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1. Establish intention. (READ: put your hand in his pants!)

2. Lightly touch his shaft - be a tease! - Just enough to make sure the blood's all flowing to the right place.

* Keeping contact with penis at all times! *

3. Now unzip his pants - he will probably be more than willing to help!

4. Once they've been unzipped, pull pants/boxers/etc. down past his butt to allow plenty of room for maneuvering.

5. Establish position. Preferably, allow him to be seated, while you kneel directly in front of him. Try to find a soft carpet, or grass if this is totally spontaneous, because hard surfaces can bruise the knees, and rough fabric can cause rug burn. Ultimately, though, your head should be at the same height as his pelvis.

* Now it's time for the fun to begin! *

6. Lightly kiss the tip of his penis. Keep your dominant hand on his shaft, while positioning your other hand under his balls. This is a bit tricky. Ideally, cup your palm and fingers around the balls, while using the middle finger of the same hand to massage the choade.[1]

7. Keeping hands in position lift the shaft to allow room. Now place each ball, in turn, into your mouth, lightly rolling it around with your tongue[2] for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Continue to rub the choade and to stroke the shaft.

8. After having removed the balls from your mouth, replace them in your palm.

9. Find the seam-like ridge on the bottom of the shaft and slowly run your tongue up it to the tip, while lightly rubbing the tip with your fingertips of your dominant hand. ( Your other hand should still be busy with the balls and choade! )

10. Having arrived at the tip of the penis, resume stroking the shaft with your dominant hand. Lightly run your tongue around the base of the "mushroom" shape. Now, place your lips around the shaft, so only the tip is in your mouth. Quickly "tickle" the tip with fast, yet light, motions of your tongue. (Remember, do not become so absorbed that you forget to maintain the activity with the balls, choade, and shaft. Perfect head is a result of perfect synthesis!)

11. By now he should be entirely riled up. Use his precum, mixed with your own saliva, to lubricate his shaft. Continue to stroke it, but increase the force and speed, simulating sex.

12. Continue the established activity. If you are capable, alternate occasional deep thrusts into the back of your throat, also called "deepthroating." Gagging, however, is not the most attractive noise; if you are not able to deepthroat, avoid it at all costs. Although most guys will claim that they want girls who can deepthroat, most guys haven't experienced the wonders of this recipe.

13. Before too long, he will reach climax. You will probably be aware of this, either by his verbal recognition of it or his groans, but if you are particularly attentive - and are continuing to massage his balls and choade - you will feel his testicles tighten as he nears orgasm. When you notice this, quickly tighten your grip, squeezing lightly, thus intensifying his orgasm[3].

[1] Also called 'taint,' the choade is the skin that runs between the balls and the anus. Located underneath it is the prostate, a gland that releases "stimulating fluids" in men. Massaging this region - also called "milking the prostate" - causes increased arousal.

[2] If you are especially brave, it has been rumored that humming with the balls in your mouth is especially stimulating. I do not recommend you do this on someone with whom you are not comfortable, as it could be perceived to be a bit bizarre.

[3] Again, if you are especially, especially, ESPECIALLY brave, you can try the ultimate "milking of the prostate" at this point, by inserting a finger into his anus. As they say, "whatever tickles your pickle!"

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