tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Redhead Ch. 1

The Redhead Ch. 1


The meeting was over by 3 and I was in the rental headed for the Hotel! I hate this shit. Why do I let my boss push me into going on these trips? The only good thing about this tip is that is only one night. Tomorrow I would be packed and on the way home. But, what for tonight?

I stepped out of the shower and flopped on the bed for a quick nap. Since I only sleep 2 to 4 hours a night and nothing ever starts in these hotel bars until 8 I always take a nap, hit the bar for a light dinner and a few rounds just to find out what is going on. If I don't find anything I'll hit one or two of the local Tittie Bars. On my first ever trip, I was 18 at the time, my boss told me "Always find the Hilton because some where in its shadow is strip bar for entertainment." In over 30 years I have never found him wrong unless it was illegal!

It was going on 10 when caught the elevator down. The hotel bar was near empty and the bar tender looked like he was asleep. I took a bar stool and got a ham & cheese with fries and a beer for dinner. All finished and nothing is going on so it's time to look for a place with some entertainment! Some place where the beer flows, the pool table is challenging, and the girls get naked!

I slowly cruised the boulevards checking out the bright lights and windowless buildings. There it is "Girls Girls Girls" the sign said and the pickup trucks in the parking lot said everything else. I pulled in, parked out back with the employee cars and walked around to the door. The bouncer collected a 5 spot for cover and I headed for the bar. Like most of these places there was a raised stage with some bouncing tittie and 4 pool tables off to the side of the bar.

I slid up on a stool laid a 10 on the counter and ordered a beer from the scantily dressed bar maid. The young girl in the stage was fully nude so I assumed it was her last dance. These girls don't get paid much so tips are everything! I walked to the stage and waited for her to make it round around to my five spot! She gave me quite a show which told me that these girls were used to dollar bills and that a five was worth putting out a little extra. When it was time to move on she gave me a peck on the cheek and the usual "thanks baby".

I started back to the bar only to find my stool occupied. Occupied by a very sexy redhead! She was tall with long legs in tight jeans. Her T shirt was stretched tight across a pair of unharnessed D's. Her hair was long and hung in a single tress over one shoulder and laid between her breasts. My cock jumped to attention! I had to shift it to get more comfortable and since she was looking straight at me I made no attempt to hide what had to be done. I simply grabbed my crouch and rearranged its contents! Her smile was all I needed to know she approved.

"Excuse me Please"

"Oh-- have taken your seat?"

"No-- your ok! I just need to retrieve my beer and pick up the bar cash that's all"

"I'm sorry you can have your seat back"

"Your fine! Please keep it"

As I reached around her she turned toward me sticking her breast right in my mouth!


"Thanks but I already had dinner"

"Please take your seat! "

"Really it's ok! The only place I'd like to see you, other than on this stool is on that stage. So-- if your not ready for the stage - better keep your seat!"

"Got another five spot for me if I get up there?"

"I've got a 50 if you get up there!"

"Get it out baby!"

I took out a fifty and held it up for her to see! She bounced off the stool, pressed her breasts tight to my chest and whispered "I'm going to take that 50 so don't put it away!" With that she walked over entered the dressing room marked private. Watching her walk across the room the only thing that came to mind was something a sailor once told me!

"She has a pair of 'Guns' as big as the Missouri, a 'Fantail like the Enterprise, and the rest is all racing yacht."

She was all that and more! The music was closing on the last girl's set as she made her entrance. A tiny pink top barely covered her nipples and did nothing more than pull those beauties together making a val of freckle covered cleavage. Until now I had thought her head hair came out of a bottle but I've never seen that may freckles on anyone that wasn't a true redhead. She sported a matching pink pair of hot pants that were straining to hold in her perfect womanhood. I couldn't wait to see her turn around and let me get a good look at her best 'Asset'.

She started to dance but I'm not sure when! It took one of the guys at the bar to remind me that I better get up to the stage before my fifty bucks ran out! She was beautiful – So beautiful. Older than the first girls, in her 30's but beautiful! I walked to the stage and she danced for me! In just seconds her top slid off and she draped it over my shoulders while I lapped my tongue deep in her cleavage. She pulled my hands to her hips and locked my thumbs under the waist band of her hot pants.

"Only the shorts honey! Pull them down! Only the shorts!"

I slid them down as she shimmied them over her buns. There in front of me was a red triangle of luscious red hair above a black G string stuffed full of pussy.

"Ok baby it's time to pay the kitty!"

I pulled the skimpy material away from her mound and slid the fifty in until it hit bottom! She held it tight and turned around. What an ass and it was getting closer! I didn't move! I let her back her buns up to my face and rub my nose up and down her musk scented crack! The third song started – It was "Lady Godiva"

"Hair down below her knees"

"Every guy praying for a breeze"

I was the only one who didn't need a breeze! Crouched down, before my eyes and her legs wide open she dropped the G string in to my waiting hand! Her smooth shaved pussy gaped wide open for just a second then she closed her legs. It was all over! The best fifty bucks I've ever spent!

This girl needs a good fucking and I'm the man to do it! But then that's chapter II isn't it!

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