tagHumor & SatireThe Red-Eye Back Home

The Red-Eye Back Home


She sighed in relief as she finally sank into her seat... God what a day it had been. First she'd slept through the alarm clock, then missed the coach to the airport and finally to top it all off, she'd broken her best heel running from the cab to the ticket counter. What a mess. But all that was over now, she'd made her flight and was grateful as hell that her publisher convinced her that first class was the way to fly. It was the red-eye back to LA and should land at around 6:00 a.m. She looked around quickly and noticed that with the exception of a designer-clad lady in her 40s and an elderly couple, first class was empty. There was a God after all. With any luck, she'd be able to stretch out and sleep straight thru it all.

Marie smiled as she started to make herself comfy and settled in for the 7 hour flight, bending over to her duffel and grabbing the manuscript to thumb thru her Editor's notes and changes. So intent in her reading that he startled the hell out of her when he settled in the seat beside her. She saw his legs clad in faded blue jeans and his nike sneakers and started to wonder quietly if he hadn't noticed that first class was practically empty... slowly her gaze rose upwards. He worked out, that much was obvious, his stomach was flat, his chest well developed without being overly pumped, and he filled out that white jersey he was wearing quite nicely. He looked about 6 feet or thereabouts give or take a few inches more. Then she made the mistake of looking up at his face. Oh my god... what a fucking face was all that impacted on her brain. Close your mouth Marie, she chided herself quickly, close it and start breathing. Damn... he wasn't conventionally handsome but he had brown hair that fell casually to the side, an arresting face, full of wonderful angles and a pair of lips just made to be kissed. And those eyes, it should be illegal to have a pair of eyes so absolutely breathtaking. She shifted slightly to watch him as he stretched up to put his briefcase in the overhead locker and silently said a prayer thanking the good Lord for divine intervention. Suddenly she didn't mind the intrusion.

"Hey, mind if I sit here?" the Adonis asked her. Her tongue felt heavy as she strove to find speech again.

"Umm, no no, go right ahead" There she almost sounded normal.

"I know they're a lot of other seats around but I hate flying alone, don't you?"

"Yea, I know just what you mean" Ha! She was a hypocrite of the worse kind, she always preferred having no one sitting next to her when flying, but she'd be damned if she was going to tell him that.

He folded his long frame back into the seat beside her and she quickly turned her attention back to the manuscript so as not to gawk at him. What was that he was wearing??? It smelled a bit like that new cologne they were promoting recently in Debenhams... what was it called... hmmmm.... Damn it smelled good... he smelled good! Shit... back to the manuscript. She continued reading and finally gave up all pretense of trying to concentrate when she'd read the same paragraph three times and still couldn't figure out what the words were saying.

Slowly out of the corner of her eye she peered across at him. He was thumbing his way thru the in-flight magazine. She could see his chest rising and falling as he breathed in and out slowly. There was only one way to deal with this distraction, because she was starting to get hot under the collar. Every time she shifted she felt it. The pulsing. Damn it, she hadn't felt this affected by someone in a long time – not just someone but a stranger even. The seatbelt sign went off and she unbuckled herself and rose to head towards the bathroom. The only way to deal with a problem of this nature was to attack it with full force before it attacked her.

"Sorry, can I pass please" she mumbled

"Sure thing" he replied amiably

"Thanks" she slid past him feeling the heat as the back of her knees connected with his.

Just then the plane lurched a little and she was pushed back against him, her body pressed intimately into his.

"Oh God, I'm sorry" she cried out. Mortified, she was just mortified. Her nipples hardened in an instant.

"Its ok, you haven't crushed me, in case you're worried" he laughed it off.

She scrambled out into the aisle and gave him a watery smile and rushed off towards the bathroom. Get a grip woman, you'd swear you'd never been touched by a man before, she scolded herself.

Turning the handle to the bathroom, she slipped in quickly and bolted it shut. Pushing the seat down, she sat down trying to catch her breath. What the fuck. Why the hell was she feeling like this, he was just a man. That was all. Ok – so she hadn't allowed herself to cum in the past week, having been too busy finalizing the book with her Editor. Christ! When was the last time? Was it a week or more? She couldn't even recall, but then it was always that way when she got caught up in her writings. Her nipples were still hard to the touch and she slid her hands up slowly to rub them gently. Oh God... that felt so good. She gently pinched them and massaged her breasts slowly as the ache spread to her pelvic region. Her hips started moving on their own violation, grinding up and down slowly. It wasn't enough, it just wasn't enough, she needed more. Pushing her skirt up she slid her hand between her thighs and caressed her legs slowly, allowing the sensation of her fingertips touching her skin to feed the tension building. More, still more. She spread her thighs open wider and slipped a finger beneath her panties and between the folds of her pussy. She was slick, holy shit, fuck that, she was wet and ready to be fucked already. Damn. Gliding her finger forward some more, she found the hard nub of flesh and started to flick it gently.

"ohhhh gawd" she moaned out softly

Rubbing her clit in a circular motion, she slid her other hand downwards and slid a finger into her pussy. Gently pumping and alternating it with a quick flicking motion, hips moving faster and faster as she finger fucked herself in total bliss.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum" she cried out softly

Faster, the humming of the plane and motion of her pumping hips just driving her forward into an intense orgasm.

"ahhhhhh" it was starting, she felt her pussy muscles tightening around her finger and bit down on her bottom lip to prevent herself from screaming out loud. Sliding another two fingers in, she pumped her pussy faster and flicked her clit at the same time. Then it happened so quickly she didn't have time to think – one minute she was on her way to an intense orgasm and the very next she was squirting out her juices all over her fingers. Shit, what a fucking rush.

She sat there trying to find her breath, breathing shallow and fast as the first wave hit her and then another. The tension from the day started to roll away and she felt all her muscles begin to relax.

Someone was outside the door. She could see the shadow below the crack of the door. Dammit. Talk about cum and run. She tidied up quickly and washed her hands and tried her best to straighten herself up. Would anyone be able to tell she'd just cum? Her cheeks were flush! Shit. Sniff... oh god. The bathroom reeked of pussy. She waved her arms around quickly in an effort to get rid of it. Damn Damn.

Marie unbolted the door and pushed it open quickly. Her mortification was complete, because standing there waiting to use the bathroom was, yes you guessed it, the Adonis. Fuck!!! Just her luck. She rolled her eyes upwards and hurried past him to get back to her seat. Sinking down into the soft seat, she decided her best course of action was to close her eyes and feign sleep. Yes, that was the plan. Her relaxed body was in no mood to challenge that decision and soon she found herself sighing and turning into the seat. Pretty soon her hand curved up beneath her cheek and she was sighing softly in her sleep.

That's how he found her when he slid back into his seat. His eyes narrowed as he watched her chest rising and falling. He knew what she'd gone to the bathroom for, he had heard her and if that wasn't enough, how could he mistake that scent as soon as he walked into it. Funny thing is, he'd felt it as well. As soon as her sweet ass connected into his groin when the plane lurched upwards, he felt the jolt all the way down to the tip of his cock.

He had been watching her since she'd gone thru customs, juggling the million and one things she had held in her arms. She was a character, with that short streaked blonde hair, hazel eyes and rosy cheeks. He had noticed everything about her at once – from the short white skirt to the pink lush fullness of her lips. Oh yes, the flight was going to be an interesting one at best. Hopefully she'd be sitting in first class. Thank God, she was. He had moved over towards her as she sat there engrossed in what appeared to be some sort of notes or the other. Alex wasn't the sort of man to be so blatantly obvious in his attentions, and somehow he felt a bit awkward for imposing himself next to her, especially when there were only 3 other people in first class as well. Hell ya only live once he argued with himself as he'd laid his stuff down.

Then he'd followed her to the bathroom. Wondering what the fuck had come over him, he waited outside patiently when she was in there. That's when he heard it... omg.... She was inside of there cumming. He could hear her cry out as her orgasm hit her. His cock twitched to life rapidly and he found himself moving closer to the door to listen. She was making these little mewing noises like a cat in heat and suddenly he wanted nothing more than to push his way thru the door, slip her up onto the small sink area and sink his cock into her pussy... hard!! He continued to listen as she gasped for breath and started to move towards the door. Step back quickly, his mind registered the command just in time. She looked up at him and her surprise and mortification was evident for everyone to see.

Alex slid into the bathroom and inhaled the scent of her hot little pussy. Damn. He wanted to fuck her. The attraction was there before this, but now, good god, he just wanted to fuck her silly and hear her gasping out loud again. He'd bet she was a screamer.

His hand slid down and unzipped his jeans and he reached in and took his cock out. He was gonna have to stroke his dick. And so it began, his hand sliding up and down his shaft, slowly at first, pumping with the adrenaline of the thought of her having just masturbated in here as well. His dick reacted by swelling to mammoth proportions and his hand increased its pace. Imagining her sweet ass grinding back against his hips as he pumped her pussy with his hard dick. He could see himself pushing her down and sliding his hands over her back and then grabbing her hips to pull her back against his hips, impaling her on his hard cock. His balls slapping her tight little ass as he fucked her the way she was meant to be fucked. Good and hard and fast. His balls tightened up as he continued to pump away, loosing track of all time, his mind barely registering that he needed to keep quiet. His dick was slick with pre-cum now and acted as a natural lubricant to increase his speed as he continued to pump his hand up and down his shaft. He was visualizing her there, thighs open wide, fingers in her pussy, pumping in and out and suddenly it wasn't enough, he wanted her, he wanted her here in front of him, bent over and begging to be fucked. That thought drove him over the edge as he felt his load spurt from his body.

"Oh fuck yeaaaaaaaa" he moaned out

Back in his seat, Alex smiled to himself as he sat there watching her sleep. She's out like a damn light. Poor thing. She must have needed to cum really badly. The overhead cabin lights flickered off and plunged the plane into darkness. Squinting his eyes to get accustom to it, he looked around quickly and noticed that the other three passengers were already nodding off as well.

"Mmmmm" she moaned quietly in her sleep and turned towards him, her hand curling against his arm, her fingers softly resting against him.

Shit. Alex let his eyes close and struggled to focus his thoughts on something pure and productive.

"Fuck" he mumbled under his breath, this is never going to work. Pure my ass! His thoughts were anything but pure right now, in fact, they were pretty much X-Rated and porn related about now. He glanced down at her fingers. She had nice hands – not very feminine but supple and strong looking with a neat French manicure. He shifted in his seat and eased the arm of the chair upwards slowly. He wanted to get closer.

Just then the stewardess came around

"Sir, would you care for a blanket for you and your companion?"

"A Blanket?"

"Yes sir"

"Umm, yea, thanks, I'd appreciate it" he quickly took it and shook it out covering them both.

She had such nice lips, all plump and pink and slightly open as she lay there breathing in and out. He perversely wondered what his cock would look like pumping in and out of her mouth. Her lips slurping down on his shaft, as her tongue worked the tip of his cock. Fuck! He was starting to get hard again. He eased forward some more, the top of his knees brushing against hers. His brain was starting to send some serious messages to his dick. Touch her, touch her, touch her!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! His hand started to react and he inched forward to gently rub his thumb against her arm, sliding it up and down slowly. Her skin was warm and soft.

"Mmmmmm" he nearly jumped out of his seat as she moaned softly in her sleep. He peered at her face closely to make sure she was sleeping still and sure enough. There was absolutely no movement in her face. Boldly he continued to stroke her arm gently and inched forward a bit more so that his knee wedged up between hers, pushing her knees apart slightly.

"God... should I?" he whispered quietly to himself as he wedged his knee further up against hers, sending her thighs open some more. No one could see what was going on below this blanket and he was suddenly burning up with his urge to touch her. He wanted to feel that pussy against his fingers. He moved in slowly, expecting her to wake up anytime soon and scream the whole plane down. He wanted her screaming yes, but not quite in that manner. Cautiously his hand touched her thigh and he left it there for a few seconds, gauging her reaction or lack thereof. Was it his imagination or did her thighs just open even more. His hand moved up her thighs below her skirt, far enough to feel the edges of her panties. He swallowed hard and sucked in a breath before he plunged forward and pulled her panties to the side.

"Oh my fucking gawd" he whispered out loud. She was shaved clean, he wasn't feeling one bit of hair on that pussy. In fact it was just smooth and soft, just like the rest of her body. He slid them forward even more now, unable to stop himself, so far gone in his journey of discovery into her body. That's when he felt it. She was wet. For crying out loud, her pussy lips are wet. Alex's brain registered that what he was doing was wrong, but he couldn't seem to stop himself, he wanted more.

Wiggling his fingers forward even more, he felt the nub of flesh, her clit. Moving his hand over to cup her mound, he switched fingers and allowed his thumb to start rubbing her clit around in circles. Rubbing it slowly, then quickening the pace a bit, then slowly again. Her chest was starting to rise and fall quicker now, her breathing was getting choppy and erratic. He slid his finger forward thru her slippery fold and began to pump her gently, fingering her pussy and rubbing her clit. Oh god, he was a dead man if she woke up now, he didn't want to stop. He wanted to feel her pussy clenching his fingers and milking them, like he expected she would milk his dick. God damn she was tight and hot and the scent of her excitement was driving him insane. He needed to do something about this he thought to himself. That's when he felt it. Her hand was moving.

Alex's hand froze and he looked down at her face. Her eyes were wide open, dark and intense. She was watching him closely. What to say, shit!!! What to do!!! Alex's brain was racing a million miles an hour trying to think of how he would talk himself out of this one. Well at least they couldn't put him off the plane, could they???????

Then she spoke "Why did you stop?"

"WHAT?" his brain screamed that question out silently

He continued to watch her blankly.

Marie had felt his touch from the very beginning and was intrigued to see how far he'd take it. She couldn't help her body's reaction to his touch. This man excited her in ways she couldn't begin to believe. This stranger, this Adonis was making her want to strip naked and just fuck him like an animal. God! What was the world coming too.

"Oh god" Alex said outloud

"Don't stop" she pleaded softly and pushed her hand downwards to rub against his jeans zipper.

"I'm so..." he trailed off his apology as he felt her fingers starting to unzip his jeans, then reach in to curl around his stiff dick. She was looking at him now like he was her favorite piece of candy and he suddenly knew where her mind was heading. And damn if his dick wasn't going to co-operate with her.

She straightened up a bit and arched her body forward so that she was laying across his lap, with her head close to his crotch. All she had to do was tilt her head to the side and her lips would be... OH MY GOD.

"Ahhhhh" he cried out softly as her lips slid down over the tip of his cock. He was already pre-cumming, he was that fucking excited and he sat there mesmerized as he watched his dick disappear into her hot wet mouth. Up and down, slowly, she was gonna kill him with that movement, her tongue licking and slurping him, it was all too much to take in. Alex's hips flexed with each bounce of her head against his dick, a rhythm slowly establishing itself as he fucked her mouth. His fingers were gripping her hair and pushing her mouth down, forcing her to take all 9" of his cock into her mouth. He knew he was hitting the back of her throat and could feel her gagging slightly. He withdrew gently and looked at her

"I need to be inside of you" he whispered urgently

"NOW" his mind screamed

She looked around the cabin and noticed everyone else was sleeping. Slowly she eased her panties down over her thighs and then further down still until they lay on the floor. She bent down and shoved them into her duffel bag and stood up allowing the blanket to pool around his dick.

"Meet me in the bathroom" she whispered and moved into the aisle. She walked over to the bathroom and moved inside.

Alex quickly shoved his swollen cock back into his pants and strode to the back of the cabin to the bathroom. Knocking quietly he pushed against the door and felt it give to allow him entry.

"Are you sure?" he asked her

"Yes I'm sure, now get over here"

He didn't need anymore convincing and he moved towards her, lifted her up and placed her on the sink area. He watched the surprise on her face as he moved between her legs and unzipped his jeans and pushed them down so that they pooled by his ankles. She watched him as he stroked his cock slowly, back and forth mesmerizing her.

"Can I have that?"

"You want this baby?"



"I want it deep inside of my pussy!"

"You want my cock inside of your tight little pussy baby?"


"Say it!"

"I want your cock inside of my tight little pussy NOW!!"


He spread her lips apart and pressed the tip of his dick against her clit and surged forward a bit, rotating his hips as he moved against her.


"You like that Baby?"

"Fuck, yes yes yes, don't stop, please"

His pulse was racing now and his heart sounded like a freight train.

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