tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Rebellious Slave Ch. 19

The Rebellious Slave Ch. 19


Author's Note: Good day, wonderful readers! Thank you for all of your comments and support on the last chapter, which I am glad was received so well! It's always nice to get some insight into what people do and do not like, as well as how the story itself can be improved upon. This week's submission is a little on the short side, but I think it is pretty hot. And as a heads up, there have been quite a few "Tales of Arlington" as of late, but be aware that the next 3-5 chapters will probably be straight up "Main Story Chapters." Enjoy and pretty please, rate and comment if you have the time/ feel so inclined!



God, the girl was a beautiful creature.

She stood in a corner of the room, fidgeting nervously with the cuff about one wrist and biting her lips in agitation. Her nude body was a work of art that god was most certainly proud of and it glistened in the firelight handsomely. Arlington couldn't help but admire her form, allowing his eyes to roam over each sweet curve and secret crevice. Long, raven black hair framed a delicate face with deep set eyes, dark as the night sky. Then, there were rosy lips and cheeks that were very slightly flushed, adding a warm color to the girl's normally pale face. Her breasts were rather small, but seemed to suit her. The rounded flesh was clearly soft and the pink nubs upon each stood at attention, hardened by the open air in spite of the warm fire. And finally, there was her adorable, pouty behind. Arlington looked forward to throwing the girl over his knee and spanking her senseless, until her bottom glowed a deep red and she squirmed in delicious agony. An evil grin wormed its way across his face and he looked down hungrily at the shaved mound between the girl's legs, soft and untouched.

But the predatory look on Arlington's face disturbed Alice, and she liked his devilish smile even less. As his eyes continued to sweep over her exposed body—unwrapping her inch by inch—she became frightfully intimidated. His eyes seemed to look beyond her flesh to the fear she was trying to hide, and Alice felt violated. Almost subconsciously, she took several steps back, attempting to melt into the far corner of the room and escape her lord. Her hands unfurled—whereas they had been clenched at her sides moments before—and she quickly covered her breasts with one arm, simultaneously cupping her mound in the other hand.

What the poor girl didn't realize was that Arlington wouldn't tolerate such evasion in a woman he owned and had every right to stare at. Within a few brisk, determined strides, he'd reached the girl and gripped her chin in his hand, forcing her to look up at him. His gaze must have been rather intense, for Alice immediately tried to pry her face away from his grasp and escape it. But when a growl of disapproval reverberated deep within Arlington's throat, she stilled, the subtle threat not lost on her. Alice might be a timid creature, but she certainly wasn't stupid.

"You will not try to hide yourself from me," Lord Arlington ordered, his voice dark and unrelenting.

The tone was enough to set Alice straight and she moved her hands to her sides, though begrudgingly. There, they morphed back into trembling fists and Arlington could tell that the girl was putting a great deal of effort into maintaining self control. Alice desperately wanted to smack his hand away from her face. Arlington could see that in the tension of her body and in the rebellious nature of her eyes. And yet, she did not fight him. It was a start, but Arlington would demand much more of the girl before the night was out. Some things she would give him willingly, out of respect for the arrangement they had made. But Arlington suspected that he would have to take some of what he wanted by force, starting with the much needed acknowledgment of his ownership.

"Your body is mine," Lord Arlington hissed and Alice cringed, but he remained unmoved. The girl needed to get used to the idea of being owned, sooner rather than later. "It is mine to look upon as I wish, and your evasion will not be tolerated," his lordship continued, tightening his grip on Alice's chin. "Furthermore, I expect that you will stop biting your lips. If you keep that up, they'll dry out." Gently, Arlington ran an index finger over the pink, puckered flesh, but it was too late. His skin brushed over raised scabs and chipped flesh, even finding a little blood. Alice winced and tried to move away—upset by the intimacy—but Arlington's grip was immovable and he sighed at the abysmal state of her cracked skin. "Your body is mine now, and I expect you to take good care of my property," Arlington growled, angered by the damage. "Am I understood, pet?"

Alice hesitated for a moment before answering, still unwilling to admit that she belonged to someone. It had been only a few days since her initial purchase, and Alice was still coming to terms with a lifetime of slavery and the freedoms she had lost as a result. But finally, the girl came to her senses and relented to Lord Arlington's demands. What use was there in fighting him? Where could she go? What could she do? And besides, the man had essentially saved her mother's life. It was something to consider, if nothing else.

"Yes, my lord," Alice finally whispered, yet her tone was both insincere and implicitly resistant. Luckily for Alice, when Arlington glared down at her, she realized her mistake and corrected it. "And I'm sorry," Alice continued, her voice softer and more subservient this time. "I'm sorry for...well...you know? For...for...covering my self. On purpose. You're right. We had a deal, and if you want to look at me, then..." The girl's voice drifted off into oblivion, leaving the room quiet, save for the crackling of the fire.

Lord Arlington stared deep into Alice's eyes for a moment—allowing her to writhe in the intensity of his gaze—before nodding in approval and releasing the girl. With his back to her, Arlington began to remove the red vest he wore and then the dress shirt underneath, until he was topless. Meticulous as ever, he hung both items up and turned back toward Alice. She gasped when she saw him, eyeing the smooth muscle beneath his skin with an emotion akin to both amazement and fearful appreciation. Gazing at his firm body was like observing a majestic waterfall, beautiful but powerfully frightening. Alice couldn't help but stare for several seconds at the hardness of Arlington's abs and then his navel, which rested softly above a bulging groin. A bright blush exploded in Alice's cheeks at the sight, which spread throughout her neck to her shoulders. Her crimson cheeks made Lord Arlington grin wickedly, and he crossed his arms over his chest, making sure they flexed in the process.

"Come here," Lord Arlington ordered, sitting atop the bed and patting the space beside him. The invitation made Alice pale, but she resigned herself to her fate and eventually stepped out of the shadows to sit beside her lord, making sure to keep a solid six inches of distance between them. It came as a complete surprise when Lord Arlington grabbed her about the waist and pulled her toward the center of the bed, so that Alice squealed a little in terror. Soon, she found herself in Lord Arlington's lap, her back pressed against his naked chest and his legs on either side of her own. His lordship had leaned back against the headboard and his hands rested on her soft hips, playing with the skin gently. "Open your legs," Arlington ordered, and Alice stiffened.

"W...wait!" Alice screeched, and she snapped her legs shut. When Lord Arlington moved his hands down to her thighs—in order to push them open himself—she responded by grabbing his hands in her own, a piteous attempt at pinning them down and preventing further progress. "Please, I'm not ready," Alice begged, twisting herself around so that Arlington could see the fear in her eyes. In all fairness, she had tried to prepare herself for this moment, envisioning herself with Lord Arlington and attempting to come to terms with her status as a sex slave. But reality was more...well, real. And frightening. "I don't want to do this," Alice insisted, hoping for some leniency. "I'm not ready, my lord. It's not fair."

"You're right, pet. It's not fair," Lord Arlington agreed, and he kissed Alice's neck gently, starting just below her ear and finishing right below a shoulder. The girl shuddered in response, a mixture of fear and unwelcome desire twisting her gut. "But life isn't fair, pet," Arlington insisted, blowing hot air onto Alice's neck. "You belong to me, and I will use you however I see fit, whether you are ready for me or not. Now, say it. Say, 'I belong to Lord Arlington.' And then, I want you to open your legs for me, dear."

"I...c...can't," Alice whispered, her voice suddenly hoarse. "I'm... I'm... scared, my lord." Arlington thought he could hear the beginnings of a sniffle then, and he breathed in the girl's scent, subtle and sweet. Her delicious fear was both palpable and exciting, so that Arlington could feel his erection growing harder, pressing up against the zipper of his pants. "It's just, I've never slept with a man before," Alice screeched, feeling his cock press up against her behind and causing the words to tumble out of her mouth in a hurried mess. "And you only bought me a few days ago. I don't know you. And you don't really know me, either. If I could just have some time to get used to you. I mean, if we could just, I don't know..."

"Go on a date?" Lord Arlington laughed, and Alice cringed at the sarcasm in his voice. "My dear girl, where exactly do you think you stand in this relationship? Because if you are unsure, let me clarify the situation. I am the master, and you are the slave. I speak, and you obey. Really, it's quite a simple concept, don't you agree?"

"My lord, with all due respect, I think that may be a gross over simplification."

"Really?" Lord Arlington pressed, and he moved his hands into the crevice between Alice's thighs. In one swift motion, he pulled them apart, exposing Alice's naked cunt to the warm air. The girl screeched a little in surprise and brought her hands to Arlington's, trying to wrench them away. When that didn't work, she tried to push her legs together again, her thighs trembling with effort. But Arlington didn't even break a sweat. This was easy for him. "That's a beautiful little pussy you have there," Lord Arlington whispered into Alice's ear, patting the girl's thigh as if she were a frightened animal. "You never kept it shaved before, isn't that right? How do you like having it bare and accessible to me? It's mine and you're mine, isn't that so?"

But Alice just continued to try and shut her legs, ignoring Lord Arlington completely. Her defiance made him growl angrily and he dug his fingernails into Alice's soft flesh, hoping to gain her attention. It seemed to work, for the girl squealed and the strain in her legs lessened. "Say it, Alice," Arlington ordered, his voice dangerous. It frightened the girl, and her sniffling transformed into quiet sobs. "Say, 'I belong to Lord Arlington.' If you don't, I will lay you over my knee and spank you until you're a sobbing little heap. And then, when I'm done, I'll throw you over the bed, thrust into your unused cunt, and rip open your maidenhead. I'll fuck you violently and without mercy until you're bleeding all over my sheets. There will be no foreplay, and no warm-up. Is that what you want, pet?"

"No!" Alice cried, the tears coming more freely now. And without realizing it, she cuddled closer to Lord Arlington, seeking comfort from him. It didn't seem to occur to her that she was withdrawing into the very man who was the source of her torment. But Arlington was pleased that Alice was warming up to him and with his hands still pressed against her thighs, he began to kiss her neck, reinforcing the response. She seemed to relax a little then, and sighed in defeat. "No," Alice pouted, her lips trembling. "No, I don't want that, my lord."

"I don't very much want that either," Lord Arlington told the girl. His words must have surprised her, for Alice looked over her shoulder and into his eyes, relief sweeping across her features. Wishing to calm the girl still further, Arlington released Alice's thighs and began to run his fingers through her hair. And, to his amazement and delight, she let him. "I'd like to take things slowly," Arlington explained. "I'd like to warm you up a bit, and maybe help you get some enjoyment out of this also. But you have to let me, pet. If you fight me, then I will fight right back. I can be quite the evil bastard when I need to be."

"Will it hurt?" Alice asked, her voice barely audible.

"It will," Lord Arlington admitted, nodding solemnly. "But it is a necessary pain, and you will gladly bear it for me. Now, say it, pet. Tell me what I want to hear..."

"I..." Alice began, choking on the words as if they were poison. "I belong to you, my lord."

"Louder," Lord Arlington ordered, his voice firm. "I can barely hear you, pet. You'll have to speak up."

"I belong to you, Lord Arlington!"

"Better," Lord Arlington praised. "Now, open your legs for me. And this is the last time I'll ask you, Alice. It's tiring to have to pull them apart myself and I'll fetch a spreader if I have to." Arlington could feel Alice's body slump in defeat then, her heartbeat racing beneath her breast. And with a deep breath, the girl allowed her legs to relax and fall open, but her pussy was still hidden in the shadow of her legs. "It's a start," Arlington acknowledged. "But I want them a little wider...wider still...that's it, pet. You're doing just fine."

Alice's legs were lewdly spread at this point, and her face was flushed a deep red from the embarrassment and terror of it all. She tensed up as Lord Arlington began to move her body around, re-positioning limbs and rearranging body parts as he saw fit. Carefully, he moved Alice's legs up and over his own, so that she sat in his lap with her legs lifted slightly into the air. The position also allowed Arlington to spread her legs a little further, just by pushing open his own. Next, he pushed down on Alice's shoulders, so that the back of her head rested against his chest. And, finally, he began to twist her arms behind her back, cuffing them together and placing them in the space between her rounded behind and the front of his trousers. It wasn't a very comfortable position, but it gave Lord Arlington excellent access to his girl's cunt and forced her hands to press up against his erection.

"My lord!" Alice cried, once her hands hand been bound. Terrified, she tried to pull apart her wrists and found herself unable. Then, seeking some relief from her helplessness, Alice turned to look at Arlington with moist eyes, fresh tears spilling over and onto her cheeks. "My lord, please!" Alice begged. "This is unnecessary! I'll behave, I swear!"

"Shhh, pet. Relax," Lord Arlington soothed, rubbing the girl's shoulders so as to calm her down. Still, Alice's tiny body trembled with miserable little sobs and Arlington did his best to wipe away her tears as they fell. For several minutes, she remained rigid and upset, but finally relaxed back onto her lord's chest and quieted down. "That's better," Arlington praised, caressing a cheek gently and bending down to kiss it with a possessive brand of affection. "I know the cuffs aren't comfortable, dear. And I know that you're frightened as it is, but I don't think you have the self control to keep your hands still, so this is how it has to be. Besides, I think you'll find that being bound is freeing in its own strange way. When you can't fight me, you'll be able to relax a little more into the sensations." Arlington grazed Alice's ear lobe with his teeth and she shuddered on top of his chest, mewling a little. "You just have to trust me, pet."

"I'll try, my lord," Alice whispered, letting the warm skin of his ripped chest soothe her. "I'll try."

But when Lord Arlington pressed his hand against her mound, she jumped a little, concerned and surprised by his touch. He was correct that, prior to being processed at Candato's Slave Market, Alice had never once shaved her pussy, so the intimacy of her lord's touch and the warmth of his hand against her bare mound was strange. But Arlington didn't do anything sinister. He merely rested his hand upon her sex and then began to probe her ear with his tongue. The sensation—warm, wet, animistic—was remarkably erotic and Alice could feel a light tingling extending outward from her ear and into the skin of her neck. She shuddered pleasurably as his tongue probed still deeper, exploring the crevices and caves of her ear, his hot breath a gentle breeze whispering seductively.

Removing his tongue, Arlington nibbled gingerly on the girl's earlobe until she whined, both from pleasure and the confusion it brought. And to vary things up, his lordship began a trail of kisses that led down from her thoroughly abused ear to the juncture of her neck and shoulder, a particularly sensitive spot for most women. Arlington bit the soft flesh there, then swirled his tongue around the resulting bruise before Alice could become frightened by the violent act. Instead, she whimpered and twisted needfully, her eyes half lidded with ecstasy.

With Alice's defenses down, it was easy enough for Lord Arlington to begin circling her clit with his fingers, rotating gently in a spiral which brought him ever closer to the pink nub at her center. Alice resisted for only a moment, lifting herself off of her lord's chest in a half hearted jump. But Lord Arlington quickly wrapped an arm around her torso and pulled her back into him, though she writhed a little in dismay. There, he held tightly onto her as she struggled, his grasp immovable, until she sagged in defeat. When she had curled up against his chest, Arlington let go and continued to work away at her body.

As his fingers began to massage the soft folds of her pussy, Arlington could feel her lips swell with lust and saw that her clit had hardened a little under its hood, the entirety of her sex opening up to him like a blossoming flower. Gradually, Arlington inched closer to Alice's clit, until she was mewling miserably and trying to rotate her hips, to force his fingers toward that bundle of nerves which trembled and tingled in anticipation. When her lord finally obliged and had begun to massage the tiny nub, she thrust herself into his hand and moaned, but quickly closed her lips upon hearing herself.

"No," Lord Arlington hissed, and he slapped the girl's trembling cunt with the flat of his hand, so that her legs jerked, attempting to come together. But, of course, Arlington's own legs were in the way, preventing her from closing hers completely. "I want to hear you moan, pet," Arlington explained. "Don't hold any of your noises back from me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my lord," Alice panted, her cunt reddening from the recent blow. Strangely enough, she found the warm afterglow of pain arousing and her dripping pussy ached anew, needing her lord's touch. "I understand, my lord. I'm sorry...just...please..."

Arlington plunged two fingers into Alice's cunt and began to rub along her G Spot, so that she gasped and cried out and bit the skin of his chest lustfully. With one hand, Arlington continued to massage her clit and with the other he continued to finger fuck her, until the girl was partially lifted off of the bed, aching to meet his movements. "My lord," Alice whispered, her entire body tingling. "My lord it feels so good that it...it hurts a little..." Her core tightened then, and the electric spot between her legs began to harden and pulsate and harden some more, until a heady gasp and then a scream radiated from her lips. Writhing in her lord's grasp, Alice cried out and saw white sparks flash before her eyes, her whole body exploding with electric fire, burning her with painful, glorious release. "I'm cumming, my lord!" Alice screamed. "I'm cumming!"

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