The Red Miniskirt


When she woke she was embarrassed, worried that she had let herself go too far and that I would think she was a slut. But when I reassured her that I had been as up for it as her she admitted that she had quite enjoyed the experience although her rear and bowels felt that she had had major surgery. She said she was a little embarrassed about going down to breakfast but I told her to get showered, made up and put on something sexy. When I came out of the shower, feeling more dead than alive, she had recovered well and looked cool and very sexy in a crisp white tee shirt with no bra and a pair of tight pink knee length trousers. She looked so good I nearly took her back to bed but thought to myself as I followed the big rear down the corridor, if I wasn’t so shattered, I would take advantage of that after breakfast.

There were only the non bus tour guests in the restaurant when we went in and James had a big smirk on his face when he approached our table and asked “what can I get you this morning madam” before leaning over and whispering “ you were absolutely fabulous last night”.

He took our order for tea and coffee and toast and invited us to go up to the buffet table. As I followed her up he whispered to me “ she really does have a fantastic ass – is there any chance of repeat performance tonight.” I said “ask her when she comes up for her bacon and eggs.”

When Babs came back she asked what he had been saying – she smiled and said “that’s quite flattering they really must have enjoyed it.” She asked me how I felt about it and I said it was up to her but I needed at least five or six hours sleep before I could do anything. She smiled “well I wouldn’t mind experiencing some it when I wasn’t drunk but I certainly couldn’t take a cock up my rear for a while.”

When she went up to the buffet he suggested that she or we might like to go out with them for a drink to a club in the nearby town that evening and she had agreed subject to my approval. This continued interest by the young guys seemed to have revitalised her whilst I was feeling absolutely shattered. All I could thing of was bed and sleep.

When we got back to the room about 10.30 am we were going back to bed when the phone rang and Babs picked up. I heard her laughing and she said “you guys are quite insatiable”. “Oh – only you”. Putting her hand over the phone she said “ Henri has invited me up to his room for a session – what do you think?” I said “what do you want” and grinning she said “ it might be fun”. I hear her say “ mmmm , that could be fun but my rear is totally off limits”.

My very sore cock jumped when I heard my previously reserved and quite sober wife quite calmly agree to sex with a young guy and it rose even more when she kissed the tip of it and “ said – you get some sleep darling I’ll deal with that when I come back”.

I although I was tired I tossed and turned until she came back as I kept waking and thinking what she was up to. I was fully awake when she came back at about 1.30.

She was beaming but once again reeked of sex and when I asked her how she got on she murmured “ wow – that guy really is insatiable he’s sex on legs”.

But that is another story I will let her tell for herself.


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Red or black mini! I'm after her !

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