assumed, probably a handler he'd hired to tend to his slaves. Arlington was a powerful, busy man. Certainly, he hadn't the time to personally feed, groom, and care for all of his slaves and there must be many. Kara and Tamius couldn't be his only acquisitions.

The handler was a red-haired, bulky man with a thick beard and hazel eyes. He wore black pants with a utility belt of equipment, much like the Martkorp hunters had, and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled back. Threateningly, he placed his right hand on the taser at his hip, and looked condescendingly at Kara. "You won't give me any trouble girl, will you?" he asked sharply, and Kara shook her head. She had to suck it up and be obedient today or surely this man would leave her in the cell, where nothing she did could be of any use to her. "Hands out front, then," he told her, and Kara relented, allowing her wrists to be cuffed and her eyes to be blindfolded. From there, Kara's handler guided her out of the "torture room," as she'd come to call it, and through a maze of hallways. Eventually, they entered a warm, humid room. Kara could feel moist steam on her face, and heard the hissing of a shower head. Even before the handler removed Kara's blindfold, she knew they were in a bathroom. And what a bathroom it was! White tile covered the floor and walls and, before Kara, there was a bath sunk into the floor, big enough for several people. Over the bath were a few shower heads, spewing warm water into the pool. In spite of herself, Kara was instantly excited. A bath would soothe the tension in her muscles and do wonders for her sore back.

"In you go," the handler insisted, uncuffing Kara and motioning toward the pool. But Kara needed no persuasion. She hopped right into its depths and felt the goosebumps on her skin rise pleasantly, the warmth of the water soaking into her core. There were shampoos and soaps along the bath's side, and Kara gratefully began washing herself. She had secretly hoped the handler would fuck up and give her a razor to shave herself, but there was no need after the laser treatment, and he must have known that. Still, Kara was satisfied with what little comfort she had and didn't even mind the relentless way the handler eyed her. But as she continued to lather her body in the sweet smelling soaps, Kara paused. Faintly but surely, she could hear the laughter and happy chatter of women in another room nearby, and spotted a metal door to her left. The handler, watching her eyes, shook his head in disapproval.

"You aren't to mingle with the other girls," he told her sternly. "My lord won't have it."

So there were others, Kara noted. There were other slaves like her. Perhaps, one day, she could convince one of them to tell her more of Arlington and the probability of an escape. She didn't have to wait as long as she had thought, though. Ten minutes into her bath, the handler's cell phone rang and he left the bathroom, sternly telling Kara to stay put until he came back. It was a mistake, and Kara was all too willing to take advantage of it. As soon as the handler had left, she rushed to the metal door, unsure of how much time she had. She would have to be back before the handler returned, or would surely be reported to Arlington.

Inside the doorway, before a wall length mirror, there was a much larger bathroom with a much larger pool, inside of which sat five cheery, nude girls. They were clearly enjoying the water, bathing themselves briskly when Kara approached. At first, they were confused when they saw her. But, once they noticed the ball gag in Kara's mouth and the recent piercings, they became upset, and backed away from her. Kara tried to make friendly gestures, not sure how to do so, and cursed the hideous gag. She'd come in without thinking. There was no way to communicate with these women! What had been the point of coming in? But then Kara noted the wall length mirror, foggy with condensation, and an idea occurred to her. Quick as she was able, Kara leapt across the room and furiously wrote through the condensation, so that her words were cut onto the mirror.

Although most of her fellow captives anxiously kept their distance, there seemed to be one exception. Cautiously, a nude girl with unusually pale skin and dark black hair approached, squinting her eyes so that she could read Kara's sloppy writing. The other girls instantly panicked, and tried to pull her back.

"Don't!" one of the women told her, tugging her away. "Look at her, Alice! She's a foreigner! She's probably a conquest slave!"

"Listen to reason, Alice," said another. "She could be a general, or an assassin! She'll kill you dead if you get too close. I heard Lord Arlington bought a girl, and she'd killed fifty men with her bare hands." Kara rolled her eyes. People kept confusing her for a badass, and it was starting to get on her nerves.

"She looks harmless to me," Alice told them, looking at Kara's words.

In the condensation, Kara had written the following: "Who are you? I am Arlington's new slave; I am one of you." The last part had been hard to write, but she wanted these women to connect with her as one of them, and they clearly thought of themselves as property, or they wouldn't have been allowed to bathe unsupervised and without restraints.

Alice looked confused. "We're Lord Arlington's sex slaves, of course," she told Kara. "But you aren't one of us. You're a different kind of slave. You should go back to your own bath."

Kara narrowed her eyes. "Different kind of slave?" she wrote back. "What do you mean?"

"Don't talk to her, Alice!" Kara groaned inwardly, watching the other women cowering in the corner. "When Mister Karp comes back, we'll all be punished. She ain't supposed to be in here!"

Luckily, Alice ignored her fellow slaves and answered Kara's question. "Well, first, we're from Isleydor. We aren't spoils of war, we're criminals and slavery is our punishment. But we were allowed to choose between this life and exile. In a sense, we submitted voluntarily, so we obey without needing any persuasion. But I bet my Lord Arlington has to force obedience on you, doesn't he?" It was an extremely rude question, but the girl's eyes looked innocent and curious, not unkind. Kara decided to ignore her naivete, and motioned for the girl to continue. Surely, that wasn't the only difference between them.

"Well," Alice thought. "We're also sex slaves, and you aren't."

That was interesting, so Kara pressed further. "What kind of slave am I?" she scribbled.

"Probably a trophy slave, but I can't be sure," Alice replied. "Lord Arlington doesn't spend time with us. He didn't train us, he hired a man for that. He doesn't visit or care for us, Mister Karp does. We only see him when he wants to have sex, and then afterwards he leaves. But since you're a conquest slave, he'll train you himself and keep you nearby, as an example to his enemies and a show of his dominance and power. You'll be the enslaved embodiment of his rank and the prize he gets for taking over Gardok. He'll keep you as a trophy or a pet. It's different."

That twisted, sadistic bastard! Kara's anger must have been obvious, for Alice was suddenly afraid and backed away. But Kara couldn't spend anymore time in the their bathroom anyway. Scrapping away the evidence of their conversation, Kara fled back to her own bath before the handler---Mister Karp---could catch her out of place. Luckily, she made it in time and was just done rinsing her hair when the handler returned. Kara made a mental note that the handler Arlington had hired was careless, and that she'd fair an escape under his watch pretty well.

There rest of the morning was rather mundane. Kara was given a blue, short sleeve dress to wear, with a skirt that was cut off halfway between her waist and her knees. She could see her new nipple rings pressed up against the cloth, and Kara found it obscene. She would have enjoyed a pair of underwear and a bra, to partially hide her piercings, but was thankful for any clothes. Later, the handler turned Kara over to an elderly women who did her hair, tying it back in a thick pony tail, and her make-up, much better than Kara could have managed. When that was done, Kara was given a nutrient shot---it was impossible to eat without removing the gag---and finally sat back down on the velvet cushion in Arlington's living space, arms chained above her head. This time, though, her legs were kept free.

It was an hour before Arlington came in, and Kara took the time to observe the room. She decided that leaping from a window was out of the question. The curtains were open now, so that sunlight pooled on the floor and warmed the entire room, and Kara was able to see the tops of several trees. She was on an upper floor, and probably wouldn't survive the fall if she tried to escape from one of those windows. But there were a few potential weapons in the room to consider, most notably a poker near the fireplace and a paper weight that could probably be used to bash a man's skull in. In her mind's eye, Kara saw herself atop Arlington, pounding his face in over and over again with the paper weight. It was a lovely daydream, and Kara chuckled pleasantly at Arlington's imagined pleas for mercy. "Look at me, Arlington!" the imaginary Kara told him. "Keep your eyes open!"

Suddenly, the wooden doors opened with a creak, and Kara jumped guiltily, as if afraid Arlington could read her mind and punish her for the vengeful thoughts. Ignoring Kara, Arlington carefully removed a pair of black, leather riding gloves from his hands before setting them on a little table near the door. Then, he removed his long riding cloak to reveal a white dress shirt and replaced the cloak with a green and blue dressing vest from the closet, a golden pocket watch dangling from the chest pocket. There was a knock at the door as he changed, and Arlington irritably snapped, "Come in!" He was in a poor mood. That couldn't be good for Kara.

It was the butler who entered, visibly trembling from the tone in his master's voice. Before speaking, he gave a little bow, Arlington's angry face hovering over him."My lord, lunch will be served in a little under and hour. Lady Charlotte will be joining you in the dining room, if it pleases you."

Arlington waved his hand dismissively. "No, Bremmel, it doesn't please me. Have Charlotte meet me up here, and have lunch served in the living space as well. We have a business meeting, and it'll be a while. I'd also like lunch pushed back an hour. The two of us have work to do, and I'd like it to be unencumbered by the meal."

"Of course, my lord," and with that, the butler left.

Arlington stretched out for a moment, rubbing the kinks out of his neck, before turning to Kara. "Now, to deal with you," he hissed, and Kara found herself involuntarily cringing. Damn it. What was wrong with her? "I think you're ready to have that gag removed," the man mused, watching her closely. "But be warmed, speak out of turn a second time and you'll be kept silent for a full week. Do I make myself clear?"

Kara couldn't believe her luck, and nodded appropriately. It would be a relief to be free of the horrible thing. But as Arlington approached and crouched down to remove the device, Kara involuntarily shuddered once more. Her body still feared his touch, even if her head was bent on maintaining calm and control. He was so much more intimidating up close than he was from across the room, and she couldn't help but hold her breath as his hands brushed her face, undoing the locking mechanism of the gag. But a moment later, the thing had been lifted from her face and Kara gratefully worked out the kinks in her jaw while Arlington watched. Looking up, Kara suddenly felt self conscious about her chewing motions and closed her mouth. As Arlington chuckled, she looked down at the floor, certain she would involuntarily glare at the man if she had to look at his stupid, smug face.

"Eyes up here, slave," Arlington told her, and Kara obeyed. She was surprised by how her body reacted to his glare, as if it were its own entity, and her heart beat quickened against her will. Already, he had begun to successfully train her to fear him, and Kara was disgusted with herself, even if she knew it wasn't her fault and that she were merely a victim. "Did you sleep well, my dear?" Lord Arlington waited impatiently, to see if she would adhere to his speech restrictions.

Kara knew what she had to do, even if she didn't like it. Trying her best to keep the heat out of her voice, she replied tersely: "Yes, sir." If she had to address him with a title, she would use the least ornate one.

The small show of rebellion did not go unnoticed by Kara's lord. "I think we will take "sir" off the list of acceptable references, at least for now. Why don't we try that again?" With malice in his eyes, Arlington looked down on Kara. "Did you sleep well, pet?"

Kara wanted to tell Arlington to go fuck himself, that she wasn't his "pet," that he was little more than a bully in an expensive suit. Instead, "yes, my lord," emerged begrudgingly from her lips, and Lord Arlington nodded.

"Better," he told her. "I expect you'll work on the tone, but it'll do for now." Turning from his slave, Arlington walked back to the love seat and sat down. Silently, he removed some important looking files from a leather suitcase in order to prepare for his upcoming meeting. "Why don't you tell me a little more about the Eastern Ammunitions Incident," he said, skimming through the open folders strewn about his coffee table. "I'm awfully curious about the whole thing, and lord knows Belvodeil won't be truthful. Yes, why don't you tell me what happened?"

Although her life depended on being respectful, Kara's will was weak. "Is that a "yes" or "no" question, my lord?" she sneered, mocking his stupid speech restrictions, and Arlington looked up dangerously.

"Careful, pet," he told her. "You will entertain me with your stories or you will entertain me with your screams. I haven't the time to tend to you properly now, but I could always replace your new piercings with weights. I am in a foul mood. Don't test my patience." Kara could see that her lord meant it and resolved to speak properly. She had to let go of her pride if she were to survive this and, although it was a close call, she decided to favor her future freedom over that pride.

"I apologize for my insubordination, my lord." The words fell from her lips unnaturally, and tasted bitter.

Lord Arlington looked up at her, his eyebrows raised in surprise. "Well, I see you've finally achieved some sense of rationality," he began. "I suppose you'll need to remain ungagged if you hope to contact a professional unslaver." He grinned wickedly at the horror Kara was unable to hide from her face. "Oh, come now. Don't look at me with so much surprise. I'm not a bloody idiot; Of course you're plotting an escape. Don't fret, I won't punish you for useless day dreams."

If only he knew what my day dreams were really like, Kara thought, looking over at the paper weight from her murderous fantasies.

"Now, tell me my story," Arlington demanded, shuffling back through his papers.

Kara sighed, and calmed herself. Although she had been shocked by his words, she knew Arlington couldn't read minds. He could only guess at her thoughts.

Of course he known she was plotting an escape! Kara thought. What slave wouldn't be? That didn't change anything! Kara knew enough about human psychology to surmise that if Lord Arlington intended train her, he would have to be consistent, and she would be sure to take advantage of that consistency. Whether he knew of her plans or not, he would keep his word and leave her ungagged if she adhered to his rules. So, gathering her calm, she began her tale. "Well, my lord, Commander Elandra guilted me into agreeing to the mission. She told me I'd have blood on my hands if I didn't agree to help and destroy the cargo on the 'death train,' so I did. We weren't well prepared for it, but Tamius couldn't afford to let go of a demolitions expert on the front." Something in Kara's mind clicked, and she ventured a request. "May I ask a question, my lord?"

Arlington, who was rapidly signing and initialing a serious of documents, grinned up at her. She was certain he knew what was on her mind. "You may," he said simply, forming a temple with his hands, waiting.

"Lord Arlington," she began, her face deathly serious. "What have you done with General Tamius Sue?"

There was an unpleasant uptick of Arlington's mouth. "Your general is having a nice, long time out in my private dungeon, so she can think about what she's done. Soon enough, though, I'll begin cracking away at her."

With that, the door to the study space opened, and the butler came in, a women trailing along behind him. Kara recognized her instantly. It was the women in red, that horrible women from the auction who had purchased Commander Elandra. She looked less elegant today and wore a black dress suit, but her lips were as deathly red as ever and her long hair was still done up in a bun. Upon announcing Lady Charlotte's presence, the butler offered to remove her jacket, but she pulled away and sneered at him. "Begone," she hissed. "I wish to be alone with his lordship." And obediently, the poor man left.

"Lord Arlington," Charlotte began with a half-assed bow, clearly uninterested in the formalities of their respective ranks. "Pardon my imprudence, but what the fuck? I was told that Chambers was the double! Do you have any idea the hell I had to go through after we'd mistakenly kept him in solitary for two weeks? This won't be an easy fix! You're going to have to replace that informant, and---" She paused upon seeing Kara and sneered. "You bought that one? She's awfully mouthy, that one is." And the women poised an accusing finger at Kara.

"You've met?" Arlington prodded, intrigued.

Charlotte nodded. "Indeed. She insulted me at auction, and when I threatened her, told me to put my money where my mouth was."

Arlington laughed and looked with delight at his acquisition. "Did she really? Well, we've been working carefully on her speech, haven't we, pet?"

Great. As if bowing before Lord Arlington wasn't bad enough, now she would also have to relent in front of his friends and coworkers. "Yes, my lord," Kara hissed.

"We'll have to work on the tone, of course," Arlington admitted. "But not bad for an hours worth of work. She's a tough one, but sooner or later I'll be resting me feet on her back before the fireplace, using her body as a stool and her tongue to polish my boots."

Kara visibly fought to keep her mouth shut, watching Lord Arlington's smug eyes travel over her. He was daring her to break her calm. He wanted her to lash out and give him an excuse to gag her. But she wouldn't let him. Fuck your pride, Kara thought. Fuck it! You don't need pride! She looked down at the floor, determined to hide the flush in her cheeks, and saw Lady Charlotte's heels as they approached.

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