tagNonHumanThe Red Cloud Pack Pt. 02

The Red Cloud Pack Pt. 02


I clung to him as he stoked the heat within me. His calloused hands ran over my skin, setting all my nerve endings ablaze. All my senses were heightened as he played my body like a finely tuned instrument. He knew every sensitive spot, instinctively. I moaned as my fingers curled in his long, thick hair.

He looked at me and said, "I can't wait much longer sweetheart, I need you. Get up so I can get rid of these damn clothes, they're in the way." I let him guide me up, I was drunk with lust as I ran my hands over his muscular chest. I couldn't make sense of anything other than my need for him. "Hurry Grey I need you inside me."

He went to work on all the buttons, zips and laces keeping the clothing attached to our bodies. He let out a curse as he struggled with my bra and ended up just ripping the thing apart. "I don't get why you city women torture yourselves with these infernal breast prisons." I giggled at that. I never heard a bra called a prison before.

I pressed my lips to his as he finally finished removing the barriers between us.

"This is going to be hard and fast beautiful. I promise to take it slower next time but right now I cannot wait any longer."

He picked me up off my feet and pushed me up against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist, holding onto him, as he crushed his lips to mine in a searing kiss.

I felt his fingers rub my pussy and he thumbed my clit. The pleasure was electric as he got me wet for him. My nails sunk into his shoulders as I tried to grind myself against his hand. God it felt so good but it wasn't enough. "Grey stop teasing me. I want you now." He growled as he lined the tip of his rock hard cock with my wet heat. I felt my pussy lips stretch wide open as his large cock pushed forward into me. Damn he was big and I wasn't prepared for the sheer size of him. I tensed up involuntarily and he slowed down his thrusts. "Elizabeth please relax, it's hard enough for me to get inside you without you clamping down on me. I will fit inside you sweetheart don't be nervous."

He looked into my eyes, willing me to trust him and I relaxed my muscles and let him take control.

He pushed in slowly until every inch of him was buried inside me. He looked at me to make sure I was ok and then he started thrusting himself into me hard and fast. I gripped his shoulders as my back slammed against the wall repeatedly with the force of him fucking me. I was panting hard, sweat dripping from me as his hot body drove me closer to the edge.

"Grey don't stop, please I'm so close." He speeded up his thrusts and threw back his head with a roar as he tensed up and pumped his seed into me. My pussy clenched and milked him as my whole body spasmed with the intensity of my orgasm. I held onto him, exhausted, as mini aftershocks shook me to my core.

He carried me over to the cot and placed me on top of his chest as he held me close against him. I closed my eyes as I tried regulating my breathing and my heart stopped pounding as if it wanted to punch a hole through my chest. I had never experienced sex like that before. I smiled like a cat that had just found a whole barrel of cream.

"Grey I think you may be a wizard," I giggled as I looked down at his handsome face. My big strong lover was fast asleep.

I got up quietly and padded over to my little gas refrigerator. I grabbed a few bits out of it and started on making dinner for Grey and myself. I was sure he would be famished when he woke up.

20 minutes later, I had a hearty stew bubbling away and bread warming by the stove. I even had a nice bottle of red wine breathing on the kitchen table. I was humming a tune to myself when I felt his strong arms encircle my waist as he pulled me against his chest. He pressed a sensual kiss on my neck and I leaned back against him and sighed contently.

"This smells so good beautiful and so does the food." I giggled as he tightened his grip around my waist.

I turned around and smiled up at him. "Did you have a nice nap darling?" He flashed me a boyish grin. "Oh so now I'm a darling?" He teased. "Well it's good to know somebody thinks so." He kissed the tip of my nose playfully as he let me go.

"I'm going to go feed Phoenix and Raven. I won't be long." I watched him through the window as he tended to his horses. He was so gentle towards them and they clearly had a special bond. I would love to go out riding with him. He could show me all the little things out in the wilderness that someone like myself would miss because of an untrained eye. I was intrigued by this man. I wanted to know what it was about him that drew me to him like a magnet. He was very attractive but I had been around attractive men before and never had my reaction been this strong. I had never lost control like this before and I had to find out why.

We ate the meal I prepared and sat outside afterwards, sipping our wine. Grey made a little fire in a makeshift fire pit he quickly put together to keep me warm. I stared into the deep orange flames as the warmth of the fire and the wine made me feel relaxed and cozy. He was still shirtless even though the temperature had plummeted. I had a thick coat on to help keep me warm.

"Grey don't you get cold? I felt your skin earlier and I'm sure you must be running a fever but you don't seem ill."

He looked up at me as he fed another log into the fire. "I'm fine sweetheart, I just run hot that's all. My whole tribe is like this, we don't feel the cold as easily as you do."

I let it go for now but I knew in my gut there was something he wasn't telling me.

We finished our wine and went back inside. Grey fashioned a bed for us on the floor because the narrow cot was far too small for the both of us to sleep in.

We climbed underneath the covers and Grey pulled me up close to him. He stroked my hair as I fell asleep with my head on his chest. Nothing woke me that night, I felt safe and warm and the sound of Grey's heartbeat soothed all the tension of the days events away.

I awoke the next morning to the heavenly smell of freshly brewed coffee. I sat up and stretched as my eyes adjusted to the morning light. I looked around for Grey but he wasn't in the hut. I looked outside and Phoenix wasn't in the corral either.

I found a quickly scribbled note on the kitchen table next to my coffee cup. He had gone to his place to get supplies and other gear he needed so he could stay with me while I remained here. He had also retrieved my things from the creek which I had just left behind in my haste to get away from the man who attacked me.

I poured myself a cup of coffee and went to say good morning to Raven.

I had just finished cleaning up when I heard the sound of a horse nearing the hut. I rushed outside with a smile on my face expecting to see Grey and I tried my best to hide my disappointment when I saw it was Sky approaching. I was glad to see her though and I went out to greet her.

She looked agitated as she dismounted.

"We need to talk Elizabeth," she said somberly.

"What's the matter Sky? You look upset." I had a concerned look on my face as I looked at her.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave Red Cloud."

"What? Why? What's going on Sky? I haven't done anything wrong. I obeyed your rules about staying in the area you told me to, so why do you want me to leave? Does Grey know about this?"

"It's not anything you've done Elizabeth. My brother told me and the other elders about what happened to you by the creek yesterday and we don't think it's safe for you to stay here anymore. The man who attacked you is being dealt with and will pay for what he did to you. He defied Grey's orders despite knowing the consequences. Grey does not know I'm here talking to you. The other tribal elders thought it best not to mention this to him before you left."

I stood there looking at her, totally lost for words. I couldn't just leave here after what happened between myself and Grey. I took in a calming breath of air before speaking again.

"Sky your brother assured me that this wouldn't happen again. He is currently gathering what he needs so he can stay here with me to prevent anything like that from occurring again. I'm sure I will be fine with him here to see to my safety."

She looked at me with a mixture of anger and confusion.

"My brother cannot stay here with you. It isn't safe and he has other responsibilities to the tribe. You must listen to me and leave here at once. I will help you pack up your gear. I'm sorry Elizabeth but this is for the best." She walked past me and went into the hut. When I went in myself I saw her busy packing up my belongings.

"Sky just hold on a minute. Your people agreed to let me stay here for one month. I paid you handsomely for the opportunity to come here and I intend to stay. I will not leave unless Grey agrees with you."

Sky turned to me, a feral look on her face. Gone was the sweet, smiling face of the girl I thought was becoming my friend.

"You will listen to me and you will pack up your things and leave. You will get every penny of your money back, I assure you. Now I will not ask again. You have one hour to get your things in order so I suggest you hurry.

When I get back you will be escorted from Red Cloud, Elizabeth, willing or not." She stormed out and in less than a minute all that was left to indicate she had been here was the cloud of dust she left in her wake.

I stood in the middle of the hut faced with a huge dilemma. I didn't want to leave here, especially without seeing Grey Wolf first. I decided to take a huge gamble. I went outside and saddled Raven. They would not make me leave without Grey knowing about it. I didn't care how angry it made Sky. This was a risk I was more than willing to take.

I got on Raven and stroked her ears. "Take me to Grey my sweet girl. Show me the way." I gave her her head as I loosened my grip on the reins. She took off at a gallop and I held on for dear life as the wind whipped through my hair.

The horse knew exactly where she was going, we galloped through the settlement. People were shouting at me but I couldn't make out what they were saying over the noise of Raven's hooves as she plowed up the ground, racing towards her home. I saw two huge wolves to the left of me. Those were definitely not wolf dogs. Those were the biggest damn wolves I had ever seen. Raven raced to get away from them. She was as quick as she was sure footed. She remained out of their reach. I saw Grey Wolf coming out of a cabin up ahead. He started to run towards me and Raven slowed down to a trot. As soon as Grey reached us he pulled me off her and gave the horse a pat on her rump, sending her towards her stable.

He picked me up and ran towards his cabin. He was so fast and he held me like I weighed nothing. We made it just in time before the wolves caught up to us. He bolted the cabin door behind us and set me down. "What the hell is going on Elizabeth, why on earth are you here?"

I gave him the short version of it and a giant scowl formed on Grey's face. I could tell he was very angry. "Wait here sweetheart and do not open the door to anyone other than me. Do you understand? No one but me!"

I looked out the window nervously as I watched for Grey. I couldn't see him anywhere but what I did see was a huge silver coloured wolf running back towards the middle of the settlement.

What on earth was going on here? I tried to process what I was seeing but all I could come up with was that these people were living amongst some sort of hybrid wolf breed that were at least double the size of those I had seen before. It wasn't natural, I thought. No wonder they didn't want outsiders to come here. They had something to hide from the rest of us.

Grey Wolf

My vision was was clouded by my anger. All I could think about was tearing out the throats of anyone who wished to harm Elizabeth or take her from me.

How dare they go behind my back! I was the alpha and they had to obey me! This wasn't going to end well for those who dared defy me.

I ran into the longhouse, knocking down the door in the process, the timber splitting into pieces as I ripped it from it's hinges. I could see the shock and fear on the faces of the Pack members who were gathered inside.

I changed forms and glared at everyone menacingly. "You people have some explaining to do. May I remind you that if you are in anyway dishonest with me I will know and you will pay dearly for your deceit."

Sky Dancer approached me, she held out her hands, acting like a buffer between me and the rest of the pack inside.

I turned to face her. "You have gone too far this time little sister. You have deliberately defied and deceived me by going behind my back and threatening Elizabeth. I suggest you get out of my way or face the consequences.

She cautiously stepped closer to me.

"Grey listen to reason. You have a responsibility to the pack, to protect us and to put our needs above your own. That's what you promised us when you took your place as alpha. We follow you because we trust you to always put the pack first. We made a huge mistake allowing Elizabeth to come here. We put her and our pack at risk. She needs to leave here Grey, for her sake as well as ours. Please don't resent us for taking matters into our own hands, we didn't feel like we had a choice. We could smell you when you came to tell us about the attack. Your scent has mingled with hers. You cannot think logically when it comes to her now. You let things go to far when you bedded her. You lost control and now we are all at risk because of it."

I looking down at my sister. "You deliberately deceived me. If you had a concern you should have come to me first regardless of how you felt at the time. I don't care if you had doubts about my capability to make decisions regarding Elizabeth, you never even gave me the opportunity to come up with a solution. That's not how we do things and you know it!"

I walked around my sister and faced the elders. "Now I want to know which of you gave the order to have Elizabeth removed from Red Cloud."


I waited inside the cabin for Grey to return. Two hours had passed and still nothing. I went into the kitchen and helped myself to a mug of coffee from the steaming pot. I wondered how everything had gone so wrong, so fast. This was so not what I was expecting when I came up here. I had so many questions and I was sure after pissing off the whole tribe that I would have to leave. They'd never allow me to return here again and that made me very despondent. I had just started to create an amazing new series and I had found Grey. The night we had was magical and I really wanted to see where that was leading but I was sure I wouldn't get the chance to find out. I hung my head as I sipped the strong black coffee.

I had dozed off in Grey's arm chair and I woke up when I heard a knock on the door.

"Elizabeth I know you are in there. Open the door." It was Sky and I went to the window and opened it.

"Grey told me not to let anyone in here other than him. What do you want Sky Dancer?"

"Just let me in Elizabeth I need to talk to you, it's really important."

I sighed as I went to open the door. I wanted answers and Sky was damn well going to give them to me.

She came in and looked at me full of remorse. "I'm sorry I was so forceful with you earlier Elizabeth. Please believe me when I tell you that I don't blame you for everything that has happened. We made the decision to ask you to leave because we were concerned with your safety and that of our tribe. Grey Wolf made a mistake being intimate with you. He should never have lost control like this and he cannot think clearly around you. He's currently threatening some of the tribal elders and everything has turned into a giant shit show. Please I'm appealing to your sense of logic, please let me take you back to your truck so you can return to where you belong. If he catches me here it won't end well. We don't have much time."

She handed me a note book and a pen. "You can write him a letter, saying your goodbyes."

I took the notepad from her and sighed. I didn't want to cause trouble for the tribe or be the reason why Grey acted out aggressively towards them. I wrote a letter to Grey thanking him for everything and asking him to forgive me for leaving suddenly. I ended the note by saying I would never forget him or the night we shared and that he would never know how much leaving him hurt me.

I left the note on the coffee table and left with Sky Dancer.

I was back on the road, heading home, in less than an hour. Sky had helped me pack up the rest of my things and thanked me for doing the right thing when she locked the gate behind me.

I wiped the tears from my eyes as I drove away from Red Cloud. I felt like I had somehow left my heart behind as I pictured Grey when he returned to his empty cabin and found my note.

It was after midnight by the time I made it back to my apartment. I left my gear in the truck, I'd deal with it in the morning. Right now I just wanted to curl up in my bed and forget the horrible events from the day before.

Three weeks had passed since I had left Red Cloud. Luckily I had taken enough photos to be able to paint from. I had just enough material to put together a small series and I had an art gallery interested in exhibiting my work. They were giving me my own solo exhibition next week, so I needed to ensure all my work was finished by then.

I had thrown myself into my painting, letting it drown out the pain over leaving Grey. It made no sense that I was so hung up over him. I barely knew him and we hadn't spent that much time together.

I was putting the finishing touches on my last piece. I looked at the picture in front of me, it was a painting of Grey Wolf sitting astride Phoenix, the creek and the Mesas behind them. I pictured his face, how he looked when we had made love, a stab of pain shot through my heart.

I was talking to a prospective buyer on the night of my exhibition. Everything was going well and the gallery was packed with people. I had a stack of business cards from interested buyers and other gallery owners. This night was proving to be more than I had hoped for. The gallery owner approached me and told me it was time to make my speech and answer questions from my audience. I made my way to the little podium in the front of the gallery. I cleared my throat and looked at the crowd who were eagerly awaiting my talk about the artwork.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to start by thanking all of you for attending my exhibition tonight and I would like to thank everyone at Ross Tait Gallery for giving me the opportunity to exhibit my work.

All the paintings and photographs, you see before you, were taken and created while I was staying at the Red Cloud Reservation. I received permission from the tribe to stay on their lands and put together the series you see tonight. The land and the people gave me great inspiration and I would like to thank them, in their absence, for the opportunity they gave me. I used acrylics and oils as well as charcoal and pastels as mediums in my artwork. Now do any of you have any questions you'd like me to answer?"

I answered the questions from random members of the audience and was just about to leave the podium when another question was asked.

"Can you tell me more about the man on the horse Elizabeth?" I stood there in stunned silence as I stared into the steely eyes of Grey Wolf.

He weaved through the crowd until he stood right in front of me. The people started pointing and whispering as they started to recognize him from the painting.

I couldn't move my feet, my legs felt like lead. My heart was hammering inside my chest and my breathing was shallow and fast. I was feeling light headed and flushed. I had to calm myself down before I had a full blown episode and ended up making a fool of myself in front of all these people. I closed my eyes for a second and took a deep breath. I found my voice at last. "The man in the picture is a tribal leader named Grey Wolf." I stepped away from the podium and virtually ran outside the front door, out into the cold night air.

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