tagErotic HorrorThe Red Velvet Cloak

The Red Velvet Cloak


The sky, accented by the almost white moon and the few scattering of clouds, created a purple hue. The sun had set long ago, leaving the town in darkness. Katie strutted down the cobblestone pathway, careful not to trip. Her three-inch stilettos tapped the stone making sounds like castanets. The street, dark and quiet, hinted that the dwelling occupants were away or sleeping.

A gust of wind blew from behind her. She shivered as the cold air hit her bare thighs. She draped the crimson cloak around her, swearing under her breath. The color of her dress, the same as her hair, accented the contrast between her dark hair and light skin. It dipped low in the front, creating more cleavage then normal. A velvet cloak that reached her knees covered the flared skirt. It had a hood and the arms were long, past her dainty wrists. She squeezed her body, shivering as another gust of wind went right through her.

"I'm not lost. I know where I'm going." Katie repeated this mantra over and over again, not admitting that as practical as she was, she hadn't written down the right address. Two friends had offered her a drive but had turned them down. She felt uncomfortable accepting a ride from friends when they went to parties for two simple reasons. The first worried her less, that she would then need to leave when they left, otherwise feeling rude that she would want to leave before or after them. The second reason, more personal, drove her decision to come alone. She knew she would worry all night that the driver would be drunk, either on purpose or by drinking a spiked drink. She wished now that she had taken Erin or Celeste up on their offer. They had better luck then she and were not lost in a bad area of town. Katie strode down a deserted street, very much alone and lost.

Her feet started to hurt from her careful pace. She hated costume parties and wondered why she had decided to dress up. The combination of sultry black dress and long red cloak made Katie second-guess her choice of clothing. When Erin had suggested the outfit, Katie had said no at first. Eventually she had agreed, saying to herself that she could be wild and daring for one night. Now, as she continued her jaunt down the street, she decided that spiked heels when she usually wore sandals and flip-flops were the worst choice. Her toes were crushed together and pain radiated from the balls of her feet. She wanted to stop and remove her shoes but did not want to walk barefoot. She no longer had a choice as the heel of her shoe dug in to a gap in the worn road, causing her to lurch forward. She cried out then landed hard on the ground. Her wooden basket, part of her costume of course, scattered down the street, and she sat on the ground holding her right ankle.

"Are you O.K.?"

The voice, deep and sexy, calmed Katie and she had an instant image of what the person looked like. A look of surprise filled her when she turned to see the figure. He appeared even more handsome than she had imagined. Even though he was far enough away, she could smell his soap and cologne. Both were calming smells, almost too familiar.

"I saw you fall. Are you sure you don't need any help Kathryn?"

Katie blinked. The light from the moon lit up his face, revealing his baby blue eyes. She tried to glance at the rest of his body, but she couldn't. She twisted to face him and the radiating pain from her ankle distracted her from her sudden obsession.


Katie did not mean to sound so rude but she knew he had said something to her but she had not heard what. His thick accented voice, deep and sexy, made her mind race with naughty thoughts.

"I would bend over with my legs spread wide for him any day"

Her face turned a crimson color as she whispered her thoughts aloud. She imagined her red lips wrapped tight around his cock and his long thin fingers reaching inside her. She sat with both legs stretched out, her right knee bent as she held her throbbing ankle. He crouched besides her, not touching any part of her body.

"You fell pretty hard and broke your shoe. I want to know if you are O.K."

"Oh. Yeah. My shoe broke?"

Katie once again swore under her breath, ashamed at her ditsy and stupid behavior. She reached down and felt the spiked heel, snapped in two. Her broken shoe meant she would have to walk barefoot. His body radiated warmth but strange as it seemed, she shivered, her body beginning to go into shock.

"I'm Sebastian. I live just down the street, and if you want I can lend you one of my sister's shoes."

"That would be nice."

Katie stood up. His smell was driving her mad. She knew she should be frightened but the familiarly instead calmed her. Once standing, she removed her shoe and winced. Even in the darkness, she knew that a bruise would form on her ankle. Happy that she could put weight on it, she hobbled down the cobblestone street.

"I have ice I can put on your injury as well."

Katie just nodded. Although she wanted to stare at him, she needed to concentrate on the path before her. He motioned her to turn left into a small entranceway. He opened the door and led her into a tiny home.

She took the two steps down and her eyes found a comfortable red leather chair. She sat down and looked around. The apartment smelled of apples. Her mind flashed to picking apples when she was a child, biting into a big red apple as she watched her siblings run around the tree. Her mother would simply roll her eyes as she picked three baskets, enough for her baking and school lunches.

His home looked intriguing. It had a low ceiling and a dark, midnight colored plush carpet covered the floor. The furniture matched the red and black walls. The front window, covered in a thick curtain, overlooked the street. On the far side were two doors. Katie assumed that one led to the bedroom and the other to the bathroom.

Mesmerized by his movements, Katie gazed as he walked to the fridge and removed a small package. He did not walk so much as glide and Katie noticed that he wore black and red, almost identical to her outfit. Sebastian placed the cold package on her ankle that stopped her whimpering. He then sat down on the chair across from her.

Katie felt no fear. She had followed this unfamiliar person with the promise of ice for her ankle and a pair of shoes. His offer had slipped her mind and now that her ankle was feeling better, instead of worry, arousal consumed her body. He stared at her. The room was silent. Katie stared back at him. His voice filled the silence in the room.

"Come here."

Katie took a deep breath and the combination of apples, cologne, and a familiar smell of soap made Katie react in a very different way. Her body was almost detaching itself from her mind. The internal struggle occurred until Katie was brought back to reality with Sebastian's harsh words.

"Come here!"

Listening to him, Katie moved into his lap, careful not to put pressure on her ankle.

'What am I doing? I barely know him.'

The internal dialogue was pressuring her to remove herself from the situation but the moment her bare skin touched his legs she felt wetness seep from her pussy. Katie had been completely aroused when she had first met him. She couldn't explain why but it was as if he had complete control over her body and mind. Sitting in his lap, Katie's body begged for the sexual gratification that it had been missing for months. That was it, Katie thought. He was completely different than any other guy she had ever even thought of being with. He was different. He was everything she hated about a guy and at the same time, exactly what she needed.

"My little red riding hood. So sweet. So beautiful."

Her eyes could not shift from his gaze. Her body, burning with desire, began to rock back and forth. Her dress glided up her smooth legs. He gazed into her eyes, whimpering as his aroma took effect. The aroma suggested that he was in charge. He was the dominant one. The rocking motion of her hips sped up and soon moans and whimpers were escaping from her lips.

"You are mine."

Katie ignored what he said as his fingers shifted under her dress and into her dripping wet pussy. She felt her lace panties slid to the side. Sounds of wetness filled the room as Sebastian slid two, then three, and then four fingers into her hole and began a rhythmic pumping. Katie dug her red fingernails into his back and struggled to control herself. He didn't even waste time removing her undergarments. He was impatient and demanding.

"You are gorgeous. You are beautiful. Every part of you is stunning."

Sebastian stroked her neck and arm with his free hand. Katie could not speak as her hands fumbled to undo his pants. Once she had succeeded, she reached in and began a steady stroking of his thick member. She continued to jerk his cock, feeling its heat and firmness in her small hand. She could smell his precum on her hand and that made her subconsciously lick her lips.

"Make love to me Kathryn."

Katie blinked and stopped for a moment. Had he called her by her full name? Was that possible? She kept a firm hold on his cock then whimpered as his hands pulled her closer. He raised her until the tip of his cock pierced her pussy. She lost all concentration when she felt every inch of his cock enter her and felt the friction as his hard member rubbed against her pussy walls. Inch after inch until he let go of her hips, letting her adjust to the feeling.

Katie spoke. "Who are you?"

How did he know her full name? Why had she gone from worrying about her twisted ankle to allowing him to seduce her?

"Sebastian, Sebastian Short." He said his name slowly, as if he needed to make sure she knew every syllable.

Katie gasped as his thumb massaged her clit in deliberate slow circles. On the edge of cumming, she tried to thrust harder. He held her hips, preventing her from doing anything of the sort.

"I need to cum." Katie's voice was high and whiny, something she did when she wasn't getting what she wanted.

"Not yet Kathryn. You will cum after me. It will be worth it. Feel me inside you." Katie, had she not been on the edge of an orgasm would have noticed how much he emphasized the word 'after.'

Katie threw back her head in anguish. She relaxed her body and let him control her every movement. She gave up. In the short while she had known him her willpower to push him away had diminished. She no longer had any power over her own body.

He would speed up then slow down. He would rotate her hips in circles then lay her on his thighs and hold her tight to him. When she closed her eyes, she saw him, his dark eyes and handsome face. When she opened her eyes, she saw the same. Each breath she took aroused her even more and she reached a point where she began to thrash around.

"Make me cum!"

Katie began to fight him off. His cock, hard and throbbing inside her, drove her to madness. She wanted to cum all over his cock. Her pussy was burning from the friction of his hard fucking and her skin was covered in a thin layer of sweat. She was ready but he was holding her back. His cock had an invisible hold on her ability to orgasm.

Sebastian reached his peak and exploded inside her. She heard his cry but her body, overcome with arousal, needed to feel his fullness. He grunted again and continued. Her wetness had oozed down her inner thigh. Her nose was filled with her own smell and the smell of his essence. It combined into a potent smell. She felt as the last spurt of cum landed inside her and then dripped down her thighs. He held her tight, making sure she felt every inch of his still throbbing cock.

Katie screamed out in pleasure. His mouth found the pulsing spot on her neck and nipped as she had a violent orgasm. Her body thrashed but he continued sucking until his teeth dug into her skin. She could not stop him as his teeth broke the flesh and continued until her hot blood dripped into his mouth. She felt him swallow and then suck, tasting her blood as she erupted in another orgasm.

"Again." His voice, urgent and demanding, ordered her to cum as he continued to nurse on her right side of her neck. Her body slumped against him after her third orgasm. Her mind, blank and empty, forgot everything.


Katie opened her eyes and saw the orange and red sky of morning. The sun peeked out from behind a large white cloud. It was silent. She sat up, wondering for a moment where and when she was. Her surroundings were unfamiliar to her and she looked down to notice her red spiked high heel, snapped and lying on the ground. As she breathed in, the aroma of the morning dew combined with fresh cut grass filled her nostrils.

Katie stood up and winced, her ankle swollen but not broken or sprained. Undoing her other shoe, she ambled towards the road. Her mind, clouded with jumbled thoughts, could piece together only fragments of her evening activities. As she walked she felt her insides raw and swollen. She had never felt this sore and realized that she must have had wild, rough sex. Her face turned a darker shade then her hair as she recalled her sexual exploits of the night before.

As she entered her apartment her feeling of embarrassment turned to utter fear as she tired to piece together the rest of the events. Who exactly had she fucked so hard that she was wincing in pain?

"Katie! What happened to you? You never showed up. Erin tried calling your cell about five times but it went straight to your voice mail."

Katie sat in her overstuffed pink and purple chair, listening to Celeste go on.

"I got lost. I hurt my ankle, broke my shoe and then ended up passing out from the pain and woke up when the sun came up."

"You serious? Something bad could have happened to you. Are you sure you're not hiding the fact that you picked up some hot young stud?"

"No and I didn't call Chad either. All I did was trip and fall. I knew I shouldn't have worn the spiked heels."

"Well I'm glad you're fine. You missed a great party. I hope you weren't attacked by any big bad wolves while you were out cold."

Katie smiled as Celeste made a joke, which was cheesy but cute considering her outfit of choice. She ran her hand up the right side of her neck and felt teeth marks. Those were not human marks and soon her heart was beating so fast she could not catch her breath.

"I have to go."

Katie slammed down the phone and rushed to the bathroom. Her twisted ankle was the least of her worries as she stared at her neck in the mirror. There on the right side of her neck were four puncture marks. The fogginess in her mind lifted and soon every second of her night's activities came flooding back to memory. Katie's body, unable to handle the shock, slumped to the cold granite floor of her bathroom.

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