The Reckoning


"Look ... I ... Burg don't want to kick you out okay, but he can't let this slide now. Just hang tough," Claxton said in a whisper then moved away.

Tiger glanced around uneasily. There was no sign of Burg but Josh was standing over by the kitchen door watching her closely, he glanced towards Claxton then back at her.

Tiger took an unsteady breath as she met his dark brooding eyes and almost flinched as he deliberately ran his gaze down over her body. When his eyes met hers again he licked his lips and smirked when she nearly dropped her can of drink.

"Shit!" Tiger hissed and turned her face away. She could still feel his gaze on her as she moved around the room avoiding his corner of the room.

Something about Josh didn't sit right with her, hadn't for a couple of years but she couldn't say exactly what it was about him that made her uneasy.

The sound of giggling caught her attention and she turned her head to watch as Burg emerged from the kitchen with a pretty blonde sheila. She was hanging onto his arm and pressing against his side while trying to rearrange her shorts at her crotch. It was clear that Burg had fucked her in the kitchen while Josh had stood guard at the door to prevent any interruption.

Kandy stopped giggling and halted in her tracks as she spotted Tiger watching her, reluctantly she tried to let go of Burg's arm but he pulled her hard against his body and looked to see what she was looking at.

The sight of Tiger standing by herself watching them had him frowning; he glanced at Josh then pulled Kandy close and kissed her deeply.

Tiger had a faint sneer on her face when he raised his head but because Burg knew her so well he could see the hurt beneath it.

"I bet she's not as good a fuck as I was!" Tiger almost snarled.

"You stopped being a good fuck when you started putting out to Dominic behind my back," Burg said.

Tiger turned away but didn't say anything in reply.

"Josh I believe you wanted her," Burg said lightly.

"Shit no!" Tiger exclaimed as she turned to look their way. A sense of horror filled her as she saw Josh had put his drink down and was heading her way with a wide smile. Claxton and Emery were moving over towards Burg making Tiger realise Josh had just been given the unspoken order to stake a claim to her.

"I bet I can make the Tiger purr," Josh said as he moved closer.

There was laughter from around the room and Tiger began backing towards the doorway but Josh shook his head and she heard movement behind her. She could hear her heartbeat roaring in her ears as she stopped; fear was Josh's biggest weapon and she was determined not to fall victim to it.

"Smart move," Josh said softly as he halted in front of her. He reached out with one hand to cup the side of her face and only just managed to knock aside the can of drink Tiger tried to throw in his face.

He shook his head sending liquid flying from his hair and neck as he grinned down at Tiger who had retreated several steps.

"Fuck off! You're not ..." Tiger spat out but was stopped by his hand settling over her mouth.

"Oh yes I am. And THAT is exactly what I am going to do to you," Josh grinned down at her.

Tiger bit down on the hand against her mouth and found herself in trouble as Josh jerked his hand away and grabbed her around the waist. Instantly she began struggling but Josh lifted her with ease and then the air left her body with a whoosh as she hit the table top with a thud.

"Hold her down for me would you boys," Josh commanded as he turned his attention to her belt.

Tiger struggled to draw in a breath as she began struggling against Josh, he pushed her hands aside easily and then hands gripped her wrists and shoulders forcing flat on the table and pinning her down.

"You bastard!" Tiger shrieked and kicked out viciously with her boot-clad feet. She had the pleasure of feeling her feet hit something and hearing Josh grunt before one ankle was caught and held while that boot was removed. The second boot followed quickly and then she was fighting to stop her jeans being pulled down her long legs and off her feet.

"Hmmm, black lace," Josh murmured appreciatively and grasped her ankles to pull her to the edge of the table so her legs hung over the edge giving her no purchase. He forced her thighs apart and moved to stand between them as he eyed the scrap of black lace covering the triangle between her thighs.

Josh met Tiger's gaze and saw the fear deep in her eyes, his fingers found the lace that covered her slit and felt the moisture that had soaked the material.

"Dominic got you all hot and wet in the pub did he?" Josh almost purred as he leant over her to look into her face. He saw the guilty flick of her eyes as she looked away from him for a second and then his fingers slid beneath the fabric eliciting a startled gasp from her as she met his eyes fearfully.

"Don't worry, I can finish what he wasn't man enough to ..." He let his voice trail off as his fingers slid between her slick folds. He heard her gasp as she flinched beneath his touch but then his fingers found her slit and he lightly traced the moisture there. His thumb found her clit and it began to slip from beneath its hood as he teased it, his fingers traced the moisture that seeped from her passage and then slid inside as he teased her clit.

Tiger gasped and arched her back as Josh expertly stroked her body, pleasure built quickly in her lower stomach and she tried to bring the heels of her feet up onto the edge of the table.

"No you don't," Josh laughed softly, a husky note to his voice. He lifted first one leg over his shoulder and when she showed no sign of fight he lifted her other leg to his other shoulder.

His fly opened quickly and he freed his large rock hard shaft, he heard a soft feminine gasp somewhere behind him.

"He'll tear her in two," was whispered in a female voice.

Tiger drew a sharp breath and tensed as she realised his hand was no longer working it's magic in her dewy fold, "Hell no!" She gasped and arched her back as she braced her legs against his shoulders and pushed against his upper body forcing his to take a surprised step back.

"Hell I gotta watch this!" Burg exclaimed and moved to grab one of Tigers thighs, "Clax, lend a hand here."

Tiger found her hips pressed down onto the table, both Burg and Claxton forcing her legs up and apart so that Josh could move back into position.

Josh smiled as he reached down and grabbed hold of the wet lace giving it a jerk that made the delicate material tear on each side where it joined to the waistband. He lifted the damp scrap to his nose and inhaled deeply before tossing it aside and reaching towards her mound once again.

There was a lot of pressure against her opening then fingers found her clit and she gasped as pleasure shot from her pussy up to her nipples pulling tight in her lower stomach. Pain mingled with pleasure as she felt her passage stretching while Josh slowly pushed inside her.

"Need the lube?" Tiger heard someone ask but she was too busy concentrating on the feelings Josh was causing to notice who had asked.

"Don't think so," Josh grunted huskily as he watched the large mushroom shaped head of his cock slowly disappearing into Tiger's tight wet passage.

The feeling of being stretched was quickly turning to more pain than pleasure and Tiger took a deep breath as her body tensed against his invasion, there was a sharp burning pain and Tiger gasped jerking her legs upwards.

"Shit!" Josh groaned and grasped her hips, "Fuck she's tight!"

His strong thrust brought another gasp from Tiger as he pushed in as far as her body permitted. She whimpered slightly and he groaned in response then began moving his hips in an ancient rhythm.

"Oh fuck!" Tiger gasped and managed to jerk one hand free. She reached down to where their bodies where joined and her fingers touched him as he pumped in and out of her body, she felt herself where his cock slid into her wetly and raised her hand where she could see it. She was relieved not to see blood.

Her wrist was recaptured and pinned down so she couldn't fight against what Josh was doing to her body.

Pleasure was fast building past the pain and she gasped as she lifted her hips into his thrusts, she heard his soft chuckle of appreciation and then his pace increased as he pounded into her mercilessly.

Tiger felt his cock swell and throb inside her then warmth rushed into her as Josh grunted loudly and thrust into her hard. She felt him pull his cock from her pussy even as it pulsed and something warm and wet spurted between and over her folds then across her hairless mound.

Josh looked down at Tiger as he breathed heavily, the strength of his release had taken him by surprise and one glance told him Tiger hadn't been satisfied.

"Fuck. I'm having me a piece of that!"

The comment brought Josh's head up quickly and he glanced around the room. Emery, Claxton and even Burg stepped back looking around as well.

"Who thinks they can fuck my woman?" Josh demanded savagely as he tucked his half soft cock away quickly, no one was willing to meet his eyes as he looked around the room. He looked down at Tiger where she had pulled herself further onto the table and he placed one hand on her knee; she glanced up at him and quickly looked away but not before he saw the resentment in her eyes.

"Party's over!" Claxton called loudly, "Everyone find a bed for the night,"

Tiger half reclined on the table while the room cleared until just Burg, Kandy, Emery, Claxton and Josh remained. Her pussy throbbed with both arousal and discomfort when she shifted uncomfortably.

"I expect you to keep her in line," Burg reminded Josh.

"I think I can handle that chore," Josh said with a smirk as Tiger looked away from him.

Josh stood by the table and watched as Emery and Claxton followed Burg and his new pussy from the room. Slowly he turned his head to look at Tiger only to find her watching him through narrowed eyes.

"You're not touching me again tonight," Tiger snarled.

Josh laughed as he moved closer and she scrambled along the table top away from him. "Don't be too sure about that. Unless you want to take on all the guys here," he told her evenly. He caught hold of one of her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the table roughly, he forced one of her legs up into the air toppling her onto her back and leaving her pussy exposed to his view.

"I don't think I tore you. I tried to take it easy on you," Josh said after a few moments of silence.

"Bastard!" Tiger snarled as she rolled away when he released her leg.

"Go get in my bed woman," Josh ordered and headed towards the fridge.

Tiger slid from the table and paused a moment by the table as her legs wobbled before supporting her. Glancing towards her jeans where they lay on the floor by the fridge she looked away as she avoided his gaze before heading to the doorway and making her way to his room.

There was a faint light in the bedroom from the hallway and Tiger made her way to the bed only pausing long enough to grab a handful of tissues to clean the mess Josh had made. She quickly undone her vest and shrugged out of it before slipping between

the sheets on his bed; she sighed softly in appreciation as the cool crisp material glided over her skin.

Josh gave Tiger several minutes grace before following her to his room; he paused in the doorway as he made out the slight lump in his bed before pulling the door shut behind him.

"If you want light I can turn a lamp on," Josh said as he sat on the edge of the bed and began to take his boots off.

"I'm right," Tiger said tightly.

"Suit yourself," Josh said evenly before getting to his feet and unfastening his belt. "What side of the bed do you like?"

"What ever side you don't like," Tiger said between gritted teeth.

"I like the entire bed," Josh said softly and chuckled, "but I think I can get used to sharing a bed with you."

Tiger was silent was she listened to him undress, the bed dipped beneath his weight and Tiger held her breath as he settled in the middle of the bed.

"No trying to smother me with a pillow in the middle of the night," Josh warned lightly as he closed his eyes.

"Thanks for the idea," Tiger muttered under her breath and heard Josh laugh softly. She gasped as he rolled over and reached for her pulling her close, he moulded her body to his settling her buttocks in his lap with a sigh.

The warmth of his body reached her chilled skin chasing away the coolness from the sheets. Tiger yawned and blinked, she was tired, exhausted in fact but she wanted Josh to go to sleep first so she could move away from him before falling asleep herself.

A warm hard male body pressing against her back roused Tiger from a deep sleep as a hand cupped her breast and fingers toyed with her nipple. She moaned softly and rolled onto her back opening her legs to allow the hand access to her moist folds as it slid down over her lower stomach.

Fingers found her clit and Tiger moaned softly as lips found her neck, warm breath raising goose bumps as it drifted across her skin.

"Burg ..." Tiger murmured and whimpered with pleasure as she moved her hips in time with the hand.

"Wake up and open your eyes!" A harsh voice demanded as the hand and mouth was removed from her body.

"What!" Tiger came fully awake and closed her eyes as the harsh glare of a lamp came on.

"Open your eyes and look who it is!" Josh demanded angrily.

Tiger opened her eyes and saw the dark shadow looming over her, she flinched back against the pillow beneath her head but didn't fight him as he grasped her chin and forced her face up towards his.

"Keep your eyes open so you know exactly who is fucking you!" Josh growled as he moved over top of her, his hips settling against hers leaving her in no doubt of his arousal.

Tiger turned her face away as he went to lower his head. He grunted in annoyance as he thrust against her, his cock sliding between her slick folds and rubbing against her clit.

"Look at me," Josh growled angrily.

Tiger turned her head and fixed him with a resentful gaze as he moved against her; each movement caused friction between her dewy folds sending pleasure radiating through her body. She felt her breasts grow full and heavy as the pulsing need grew between her thighs, she lifted her knees and spread her legs wider as she began moving beneath him.

Josh watched as Tiger gasped then licked her lips, she arched her neck back and shut her eyes for a moment as a moan of pleasure came from her lips. He wanted to lower his head and capture her moan of pleasure in his mouth but she showed no signs of being interested in kissing.

Tiger opened her eyes reluctantly as Josh stopped moving, she panted softly as she moved restlessly for a few moments before moving her hips against his. When he remained motionless she ran one hand down his side until she found his flank and slid her palm across until she could feel the crispness of curls beneath her fingertips.

Josh watched her eyes widen as her fingers found the hard shaft of his cock, carefully she moved it until he felt the warm wetness of her opening on the head of his cock. He pushed forward gently and she gasped, opening her legs wider and catching her bottom lip between her teeth.

Wet warmth slowly engulfed the head of his cock and he resisted the urge to thrust into her hot tight passage roughly. He groaned with pleasure as he felt the top of his cock slide past the tightness of her entry and then she was pushing her hips up against his impatiently. He gritted his teeth and began moving slowly, each successive thrust moved deeper until he heard her whimper as his scrotum slapped against her bottom.

Tiger clutched the bed sheets in frustration, this slow fucking was well and good but she could feel her climax building deep inside her pussy where the head of his cock was touching something and sending pleasure spiralling deep into her insides.

"Look at me," Josh warned as Tiger closed her eyes and turned her head away.

"I need to come," Tiger complained faintly as she glanced at him then looked away as she arched her neck back.

Josh moved his arms closer to her shoulders as he began to speed up his thrusts, she gasped with pleasure and looked him in the eyes as she licked her lips. Her hands rose from the sheets to rest against his ribs and she pulled her feet up the back of his thighs until they rested in the small of his back.

"Want to come?" Josh asked softly by her ear as he moved strongly against her.

"Yes please," Tiger whimpered then grasped at his shoulders as he immediately picked up the pace of his thrusts.

Josh grasped her hips pulling her hard against himself with each deep thrust, he could feel her inner muscles tightening and then ripple after ripple flowed through her pussy as she shuddered against him and buried her face in his shoulder. Josh eased his hold and slowed his movements until he was barely moving.

Tiger became aware of his slow movements as her body slowly stopped it's convulsions of pleasure, his movements eased her past the intense pleasure of release and then encouraged her body to begin building towards climax once again.

"Josh," Tiger said whisper soft because she knew it would please him.

Tiger smiled to herself as she felt the slide of his body inside hers. He lowered his head and his lips found the sensitive skin just below her ear making her gasp and tilt her head to the side allowing him better access.

Josh trailed his lips down the side of Tiger's neck, he could feel where her pulse beat just below her skin and he exhaled heavily. Tiger shuddered beneath him and pressed her hips hard against his as she tilted her head further to the side, he kissed the spot lightly before opening his mouth wide and sucking against her neck hard.

"Don't!" Tiger protested as she tried to get her arms between their bodies to push against his chest, unable to manage this she began struggling and trying to escape from beneath his body.

"That should leave a nice clear mark," Josh said when he lifted his head.

"Bastard!" Tiger hissed savagely at him and managed to get her arms between them so she could push at his chest.

"Now that's not nice," Josh said as he caught her by her wrists and pulled her arms up above her head to stop her struggles. "I made sure you cum and now you want me to stop before I squirt my load into your nice tight little pussy." He chided as he moved his hips in a circle making his pelvic bone rub against hers.

Tiger gasped and turned her face away from his as her body jerked beneath his involuntarily. She clenched her jaw and tried to stop her hips from moving as Josh began pumping into her body with long thrusts that had the head of his cock pushing gently against her cervix.

"What don't like me now you got your rocks off?" Josh taunted as he broke his rhythm to grind his hips against hers. "Don't like this?" He resumed his deep thrusts and Tiger almost moaned aloud with pleasure.

"Or this?" He rolled his hips and felt her hips flex against his making him slip deeper then ever. "How about this?" He used one hand to hold both of her wrists and used the other hand to slide beneath her buttocks and probe her tight rosebud with his fingertips.

"Bastard!" Tiger gasped as the invading digit had her convulsing around his shaft a second time.

Josh grunted as he felt the ripples of her climax, he rolled hips once more then resumed the deep long thrusts from earlier. Her feet scraped against the back of his thighs and then he was thrusting into her hard and fast as he felt the pressure building low in his stomach and begin to move towards his scrotum.

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