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The Receptionist


I work as a receptionist for an aggregate hauling company. I've been here eight months. It's a small operation and I am treated like family. There are only eight of us in the main office - six of them making up the accounting side of the business. Everyone else works out on the yard - clearing the pits, casping sand, hauling concrete, whatever. I'm never alone in the office. Not usually at least. But on the day after Thanksgiving I am, and that's when it happens. The best and worst thing of my life.

I've been married for a little over a year. I love my husband immensely. But he can be a little boring in bed. Not that we're not sexually compatible, we definitely are, but he doesn't really like to push the envelope. And I do. I am a total submissive. My husband is not a dominant.

On Black Friday I am the only one in the office. We aren't running any trucks but someone needed to come in to answer the phones. I volunteered. Few extra hours. Just me, pinterest, and a few good books. No big deal.

I could have easily worn jeans and a t-shirt. We always have casual Fridays. But I like to get dressed up so I am wearing my black pencil skirt which hugs my hips and ass (I have a nice ass. I squat), a white button down with the top few buttons undone, and black heels. Very office. Very classic sexy.

I am a little surprised when there is a knock on the office door. I look out to see Tony Thornton's big black GMC truck. Tony, of Triple T Electric group, is a regular out here. I like him a lot. He is a very nice gentleman. He always has a smile on, calls up the front office to say hey to me, and often brings bags of chocolate to all the ladies of the office.

I pull open the door and smile at him. "What are you doing here?" I ask brightly.

"Hello Christina," he replies with a big, warm smile. "I came by to check on a few things for Robbie," he tells me. "I didn't know anyone was going to be here, but I saw your car and thought I'd come give you a hard time."

"That's nice. I was getting a little bored up here," I say with a laugh.

Tony follows me back into the office. I've never been afraid of Tony. Like I said, he's always a perfect gentleman. He knows I'm married. He's never crossed a line. I'm comfortable with Tony.

He gives me a lazy grin. "You the only one here today?"

I nod. "The phone hasn't even rung. I don't know why Jamie wanted someone here. Really no point. But I won't complain about getting paid to do nothing."

I did not notice the way his eyes darkened a little. "So you're not expecting anyone else?"

"Nope. Just me. Probably only going to stay another hour or so."

"Good," he says just before lunging for me. He wraps one large arm around me, pinning my arms to my sides and hauls me up with little effort. I try to struggle but I'm too startled to do much of anything before he slings me into the conference room and locks the door behind him.

I stare at him wide-eyed and a little frightened. "What are you doing?" I demand.

He gives me another lazy grin. A shark grin. "What I've wanted to do the first time I saw your pretty little ass."

I back away from him as he stalks forward. "Tony, please don't do this. You're a nice guy. I like you. Please..." I beg.

He tilts his head at me. "I like you too. That's why I'm doing this. Now, it can be easy or it can be hard. Personally, I prefer hard but I'm flexible."

I am cornered now. Literally backed into the corner of the conference room with Tony looming over me. Tony is a big man. At least six feet five inches. Arms like a Greek god. Jaw of a Michelangelo sculpture. Attractive, athletic, and at least fifteen years my senior.

"Turn around," he commands.

My heart is hammering in my ears. Tears form in the corners of my eyes. I shake my head. "Please..." I whisper.

His hand shoots out, lightening quick, and grabs my arm. He jerks me hard and fast and suddenly I have my face pressed into the wall, my arm twisted behind my back. I cry out in pain. His free hand winds into my hair and pulls. Hard. His breath is hot against my ear.

"You will do as you're told or this is going to be so, so much worse for you. Do you understand?" His voice is deep, threatening.

Tears start leaking down my cheeks. I manage a small nod.

"Good girl," he says, releasing me.

He steps back and cool air swirls between us. I keep my forehead pressed against the wall. Waiting.

I'm afraid to move. But there is something else - I'm actually a little turned on. My pussy tingles a little, my body betraying my mind.

"Now kitten, reach under your skirt and pull off your panties," Tony tells me.

I close my eyes. Embarrassment washes over me. "I ... I'm not wearing any," I breathe into the wall.

He makes a small sound behind me. Surprise maybe. Or approval. "God, I knew you were a whore."

I turn my head finally, with a little attitude. "I am NOT a whore!"

He sneers at me. "No? Then why don't you have on underwear?"

Suddenly he's up against me again. Pinning me between him and the wall. One hand is running down my thigh, to the edge of my skirt. I struggle this time. If he touches me he'll know that I'm enjoying this. I can't enjoy this. I am married!

He laughs against my throat. "It's okay to squirm slut. We know who has the power."

Something between a yelp and moan escapes me as his hand slides underneath my skirt and begins to travel up my leg. I can feel his erection pressed against me. He has a hand around my throat. Everything about this situation is wrong.

And yet...

"Jesus Christina, you're so wet," he breathes. His fingers have found my cunt and he's stroking my outer lips softly. I whimper in embarrassment. "I knew you were a sub. From the first moment I laid eyes on you. And I knew I'd make you mine."

Suddenly he plunges a finger inside my pussy. No warning. I yelp and begin struggling again. I can't let this happen to me.

He laughs again. "That's it baby. Struggle. Get even more excited. By the time I'm through with you, you won't even remember your husband's name."

He rips me away from the wall, throwing me down onto the conference table. With one hand he holds the back of my neck, keeping me pressed down into the wood. His other hand shoves my skirt up to my waist, baring my ass to him.

I fight against his hold but his grip is iron. His hand rubs over my ass cheeks, softly. Then suddenly he spanks me. Hard. I jump and cry out. Tony laughs.

"Please, stop!" I cry.

His hand comes down again. Harder. Then again. Harder than anyone has ever spanked me before. I'm sobbing into the table now. All the fight leaving my body. I just wanted him to stop hurting me. To get this over with.

"Now, tell me you're ready to be a good kitten," he whispers against my ear. He knows I've given up.

"I promise to be good for you," I gasp.

He takes a deep breath with his nose pressed into my hair. "Good kitten."

Tony pulls me up off the table. My ass is sore and hot. My body aches. I shiver a little as he steps away from me. I'm cold now without his nearness. He settles into a chair by the table.

"Take off your blouse. Slowly," he commands.

My fingers tremble. I do as he commands, unbuttoning my blouse slowly, letting it fall open to reveal my blue lace bra. I push the shirt back off my shoulders and let it fall softly to the floor. I don't look at Tony, but I can see the bulge in his pants. His breathing is deep and ragged.

"Bra now," he says.

Tears leak out of my eyes. I do as he says, my small, soft breasts popping free.

"You're beautiful kitten. Even better than I imagined."

Tony gets up, moves in front of me. His hand is huge as it covers my right breast. I whimper as he pinches my nipple. His left hand trails down my small waist, over the curve of my hip, and wraps around to the inside of my thigh. His large fingers brush against my clit. He's stroking me now. Swirling around all my sensitive, soaking folds. I tilt my hips trying to coax his fingers inside me. I need him inside me.

His right hand grips my breasts hard. Painfully. His fingers feel like they're everywhere. There is heat everywhere. But he won't put his finger inside me. He won't take my breast in his mouth.

"Please..." I whisper.

"Please what?" he growls.

I shiver. I want to beg him to satisfy me but I remind myself that I don't want this. My husband is waiting for me at home. "Please stop," I beg. It is the wrong thing to say.

Tony hauls me roughly up. He spins me around the face him. "Get on your knees slut," he snarls with a hard slap across my breast. I yelp, but obey. Tony works his belt and pulls his pants open, his hard cock springing free. I gasp.

My husband's cock is a solid eight inches and thick. Thicker than Tony's, but Tony's cock is longer by at least an inch. My pussy quivers in excitement. My husband already bottoms out when he slams into me, Tony's beautiful rod will be like a battering ram. My head is thick and muddled with arousal. My pussy is drenched and quivering from its denied orgasm. I need that cock inside me and I need it now.

I shake the thoughts from my head. No, I can't let that happen.

Tony grabs my head, his hand tangling in my hair. "Suck daddy's cock you filthy whore."

I open my mouth to take him and as soon as I do he slams his cock into me hard. I choke and gag against his dick but he holds my head in place. Tears begin pouring from my eyes as he starts fucking my mouth without mercy. His pace is relentless and I gag every time he slams into the back of my throat but my body loves it. I love giving blowjobs and this one is no different. I can feel my pussy juice beginning to leak down my leg.

One hand on the back of my head to hold me in place and one hand abusing my breasts, slapping and pinching them as he throat fucks me, Tony is getting tight. I can feel the orgasm building in him. I suck his cock harder, loving the way it feels in my mouth. If he comes now maybe he won't fuck me, I think. But just as I think he's going to explode in my mouth, fill my mouth with his thick come, he growls angrily and thrusts me away hard enough that I fall back onto the floor.

I lay there naked and trembling, wondering what I did to anger him. I don't want to get spanked again. It had truly hurt. I'm so aroused that I can't think straight. All I want is release.

I reach for him. "What did I do wrong?" I ask tentatively.

He slaps my hands away. "Don't move whore," he barks.

I nod. He unlocks the conference room door and slips out. I know I should run. I should try to get to my phone. This is wrong. I shouldn't be letting this man take advantage of me. But I don't run. I stay on the floor where he left me and wait. I want to touch myself but I don't. He wouldn't like that.

He comes back a few moments later with several lengths of yellow nylon rope. "Stand up," he commands. I push myself unsteadily to my feet.

He moves behind me and grabs my arms. He ties them together behind me, wrapping the rope from wrist to elbow. It's terribly uncomfortable and it forces my breasts out. I'm all hips and ass. I have small breasts, but Tony doesn't seem to mind as he comes back to my front and grips them both. He leans down and takes one nipple in his mouth. For a second he suckles tenderly but then his bites me, hard. I cry out. His teeth hold my sensitive peak captive as one hand wedges between my thighs and finds my pussy.

He growls his approval. "So wet kitten," he murmurs into my breast.

Tony pulls me forward so that I am once again against the conference table. He shoves my face down before yanking my legs apart.

I whimper. Spread wide like this, I feel more exposed than ever. He takes his time tying my ankles to the conference table's legs. He kisses the inside of each thigh as he finishes.

I'm truly at his mercy now. My legs are stretched wide and I'm bent over before him, arms bound. My pussy throbs and pulses, inviting him in. I'm bare to him.

"Mmmm... You are a lovely slut," he whispers into my ear. He runs a rough hand up my back. He kisses the back of my neck gently. He begins kissing down my spine. Its gentle, tender. He nuzzles me as he goes. He's toying with me.

I'm crying in frustration now. His hand and mouth are not where I need them. I tilt my hips as much as the binding allows, inviting.

"Please Tony," I whimper.

"Please what?" he asks. He's kneeling behind me now and his breath is hot on my cunt.

"Please touch me," I beg.

He nuzzles my outer lips. "Like this?"

God the torture is going to kill me. I am crying in earnest now. "I need you," I breathe.

Suddenly his mouth seizes me, his teeth finding my clit, his tongue pushing inside my folds. I cry out in relief.

He's licking me, sucking me, eating me like he's never had a meal before. "Kitten you taste like heaven," he moans into my cunt. I moan like the whore I am. I arch my back trying to give him even better access. His rhythm is perfect. Any second I'm going to come. My body is tightening, getting ready. I need this.

He stops. I scream in frustration.

"Ask for my permission," he tells me. One finger is stroking me lazily. Just enough to keep me on edge, but not enough to tip me over.

"Please!" I beg.

He nips my ass, not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to startle me. "You can do better than that kitten."

I swallow around the lump in my throat. I need to come more than I have ever needed anything in my entire life. "Please let your kitten come. I need to come. I'm begging you to let me come against your mouth. Please Tony."

With that his mouth seizes my pussy again. He flicks his tongue against my clit once, twice, and then slams his finger into my pussy as I shatter around him, crying out in release. My eyes roll back in my head and I convulse on the table.

I think I black out for a few seconds. When I start to return to my body I can feel his finger still moving inside me. Pumping me, keeping me primed. Tony's large body is leaning over me, covering me. His mouth is next to my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he says. I can feel the tip of his beautiful cock rubbing against my clit.

I am past the point of wanting him to stop. I need his dick. I arch my back against him. "Yes," I gasp.

"There is a catch kitten. Once I put my dick in your sloppy cunt, you're mine. This pussy belongs to me. Your husband may use you as he sees fit, but you will know you are my whore. Do you understand?" His cock is still rubbing against me. Rubbing my clit. Sliding around my soaking cunt. Getting slick with my juices. It is making it hard to think.

He pulls away. "No," I whimper. But I feel him untying my arms. Then he moves to my legs. In seconds I'm free again and he flips me easily to my back.

"Look at me," he demands. I obey.

His hands are holding my legs, keeping them spread wide. I watch as he brings the tips of his penis to my clit. He lets is slide slowly, tantalizingly down until he comes to rest at my opening. His fingers bite into my legs and I realize he wants to be in me as much as I want him in me.

"Say it," Tony growls.

"I'm yours," I gasp, meeting his eyes. "This pussy is yours daddy. I am yours to use and abuse as you see fit. Your kitten. Your cunt. Please daddy, fuck me. Fuck me hard so I'll never forget who I belong to," I beg. I've never given myself over like this before. It feels amazing.

He slams his cock into me, ramming painfully against my cervix. But I don't care. I need him. He needs me. I cry out as his sets a brutal pace, battering my pussy with his cock. He places his thumb on my clit and begins rubbing in smooth circular motions. He's fucking me so hard I can feel the table move beneath me.

I feel the orgasm building inside me again. I have to ask. "Daddy, please let your kitten come again," I choke out.

"Not yet," he growls, fucking me harder. "You're tighter than daddy expected for a slut." He releases my leg and leans down on me, burying his face into my neck. He bites the top of my shoulder. "You're the perfect fuck toy," he tells me.

My body clenches in pleasure. I'm going to come. Tears spring to my eyes as I try to hold it back. "Daddy," I whimper my voice heavy with desperation. I feel him tense.

"Come with me now," he growls sinking his teeth into junction of my neck and shoulder. I cry out as my orgasm explodes with his. My pussy pulses and tightens over and over and over again around his throbbing dick. I can feel his load flooding me. My cunt milks every drop out of his cock.

And then it's over.

Tony collapses heavily on top of me, breathing hard. I stare up at the ceiling trying to pull myself back together. We lay there panting together for a few moments. I'm uncertain what to do. I want to put my arms around him but I don't. He is my master now. A few stray tears leak from my eyes.

He pushes himself up. One hand caresses my cheek, gently brushing the tear away. "Shhh, kitten. Daddy's here." He kisses me softly on the lips and I can't help but to kiss him back. I need to know everything is okay. Uncertainty and fear are crawling up my spine.

Tony's cock slips out of my cunt and I can feel his semen drip down my thigh. He stands and I think he is going to leave me like this to clean up. Abandon me. I bite my lip to keep from whimpering.

"Don't move," he whispers in my ear and then he leaves the room. A second later he returns with a damp hand towel and gently wipes the tears and smeared mascara from my face.

"You were perfect," he croons, gently brushing my hair back and kissing my forehead.

He moves the towel down and begins wiping my pussy. It feels relaxing. It feels like a reward. I pleased my daddy.

"Christina this cunt is a thing of beauty. And you played your part magnificently." He kisses my lips again.

I smile at him. "I was scared."

He nods. The towel is still wiping my pussy, my thighs. I'm relaxing into him. "I'm sorry about that. But I always find that surprise works best."

"If I hadn't reacted to you the way I did, would you still have raped me?" I ask.

He gives me that shark smile again. "Oh yes Christina. I would have taken you no matter what. But I'm glad you were so submissive."

He is laying on the table next to me, propped up on one arm. He's still cleaning me even though I'm sure I'm clean by now. But I feel safe and comfortable and, despite everything that just happened, like Tony would never hurt me. I'm his kitten.

"Now, get dressed and go home to your husband," he says. One more kiss on the forehead and he's gone.

My life has changed. I am a submissive.

And now I have a Master.

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