tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rebellious Slave Ch. 11

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 11


Author's Note: Thanks, as always, for the wonderful ratings, comments, and emails. I read them all, and while I do not follow all suggestions, they never-the-less help me escape writer's block and get the creative juices flowing. I will try to release several chapters over the next week, so stay tuned. This particular chapter took me for freaking ever, so I hope you enjoy!



Upon hearing the command to heel, Kara crawled reluctantly to Arlington's left side and felt him pat her on the head in a demeaning fashion. Then, he turned toward the door, gesturing for Kara to follow. Obediently, she continued to crawl beside Arlington as he exited the living space and ventured out into the hallway, leaving Kara slightly confused. It was getting late and Kara wanted to be returned to her living quarters, as Mister Karp usually did. When she realized that Arlington had not yet finished with her, Kara was immensely disappointed. But there was no sense in lamenting the inevitable, and she took a deep breath to steel herself for another round of torment. She had survived the past hour, and was certain she could survive another.

As Kara followed alongside Lord Arlington, the roughness of the carpet irritated the palms of her hands and the skin of her knees. To compensate for the carpet burn, she tried to better lift her limbs as she crawled, so that her skin wouldn't slide across the coarse fibers. But it was useless; Kara could still feel her skin reddening from the activity.

Still, the journey down the hallway wasn't all bad. Kara was pleased to find that Arlington's attention was focused elsewhere as they traveled, giving Kara all the time she needed to regroup and to reassert her sense of self. She noticed that, while Arlington looked at her and spoke to her, Kara found it difficult to combat the conditioning she'd been subjected to. But whenever he gave her a small respite from his presence, Kara was able to remember herself and her mission. Kara made a mental note to take advantage of that fact, and to actively regroup whenever Lord Arlington looked away from her.

Her confidence steadily rising, Kara told herself that the torture she'd endured at Lord Arlington's hands hadn't been that bad. So he'd hit her a few times? So what? She reminded herself that she was completely fine, and that at the end of the night, she would make it out okay. No need to panic; no need to fret.

Eventually, the pair stopped before a large, wooden set of double doors with a coded lock. Briskly, Lord Arlington keyed in the code and, as the lock clicked out of place, opened the door for himself and Kara. Following behind her lord, Kara entered the room and tentatively lifted her eyes in order to look around. She did not like what she saw, and would have retreated back out into the hall if the doors hadn't been shut and, once more, locked.

To Kara's horror, it looked like she had been brought to Arlington's bedroom. As she continued to scan the room, Kara could feel a bubble of fear expanding ever so slowly inside her chest, threatening to press into her lungs and suffocate her. What was she doing here? What did Arlington intend to do with her? Kara, distraught, thought she knew the answer and hoped she was wrong.

The room was extraordinarily grand. There was, of course, the usual fireplace on the left most wall, a television mounted above it. There was also a small dining table, fitted with four wooden chairs, a tea tray at its center. Across from her, Kara could see an ornate, wooden desk, not unlike the one in Arlington's office, although it was much smaller.

But Kara's eyes were almost immediately drawn to the large, wooden bed, which was big enough for several people and dressed in deep, red coverings. Even as Arlington walked farther into the room, Kara stopped, unable to continue. She could not bring herself to get any closer to the bed and the nightmarish fantasies playing through her mind, of Arlington's form atop her, pounding relentlessly into her.

"Heel!" Arlington hissed, turning toward Kara with displeasure in his eyes, snapping his fingers and pointing to his left side. And although terrified, Kara forced herself to obey the order. There was no point in disobedience. Kara could not escape whatever her lord had planned and, even if she could, Kara needed Lord Arlington to believe that she was well trained.

Stepping ever farther into the room, Kara's master finally sat on the edge of his bed and motioned for Kara to situate herself before him. "Kneel, Kara," he commanded forcefully, leaving no room for argument. And trying to pretend she was somewhere else, Kara obediently sat up on her haunches, her hands clasped in her lap. She looked up at her lord's imposing figure and watched as Arlington began to undo the gold cuff links in his dress shirt. Once done, he set them aside and began to roll up his sleeves, exposing muscular arms.

"From now on," Arlington explained, "you will be sleeping in here, with me." And when Kara's eyes widened in confusion and intrigue, Arlington smiled down on her. "Now, don't get too excited," he warned. "I'm not a complete fool, and I know that you aren't quite trustworthy yet. I am sure that if I allowed you in this room, unbound, I would wake up with a sharpened pencil in my jugular, wouldn't I?"

And Kara, not thinking, instinctively nodded. Then, horrified by her actions, quickly shook her head from side to side, to take back the admission. But Arlington didn't appear angry. He simply grinned at her, no malice in his eyes. After all, what did he expect from a conquest slave? And, besides, it pleased him to know that Kara was answering his questions instinctively, without a filter. That would make her easier to control, and he wanted to reinforce the tendency.

"No need to fret," he told her. "I desire honesty in a slave, not flattery. I'm sure you've spent many an hour fantasizing in vain about how you might torture me to death should you ever get the chance. One day, you'll no longer be capable of such thoughts. But for now, I'll allow them. Now, come here." And Arlington stood up and led Kara to a series of chains that were embedded in the wall. The fact that he had such an arrangement installed in his very own bedroom spoke volumes about the man's character.

Kara, getting much more nervous now, followed Arlington to the wall. But when he gestured for her to sit down and hand him an arm, so that he could restrain it, Kara couldn't help but protest the situation. "Master," she began, cautious. "Is this really necessary? I think I can sit still without having to be chained up, and besides---" But Kara was not allowed to finish her argument, for Arlington held up his hand for silence and Kara could tell that he meant business.

"Lucky for you, slave, I am going to overlook that," Arlington told her, his face solemn. And Kara realized that she'd asked a question without receiving permission to do so. "But not fifteen minutes ago, I couldn't get you to stay still for a simple inspection. And now, you expect me to believe that has changed? That somewhere in the the span of the last several minutes, you've acquired a passion for obedience? Really?" And Arlington lifted an eyebrow as he looked down on Kara, a sneer twisting his face. "I'm hoping that, one day, I won't have to keep you in bondage on a near constant basis. But you have forced my hand, Kara. Perhaps you should think twice before disobeying me again." And pointedly, he extended his hand forward, indicating that Kara should give him her arm. Cursing her earlier stupidity, Kara obeyed, and shuddered when Arlington's fingers wrapped themselves tightly around her wrist.

First, Arlington attached Kara's wrist cuffs to two metal loops embedded in the wall above her. In this way, her hands were forcibly held above her head and spread roughly a foot and a half apart. Next, Arlington commanded Kara to kneel, with her legs splayed far apart. Embarrassed by the lewd position, Kara felt her cheeks flush red as she obeyed the order, although Arlington seemed unfazed by her reaction. Instead, he merely tied her thighs to her ankles, using leather restraints, so that she could not help but remain kneeling. And afterwards, a spreader attached to Kara's ankles cuffs was used to ensure that he legs remained splayed open.

Not surprisingly, Kara despised the position and wondered what Lord Arlington had in store. Feeling increasingly anxious, she decided to venture a question. "Permission to speak, Master Arlington?" she began, trying to sound as humble as possible.

"No," Arlington told her coldly. "You may not speak, slave."

And with that, there was a tentative knock at the door.

With purpose, Arlington strode across the room, opened the bedroom door, and stepped aside. Earnestly, he gestured for his guest to enter, and Kara watched as a tall, unusually pale girl came into the room. She was absolutely stunning, her long black hair framing a delicate face, fragile and sensual. The girl was a true beauty, with smooth legs, pronounced and muscular. Her breasts were quite small, but the look suited her well and was set off by a gorgeous, pouty behind.

The girl, Kara realized, was the sex slave she had spoken to just a few days earlier. It was the girl who had dared to answer Kara's probing questions, who had first introduced her to the concept of the trophy slave. Unlike Kara, she didn't wear any cuffs nor a collar, but as she stepped toward the center of the room and bowed her head humbly, Kara could make out the slave registration number tattooed below her shoulder. She was barefoot, and wore a backless, purple dress which trailed all the way down to her feet. What was the girl's name again? Was it Allison? Alley, perhaps? Kara knew it began with the letter "A"....

"Strip, Alice," Arlington ordered the girl. And without any hesitation, she began to undo the metal clasps in the front of her purple uniform. In no time at all, the girl's dress had gracefully fallen to the floor by her feet, allowing her to step backwards out of it.

And to Kara's amazement, a soft smile spread across Alice's lips as she bent down to fold her clothes, her eyes filled with adoration for Lord Arlington. A happy blush rose in her cheeks as Lord Arlington smiled back, his gaze lustful, and Alice's lips widened still further, to reveal an impish grin. Standing once more to her feet, Alice eagerly reached behind her and began to undo the clasp of her pink lace bra. When her breasts spilled out from the cloth, she gave a small bounce, intentionally showing them off to Lord Arlington, as if to tease him. As the panties were pulled down from between her legs, the girl giggled a little, her pussy lips glistening with dew.

Kara, watching the scene unfold before her, sat aghast and a little more than slightly disgusted. In her mind's eye, she could see the illustrated slave girl from her instruction manual. That girl, too, had worn an affectionate smile as she stripped before her master. She, too, had been excited at the prospect of getting naked.

Oh my god! Kara thought, realization spreading through her. The poor girl actually wanted Arlington! How was that possible? How could any woman want to be fondled by that monster? Did she really want Lord Arlington? Kara remembered Arlington's hands on her breasts and the vicious way with which he'd grabbed her ass, his eyes malevolent and hungry. The mere memory of being touched by him made Kara shudder. How could anyone want Lord Arlington? The man was positively despicable! It didn't make any sense! Yet, Arlington's sex slave continued to gleefully perform the ritual strip, and an ugly thought burst into Kara's mind.

"You aren't going to fuck her in front of me?" Kara blurted, unable to help herself.

Upon hearing Kara's outburst, Alice started violently and dropped the undergarments she'd been so painstakingly folding. Tentatively, she glanced over at the bound slave against the far wall and stepped back, her face twisted as if frightened. Clearly, Alice hadn't noticed Kara when she first walked into the room.

But when Lord Arlington looked over at his sex slave, displeasure written on his face, the girl bowed her head in shame and, with determination, quickly regained her composure. Soon, she was back in her original position, folding up the remainder of her clothes, her pale skin now completely exposed and glistening.

"I've decided to expose you to the concept of the sex slave before converting you," Lord Arlington explained, turning back toward Kara, his voice very matter-of-fact. "That way, you will know what to expect of me and what I will come to expect of you." He nodded approvingly over at Alice and as revulsion crossed Kara's eyes, Lord Arlington laughed, thoroughly amused. "Oh, you will learn to enjoy it eventually, my dear," he continued. "I am told that I'm an excellent lover."

Kara's face scrunched up in a sneer of disbelief. Surely, nothing Arlington did could be called "making love." It could be called fucking or ravishing, perhaps. But Arlington wasn't a "lover," he was only a sadistic pervert and a brutal rapist. He fucked because he got a kick out of the control he garnered over his victims. Or, at least, that had been Kara's experience, given the brutal treatment her mouth and throat had endured after she'd been subjected to the coffin.

Moving toward Alice, Arlington eyed the poor creature up and down, then circled her slowly, taking in every inch of milky white skin. "Present!" he demanded, backing away from the girl. And as if by instinct, Alice assumed the position, her legs splayed open and her hands behind her head, fingers interlocking.

"Good girl," Arlington praised, and as a genuine smile lit up Alice's face, Kara nearly vomited in disgust. Pleased with the girl, Lord Arlington ran his hands along Alice's curves, watching her tremble pleasurably in his grasp. His mere touch seemed to set her on edge, and Kara could tell that she desperately wished to move from her position, though Kara wasn't sure why.

A devilish grin on his face, Arlington stepped behind the slave girl and reached around her torso so that he could grab one of the girl's breasts. Pinching a nipple, he expertly rolled the nub between his fingers so that Alice moaned softly, her neck tilting back. Then, Arlington grasped Alice's other nipple and stroked it gently until it also hardened, so that Alice moaned louder still, fidgeting as if she wished to close her legs against the arousal showing on her face. Stepping back a foot or two, Arlington smacked her ass appreciatively, and Alice hissed lustfully, her entire body languid and at ease. God, she seemed to melt like butter in Lord Arlington's arms, even though he'd barely touched her.

"I'm sure you're wondering why my girl is so quick to obey and eager to please," Arlington mused, standing behind Alice with his hands on her waist, squeezing the skin possessively. Gently, he traced a finger down across his sex slave's navel and rested it on an odd, metal band that wrapped over the girl's hips and over her clit. "I have five girls, right now, not including you. To keep them eager and ready, the girls wear chastity belts and are only permitted to orgasm in my bed. I rotate through them, so that a girl usually goes between five days and two weeks without an orgasm, making her especially sensitive to my touch. I've got a girl right now who's going on a month without orgasm, but I'm saving her sex starved body for a special occasion."

Like opening up a good bottle of wine, Kara thought, feeling sick.

"Soon enough, I'll be adding you to the rotation," Arlington added, watching Kara's eyes flare radiantly.

But she didn't take the bait. There would be no time for Arlington to add her to the rotation, Kara thought, because in three more days she'd be a free woman. But the awful, rational side of Kara's mind began to rise up in rebellion, questioning the legitimacy of the defense. "What if you don't escape?" Kara's mind teased, refusing to leave her in peace. "It's already been a full day, and you haven't made any progress on the plan. You haven't even been taken into Arlington's office."

But Kara shook the feeble thought away from her mind, determined to remain in the present and to hang onto her hope, no matter how slippery it sometimes seemed. Refusing to fall prey to Arlington's threats, she glared up at him, her face tight.

"My, now, no need to get your feathers ruffled," Arlington laughed. "There is no sense in letting the inevitable dampen your spirits. Now, it seems to me that you may need to be loosened up a bit. Have you ever been with another woman?"

Kara, recoiling against the wall, shook her head vehemently. Her eyes aflame, she turned with repulsion towards Alice, and wondered just what Arlington intended. Surely, he wouldn't use the sex slave against her, would he? "No, Master," Kara hissed, and then remembered otherwise. "Well, once," she admitted, reluctantly. "While I was being processed by a Martkorp medic. But I prefer men. I've never willingly been with another woman."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Excuse me?" Kara questioned, her voice tense.

"Did you enjoy it?" Arlington pressed, unfazed by his conquest slave's tone. "Being with another woman?"

"It wasn't intended for my enjoyment, Master," Kara insisted. "It was used to humiliate me, and I did not find the experience enjoyable."

"Perhaps the other woman wasn't very good," Arlington considered, removing his white dress shirt and setting it atop his dresser. There was a colorful, vibrant tattoo of a dragon with red scales coiling over his muscular back, its snake-like body wrapped above a mountain top, flame pouring from its nostrils. Kara stared for a moment, surprised. She didn't think Arlington was the type of man who would have a tattoo. He was such an elegant, socially upright man. "Alice is an excellent lover," he continued, removing the rings on his fingers and setting them aside as well. "She can please both men and women. I'll sometimes bring in a few women at a time, and I've never been disappointed with her skill. Perhaps you might enjoy having her to yourself for a little bit?"

Kara backed farther away from Lord Arlington, at least as much as the restraints and the wall behind her would allow. "Somehow, Master, I highly doubt that," she told him, looking ever more fearfully toward Alice. Somehow, she found the prospect of a sexual assault far more humiliating than any pain Arlington had yet dished out. The only thing worse might be, perhaps, his coffin.

Now nude from the waist up, Kara saw that Arlington's upper body was a powerful display of rippling muscle. He was not overly built, which was probably why it was impossible to notice the strength of his body when he wore clothes. But with the dress shirt gone, Kara could see tight, sinewy muscle under his skin, which flexed threateningly as he moved. With determination, Kara's master approached Alice and grasped her waist, pushing her gently toward Kara.

At first, Alice resisted, looking fearfully over at the conquest slave, her facial expression pleading and terrified. Her eyes probing and uneasy, Alice took in every aspect of Kara's being, her beautiful black eyes lingering for a moment on the restraints holding Kara in place. Then, they darted to the red marks on Kara's body and Alice cringed, observing that Kara's soft flesh had started to bruise, particularly where her inner thighs met her sex. But as she skimmed over Kara's body, Alice became most interested in the conquest slave's face and stared rudely at the dried tear streaks and mascara lines crisscrossing her cheeks.

For a moment, Kara found the fear exhibited by Alice amusing. The sex slave moved as if to hide behind Arlington, and Kara thought it funny that the delicate creature should use a monster to defend her.

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