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The Red Panties


Note from Slick: What if you've been married so long that you've forgotten about the excitement of Valentine Day presents? And what if someone secretly gives you something really naughty? Have fun reading about a young girl whose boyfriend is away on Valentine's day. All rights reserved.


It started out as harmless fun in the small real estate office. For the past three years the eight person staff had secretly picked names from a hat with the purpose of being that person's Secret Valentine.

John and his wife Allison were the owners of the Davis Agency along with their son Jake and his wife Amy who were the main agents. Young Emily Jacobs worked the front desk and answered incoming calls while Tom Browning handled the advertising, purchasing and office management duties. The other two were Gail Myers who did most of the administration duties and Jim Keller that did most of the open houses. Gail was the only black person working there and most everyone was at least thirty except for Emily who had just turned nineteen.

Allison and Emily put up the Valentine Heart posters in the lobby just after February 1st and it was that afternoon that they stood around and drew names. Allison picked a name before Emily picked and then Jim picked his own name so he put it back in and picked another one. After they were all done Allison reminded everyone about the rules:

"Do not let the person know who you are and don't tell anyone else know who you have. Between now and Valentine's Day you will purchase some small gifts and cards and leave them for that person without them knowing who you are. On February 14th at our Valentine Party we will let everyone know who we were a Secret Valentine for."

It was all in fun and the following day the gifts already started showing up. Tom unwrapped a golf ball with the Notre Dame logo on it and Allison found a flower on her desk when she came back from the restroom. But it got really interesting when Emily came back from lunch and found a wrapped gift in her lower right hand desk draw.

She giggled as she unwrapped it until she saw what was inside. Her head immediately jerked around to see if anyone was watching but she was alone. Seconds later she pulled the tiny pair of red silk panties from the box. Under them in the box was a printed note that read: "I'd love to see you wearing these."

She quickly put the undies back in the box and hid it back in the draw. Her little heart was beating rapidly as she tried to figure out who would give her such a private thing and write such a note. There were no secrets in the small office so everyone knew that her boyfriend was away at college and that she seldom saw him since he was so far away.

"I have Tom and Allison cannot have Jim because he picked his own name after Allison had already picked," Emily whispered. "That's all I know." Her face was still red when Mr. Davis walked in the front door.

"Are you OK?" John asked. "You look flush."

"Uh.....yes I'm OK," she smiled. "How was your lunch with Mrs. Davis?" Emily knew they had left for lunch before she did which meant they probably had not put the panties in her desk since that draw was where she kept her purse.

"Good. Allison had an errand to run so we only got a quick bite."

Emily mentally crossed them off her list but technically either could have come back to the office while she was out. The next hour went fast because of the phone calls and it wasn't until Gail came out to relieve her around 2PM that she got a chance to talk to some of the others. "Did you see anyone by my desk while I was out for lunch?" She asked Gail.

"Now Emily I can't say because it might give away a Secret Valentine," Gail grinned. "Did you get something?"

"No," Emily lied. She wasn't going to tell anyone about the panties.


Tom had just finished a call with the newspaper when Emily walked in his office. "Is something wrong?" Normally she didn't come in just to talk.

"Uh.....no just taking a break. What's up with you?" Emily asked before sitting down in the chair across from his desk. She made sure to keep her knees together. She also was aware that he had recently separated from his wife of fifteen years.

"Nothing," he answered. "How are you doing?"

"Good.....I guess...you know...I don't see much of my boyfriend anymore." She stared at him to see if he gave her any indication that he planted the gift.

"Too bad for him," Tom grinned. After the last counseling session he and his wife had agreed they could date other people to see if that's what they really wanted.

"Yeah...too bad," Emily smiled noticing he had removed his wedding band. "So have you and your wife called it quits?"

"Yes......it's pretty much over. We are now dating other people to see if that's what we really want. If you know of any cute women out there who might be interested let me know."

"I normally stop at the pub on the corner after work," she grinned before standing and looking at her watch. "I better get back to the desk."

"Shit," Tom thought. "I just might get lucky with a teenage girl."


Time almost stood still for the next few hours as Emily talked to others in the office but all indications pointed to the gift coming from Tom. She knew from his personnel records that he was 37 years old which was almost twice her age and suddenly was wondering how it would be dating an older man. By the time 5:00PM rolled around her basic white panties were soaking wet so she took her gift to the ladies room before leaving for the pub.


"Aren't you too young to drink?" Tom asked as he moved up behind her and another young girl at the bar.

"This place belongs to my uncle," Emily smiled and turned. The other girl turned as well. "This is my best friend Ellie."

"Hi," the other girl said while chewing gum. "I get to drink too."

"I don't want to get you or me into trouble," Tom said looking around.

"Maybe we could go to your place?" Emily grinned.

Tom gulped because it had been so long since he had dated and this girl was not holding anything back. "Well I only live a few blocks from here and my apartment is a mess."

"We are used to messy rooms," Emily smiled. She had asked Ellie to come along just in case things didn't go as planned.

"OK.....uh just follow my car," Tom said glancing over at the bartender who was looking their way. "Is that your uncle?"

"No that's Mel," Emily whispered. Her eyes were focused on Tom's lips knowing soon she would be tasting them.


"This is not so messy," Ellie giggled as she moved into the large living room that had an "L" shaped sofa. She ran and jumped while turning backwards to allow her cute little butt to land on the soft cushions. Her denim skirt curled upward allowing both Emily and he to see the black triangle covering her crotch.

"Ooops," she giggled before pushing down her skirt.

"Are you nineteen too?" Tom asked thinking she was no more than thirteen.

"No.....I just turned eighteen," Ellie smiled. "I'm now legal."

"Geez......when you want to say something you just do it don't you?" He laughed. He thought she was so young because her breasts were tiny bumps on her flat chest. Emily had her well beat in that department. "Uh.....can I get you two a drink?"

"Yes," Emily smiled as she rubbed her arm against his. "What do you have?"

"Actually I'm not sure. Why don't you come and look?" Tom wanted to get Emily away from Ellie. He walked towards the kitchen and heard Emily's footsteps behind him.

As Tom opened the closet next to the refrigerator he felt Emily's soft breast pressing into the back of his arm. He didn't acknowledge it. "I have some wine, bourbon and some gin."

"Let me see," she whispered as they both leaned into the closet with half of her body covering his. Her hand was around his waist when he turned his head to look at her and saw her wanton eyes. It was her lips that crossed the gap and contacted his and her tongue to first snake outward.

"Jesus," Tom thought while kissing a woman other than his soon to be ex-wife for the first time in eighteen years. He had thought about dating but really didn't know what to do and how to start. Suddenly a teenage girl was throwing herself at him and he wasn't going to refuse. His arm snaked back around her waist as their lips remained locked and their tongues exploring. They moved to a standing position and then crushed their fronts together. As they continued kissing their hands roamed up and down each other's backs and down to their asses. When Emily didn't stop him he knew he was going to get very lucky.

Finally after a minute he pulled back. "Wow. I never expected that."

"You're not disappointed are you?" She asked as she reached up and ran her tiny fingers into the thick growth of hair on his chest just over the top button of his shirt. Her boyfriend had no chest hair. "I don't want to disappoint you."

"Uh.....do you still want a drink?" He asked not sure what to do next.

"I don't need one," she giggled while popping open the button and grabbing more chest hairs. She smiled up at him as she turned and slid her hand under his shirt until she found his hard nipple. She rubbed and played with it.

"Can I do that to you?" He grinned. She nodded and closed her eyes when his hand moved up and slid down the front of her vee neck blouse. Those firm titties he had admired for so long were now under his fingers. He pushed under the tight bra and downward until he felt her rigid tip. Hers was much longer than his.

"Hey where is my drink?" Ellie asked while walking into the room. She saw Tom's hand down Emily's blouse and smiled. "If you move aside I'll get it myself."

Tom pretended Ellie was not there while he fondled the girl's whole tit. "Maybe I should show you my bedroom?" Emily's eyes opened and she smiled. They removed their hands and walked out of the kitchen.

Tom pushed open the bedroom door and had wished he had made the bed that morning. An old pair of boxers was on the bed and a tee shirt on the night table. He grabbed them and tried to straighten up the room when Emily's arms wrapped around his waist and she pulled his back into her front.

"I don't have........much experience," she whispered while pulling his shirt from his pants. She pulled open his belt and then opened the slacks. "I've only been with my boyfriend." Her fingers snaked down under his boxers until they touched the top of his hard cock which was not far down. "Oh my GOD!"

Tom grinned as both of her hands and fingers traveled down to the base and while one dropped to cup his balls the other rose back up to the pre-cum wet tip.

"You're sooo big," she whispered trying to get her fingers and hand all the way around his thickness. Her boyfriend's was about three inches shorter and a whole lot thinner.

"So I take it you are happy," he laughed before turning around and reaching down to pull her blouse off. She nodded her head and reached back to release her bra which soon fell onto her hands. They looked a lot better than they felt earlier in the kitchen. As he pulled off his shirt and removed his slacks and boxers she pushed off her skirt and stood in the tiny red panties. "Thank you."

"No......thank you!" Tom laughed as he pushed down the panties and saw her trimmed blond bush over her thin pink pussy lips. The panties fell onto her feet where she stepped from them and moved into his strong arms.

"Please go slow because you are so big," she whispered while sucking on his earlobe. His cock pressed into her from the top of her bush to the bottom of her firm titties.

Their hot sweaty bodies fell into a heap on the bed where kissing and touching turned seconds into minutes. Their animal instincts turned and arranged their bodies until she was on her back and his hard-on was pressing into her tight sex. As the mushroom head forged inside her legs opened wider and wider until three inches were buried. "OHHHH!"

"Are you OK?"

"Yes........fuck me......don't stop!" Emily cried out. Her fingernails dug into his back while his rod slashed into her hot depths. She hung on as Tom made up for almost a year of no intercourse. Ten minutes later her screams woke up Ellie who had fallen asleep on the large sofa. Tom emptied his hot juices deep inside as her lips sought and found his again.

They lay together touching and kissing for the next five minutes before Tom spoke. "So why all the sudden the interest?"

Emily smiled and leaned over onto the floor and picked up the panties. "Because of these." She rubbed them over his penis which was again showing some life.

"Red panties?" He asked feeling his blood rushing to his poker.

"Yes......you gave them to me today.......right?" Emily pulled the panties away and waited.

"Oh shit......someone gave you panties and you thought it was me?" Tom said trying not to laugh.

"Tell me you are kidding," she said glaring into his eyes.

"Emily......it wasn't me," Tom said as he put his arm around her shoulder but she jerked away.

"But.....it had to be you," she said. "I mean...the other men are all married."

"I guess Secret Valentine wants to get into your pants. After he gives them to you of course," he said as he nibbled on her neck and cupped her tit again.

"Don't," she said as she slid away and grabbed her clothes. "This was a mistake."

"A mistake.......we both got off and enjoyed it."

"God I'm so embarrassed," she said as she quickly dressed. "Promise me you won't say anything about this to anyone."

"Emily......come back to bed," he grinned and reached for her but she jumped back.

"I...uh..have to leave."

Tom watched as she hurried out of his bedroom. He sighed and smiled. "At least I got laid," he thought while closing his eyes. He had fallen asleep when he felt he bed moving and someone's fingers on his limp noodle.

"I'm glad you came back Emily," he whispered into the now dark room.

"I'm not Emily," Ellie giggled while moving her naked body up onto his. "Emily said I could have you for the rest of tonight."

"Rest of.......tonight?" Tom repeated while glancing over at the clock which showed midnight. "Oh Fuck," he groaned as her very tight pussy clamped onto his shaft and her skinny body pumped up and down. His fingers discovered she had a wonderful ass and that only two small bumps and raisins covered her chest.

"You've done this before haven't you?" Tom asked as Ellie masterfully fucked him.

"Maybe," she giggled. "A girl can't tell all of her secrets can she?"

"NO!" He answered when his hot spunk filled her tight hole. He again fell to the side and was awoken sometime in the night when her lips found his all-night sucker. "Jesus."

"Nope.....it's me again," Ellie giggled. When he was hard again she once again mounted him and once again got him off.

"No more," Tom begged before turning into the fetal position to hide his sore penis.

"Get some rest......you're going to need it," Ellie giggled.


Tom rolled into the office the next morning an hour late and noticed Emily was looking down at something on her desk. "Good morning," he whispered as he walked by her.

"Hi," she said still not looking his way.

He moved into his office and sat back in his chair smiling. "So someone wants to get into little Emily's panties," he said to no one. He thought about John and couldn't picture the very religious man making such a move especially on a young girl in his own office. Jake was a possibility because he had seen Jake in action at some of the real estate awards dinners. That left Jim who Tom had thought was gay but maybe it was just an act. At that moment a new life was pumping through his arteries and although Ellie offered to come back to his house as much as he wanted he wondered if he could seduce another woman. She was one that he had secretly admired for so long.


Amy Davis had just returned from her fifth closing that week and knew she had real estate woman of the year locked up. Money was rolling in faster than she had ever dreamed and life was great except in her bedroom where Jake had seemed to have forgotten her. After eleven years of marriage she had expected the sex to be reduced but not at an all time low of once per month. She had recently purchased some sexier undies and even some silk clinging blouses and short skirts but Jake ignored them and her. The good thing was the attention she had recently received from other men which made her feel at least sexy and desirable.

"Good morning," Tom said as he peeked around the corner at her while she sipped her morning coffee. "Congratulations on the last sale." He moved inside and stood by her desk.

"Thank you but I wish I had someone to celebrate it with. Jake is showing around the new executive and his wife."

"How about me?" Tom smiled peeking at her tan thighs and raised nipples under her silky pink blouse.

"Why Tom.......is that really you?" Amy grinned. Normally Tom was conservative and shy and never flirted.

"The new Tom," he grinned while holding up his ring finger that was missing his wedding band.

Amy turned her chair towards him and uncrossed her legs giving him a look at the darkness under her skirt. "I was thinking of having lunch at the boat. You're welcome to join me." She had never cheated on Jake before but her body was in need of satisfaction.

"I'd like that but.....we probably shouldn't be seen leaving together."

"Right," she whispered. "I'll meet you there at 11:30AM."

Tom glanced at his watch and saw it was 10:00AM. "See you there." He smiled and walked out.

Emily had just exited the restroom when she saw Tom smiling as he came from Amy's office. She ducked behind the wall and waited until he walked by before he hurried to where he came from. Amy was also smiling when she walked in.

"Hi," Emily said nervously. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

"Sure," Amy said as she watched the young girl close the door and move inside. "Is everything alright?"

Amy had taken Emily under her wing when she joined their company six months ago. To her she was a big sister.

"Oh God.......I don't know how to say it."

Amy pulled the girl into her. "What's wrong?"

"Someone gave me a pair of panties. I....uh figured it was Tom because he is separated and the only man available."

"Did Tom...give you pair of panties like as a Secret Valentine Gift?"

"Yes I thought so.......so last night we went to a pub and later......oh God how stupid I was."

"You slept with Tom last night?"


"No wonder he is so peppy tonight," Amy whispered. "And he said he did not give you the panties." Amy had it all now.


"But you're not a virgin right?"

"No but......he is so....big."

"He is?"

"God I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be," Amy grinned. "I'll talk to him and make sure he keeps this quiet."

"Oh thank you," Emily said hugging Amy closer.

"But.....I do have one favor to ask," Amy whispered.


Jake left the office first and parked down the street from the large marina. He had been to the agency boat a few times but until now had not figured in all the advantages that it brought. As he leaned against a light pole he saw Amy's silver Mercedes pull into the main lot and then watched her curvaceous body wiggle up the ramp and onto the large boat.

"Amy," he called out after climbing on board. She was not up on the bridge nor on the front.

"Down here!" She yelled from below. The small swinging door leading down the stairs was half open.

Amy sat nervously on the double bed in the spacious berth below. She had her legs crossed and was sipping on a tall glass of red wine.

"Um......you look comfortable," Tom grinned as he ducked under the doorway and walked inside.

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