tagFetishThe Red High Heels

The Red High Heels


Tally stood in front of her full-length mirror and smiled. As she spun around her dress barely moved. It was clinging to her body in all the right places and she loved it. Tally was five and half feet tall with long blonde hair. She had curled her hair and the beautiful blonde ringlets framed her face perfectly. She had dark eye make up and the perfect shade of pink lipstick. When she licked her lips, the tiny stud on her tongue was visible.

Her shoulders were bare as the dress has tiny spaghetti straps. Her skin was a golden brown, perfectly tanned from the summer at the cottage. Her ample breasts were pushed together and revealed a large amount of cleavage. Her red dress barely made it past her hips and snugly hugged her thighs. Her hips were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body and when she turned, she saw the back of her dress barely covered her backside. The edge of the red material was millimeters from the edge of her panties and she knew that if she weren't careful the black material of her thong would be visible.

Tally's eyes went down her body to her thighs. She was wearing red fishnet stockings with an edge of red ribbon around the top. It was tied in a cute bow, but she was nowhere near to being cute tonight. The dress covered the ribbon edging, but Tally knew that when she sat down the dress would ride up to reveal her smooth dark legs. Her legs were tapered and the red nail polish of her toenails blended well with the red of the stockings. Tally's eyes were glued to her feet and she could feel her pussy getting wetter.

Her feet were small for her height and she was wearing the shoes he had bought her. They were red leather platform shoes and were so high she would be taller than him. They were open toe so her cute kissable toes were jutting through the space, covered delicately in the sexy stockings. The straps wrapped around her dainty ankles exactly right.

Tally spun around again and slid the stiletto heel of her left foot up against her right leg. She loved the feel of her shoes and grinned. She imagined running her foot against his pant leg and was eager to see him.

Tally waited patiently in the front lobby. It was decorated nicely with a high chandelier and expensive couches. The hotel was near the airport and the flow of traffic was enough that she would not be noticed. She crossed her legs and waited for him. She was breathing hard. He had told her to shave completely and as her pussy lips rubbed together, she felt the wetness pool in her panties. Her clit was pulsing and she was desperate to see him. Tally glanced down at her gold watch and saw that he was five minutes late. She squirmed in her seat, worried that she would leave a wet spot. She needed his cock inside her. She needed his large strong hands holding her feet up as he pounded inside her. She needed so much, but couldn't do anything but wait.

Finally, he arrived. He was wearing his gray business suit with the black tie. He had his carry on bag over his left shoulder and was towing his suitcase behind him. Both pieces of luggage were part of a black matching set. Tally got up and waited. He was walking quickly and when her eyes glanced to his crotch, she knew why. He needed it as badly as she did.

Instead of walking towards her, he turned to check in at the desk. Tally watched helplessly as the clerk took his time checking him in. Her man was restless, trying to speed up the process. By the time he had the room key in his hand, he was looking very agitated. Tally could only stand and watch. He thanked the clerk nicely and then walked towards the elevator. He wasn't walking fast nor was he walking slowly. He didn't want to look too eager, but he really needed Tally. Tally followed and they met as the elevator doors opened. They both stepped in.

"My flight was delayed. I'm sorry I'm late."

"It's O.K. Do you like my outfit?"

Bryce grinned. Of course he liked her outfit. He had picked out the outfit himself and had it shipped to her a few days before he was coming in to town. Normally, they looked at outfits together, but he wanted to surprise her.

"Of course I love your outfit baby. You look amazing. How wet did your pussy get when you opened the box?"

Tally giggled. He looked so relaxed as he asked her about her pussy and she really had no idea how he was controlling himself.

"Very wet Bryce. I had to use the vibrator for a while to get the edge off."

"Mmm." Bryce imagined the scene in his head. He was about to reach over to touch her when the elevator doors chimed and opened onto his floor. He walked down the hall, looking for his room. He stopped at his room number and opened the door. He knew Tally was close behind and wondered whether she was wearing panties or not. The moment they both entered he spun around and pushed her hard against the door.

"Fuck you look delicious." Bryce pulled down her dress and latched onto her left nipple. His hands ran down her legs and pulled them around his hips. He massaged the instep of her feet while taking the few steps to the bed. Once he was sitting down, he leaned her back on his thighs and held her left leg.

"Rub your pussy for me." Tally could only nod as she felt his warm hands massage up and down her stockings. She loved the feeling of the stockings rubbing her skin. He massaged her foot and then pulled her foot to his mouth to kiss her toes. Tally arched her back and slid her hand under her dress and panties. She was rubbing hard as she watched Bryce suck on her toes. He kissed up and down the red leather shoe. He planted her foot on his thigh and felt the heel dig into his skin. He held her other foot and did the same routine. First he massaged the whole stocking and then sucked on her pretty little toes. As he glanced down, he watched as Tally laid back, her head hanging between his knees as she rubbed her pussy harder and faster. She was close to climaxing, but he knew her too well. She was waiting. After kissing her sexy heels, he placed her other heel on his thigh. Her knees were bent and he watched as her small fingers worked her clit.

As Tally balanced on his thighs, he quickly undid his pants. First undoing the zipper and when his cock was released, he undid his belt and the button. His cock was standing at attention and was drooling with pre-cum. Bryce stood up and laid Tally on the bed. In one motion, he sank his cock into her waiting pussy and began to thrust. He grabbed the heels of her sexy shoes and worked his hips in circles.

"Cum for me baby. Cum for me now." Bryce hissed those words. He had always been demanding and knew she would respond. Tally held her breath and tensed up. Bryce knew she was cumming because her pussy was gripping his cock and was pulsing. He leaned over and bent her legs over her head. The red stockings were a sharp contrast to her creamy breasts and Bryce licked the tan lines with the tip of his tongue. He rammed into her harder, his hands still holding her ankles.

"Tell me where to cum." Bryce slammed into Tally so hard she slid up the bed a few inches. He grabbed her feet tighter and pulled her back. The stilettos were digging into his shoulders, but he didn't care. The heels were so fucking sexy and all he wanted was to cum.

"On my tongue." Bryce's eyes rolled back in his head. He knew she was talking bout getting a tongue piercing, but hadn't noticed it. He knew that she was going to let him cum all over it. He let go of her pretty feet and pulled her up. She sat up on the edge of the bed with her mouth open, tongue out. Bryce gripped her hair with one hand as he stroked his cock with the other.

"Cumming." Bryce came so hard that the first shot landed on the back of her throat. He watched as his hot cum pooled on her tongue, covering her piercing. He couldn't tell if there was a diamond inside or not, but as her mouth filled with his white cum he didn't care. When his cock was finished spewing his hot liquid, he let go of it and let go of her hair.

"Swallow." Tally nodded and after swirling it in her mouth she swallowed. It didn't taste that bad, but she didn't care. She had loved every minute of it.

"Good girl."

Tally grinned. She loved making Bryce happy.

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